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Sagittarius Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in December

Sagittarius Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in December

Symbolizing the centaur named Chiron, Sagittarius is the zodiac of the beast.  It is a constellation that engulfs the Milky Way.

Sagittarius Birthstones: Gemstones for People

The story of Sagittarius goes on to say that he was accidentally shot by Hercules one day. This was at the time that Greeks worshipped half-horses and horses. Being a masterful archer, physician and a gentleman, above all, Sagittarius offered himself to replace Prometheus as the pain of the poison was insufferable and he was immortal. Seeing the goodness of Sagittarius, Jupiter made him a star up in the sky as a tribute to his bravery. 

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Sagittarius dates

November 22 to December 21

Zodiac Symbol of Sagittarius

Bow and Arrow or Archer

Favorable Numbers of Sagittarius Zodiac

21, 12, 9, 7 and 3;

Key Chakras of Sagittarius

Throat and Sacral Chakras

Top Colors of Sagittarius


What is the history of Sagittarius Zodiac?

Sagittarius Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in AugustAlthough most of you have heard the story of Sagittarius as the Archer, the truth is different based on the civilization. He is a horse in some, human in other and centaur or archer in most. Let’s unravel the real story of Zodiac Sagittarius.

According to the Babylonians, Sagittarius was the God Nergal, depicted with wings, two heads, and strange body parts. He also has a scorpion tale instead of a horse tale, unlike his lower body. The Babylonians believed one of the two heads of Sagittarius was a panther and the other human. He is revered as the forefather of the civilization and chief ruler.

When we dive into the Greek and Roman legends, the story of this zodiac gets tangled more and more.

Greeks believed in a range of tales about Sagittarius. He was often linked with Zeus and Thor, both Gods. The mythology of the centaur comes from the Greek tales that the centaur Chiron, who was the most compassion of the centaurs, changed himself to escape from the possessive demands of his wife Rhea.

He was not like the other centaurs, who were mostly dumb or blindly violent. Chiron was the son of Saturn and Philyra, who was made half human and half horse. He was blessed with intelligence, perseverance, and wisdom such that he even taught Achilles. He knew so much that he was renowned as a doctor and musician too.

After escaping from his wife, Chiron lived alone in a cave teaching other centaurs the wise way of life. One day when Heracles was raiding and killing the centaurs rampaging the area, he accidentally shot Chiron. However, being immortal, Chiron didn’t die but wept in pain. When Prometheus saw the remorse of Hercules in the bellowing pain of Chiron he decided to help the centaur. He raised him from the wound into the sky as a constellation. To this day, you can see the arrow of Chiron aiming at the heart of Scorpion in the sky!

Where is Sagittarius in the Sky?

Seen almost only in the winter sky, Sagittarius is not the Hunter (Orion), but it is the half human half animal zodiac sign. It is not difficult to spot this constellation if you’re looking at the sky in the right season.

Sagittarius falls at 240 to 2700 lying specifically at 234.75 and 270 degrees in the skyward longitude. The sun goes around this constellation from November 23 to December 21 according to the popular zodiac and from November 23 to 27 in the sidereal zodiac sign.

What does Sagittarius Ruling Planet signify?

Every year, the planets that come in conjunction with Sagittarius changes. The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, the biggest and the maddest planet in our Solar System. The beauty of Jupiter is seen in the Aurora as well as a red spot on the planet, confounding the scientists. To put things into perspective, Jupiter is about 300 times bigger than the earth and if it were just 70 times bigger, it would be a star by now. I am telling all this so that you can actually understand how much Jupiter affects the earth. It is also the third brightest after Venus and Moon.

If you are fascinated by the science of Jupiter, click here to check out this documentary unveiling the mysteries of Jupiter.

Now, let’s talk about the spirituality of Jupiter on Sagittarius. Called the Ruler of Gods, Jupiter guards, protects and repairs. It has the most influence on the winter zodiac. It can help you achieve your biggest ambitions or even make you into the laziest person on the planet. That’s why you need gemstones to protect you while you’re connected with the Jupiter Energy.

Besides, it’s the oldest planet too and hence, you will unlock many secrets about the world when you’re a Sagittarius working with gemstones!

What does it mean to be a Sagittarius?

To be a Sagittarian means to be optimistic and powerful to go through the hurdles of life with a beaming smile. The constellation connecting Capricorn and Scorpio is a ruler zodiac for the kings. They are fiery yet committed to their ambitions without doubts. Being honest, Sagittarians are easily misinterpreted too.

Represented by the bow or archer, the ninth zodiac in the calendar is a complex zodiac that boasts sharpness in decisions and ambitious nature. The bow and arrow is a representation of the Archer who is known to connect the energies of the earth with heaven.

Although it might seem easy to interpret the bow and arrow of the zodiac Sagittarius is complex. It represents the warrior dormant inside each Sagittarian and the arrow of destiny that makes them touch heaven. It reveals the animaline remnants for everyone born under this zodiac.

What are Sagittarius Positive Personality Traits?

As every zodiac sign imparts a range of characteristics to the person born under it, many of us share general personality traits. While all the positive traits I mention below might not be true for all, if you’re a Sagittarian, you will identify with at least a handful, I promise.

To start with, everything about a Sagittarian is about their freedom and comfort. When you ask a Sagittarian to make a decision or choose one among two, they will be influenced by the option that gives maximum freedom. Sags are adventurous and rarely money-minded. That’s why you will often find Sagittarians who take quick decisions and remain spontaneous.

You will also find empathetic Sagittarians (rarely tho!) who are honest about their feeling and rarely every hides their feelings. They are straightforward, frank and head-strong. You can give them all the advice in the world, but they will always listen to themselves!

Although Sags are incredibly broad-minded they tend to be delusional too. When elaborated, they are enthusiastic and remain optimistic about new things they haven’t tried yet.

Another interesting strength of a Sagittarian is their love for nature and philosophy. Most Sags love to read, pain or are moved by the arts. Often, Sagittarius is defined as an intellectual zodiac than plain cool. They are creative and inspiring to the people around them.

You will find Sagittarians as the leaders who will spot the good in people and the silver lining in the worst of times. To sum it all, the positive traits of Sagittarians make them fun to hang out too!

What are Sagittarius Negative Personality Traits?

Now that we know how awesome Sagittarians are, it’s time to look at the negative traits. Being a Sagittarian myself, I would like to tell you not to get hurt. It hurts me to confess my own negatives, but like all Sags (and Dumbledore) I believe in the Greater Good. Let’s find out what exactly destroys us so that we can stop repeating it ever! It’s called a spiritual repair if you don’t know already.

The biggest threat to the success of a Sagittarian is the over commitment. Often, they tend to get excited quickly over little things and end up bargaining for more than they can handle. That’s the same reason why they are flaky and get bored easily too. If you’re a Sag, watch out for inconsistency in your life.

We are often too honest and incapable of lying that we forget how hurtful we actually are. That’s why Sagittarians are often described as careless and insensitive. We are also thick-skinned and often don’t care about others.

Sagittarians tend to prioritize themselves and can be selfish. We are impatient and forget to focus on the present as we are always hunting behind the future. The same is the reason a Sag can come off as a superficial person soaked in fantasy. It is hard to discipline or make a Sag obey because they get annoyed easily by authority.

Over-smart and over-confident, Sagittarians are also very gullible. A manipulative Scorpio can easily change their mind. Sags end up preferring shortcuts in life due to their impatience but easily find the time to apologize for their mistakes.

But, you need to understand that it’s easy to make a Sagittarian angry. That’s why, even though Sags have a lot of friends, they end up losing a great deal of them over petty things. Sagittarians are over-talkative just as they are uptight, possessive and controlling (unless someone changes their mind).

How do I understand the Element of Sagittarius Zodiac?

Empowered by the element of fire talk about the spiritual fire. Sagittarians are fiery because this powerful element rules over them. Summer is your favorite season and you get passionate about everything you do.

The meaning of fire element of Sagittarian is their blazing drive and enthusiasm. Fan this fire and you will find success in your life.

Read more about Fire Element here.

What are the best Chakras of Sagittarius?

Sagittarians can awaken any chakra in their body with a tad bit of chakra training. But the most powerful chakras they possess are three-

·      Third Eye Chakra of Sagittarians

Named by the power of its ability to see beyond the normal eye, as a Sagittarian you can remove the carelessness in life with third eye chakra training. In fact, we Sags end up missing the obvious and finding the wrong people. Many times I’ve wished if only I could see ahead in the future. And, third eye chakra stones for Sagittarians do exactly that!

  • It will help you develop intuitions.
  • It is ideal for psychic abilities such as mind reading.
  • It will help you in Dream and Karma Recall.

Read more about the Third Eye Chakra here.

·      Sagittarius Sacral Chakra

The ultimate chakra that determines the fruition of your passion, you need plenty of life force to get the goals you’ve set. With activation of sacral chakra, your sensitivity and empathy will also be heightened. You will find it easy to commit to things and patiently wait for the golden hour to arrive. If you get bored easily or want more fun in your life as a Sagittarius, sacral chakra crystals can fulfill your wishes.

  • It will show your destiny.
  • It will fill you with commitment.
  • It will make you feel satisfied.

Read more about the Sacral Chakra here.

·      Throat Chakra of Sagittarius

If you’re a Sagittarian with a leak in your throat chakra, some signs are weak or underactive thyroid as well as introversion. Were you an extrovert who suddenly became shy and anti-social? You need strong throat chakra stones that pleases Lord Saturn. The fact is that Throat chakra will help you find the truth you seek and make you feel relaxed and rested. If that’s what you want above anything else, you know which chakra to focus your affirmations at!

  • It will show you the honest feeling of yours as well as others.
  • It will help you remove fears and blocks in your speech.
  • It will make you strong, brace and self-confident in life.

Read more about Throat Chakra here.

Which are the most Compatible Zodiac Signs for a Sagittarian?  

Sagittarius and Aquarius is a unique bond of two people who can connect on a deeper level. Their sex life will be blasting, so as their agreement with each other. If you’re a Sagittarian looking for a partner who understands you Aquarius is your best match. Although, love between them wouldn’t be the cheesy kind, a mature kind.   

The next best couple is Gemini with Sagittarian. Although compatibility is not great for a Sagittarius with a Gemini, their love life will be enviable. They will find things to laugh together with and move in a uniform understanding with each other.  

Sagittarius and Capricorn are the visionaries. If you want someone whom you can dream with as a Sagittarius, Capricorn will fulfill your wishes. These two signs get into a dreamy relationship when they come together. It might be hard for them to find agreement, but once found both will be passionate and committed, equally.

I’ve seen many Pisces with Sagittarius, and have to say the uniformity between these couples has to do with their common ruling planet- Jupiter.  Their sex life will be great, so as their communication. Although they will find it hard to agree with each other, every time both of them will have immense respect for each other.  

Sagittarius and Aries is a perfect-amazing duo with the ideal mix of everything. If you’re dating an Aries, you will find yourself swinging towards the serious and mature way of life, easily. I met an Arian who changed my life. He taught me what to repair in my life and how to do it. All my addictions disappeared and I took my life back from the toxic ditch it was when I as a Sagittarian met the Arian. Now, we are married to a pretty lass and lad! It will be easy to find discipline and stick to it. You will even find that an Arian teaches you more about the world that you can agree on than oppose to.

Who shouldn’t date Sagittarius?

We know who you should date or befriend with as a Sagittarian, but whom should you stay away from? Let’s find out.

I once dated a Cancerian whom I fell head over heels in love with, as a Sagittarian. I used to wonder what could go wrong. But, within days of starting to see each other, the guy almost bankrupted me financially and emotionally. It was the most toxic relationship in my life. So, if you’re a Sagittarius, Cancer is not for you!

Taurus and Sagittarius is another example of the worst couple who will not only disagree but will also end up fighting each other. They will most probably have an abusive relationship because both are head-strong signs with least patience. Watch out!

Another prime example of two ultra-passionate people who shouldn’t fall in love is Scorpio and Sagittarius. As a Sagittarian, you will always want to contradict the Scorpio. You might have great sex, but the communication gap between you two will be vast. Stay away!

Sagittarius with a Sagittarius can work out if one Sagittarian is an empath, but if both have common traits, it’s best to avoid each other.

5 Wondrous Effects and Benefits of Using Sagittarius gemstones

Why are Sagittarius Stones good for you? Can it bring about huge changes in life? What are the actual advantages of wearing Sagittarius birthstone jewelry? Is it true that birthstone can remedy the problems in my stars as a Sagittarian? Let’s find out!

·      Success and Wealth

Finding success in life as a Sagittarian can seem almost impossible if you are facing negativity. When you’re on the wrong track of life, prosperity will not be your friend. You will be soaked in debt or poverty. However, by using Sag birthstone, you can attain monetary rewards you always deserved.

·      Compassion and Kindness

A sag can be quite hurtful. To find your inner mother of compassion, love, and humanity, you need birthstones that empower your heart chakra. Gemstones can teach you the lessons of empathy nothing else can. It will also help you find the good in others and find a cure for your narcissism.

·      Focus and Creativity

Are you always distracted or over-committed? Don’t worry, this is the problem of your zodiac. It’s all because you lose the focus to weight your options before signing up. Crystals can help you become alert and creative at the same time to ensure you are totally mindful and aware of what you’re bargaining for. It will tone down the excitement exactly as the situation demands.

·      Intelligence and Wisdom

Sagittarians are art-focused people who get bored easily with almost anything. It’s not their lack of love for learning, but the fault in their stars. I was horrible at my studies until I found my birthstone. The stone helped me get enticed by formulas and equations I thought I would hate for the rest of my life. It made me wiser to broaden my perspective.

·      Happiness and Love

For Sagittarians who lost their love or got cheated in their lives, the best solution is the birthstone by your birth chart. It will be depressing for you if you keep walking on the wrong route without realizing it. You will fall into immature relationships and one-night stands unless you wear your birthstone. For satisfaction and happiness in love, wear the blue color stone that is right for your birthdate from our list below.

What are lucky stones for Sagittarius?

Luck might sound mythical, but the truth is that luck is your own hard work blending with the blessing of the universe. When you do good things, your karma meter goes up. The same way, when you do bad, you become unlucky in life. I will tell you which are the correct crystals you must use to harness the power of luck as a Sagittarius in your life.

·      Blue Topaz Lucky Stone for Sagittarius

Blue Topaz Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   6

Do you know blue topaz can relax you? Imagine if one blue topaz can remove the negativity in your thoughts in one wink, what can give blue topaz stones do!

This multi-stone ring is selected especially for Sagittarians for luck because it has five stones that together repair your bad karma. That way all your fears will be stumped and it will not add to bad energy that affects your future and manifestation. It’s the Law of Attraction happening here, nothing else!

Read more about Topaz here.

·      Sagittarius Lapis Lazuli Luck Crystal

Natural Lapis Lazuli Crystal Stones  100gr 3.5oz    AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

I selected this unique 100g pack as a luck stone for Sagittarian so that you can place it an all the corners of your room or house. It can be used for a luck grid that you can activate with a selenite wand too. What does it do? Lapis attracts good fortune for Sagittarians by giving you constructive ideas that will be your boon. Follow it blindly!

Read more about Lapis Lazuli here.

·      Blue Calcite Lucky Gem for Sagittarians

Blue Calcite Stones

I am not talking about luck in money or lottery when I talk about blue calcite for Sagittarius. It makes you lucky in love.

Just keep the calcite you see under your bed when you sleep so that you get visions about your love and training on how to attract your soulmate through dreams. It’s a therapy that changes your thoughts drastically towards winning in love.

Read more about Calcite here.

What stones are Sagittarius Talismans and Amulets?

Sagittarius protection stones are many, but we will list the best three so that you can harness the most powerful protection seals.

·      Agate Bracelet for Sagittarius

Agate Bracelet - Men Buddha Beads

Looking for ways to remove the Evil Eye? Perhaps you feel like an evil spirit is around. Thence, you need a generator crystal as feng shui or a bracelet made from agate stones. When worn on the right hand, it can protect you from natural disasters and when worn on the left hand, it will protect you from psychic energy vampires.  

Read more about Agate in this Healing Crystal Handbook by clicking here.

·      Sagittarius Talisman Sodalite

Set of 13 Heart Shape Natural Healing Stones   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   27

Did you know we live in a sea of radiation, thanks to our phones and gadgets? Sodalite is a peace stone that also protects you from harmful rays when worn on the higher chakras. It can repel the EMF radiation and electrosmog around.  The ideal amulet for Sagittarius, this sodalite heart palm stone needs just a touch of you to help you alleviate your worries.

·      Amethyst Beaded Bracelet for Sagittarian Protection

Amethyst  Beads   5 10mm   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   2

If you’re a true Sagittarian, you know you are your worst enemy. Sometimes our pride and selfishness get too ahead that we need a powerful shakedown. Wearing this amethyst beaded bracelet can do just that- Detox your mind! It will remove the delusional thoughts and protect you from your own self. Try it today!

Read more about Amethyst in this Healing Crystal Handbook by clicking here.

What gemstones are bad for Sagittarius?

So we talked about how good Sagittarius birthstones can work for those born in December. But, do you know about the dangerous or worst stones for Sagittarius born people? If you wear it, it can bring you bad luck and negative thoughts.

First stone you should stay away from is the most popular and expensive stone of all- Diamond. Whenever I wear my diamond pendant, I feel anxious, lightheaded and like I’d fall everywhere. I’m a pure Sagittarian who always makes a clear speech, but not when I am wearing a diamond. Although I love my 82-stone (tine stones) diamond necklace, I end up wearing it for the shortest functions ONLY.

Another stone that I completely adore is one that clashes heavily with my zodiac sign. So, although I am in love with it, I try not to wear it. Pearl is the stone of peace, beauty and higher chakra powers, but not for a Sagittarian. It can make you delusional and over-the-top excited. Trust me, I have made some of the worst decisions wearing a pearl than with a drink in my hand!

3 Stones for Sagittarius Woman

Are you a Sagittarian woman? I am too! So, before you make your life a trial and error story, let me help you find the best stones that work with your spirit like a charm!

·      Turquoise Reiki Necklace

Peacock Turquoise Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   8

Wearing the teal stone will heal your allergies and anxiety like a charm. If you wear a yellow sapphire with it, you won’t have to worry about being unlucky ever again!

Everything you need to know about Turquoise Crystal is in this Handbook. Click to know!

·      Citrine Ring

Citrine Gemstone Ring - 925 Sterling Silver

The stone of intelligence and patience, wearing this citrine ring can make you wiser. If you felt you were lesser than your friends, this ring will make you the sharpest among your peers. Rub it on your crown chakra!

Everything you need to know about Citrine Crystal is in this Handbook. Click to know!

·      Blue Topaz and Pink Topaz

Pink & Blue Topaz White Gold Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Are you seeking true love? Well, as a Sagittarian I know how loneliness can take a toll. That’s why, after years of experimenting, I found the best stone for our zodiac- one that finds the truth and the love together. Wearing blue and pink topaz as a Sagittarius female can attract your soulmate.

Everything you need to know about Topaz Crystal is in this Handbook. Click to know!

3 Stones for Sagittarius Man

I know what ticks a Sagittarius man, half of my siblings are Sagittarius! You are honest and down to earth, right? If that’s not working good for you, I know what to do exactly to invite, wealth, luck, love and peace into your life!

·      Blue Fire Opal Horse Pendant

Blue Fire Opal Horse Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

A third eye chakra stone, blue fire opal in the shape of the horse has a symmetry that frees you from stress, worries, and sorrow. If anxiety was your killjoy, it won’t be once you start wearing this pendant as a Sagittarius man.

Your Complete Guide to Fire Opal Stones by clicking here.

·      Pendant Wand of Lapis Lazuli

Natural Stone Bullet Shape Healing Point Pendant Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   12

You know wands are symmetrically designed to focus the power of chakra energies right? While you can use a wand all the time, a pendant wand can end your carelessness and anger. Wear this lapis lazuli pendant to keep your emotions and spirit in check!

Your Complete Guide to Lapis Lazuli Stones by clicking here.

·      Hematite Bracelet

Hematite Bracelet with Brass

A grounding stone that helps you achieve luck in career and prosperity, hematite works by erasing your negative thoughts. Once you’re a clean slate, it will inspire you by showing flashes of the future you can build according to your dreams. Wear this after activating it with an affirmation to make it powerful!

Your Complete Guide to Hematite Stones by clicking here.

How to Use Sagittarius Birthstones Properly?

Wear your Sagittarius birthstone on a Thursday because that is the luckiest day for your zodiac!

14 Birthstones for Sagittarius Born People

Sagittarius Birthstones: Gemstones for People

One of the most loyal people around the world, Sagittarians believe in utopia. Not a harm if they are calm, Sagittarians are idealistic and can drive themselves to the point of self-sacrifice for realizing their dreams. The biggest weakness of a Sagittarian is his or her impatience. They hate losing their reputation.

To cope with life better as a person born in December, you must proactively use Sagittarius gemstones for your welfare. Below you will find the rituals and techniques of using healing crystals for Sagittarius born people like you.  

1.    Amethyst

Sagittarius Birthstones: Gemstones for People

Sagittarius born people need sharpness, alertness and concentration habits to progress in their life. Amethyst is an essential stone that offers traits of intuition. It awakens the Crown chakra to open your intelligence section of the brain.  

2.    Turquoise

A massive-healer stone, turquoise is a Throat chakra stone that helps people born in December to articulate their thoughts easily. Turquoise works by incorporating the power of self-confidence and bravery. All you need to do is wear a turquoise pendant on you at all times to cultivate fearlessness.

3.    Ruby

Sagittarius Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in August

An empowering stone known to create a healthy heart, ruby is a stone of passion. It envelops the wearer in a cocoon of divine love and oneness. If you’re a Sagittarian, you must use ruby to activate your Heart chakra powers. It will help you find your true love faster than you anticipated!

4.    Chalcedony

Sagittarius Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in August

A mesmerizing gemstone filled with the power to make you feel content and proud, chalcedony is a serotonin gemstone that helps to activate your higher chakras. Chalcedony must be worn as a choker or programmed with a bead bracelet to unleash the powers of your Throat Chakra.

5.    Sapphire

Sagittarius Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in August

Blue sapphire represents the power of openness and acceptance. If you’ve been finding it hard to forgive or be honest, sapphire will help you immensely. For all those who were born in winter, Sapphire brings harmony and peace with the help of its potent throat chakra powers.  

6.    Blue Topaz

Sagittarius Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in August

Yet another stone of destiny, blue topaz can help people born in December to reconnect with their angelic guides. Blue Topaz activates the power of clairvoyance through throat chakra powers in the wearer. If you’re a Sagittarian, blue topaz will help you uncover your path to being a shaman or a mentalist as it empowers the third eye chakra too.  

7.    Tanzanite

Sagittarius Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in August

One of the expensive and unique stones filled with the power of intuition and divinity, Tanzanite is a gemstone with its own specific set of powers. The tanzanite gemstones are excellent for Sagittarians who hate commitment or love. It helps to heal the Third Eye and Crown chakras, simultaneously empowering the person to happiness and freedom.   

8.    Snowflake Obsidian

Sagittarius Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in August

A powerful stabilizing crystal, snowflake obsidian is excellent for Sagittarius born people who are filled with confusion. Snowflake Obsidian will help you neutralize the energies of life as it is a Base chakra gemstone with the power to change your mood as well.  

9.    Iolite

iolite stone

One of the little known gemstones of immense power, iolite is a multichakra gemstone. It activates the higher chakras of Third Eye and Crown. The divinity stone is excellent to peek into the future if you’re a Sagittarian with anxiety.  

10. Zircon

Sagittarius Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in August

Yet another powerful multichakra stone, zircon activates energy centers that work best for people born with the zodiac symbol of Sagittarius. Zircon activates chakras such as Third eye, Crown and Throat for enhancing your articulation of thought as well as directing it to the goals you’ve set.

11. Labradorite

Sagittarius Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in August

Another blue stone, crucial to people born in Sagittarius, Labradorite is a healing crystal of unseen powers. It connects the wearer with their guidance angel if they were born in the month of December. This is because labradorite is capable of activating both Third eye and throat chakras.  

12. Peridot  

Sagittarius Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in August

A unique gemstone essential for Sagittarians who’ve hit the rock bottom and don’t know where to go, peridot is a higher chakra gemstone. The olivine stone can help you harness creativity and progress in life.

13. Sodalite

Sagittarius Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in August

Yet another quintessential blue stone for powers of concentration and healing, sodalite is excellent to grow powers of intuition and fortune telling. Sodalite helps you activate the chakras of Third eye and Throat.

14. Lapis Lazuli

Sagittarius Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in August

For newbies, Lapis might seem like a healthy sodalite, by lapis lazuli is a unique stone with special powers. It activates Third eye and throat chakras in Sagittarians to give the perception and insight to wade through life.

What we recommend …

If you’re a Sagittarian, many hurdles might seem insurmountable to you. The trick is to use the right gemstones at the right time to help you out. To counter the negativity as well a inflate the positivity in life, birthstones for winter borns are crucial. They represent century old traditions and potent energy of beliefs.

Which gemstones made you see your destiny?

Set of 13 Heart Shape Natural Healing Stones   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   3Uruguay Amethyst UPRIGHT Standing Stone with Wood Display Base (Shipping to US only)   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1Blue Sapphire Quartz 925 Sterling Silver Ring

Tell us in the comemnts below if you’re a Sagittarian.  

Stay powerful~




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