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Complete guide to Healing Crystals for Beginners

Complete guide to Healing Crystals for Beginners

Do you want to harness the power of healing crystals? Perhaps someone gave you a beautiful amethyst raw crystal or rose quartz pendant or a tourmaline bracelet you want to put to full use. Right now, healing crystals are trending in almost every home. Whatever be your reason to search and learn about healing crystals, let me Congratulate you! Getting started on healing crystals is a calling. It’s the divine intervention in your fate for bigger things to happen. That’s why I have compiled an extensive guide to healing crystals for beginners so that you don’t get stuck.

This post took me two weeks to write and I have asked my friends and family who are newbies to crystals to help out. I did all this because I don’t want you to stop or ignore your curiosity about healing crystals. There is much in store for you in fate.

Ready to learn everything about healing crystals? Let’s start scrolling …

Table of Contents:

What Are Healing Crystals?
How Are Healing Crystals Made On Earth?
Do Healing Crystals Work? How?
What Is Chakra?
What Do 7 Chakras Mean? How Many Chakras Do We Have?
What Are Healing Crystals Used For?
What Are The Shapes And Types Of Healing Crystals?
How To Select Your Crystal?
How To Find A Healing Crystal By Zodiac Sign?
How To Select Crystal By Your Needs?
How To Find A Healing Crystal By Color?
How To Choose A Gemstone By Your Aura Color?
How To Select Crystal By Your Intention?
Which Are The Best Ways To Bond With Crystals?
How To Cleanse A Healing Crystal?
How To Store Crystals?
How To Use Healing Crystals?
Before You Go …


What are Healing Crystals?

Be it beauty or metaphysics, crystals are precious and gorgeous. They are matchless and unique from every angle. Healing crystals are precious fruits from the womb of Mother Earth that took millions of years to grow. Used by ancient civilizations such as Egyptians, Indus, Aztecs, Native Americans and many more aborigines, crystals and gemstones have history. And, it is deeply rooted in our history.

From powers to folk tales, crystals have been recorded by Pliny the Elder to Judy Hall an Atperrys Healing Crystals for your knowledge on what we have observed in our past. Healing crystals are best defined as ‘alive beings just like us, filled with energy and the ability to transfer energy’.

How are Healing Crystals Made on Earth?

Crystals are created within the earth due to change in heat and pressure with the advent of minerals into the Earth’s crust and core. They are mined or found as pebbles depending on their origin.

There are rocks, minerals and gemstones. Made as back as 3.8 billion years ago, rocks are igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. Minerals are inorganic, solid, naturally occurring with a symmetric internal structure and chemical composition. Gemstones and crystals are hotspots of minerals in the rocks. Gemstones can disrupt, encourage and instill changes in nature because it is connected closely with it.

Read more about the geological aspect of rocks and minerals.

Do healing crystals work? How?

Of course they do. Just like heat is something you can’t see, yet which exists, the energy transfer of crystals are almost always invisible unless your third eye is open.

Crystal healing works by energy transfer. Gemstones are not just glitter and shine. In fact, when you come into contact or presence of healing crystals, your chakras and inherent energy points are shifted. One of our amazing readers, Cherry once mentioned how a citrine in the museum she worked made her feel inviting and welcoming.

Gemstones call out to you and those with open chakras or bright auras can sense it easily. That’s why, most of us say ‘we’re drawn to a stone and repelled by some others’.  

More questions? Read our favorite answer on how crystal healing really work here.

What is Chakra?

Chakra is a word from Sanskrit that means ‘wheel’. In spirituality and crystal healing, chakra is the wheel of energy within a person or crystal. Chakras can be opened, awakened, fueled and energized. The most important chakras in the human body are the major chakras.

What does 7 chakras mean? How many chakras do we have?

We have 115 major and minor chakras in the body. What you hear as seven chakras are the major or the primary chakras of the human body. These are important chakras that conduct energy and regulate our physical, emotional and spiritual selves.

Today we will learn about the 7 Major Chakras in the human body.

·      Root Chakra

The base of your being, root chakra is the fundamental first chakra. It is located at the end of your spine. This is the chakra of grounding and protection. Also called Mujadara, base chakra makes you feel positive. More Root chakra.

·      Sacral Chakra

Origin of your life force energy, sacral chakra is located in your pelvis. It is the chakra responsible for passion, sexuality and virility. Also called the Svadhistana Chakra, Sacral chakra holds the element of water. More on Sacral chakra.

·      Solar Plexus Chakra

The core of your health and wellbeing, solar plexus chakra is located in your abdominal area. Popularly known as Manipura chakra in Sanskrit, Solar plexus or Celiac Plexus is the seat of your will power and immunity. More on Solar Plexus chakra.

·      Heart Chakra

Placed in the middle of your chest, heart chakra is the center of love and kindness. Called Anahata in Sanskrit, heart chakra is linked to thymus, heart, lungs and limbs. It can attract your true love and promote self-love too.

More on Heart chakra.

·      Throat Chakra

The point of truth, honesty and communication skills, Throat chakra is located over your throat and neck. Called the Vishuddha chakra, it is the energy of speaking and destiny. Throat chakra deals with the endocrine system including thyroid.

More on Throat chakra.

·      Third Eye Chakra

Called the Ajna chakra, third eye chakra is located between your brows. It is the chakra point of intuition and spiritual awareness. Third eye chakra gives you foresight and divination. It enhances your eyesight, hearing and memory centers.

More on Third Eye chakra.

·      Crown Chakra

The highest chakra located over your head, crown chakra is connected to your pineal gland and the etheric realm. It makes you intuitive and perceptive. Crown chakra is the seat of connection with the angels and spirits too.

Read more on Crown chakra.

What are Healing Crystals used for?

One of the most popular alternative medicine today, healing crystals are used for a wide variety of therapies. There are countless benefits if crystal healing that works on the body, mind and soul. They can cure diseases, accelerate medicine, change perspective, repel black magic and much more.

From ancient scriptures to history and support groups, we have put together a list of total benefits of healing crystals. Let’s find out if it has what you’re looking for …   

·      Purification with Crystals

If you’ve been around crystal users for more than five minutes, you must’ve heard ‘cleaning crystals is so important’. It is. But, you don’t have to hunt for sage or the moon. You can use self-cleansing powerful crystals such as clear quartz and selenite to cleanse spaces, people and surroundings.

Clearing negativity and evil energy is easy for clear quartz as it absorbs the negativity and ejects through earth star chakra. Selenite connects with galactic chakra to dispel the evil it interacts with.

·      Balancing using Gemstones

Grounding is the effect of certain crystals that can connect with the earth below your feet or the etheric realm above your head. When your touch or come into presence of balancing crystals such as red jasper or black tourmaline, it will ground you. Such crystals can absorb the negativity and imbalances or frustration and ground it into the earth.

·      Crystals for Love

There is a chakra in your body located over your heart called the Anahata or Heart chakra. It is where the emotions and love begins. Using heart chakra stones like rose quartz, rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, peridot, emerald and malachite can help you find your true love and self-love. Crystals that attract love into your life also makes you charismatic among friends and company.

·      Health and Healing Crystals

Do you know there are people who used crystals to cure their cancer? No kidding. I have cured my Hashimoto’s hypothyroid disorder with healing crystals such as Lepidolite and Labradorite. Healing crystals can enhance your respiratory system, digestive system, circulatory system, nervous system or anything in the physical body. It can accelerate the work of medicines and increase absorption too.

·      Gemstones for Success

When you bring the bright energy of crystals into your life, they can attract success. Keeping a citrine or adventurine helps in succeeding in career and business. Malachite is a merchant’s stone that brings success to entrepreneurs and business owners. Crystals help to shine light on your destiny, the path you must walk on to achieve the best success you’ve dreamt of.

·      Luck Stones

Besides success, crystals also attract luck into your life. Citrine is a lucky stone that brings you financial freedom. It can help you win jackpot and lotteries any day. A bonded golden Imperial topaz is like Lady luck when you’re taking a chance in life. It can clear the obstacles and evil energy out of your way to attract only winning opportunities.

·      Prosperity Crystals

Abundance is also a benefit of using healing crystals and gemstones. Prosperity comes in many ways when you work with healing stones. It can be prosperity of money, happiness, harmony or business dreams. Crystals like Jade are renowned for inviting victory into your life. When crystals bless you, it comes in tons of blessing, so be prepared!  

·      Crystals for Wealth

Do you know ruby attracts money? It is a crystal for good fortune and abundance. There are healing stones that can bring you unexpected wealth as a congratulation from universe. It has happened with me and many of us who use manifestation grid for wealth using tiger eye and citrine.

Most powerful stone to attract money is golden citrine. Use it as a money tree or wear it as a tree of life pendant to find wealth coming towards you.

·      Divination using Crystals  

When you work with crystals, you are energizing these stones. Depending on the stone you use, its chakra power can change. Higher chakra crystals such as that open third eye or crown chakra are used for divination. Celestine is an Angelic Communication Stone and lapis lazuli is a gem for Dream Recall. You can also read the minds of others and use telepathy with healing rocks.  

What are the Shapes and Types of Healing Crystals?

Complete guide to Healing Crystals for Beginners

When you’re searching for the right crystal to pick up and adopt into your life, you need to know all the available types of crystals for healing, at first. Go through the complete list of crystal shapes below before you finalize on a shape you want. Moreover, crystal lovers collect variety of crystal shapes to add to their collection. There is no reason you should stop with one.

But, we all have our favorites. Get ready to pick yours!

·      Cabochon

A polished gem without any faceting is called a cabochon. You get a convex obverse gemstone with a flat back in a cabochon crystal.

·      Tumbled

Often round, cubic or diced, tumbled stones are seen in haphazard shapes. Rough stones are polished in a rock tumbler to create the aesthetic tumbled stones you can hold.

·      Raw

Raw crystals can vary in size from a few mm to a few meters in length. Raw crystals maybe sharp and scaly with rough edges and clusters as they are not polished. Often seen in their original matrix, raw crystals are considered pristine and untarnished healing stones.

·      Pyramid

A sacred crystal shape that sends messages into the heart of the universe from its tip, crystal pyramids are powerful energy generators. Pyramid shaped crystals can be held with both palms to activate manifestations.

·      Ball or Sphere

Spherical in shape, a crystal ball is a symmetrical object for higher chakra crystal rituals. It gives you the power of clairvision. Using third eye crystals work well with crystal balls. Crystal eggs are also remarkable in its use for meditation and yoni rituals.

·      Dowsing

When a crystal is created with a sharp and pointy end, a crystal dowsing pendant is born. It can be used to communicate with the crystals or pass messages to other realms. Dowsing also balances and charges your chakras.

·      Cluster

A combination of multiple crystal terminations in one chunk is a crystal cluster. They are raw in nature and unpolished. Believed to contain amplifying energies, crystal clusters are sacred.

·      Geode

When crystals form inside a rock due to trapped air, geodes are formed. They will show as rough and dull on the outside, yet shiny and crystalline on the inside with or without nodules.

·      Druzy

Gemstones and crystals seen with a sparkling layer of crystals are called druzy stones. They can be used for décor and feng shui energies.

·      Palm Stone

Almost like a cabochon, round or oval tumbled stones are often called palm stones. These are worry stones used to ruffle in your palm.

·      Jewelry

You can also wear crystals as jewelry in different shapes from the heart-shaped to faceted stones and much more.

Browse our crystal jewelry collection.

Read more on using 20 different crystal shapes.

How to Select your Crystal?

Complete guide to Healing Crystals for Beginners

Now that you know everything you need to pick your crystals, how do you actually pick them? Do you just go by your gut or mathematics or zodiac or what? The best answer is, if you’re in a crystal store, Touch it. If you’re online and browsing through the images of the crystal to buy, look at the picture to feel the connection with the stone. Where you form connections, shortlist or buy the crystal!

That’s just a brief idea of how to select your crystal. If you want to know the secrets of pros to pick crystals, scroll away!

·      How to Find a Healing Crystal by Zodiac Sign?

Get a pen and paper and write down your date of birth. Find out your zodiac sign by entering it in this calculator online. Now write the zodiac indicated on the screen to the paper. Scroll away and find your gemstone by zodiac sign.


Your 12 Zodiac Signs and Their Gemstones

1.    Garnet for Capricorn

People born from December 22nd to January 19th are Capricorn. Garnet gives you optimism and passion. Other gemstones for this sign are Ruby, Agate and Black Onyx.

Read more on Capricorn.

2.    Amethyst for Aquarius

People born from January 20th to February 18th are Aquarius. Amethyst brings your higher chakras power and intuition. Other gemstones for this sign are Garnet, Tree Agate, Opal and Sugilite.

Read more Aquarius.   

3.    Aquamarine for Pisces

People born from February 19th to March 20th are Pisces. Aquamarine is believed to contain the calmness of the ocean in it. Other gemstones for Pisces are Amethyst, Ruby, Bloodstone and Red Jasper.

Read more on Pisces.

4.    Bloodstone for Aries

People born on March 21st to April 19th are Arians. The stone of crucifixion, bloodstone purifies and guards Aries. Other gemstones and crystals for Aries are Diamond, Clear Quartz, Blue Topaz and Jasper.

Read more on Aries.

5.    Emerald for Taurus

People born on April 20th to May 20th are Taurus. Emerald gives Taurus the power of empathy, love and kindness. Other gemstones for Taurus are Amber, Red Coral, Blue Sapphire and Turquoise.

Read more on Taurus.

6.    Pearl for Gemini

People born on May 21st to June 20th are Gemini. Pearl brings a Gemini luck and beauty besides success. Other gemstones and crystals for Gemini are Agate, Chrysoprase, Emerald, Moonstone and Citrine.

Read more on Gemini.

7.    Ruby for Cancer

People born on June 21st to July 22nd are Cancerians. Ruby gives you health and wellbeing besides passion and stamina. Other crystals for Cancer are Moonstone, Pearl and Emerald.

Read more on Cancer.

8.    Peridot for Leo

People born from July 23rd to August 22nd are Leos. Peridot brings success, love and luck into the life of a Leo. Other gemstones for Leo are Black Onyx, Ruby, Carnelian and Diamond.

Read more on Leo.

9.    Blue Sapphire for Virgo

People born on August 23rd to September 22nd are Virgo. Blue sapphire brings the blessing of Saturn, the God of abundance and luck. Other crystals for virgo are Peridot, Agate, Carnelian and Blue Zircon.

Read more on Virgo.

10. Opal for Libra

People born on September 23rd to October 22nd are Libra. Opal brings luck and prosperity into your life besides guarding you from evil. Other gemstones for Libra are Blue Sapphire, Pink Tourmaline, Agate and Peridot.

Read more on Libra.

11. Citrine for Scorpio

People born on October 23rd to November 21st are Scorpio. Citrine brings wealth and financial gains when you wear it or keep it in the southeast direction. Other crystals for Scorpio are Blue Topaz, Beryl, Apache Tears and Black Obsidian.

Read more on Scorpio.

12. Tanzanite for Sagittarius

People born on November 22nd to December 21st  are Sagittarius. Tanzanite brings you charisma, truth and vision. Other crystals for this sign are Turquoise, Aquamarine, Serpentine, Blue Topaz and Lapis Lazuli.  

Read more on Sagittarius Sagittarius.

·      How to Select Crystal by your Needs?

Besides choosing a crystal by its shape which can dictate the need such as yoni eggs, you can also pick crystals based on the chakra you want to strengthen or the nature of your manifestation.  

  • If you want to attract love, you need a heart chakra
  • If you want balance, root chakra stone is a must.
  • If you want intuition crown stone will do.
  • If you want to see into the future third eye chakra stone works.
  • If you want passion, sacral chakra stone works.
  • If you want confidence, wear a throat chakra
  • If you want calm stomach, use a solar plexus

·      How to Find a Healing Crystal by Color?

You can also pick your crystal by color that you’re attracted to. Follow the list below of crystals according to their color to choose your gemstones.  

1.    Green

A symbol of growth and success, popular green healing crystals are Emerald, Peridot, Green Fire Opal, Jade, Green Aventurine, Moldavite, Malachite, Green Fluorite and Quartz. The open the higher heart chakra.

More on Green healing crystals.

2.    White

The epitome of purity and pristine vibrations, white is the symbol of heavens too. Popular white crystals are Howlite, Quartz, White Topaz, Moonstone, White Fire Opal, White Zircon, Selenite and Pearl. They open the crown and third eye chakras.

More on White healing crystals.

3.    Brown

Representing security and grounding, brown is the mark of stability. Brown healing crystals include Chocolate Opal, Sandstone, Tiger Eye, Smoky Quartz and Brown Jasper. They open your sacral and root chakras.

More on Brown healing crystals.

4.    Gold

Besides wealth, gold also signifies prosperity and knowledge. The enlightening Golden color crystals are Imperial Topaz, Citrine, Pyrite, Golden Beryl, Sunstone, Gold Tourmaline and Golden Hematite. Gold crystals open solar plexus and root chakras.

More on Gold healing crystals.

5.    Blue

Signifying calmness, peace and truth, blue is the color of healing and confidence. Popular blue crystals are Blue Fire Opal, Apatite, Amazonite, Aquamarine, Blue Topaz and Blue Quartz. It opens throat chakra.

More on Blue healing crystals.

6.    Purple

Representing the crown chakra powers, purple healing crystals are intuitive and eye-opening. Popular purple crystals are Amethyst, Sugilite, Charoite, Ametrine, Purple Agate, Fluorite, Purple Sapphire and Lepidolite.

More on Purple healing crystals.

7.    Indigo

The epitome of self-awareness, indigo color crystals take you on cosmic travels. Popular indigo healing crystals are Blue Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Tanzanite, Iolite, Blue Tiger Eye and Kyanite. Indigo crystals open the third eye and throat chakras at once.

More on  Indigo healing crystals.

8.    Silver

Elegance and grace is the color meaning of silver crystals. They open your crown, third eye, throat and heart chakras. Famous silver healing crystals are Pyrite, Hematite, Magnetite or Lodestone, Zircon and Silver Topaz.

More on Silver healing crystals.

9.    Orange

Earth and sun and combine to form the color orange. It has the energy and stamina in it. Popular orange crystals are carnelian, citrine, agate, calcite, amber and orange jasper. It opens root, sacral and solar plexus chakras.

More on Orange healing crystals.

10. Pink

The color of love and romance, if pink is your favorite color, pink crystals will work well with you. Popular pink crystals are rose quartz, pink tourmaline, Morganite, Pink Fire Opal, Spinel, Rhodochrosite and Rhodonite. Pink opens the heart chakra of love.

More on Pink healing crystals.

11. Red

Representing love and martyrdom as well as courage, red signifies power and life itself. Red crystals are Ruby, Garnet, Red Fire Opal, Red Spinel, Red Agate, Red Jasper and Red Tiger Eye. Red healing crystals open the sacral and root chakras.

More on Red healing crystals.

12. Teal

Representing tranquility and calmness, teal crystals are soothing. Popular options are Turquoise, Amazonite, Aquamarine, Chrysocolla, Chrysoprase, Apatite and Larimar. Teal healing crystals open the third eye and throat chakras.

More on Teal healing crystals.

13. Yellow

Signifying clarity and enlightenment, yellow is also the color of abundance. Popular yellow healing crystals are Citrine, Carnelian, Yellow Calcite, Yellow Jade, Yellow Aventurine and Yellow Topaz. Yellow crystals open the sacral, solar plexus, root and crown chakras.

More on Yellow healing crystals.

14. Colorless/ Transparent

Representing transparency and truth, colorless crystals are pristine. Crystals such as Clear Quartz, Phantom Quartz, Angel Aura Quartz, Fluorite, Colorless Tourmaline, Leuco Garnet and Goshenite. It opens the third eye and crown chakras.

More on Colorless healing crystals.

15. Black

Color of detox and cleansing, black healing crystals are psychic protection crystals too. Popular black healing stones are Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Black Obsidian, Tektite (such as Colombianite), Black Onyx and Lava Stones.

More on Black healing crystals.


·      How to Choose a Gemstone by your Aura Color?

Complete guide to Healing Crystals for Beginners

Most of us have seen Jesus Christ with the halo, so the concept of auras is not sophisticated. Each of us have our own auras. You can select a crystal based on your aura color. Ready?

1.    Yellow

The color of purity and joy, yellow is a warm color. It strengthens your spleen and stomach. Yellow is the color of aura seen around Buddha and Jesus Christ too. Yellow healing crystals such as Citrine, Carnelian, Yellow Calcite and Yellow Topaz.

2.    Green

The color of growth and success, green aura means love and kindness. If your aura color is green, you have a strong love for nature. Green healing crystals are Peridot, Emerald, Jade and Amazonite, to name a few.

3.    Orange

Motivation is the meaning of orange aura color. It means productivity and resourcefulness. Orange is the color of energy, strength and courage too. Orange crystals are Carnelian, Citrine, Agate and Quartz.

4.    Red

The aura color of enthusiasm and practicality, red signifies will power. It is your aura color if you are rational too. Red crystals are Ruby, Spinel, Garnet, Agate and Cinnabar.

5.    Blue

Color of the ocean, blue is the color of healers. If you’re a doctor or a Reiki practitioner, this is your aura color. Blue crystals enhance your aura color to calm you and soothe you in times of panic. Blue crystals are turquoise, aquamarine, amazonite and blue fire opal.

6.    Indigo

Signifying your strong spiritual vision, indigo is the aura color of empathy. It is the color of aura on those people with weak thyroid too. Indigo crystals to enhance your aura are blue sapphire, sandstone and tanzanite.

7.    Pink

The color of love and romance, pink aura color is common on people with a big and generous heart. It is the color of self-love and harmony. Pink healing crystals to help with your aura are rose quartz, pink tourmaline, pink sapphire and Rhodonite.

8.    Purple

The color of intuition and spiritual awakening, purple is the color of angelic communication. It is a color of clarity and higher powers. Purple healing crystals such as amethyst, purple sapphire, purple agate, charoite and sugilite can help you for purple aura colors.

9.    Black

Sometimes black is bad and at other times, black aura is good. It is a color of cleansing and protection. Use black crystals such as black onyx, black obsidian and shungite to help your black aura to cleanse the negativity off.

10. White

The aura of peace, heaven and truth, white is the color of enlightenment and purity. It signifies cleansing and purification. White crystals such as howlite, clear quartz, calcite and white fire opal can help you if this is your aura color.

Read more on Aura colors.

·      How to Select Crystal by Your Intention?

What if you have a specific reason why you want crystals? Choosing the crystals by intention can help you.

-       Crystals for Inspiration

Motivation stones such as Sunstone, Ruby, Carnelian and Amethyst work well on the psyche. Crystals for inspiration makes you naturally enthusiastic and dedicated towards your goal.

-       Crystals for Purification

When you want to cleanse and purify, crystals for purification can help. The best purifying crystals are clear quartz, black tourmaline and selenite. It can be used to cleanse people and places.

-       Crystals for Love

For romance and self-love, crystals for love works. They enhance the heart chakra to make you feel peaceful and loved. Best crystals for love are rose quartz, pink sapphire, emerald and Rhodonite.

-       Crystals for Grounding

When you’re grounded, all the negativity in your body has been ejected. You are calm and composed. Crystals for grounding such as Lava Stone, Hematite and Red Jasper are ideal for grounding benefits.

-       Crystals for Wealth

To increase abundance and prosperity in your life via money, you can use crystals for wealth. These healing stones manifest your financial desires to the universe. Crystals for wealth are citrine, Red Agate, Pyrite and Labradorite.

-       Crystals for Protection

From psychic protection to physical protection from accidents and evil eye, crystals for protection works for all. You can use them to battle hexes or evil energy attacks aimed at you. Crystals for protection are Black Onyx, Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline and Shungite.

-       Crystals for Luck

When you’ve failed again and again in life, luck crystals can help. It brings abundance of riches into your life. Crystals for luck such as amber, pearl and tiger eye work well to win lotteries.

·      How to Find a Healing Crystal by 7 Chakras?

You can also pick crystals by the chakra. Suppose you want to strengthen your passion; you can pick a sacral chakra stone. Or, if you want to strengthen your intuitions, choose crown chakra crystals. Below is a cheat sheet to find your healing crystal by the Seven Chakras.

1.    Root Chakra

Popular as the base chakra, root chakra is where your connection with the earth happens. Root chakra grounds you. It is located at the end of your spine. Root chakra crystals are Red Jasper, Fire Opal, Garnet, Red Agate, and Red Tourmaline.

Read more on Root Chakra Healing Crystals.

2.    Sacral Chakra

The seat of your kundalini energy from which passion sparks, sacral chakra is where your sexuality resides too. Sacral chakra is located in your abdomen. Crystals for sacral chakra are Ruby, Garnet, Orange Aventurine, Carnelian, Amber and Amethyst.

Read more on Sacral Chakra Healing Crystals.

3.    Solar Plexus Chakra

The center of your wellbeing, solar plexus chakra protects your digestive system. It is known for healing physical disorders. Solar plexus chakra crystals include Citrine, Yellow Tourmaline, Moonstone and Fire Opal.

Read more on Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Crystals.

4.    Heart Chakra

The seat of outward and inward love, heart chakra is the seat of kindness and empathy too. Heart chakra crystals can attract your soulmate and spread harmony around you. Heart chakra healing crystals include rose quartz, Rhodonite, peridot and emerald.  

Read more on Heart Chakra Healing Crystals.

5.    Throat Chakra

If you want confidence, throat chakra crystals are what you must pick. They enhance your communication skills and self-confidence. Throat chakra crystals include Blue Sapphire, Aquamarine, Amazonite and Lapis Lazuli.

Read more on Throat Healing Crystals.

6.    Third Eye Chakra

The chakra of divination, third eye chakra is your spiritual eye. It can see beyond the visible and into all the dimensions. Third eye chakra crystals can help you see the future and speak with spirits. Third eye gemstones include clear quartz, moonstone, lapis lazuli and howlite.

Read more on Third Eye Chakra Healing Crystals.

7.    Crown Chakra

Where you connect with the ethereal realm is on the top of your head called the crown chakra. This is where you connect to spirits and the ethereal realm. Crown chakra crystals include Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Selenite and Ametrine.

Read more on Crown Chakra Healing Crystals.

Learn about the minor chakras in the body!


Which are the best ways to bond with crystals?

Bonding with a crystal is a sacred act. Simply put, bonding with your crystal is getting acquainted with it. Just as you can’t open your heart to a stranger right away without conversation or time, crystals are people too. You need to spend time with them productively to get through.

In my years of working with crystals, some crystals ached me and others aided me. The ones that ached me were mostly the ones that I hadn’t bonded. Overtime, our bond grew thicker and the dizziness and overwhelming feeling I felt that crystal vanished.

That’s why I urge all crystal users to bond with their crystals before demanding things from it! Please, just consider your crystal a live BFF with sparkly hues all over. That’s easy, right?

·      Holding

You can hold your gemstones to bond with it. Holding a new crystal after cleansing it is natural and normal. You must do it so that the crystal acquaints with the new energies. This will fuse both your energies slowly.

·      Talking

When you’re holding the healing crystal, try talking to it too. Close your doors and have a fully-fledged conversation with your crystal. Talk to the crystal like a friend.

·      Meditating

You can always give space to your crystal by meditating with it. Do not focus on anything. Just let go and enjoy the presence in theta wave meditation with your healing rock.

·      Wearing

Wearing new healing crystals also help in bonding. You can wear it close to your chakra points such as a pendant on the heart chakra, necklace on the throat chakra or earring around the third eye chakra.

·      Sleeping

Another way to bond with a crystal is by letting it be on your bedside once you’ve cleansed it with clear quartz. This way, you will communicate through dreams.

Read more on bonding with crystals.

How to Cleanse a Healing Crystal?

While not all crystals must be cleaned under water, the spiritual cleansing measures cover all the crystals. When you want to clean the crystal physically, don’t dip it in water. It might be toxic or even soluble in water. Instead, check about its properties online or on our website first. Then, once you’re sure, go ahead with a safe cleansing ritual.

When it comes to spirituality, cleansing is easy, but must be thorough. 

·      Rice for cleaning crystals

You can keep your crystals inside a bowl of rice overnight to cleanse out the bad mojo from it. Also remember to throw the rice afterwards. That’s it!

·      Cleaning crystals with Salt

Same as rice, place the crystal in Himalayan Pink Salt for a few hours (check if your crystal is safe with salt at first). Throw the salt away as it has absorbed the negativity on your crystal.

·      Sage for Cleansing Crystals

You can use sage herb for cleansing in two ways. Smudging it on the crystals or smoking the herb around the crystals are both good ways to cleanse your crystals. Choose your pick!

·      Crystal geode for Cleansing

Another smart way to cleanse your crystal is by keeping it inside a geode overnight. Geodes are powerful crystals that resemble womb of mother earth.

·      Healing Crystals for Cleansing

Using self-cleansing crystals such as clear quartz or selenite is excellent for healing crystal cleansing. All you need to clean a crystal with a selenite or quartz is to circle it thrice over the crystal.

·      Sun/ Moon

Full moon cleanse means to keep your crystals out in the full moon light to be soaked and cleansed. When you do solar cleansing, you are exposing your crystals to cleansing solar energy for five minutes to five hours (depending on whether your crystal is safe in the sunlight). The full moon cleanse is perfect!

How to Store Crystals?

The most important thing to remember when storing your crystals is its individual hardness. Do you know any crystal in the air can get tarnished if its MOHS hardness is less than that of quartz? That’s why, store your crystals in an airtight box away from other crystals. Else, chances are your crystals will get damaged.

How to Use Healing Crystals?

Crystal users may call using healing crystals as charging your crystals. While a crystal can guide you on what to do with it, there are many other ways to use healing crystals in specific rituals.

Below you will learn the core rituals and how to do them for what. Bookmark this page and refer to this list later when you’re working with crystals.

Let’s begin now.  

·      Wearing Crystals for Powers

The first and easiest way to work with crystals is by wearing it once you’ve bonded with it. Crystals jewelry such as tiara, crown clip, earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelet and even anklets or toe rings are famous. Choose your crystal jewelry and wear it on the right chakra to stay connected with it throughout the day.

·      Healing Crystals for Meditation

You can also hold your crystals and meditate with them. Meditation with certain crystals can be easy as some gemstones open the theta wave brain activity while others do not.

  • Sit on the ground on a yoga mat.
  • Take your crystal in your palms.
  • Hold it with both balms softly in front of your heart.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Breathe in and breathe out.
  • Focus on your breaths.
  • Open your eyes when the crystal tells you to.

Meditate with your crystals in more than one way now.

·      Spell Work with Crystals

Also called affirmations, you can create spells to activate or charge your crystals. Spell work is easy. All you need are spells. To write them, write down your manifestations. Write down the goddess name you want to pray to. Or name your crystal and pray to it.

  • Take your crystal in hand.
  • Look into it.
  • Chant your affirmations slowly.
  • Continue until you complete 100 incantations.

Read more on affirmation manifestations.

·      Crystal Wand Programming

You can also charge your crystals and activate them for manifestation using a crystal wand. Wands are powerful polished crystals with multiple faces and one or two terminations (pointy tips).

  • Take your crystal in your left hand.
  • Point the crystal wand with your right hand to the left hand.
  • Now circle the right hand over the left thrice.
  • Chant your affirmations or say ‘recharge, charge, recharge…’.
  • Continue for five minutes.

Read more on programming your wand.

·      Dowsing with Gemstones

You can also use pointy crystals at the tip to read your chakra vibrations and charge it. All you have to do is read the yes or no vibrations of the dowsing pendant first. Once done, follow the steps below.

  • Take your dowsing pendant.
  • Hold it steady over the first chakra (root chakra).
  • When the movement of the dowsing pendant steadies, move to the next chakra and continue until the crown chakra.

Read more using dowsing pendulum or pendants.

·      Crystal Elixir

You can also make a crystal elixir by soaking non-toxic crystals. A better way is to infuse the energy of the crystal into a glass of water without touching the stone in the water at all.

  • Take a glass of water.
  • Place a coaster on top of it.
  • Now place the gemstone on top of the coaster.
  • Let the glass sit for 4 hours on your windowsill.
  • Consume the water after or sprinkle it for good feng shui.

Wanna know how to make crystal elixirs?

·      Gemstones for Feng Shui

You can also keep gemstones in specific directions for feng shui benefits. Bookmark this page to refer to this list below whenever you want.

1.    Feng Shui South

This is the direction of Fame and Fortune signifying the color red.

2.    Feng Shui Southwest

This is the direction of Love and Marriage, represented by the color Pink.

3.    Feng shui West

This is the direction of Clarity, represented by the color white.

4.    Feng Shui Northwest

This is the direction of travel and safety, represented by the color grey.

5.    Feng shui North

This is the direction of skills and knowledge, represented by the color indigo.

6.    Feng Shui Northeast

This is the direction of your career and life, represented by the color black.

7.    Feng Shui East

This is the direction of Harmony and Health, represented by the color green.

8.    Feng Shui Southeast

This is the direction of prosperity and abundance, represented by the color rose.

·      Mood or Worry Stone

You can also hold a cabochon or oval tumbled stone for panic attacks and anxiety. Holding or ruffling the stone in your fingers calms and soothes you. Browse worry stones.

·      Crystal Patch

Another brilliant way to accelerate the work of crystals on an area is by tying it onto the area. Known as a crystal patch, this works well to penetrate the body with crystal energies. Read more on crystal patches.

·      Crystal Tibetan Singing Bowl

You can also use Tibetan singing bowl to charge your crystals on a full moon night.

  • Take your Tibetan bowl.
  • Place the crystals inside the bowl.
  • Rub the edge of the bowl with the wooden mallet.
  • Continue for ten minutes.
  • Let the crystals sit in the Tibetan singing bowl under the moonlight for 6 hours.

Read more on Tibetan singing bowls.

Before you go …

Found everything you wanted to know about healing crystals? This long comprehensive guide on healing crystals is good for newbies who want to know A to Z about crystals.

Don’t hesitate to ask your doubts below!

Stay powerful~

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