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Virgo Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in September

Virgo Birthstones: Meanings, Powers, Traits, Benefits and Astrology

From how a Virgo woman showing love to controlling the anger of a Virgo man, there are many nuances to be found in your zodiac sign.

Did you know Virgo is the 2nd largest constellation? It rounds up about 20 stars and 25+ exoplanets. It was almost a decade ago that Virgo made the news when 8 planets were discovered like a streak in just a year! There are so many galaxies on the edge of Virgo that it’s almost too much to count!

Virgo Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in September

Using a Virgo birthstone boosts your Virgo Strengths and minimizes your innate weaknesses. According to legends, Virgo is the Greek goddess of staples and harvests. Depicted often as the virgin or the nun, Virgo was actually the mother of Persephone. 

She is the goddess of Wheat, by Greek lores and the second largest constellation in the sky. Virgo was believed to have prepared mankind for enlightenment and change in the Golden Age, but as soon as the Bronze Age of violence shook the world, Virgo flew into the heavens. Virgo is believed to sit next to the constellation of justice until date.

Learn how to use Virgo gemstones to turn your life around RIGHT NOW!

Virgo dates

August 23rd to September 22

What Is the Zodiac Symbol of Virgo?

Virgo is the Virgin represented by the glyph showing a maiden holding a shaft of wheet. The curl around the ‘m’ on the symbol shows the closed legs of Maiden, signifying her chastity. Amongst all the zodiac signs, only three signs including Virgo is depicted without an animal.

Which Is the Ruling Planet of Virgo?

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo.  He is the messenger God who manifests your intentions. With the help of Mercury, you can fulfill your desires and ambitions. Mercury welcomes winning opportunities into your life. It governs the life of your relationships and communication skills with your friends and family.

Venus is the second planet that rules the Virgo. She beckons happiness, joy and beauty into your life. Your romantic relationship will thrive under the blessing of Venus. You will charismatic and influential to people around you.

Malefic Planets of Virgo

Moon is not a good planet for Virgo. It can cause instability and dangers in your life when moon is not pleased with you. For a Virgoan, Moon can attract failures into the life.

Mars is the planet that can lead to accidents and injury in your life. If you’re falling down way too many times in your life, Mars is to blame for.

Jupiter is the third malefic planet for Virgo. Physical disorders, pain and weakness can be felt with the malefic energy of Jupiter against a Virgo.

Which Is the Element of Virgo?

Earth is the element of Virgo. You need grounding, stability and the support of earth to flourish in your life and career. Green is the color of earth element and this will be your lucky color too. Earth brings you balance and harmony.

Earth element also empowers your root, heart and crown chakras. Earth element can relieve physical disorders besides aligning all your chakras and flushing the negativity out of you.

Which Is the Best Day for Virgo Born People?

Wednesday is the luckiest day for Virgo. If you have birthstone jewelry, wear it on a Wednesday to reap the best effects. It is the ruling day of Mercury too. You will find unexpected luck and fortune on Wednesdays as a Virgo.

What Are the Favorable Numbers of Virgo Zodiac?

There are multiple lucky numbers for a Virgo. 32, 23, 15, 14 and 5 are all lucky numbers that if youo see across in your life, it means something good is coming to you.

Which Are the Key Chakras of Virgo?

Throat chakra is the key chakra of a Virgo. Located in your throat, it is the vishuddha chakra of purity. Throat chakra purifies your thoughts and speech. It makes you a person who charms the listeners. When a Virgo empowers his or her key chakra of the throat, he will feel high self-esteem and self-confidence.

Heart chakra is the second core chakra of a Virgo. Your heart chakra governs the origin of love, compassion, empathy and even humanity. Heart chakra alignment can make you feel strong and virile. It is the chakra of strength too.

What Are Compatible Zodiac Signs of Virgo?

Cancer men and women are compatible with Virgo. They can bring order and love into the life of a Virgo. Cancer born people help you tone your potential skills and strengthen your weaknesses.

Pisces is also a compatible zodiac for Virgos. They will bring calmness and tranquility into the life of a Virgo. Pisces men and women are perfect for Virgo women and men.

Top Colors of Virgo Zodiac

Although green is a lucky color of Virgo, Yellow, and Grey also brings good fortune to a virgo. Wear the lucky colors on the auspicious Wednesday to make the best out of your birthstones and astrology.

What is the History of Virgo Birthstone?

What is the story of Virgo Rashi? It is a zodiac sign that beckons Autumn with its earliest recording in Babylonian Astronomy. That was in 700 B.C. History says the Babylonians called it ‘The Furrow’, which was equivalent to the Sumerian Goddess of Grain, Shala. She is also the goddess of compassion and can attract abundance your way. Even today, the brightest star in Virgo is called Spica, which translates to ‘ear of grain’.

Here’s the REAL story of how Virgo became a constellation. Be warned, it is a tad bit depressing!

Once upon a time, there lived a farmer by the name of Icarius who was a dear friend of Dionysus, the God of Wine. One afternoon, Dionysus offered wine to Icarius and his shepherd. However, as the shepherds were teetotallers, they mistook the effect of alcohol as a poison and avenged by killing Icarius under the influence of divine wine. When his virgin daughter Erigone found Icarius’s dead body, she buried her father and hung herself next to the grave out of the grief.

Upon seeing the chaos, Dionysus cursed Athens, which led to the suicides of virgin girls of the city. After the city honored Icarius and Dionysus, Dionysus lifted the curse and placed Erigone in the Sky and her father Icarius next to it. Together, they are Virgo and Bootes.

Virgo was also the Virgin Mary during the Middle Ages.

How did you like the stories? Find out how Virgo birthstones can bless your life by clicking here!

Where is Virgo in the sky?

Translated from Latin for Virgin, Virgo is located in-between Libra (east) and Leo (west) at 152.750 and 1800 longitude (celestial).

Why are Virgo Stones Good for you?

If you’re just wondering Virgo is what month, you’re far far away from the iceberg. Moreover, Virgos have a tendency to be critical. And if you’re not, your birthstones can awaken the dormant virtues and strengths within you.

Negative Traits of Virgo birthstones include shyness, rudeness, and self-pity, to name a few. When you use gemstones best for your zodiac sign, it creates an energy cocoon around you that dispel the common Virgo issues.

7 Eclectic Benefits of Wearing Virgo gemstones

Virgo forecast is not easy. There are so many kinds of Virgos. But, in my lifetime of seeing Virgo friends and family, I know each Virgo has many hidden strengths and weakness that need to fix. When you use Virgo crystals, it can change some of your core virtues. Just as Rome was not built in a day, you need to take your time and bond with these stones.

Each of the benefits below reveals an experience from a real Virgo who tried it. Thought you’d love to see the efficacy!

·      Luck

Luck is the push that gets you to success.

Here’s what Maya, a Virgo of 32, shares about her luck crystals as a Virgo.

·      Compassion

Gratitude teaches us the art of finding positive sparks in life.

Here’s what Ham, a Virgo of 56 has to say about his gratitude crystals.

·      Love

Love conquers all. Same is why lack of love feels defeating.

Listen to the story of Adrian, a Virgo girl of 21 has to say about love.

·      Self-Awareness

Without knowing yourself, all the world’s knowledge is vain to your brain.

Here’s the story of Jane, a 67-year-old Norwegian Virgo woman has to say about her crystals.

·      Harmony

Unity and love bring harmony. Feng shui helps to keep the air cleared of any negativity.

Here’s the story of Sonia, 35 and a Virgo who found peace with crystals.

·      Destiny

Your path to glory is waiting for you to knock open. Unless you find the road, you will feel like you’re hovering a dead end!

Here’s the story of Sanjay, a software engineer who realized his real interests.

·      Success

Failures are stepping stones to success. If stepping stones are all you see as a Virgo, you need success stones.

Here’s the story of Natalie, a 19-year-old Virgo from Ohio who found her dream job with the help of crystals.

    7 Powerful Birthstones for Virgo Man

    What Virgo man likes is hard to guess. But what the soul of a Virgo man likes is easy if you have the right birthstones. I’ve got the list of 7 birthstones considered ideal for Virgo males corresponding to a different virtue each time. It’s the shortcut to train your spirit to the road of positivity that you deserve.

    From rudeness to judgmental behavior, Virgo birthstones can turn you a new leaf!

    ·      Virgo Man Blue Fire Opal Love Gemstones

    Blue Fire Opal Horse Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™
    Blue Fire Opal Horse Necklace; $39.95

    Empowering your throat chakra, blue fire opal sparkles crazy with a wide range of colorful inclusions. It is best when worn as a pendant. This blue fire opal horse pendant for Virgo man makes it easy to confess your love and make her say YES!

    ·      Celestite Luck Stone for Virgo Man

    Natural Celestite Crystal Cluster; $59.99 USD

    A crystal cluster with high vibrational energy within, celestite gemstones bring luck and good fortune to a Virgo man. If you experienced bad luck in life, having a celestite in your bedroom will change all that. It focuses on third-eye, crown and throat chakras to pull prosperity towards you.

    ·      Virgo Man Emerald Compassion crystals

    Emerald Gold Vintage MEN Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™
    Emerald Gold Vintage Ring; $29.95 USD

    A vintage style ring with a solitaire emerald, this is the stone that will make your heart soft. Emerald is the stone of heart chakra and it teaches you the lesson of gratitude and humility. Virgo man will find easy to control his anger with an emerald on his fingers.

    ·      Self Confidence Amethyst Gems for Virgo Man

    Amethyst Quartz Crystal Wand   3.5oz   100gr   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   4
    Amethyst Quartz Crystal Wand; $29.95 USD

    If you’re a shy Virgo man, wake up your self-confidence with a mind stone of amethyst. This chevron amethyst wand is made to fuel your crown chakra. It will attract wisdom and make you mentally strong.

    ·      Azurite Destiny Stones that Work for Virgo Men

    Natural blue azurite malachite green mineral - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™
    Natural Blue & Green Azurite Mineral; $49 USD

    Are you stuck in life? Don’t blame your childhood. Instead of zoom into your spirit and find the karmic blocks. Azurite will help you clean up your bad karma and find your true purpose in life. This is best for men going through life-changing times.

    ·      Virgo Men Birthstone Black Tourmaline for Harmony

    100g Black Tourmaline Stones for Healing
    100g Black Tourmaline Stones; $22 USD

    If you’re tired of living in a chaotic house or dysfunctional family, it might not be all your fault. To control things beyond your power, use a black tourmaline tumbled stone or two as feng shui. Keep it in the eastern or southern area of peace at home.  

    ·      Chrysocolla Success Crystals if you’re a Virgo Male  

    A throat chakra stone that helps you find your inner voice, it can also attract positive opportunities towards you. Chrysocolla enhances communication skills and builds character. If you’re a teen or just starting a job, keep a chrysocolla close to you for mental strength.

    7 Efficient Birthstones for Virgo Woman

    You tend to be too frank, that’s what your friends say because you’re a Virgo Woman. It’s not your fault. Blame your stars!

    Besides, I have known Virgo women change completely in the presence of gemstones. It will help you mar your negativity and nurture your positivity. Soon your bad virtues will be displaced by kind and productive habits. Wanna know how? Keep reading for FIVE more minutes!

    ·      Fluorite Luck Stone for Virgo Man

    Natural Fluorite Crystal Pyramid
    Natural Fluorite Crystal Pyramid; $35.99 USD

    Your luck is not screwed, it the lack of energy to travel all the way across the universe to come true. What you need to do is get a fluorite pyramid and set your intention. It will connect your crown to the higher realm to get your intention across ASAP!

    ·      Virgo Woman Snowflake Obsidian Compassion crystals

    The ultimate purifying stone that also protects you, snowflake obsidian is more floral than you know! It changes stress and depression opening your heart chakra and root chakra to new perspective and experiences.  

    ·      Self Confidence Clear Quartz Gems for Virgo Woman

    Raw Crystal Quartz Cluster/Geode
    Raw Crystal Quartz Cluster; $28.90 USD

    Always tangled in self-pity? You need a purification stone to get rid of all that cobweb about self-doubt. How long have you been infected with negativity? It’s time to set your intention with a geode cluster to amplify its powers. It will manifest within a week, no matter how big your intention is!

    ·      Virgo Woman Stichtite Love Gemstones

    Awakening all the root, solar plexus, and heart chakras, stichtite helps in finding the soulmate for a Virgo woman. If you’re born under Virgo, you might be too rigid for love. Your answer lies in meditation therapy with a stichtite. Try to open up!

    ·      Smoky Quartz Destiny Stones that Work for Virgo Women

    Natural Smoky Quartz Pendant Pendulum Crystal Healing Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   3
    Natural Smoky Quartz Pendant; $48 USD

    A higher chakra stone that brings your destiny closer, smoky quartz can enlighten you. How? It will open your crown chakra to communicate with your angel to help find guidance. What if I say it will help you see the past, present, and future as a Virgo gal!

    ·      Virgo Black Agate Harmony Birthstone for Women

    Black Onyx Rose Gold Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™
    Black Onyx Rose Gold Ring; $26.95 USD

    Stone of stability and peace, black agate for women with Virgo zodiac gives protection. It is a gemstone that helps you stay grounded throughout the day. If you’re a Virgo woman with anxiety, black agate can help you immensely.

    ·      Amazonite Success Crystals if you’re a Virgo Female  

    Frosted Amazonite Mala (with OM, Lotus or Buddha Pendant)
    Frosted Amazonite Mala; $29.97 USD

    Your quickest #souldetox, amazonite contains heart and throat chakras to calm you down. It will help you empathize and understand others around you. From nature to people, you will find yourself living a new life when you start wearing amazonite pendants as a Virgo.

    14 Birthstones for Virgo Born People

    Virgo Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in September

    Cracking a Virgoan is not easy. Also referred to as a Virgoan, Virgo born folks are strategic, shy and introverted. They rarely express their innermost beliefs. A fan of books and nature, Virgo is a person often depicted with docility and hardworking. The workaholic nature of Virgo can be altered to balance all aspects of the personality and love life using the right gemstones.

    1.    Carnelian

    Carnelian Virgo Birthstone

    The core stone of Virgo’s powers, Carnelian activates multiple chakras. It is ideal for bringing an overall balance to your life. Carnelian awakens the chakras of Base and Sacral, which is ideal for Virgos looking for a sense of meaning and purpose in life.

    2.    Jasper

    Jasper Virgo Birthstone

    One of the quintessential Virgo Birthstones for wellbeing, red jasper is a stone of new powers. It awakens the mid-chakras, helping your express more and be at peace. By activating the Solar Plexus Chakra, Red Jasper is a potent gemstone capable of awakening your hidden potentials too.

    3.    Jade

    Jade Virgo Birthstone

    One of key gemstones for Virgoans, Jade is excellent owing to its powerful rays to heal the heart. Being a powerful Heart Chakra gemstone, Jade wakes the innermost energy of divine love.

    4.    Zircon

    zircon Gemstones for People Born in September

    Another unique gemstone exclusively good for Virgo born people is Zircon. It awakens the general air of peace and safety. Wearing zircon is also excellent to awaken the powers of Solar Plexus chakra too.

    5.    Moss Agate

    moss agate Virgo Birthstone

    Another gemstone that helps a Virgo open up, Moss Agate is a stone of great powers. Wearing Moss Agate pendant can help you keep the divine energy of love woken up within you for attracting support, love and kindness.

    6.    Blue Sapphire

    Blue Sapphire Virgo Birthstone

    Called the core Virgo Birthstone, blue sapphire brings a unique power to the table. It helps a Virgo articulate their thoughts by awakening the powers of the Throat Chakra. Blue Sapphire is a stone of wakefulness and enlightenment too.

    7.    Malachite

    Malachite Virgo Birthstone

    Another comforting crystal for compassion and love, Malachite is a divine chakra stone that helps you feel loved. It attracts the true love and makes you feel happy by activating the powers of the Heart Chakra.

    8.    Blue Topaz

    Blue Topaz Virgo Birthstone for People Born in September

    Akin to the previous blue birthstone for Virgo, Blue Topaz also helps the Virgo be emotive. By helping to express deep thoughts, Blue Topaz awakens the Throat Chakra energies that empowers the Virgo to have a heart-to-heart easily.

    9.    Peridot

    Peridot Virgo Birthstone

    Often times of hardship also comes with immense sadness. By wearing peridot ring or pendant you can loosen the pains of the soul as it activate the Heart Chakra. It awakens the higher heart to help you realize the prime blocks that halts your happiness.

    10. Chalcedony

    Chalcedony Virgo Birthstone

    One of the powerful crystals to awaken the life force energy in a Virgo, Chalcedony creates legends from Virgo born people. It is the best gemstone to activate the Sacral Chakra powers that can reveal your destiny to purpose in life. 

    11. Snowflake Obsidian

    Snowflake Obsidian Gemstones for People Born in September

    Another one the compassionate crystals, Snowflake Obsidian is ideal for Virgos with depression. It loosens the pressure on the heart by awakening the powers of the Heart Chakra. It is important to attain superior sense of oneness.

    12. Garnet

    Garnet Virgo Birthstone

    Wearing garnet gemstone on your lower chakras also ignites the life force energy. Being a Base Chakra gemstone, Garnet is the cornerstone for change in the life of a Virgo. Arousing passion to enthusiasm, garnet is a recovery stone for Virgos.

    13. Sardonyx

    Sardonyx Virgo Birthstone

     Another higher chakra gemstone, Sardonyx is best for Virgos looking for intuition and divination powers. It awakens clairvision to clairvoyance, helping you connect with the higher realm through third eye and crown chakra activation.

    14. Citrine

    Citrine Virgo Birthstone

    Citrine helps to retain balance and motivation in life by making you physically healthy. It helps the Virgo let go of emotional baggage easier than normal by activating powerful chakras of Crown and Solar Plexus.

    What we recommend …

    Virgo Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in September

    Sadly, most of the stars of Virgo are now in Libra. How the times have changed! Perhaps it’s time to check the Sidereal astrology that says Virgo isn’t in session until September 16th to October 15th.

    Watch this Video about Virgo 2018 predictions and milestones to lookout for if you’re a Virgoan.

     Stay powerful~


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