The Opal World
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The Opal World

Christened as an Eye Stone since time immemorial, Opals have always been the mystics of the Crystal world. Wearing Opal promotes healing vibes in the liver, stomach, hair and reproductive organs. 
A glimmering beauty that projects every color of the rainbow, opals represent the Hindu God of Gods or Rainbow- Indra. Another intriguing factor that defines the popularity of Opals is that it activates Throat, Root and Sacral Chakras!
For those born under the zodiac of Cancer, Libra, Scorpio and Pisces, Opal will bring luck and success. Spiritually, Opal opens the wearer to cosmic consciousness and divination. Opals are ideal for magic and healing works in addition to promoting interspecies linguistic skills!
If you're a dreamer, Opals will show you visions, future, and decisions that will benefit you, via lucid dreams!   
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