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How To Detect Aura Colors Using Gemstones?

How To Detect Aura Colors Using Gemstones?

Did you know the oldest halo in the world is that of Sun god Ra from the Egyptian mythologies? From Christian to Hindu scriptures and the earliest renderings of Homer, the halo was used to depict auras. But today, we are not going to dig into history. We are going to find out how to detect aura colors using gemstones because there are 15 aura colors everyone can see. I have also added my personal step-by-step method of how to detect others’ aura and that of yourself at the end of the post.

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What is Aura?

The aura is an oval-shaped cocoon of spiritual energy that seals the energy around the person. Referred to as aureola, halo or nimbus. It is called the emanation around a person that is composed of seven Auric Bodies (AB) such as Physical AB, Etheric AB, Astral AB, Spiritual AB, Lower and Higher Mental AB.  

This is the representation of human aura by Walter John.

Which are the Aura Colors You Can Detect Using Gemstones?

Auras are generated as a result of our self-talk to karma, visions, dreams, and chakra energy to name a few. That’s what the seven auric bodies combine.

I remember being able to see a pink color around my mom whenever I was fighting with her as a kid. It was weird because she was angry with me and I was scared, yet saw her in a pink halo. Mothers, right!

Do you know that we radiate physical heat at all times that can be picked up by sensors? Auras can be understood as the metaphysical heat. Let’s find out the meanings of aura colors today so that you can detect them!

·      Yellow Aura Color

Referring to joy and inner purity, people with a yellow aura color will glow most around their spleen. Yellow aura signifies a teacher such as Buddha or Jesus Christ who had yellow colored halos. It is the shade of enlightenment.

The easiest way to harness yellow aura is by wearing or working with yellow color crystals. Click on the gorgeous leaf bracelet of citrine in the picture or pick a gemstone in yellow color. Learn about yellow healing crystals.

Natural Citrine Leaf Bead Bracelet

·      Green Color of Aura

Have you seen anyone glowing with the color green around them? What you’re seeing is a green aura and it centers around the heart, towards the lungs. It represents health, relaxation, and love for nature.  

If you want to get green aura, why don’t you start with a green gemstone, such as the one in the picture? It’s a Fire Green Opal that can make you hale and hearty!

Check out green healing crystals with their color powers.

·      Orange Colored Aura

An inspiring aura color, the orange shade of aura is a motivating person with immense confidence and spiritual power. It is often found around the sacral chakra and also signifies strong sensual energy and productiveness.

By wearing an orange fire opal, you can harness the aura color of orange when you need inspiration.

Orange Fire Opal Garnet Silver Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Try these orange healing crystals to explore more about the power of orange.

·      Red Aura Colors

Clear red signifies the person is concerned about perishable interests and very practical, while the dark muddy shade of red is the aura of anger. Back off if you’re seeing that color of aura in a person!

The red aura around a person is also a sign of strong willpower and rationality; don’t talk metaphysics with such a person!

You can get this bright red ruby ring to have a bright red aura around you.

Heart Red Ruby Ring - 925 Sterling Silver - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Learn more about red healing crystals.

·      Blue Color of Aura

When you’re seeing the sky-blue shade of aura color around a person, you are seeing the power of their throat chakra. Intrinsically, people with blue aura are healers, doctors or therapists. They have a strong immune system and knowledge about the body or mind.

Dark blue aura shows a dishonest person.

Get this bright blue fire opal earring to harness the aura of healing.

Blue Fire Opal Silver Earrings   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Learn more about blue color healing crystals and their mysteries.

·      Indigo Shade of Aura color

While a bright indigo aura signifies a strong third eye and throat chakra, muddy indigo signifies a weak thyroid. They are sensitive people who love to help others, as they empathize a lot. People with indigo auras are a bit restless because they have powerful intuitions to see the future with their third eye.

This beautiful blue sapphire ring is a powerful indigo energy you can’t ignore for harnesses the power of third eye.

Blue Sapphire Stone Ring - White Gold - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Find out Indigo color means greatness for you!

·      Pink Colored Aura

If you’re seeing the shade of pink around a person, they are lovely with inner beauty. Often seen around artists, such people are filled with compassion too. Their power is the ‘art of listening’ or clairaudience.

Dark pink shade signifies a person who thinks evil of you due to their immaturity.

Get this pink sapphire ring for raising your love and heart chakra.

Pink Sapphire Ring - 925 Sterling Silver - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Know more about the secret powers of pink gemstones.

·      Purple Colors of Aura

You must understand that a person can never have strong purple aura forever. It is short-lived because purple shows the growth in spirituality in that person. Their broad mindedness and intuition are reflected in the purple aura.

Looking for the perfect purple gemstone to jumpstart your spiritual growth? Get this natural Uruguay amethyst to create a strong aura for attunement right away!

Natural Uruguay Amethyst Crystal Stone   matans

Know more about purple healing crystals.

·      Brown Shaded Aura

Let me start with the negativity- brown aura is not good. It signifies a person who is greedy about money and physical things. They are narcissists and too invested in themselves. Brown aura does not remain on a person forever, so if you’re suddenly detecting the brown halo or color around, you know what it means.

You need a loving stone for a person with brown aura, and the best that comes to my mind is a jade or emerald to help them delve more into their heart chakra. Try it by gifting this bracelet to the person today!Bracelet   Natural Green Jade Bracelet

·      Black Colored Aura

A bold aura that shows resistance, black is not always good. If a person has the black aura around them, it means they will consume all the surrounding positivity, leaving the people around negative or exhausted. There are a ton of things such a person is angry about and haven’t found time or essence to resolve. Help them or move away from such a person!

The best stone for a black aura is a black stone. Get a scrying mirror of black obsidian like in the picture and use it while visualizing about the person, it will help you resolve the miseries.

10 cm Black Obsidian Scrying  Mirror

·      White Colors of Aura

The symbol of light and peace, the white aura can also signify death or end. However, almost-always white represents angelic presence around the person and their openness to truth and acceptance. Other times, it can be a sign of addiction, such as to drugs.

The best stone for a black aura is a black stone. Get a scrying mirror of black obsidian like in the picture and use it while visualizing about the person, it will help you resolve the miseries.

White Fire Opal Gold Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

·      Earth Colors in Aura

If you see the natural colors of soil, trees, and minerals around a person, it suggests that the person is close to mother Gaia. They are invested in farming and gardening more than any other type of work. Such a person is patient, has high perseverance too.

If it’s a muddy earth tone, you need to be careful because they can be the one who fights a lot and creates disharmony in families. Dark earth tone aura is not appealing.

If you want to experience the power of earth tone in your aura, use these carnelian dragon beads to go farther in Earth’s history.

Natural Stone Dragon Veins Carnelian Beads

·      Silver Aura Color

If a person has this aura, it is certain they have an influence on the money. It is color that signifies abundance. Befriending such a person can even influence your wealth generation powers, according to cosmic theories.

Another effect of silver aura is the stage of spiritual awakening. It can be a sign that people with silver halo or light around them are en route to enlightenment.

This pyrite is a silver gemstone that can manifest your silver aura. Pick your best right now!

Natural Pyrite Sphere Crystal Ball

Start reading about the powers of silver healing crystals.

·      Golden Color of Aura

Just like silver is the color of the beginning of spiritual enlightenment, golden yellow signifies the completion of the spiritual awakening. Such a person is destined to be a shaman or teacher, just like Jesus or the gods on earth (meaning the gods we worship on earth).

Golden aura is also a sign of wisdom and knowledge of human problems. Such a person has clairvision too!

Natural Healing Crystal Rocks   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   7


·      Grey Aura Color

When you see a gray aura around your dear or loved one, like Maria shared in the comments, please be warned. You are dealing with a sad person. Our loyal reader cherry suggested grey aura is also the sign of evil spirit, so do cleansing and protection rituals.

Stones such as grey moonstone can help. Try this!

Heart Grey Moonstone Charm- 925 Sterling Silver (CHARM ONLY) - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

·      Rainbow Aura Color

 When you see the rainbow aura color, it can mean they are divine beings. I have noticed rainbow colors coming from the hands of my doctor with a blue aura and priest with a purple halo. It was wonderful and I knew I had found the best doctor.

How to find the personality of a person based on Aura Colors using Gemstones?

You read the meaning of each aura. The next step is to train your mind to detect the aura.

Many of you might be able to detect it already as faint light around the people when you converse with them. For me, I can easily detect the aura if I talk to a person for at least 4 minutes. That’s why I hate phone conversation or video calling and prefer face-to-face communication so that I can read their energies.

Let’s see how you can do it too!

  • Look at the person in the eye.
  • Now gently switch your glance to the brow chakra of the person by focusing on the space in between their eyes.
  • Focus on the third eye for a few minutes.
  • Take a few steps back.
  • Close your eyes for 4 seconds.
  • Did you see a vision?

You will start to see faint to deep colors of the aura. Repeat the steps on a person you’re close to so that you can tone your expertise. Once you’re an expert, you can detect auras of other people within a few seconds of meeting them, like me.

Do you want a boost to detect auras?

Here’s how gemstones will boost your aura detection.

  • Find a third eye chakra stone that you connect most with.
  • Keep it in your pocket or wear it as an earring or pendant.
  • Repeat the aura detection method above.
  • Your results will be fast!

How to read your own aura?

  • Stand in front of a full sized mirror.
  • Focus on your third eye chakra in between the brows.
  • Now close your eyes.
  • Observe the color of the visions you get.
  • Open your eyes again and repeat it thrice to be sure.

Before you go …

When you use a purification gemstone, it clears your own subjective thoughts and lets you see the auras much more clearly than with your naked eyes. That’s how crown chakra gemstones help you to detect aura colors easily.

Leave your date of birth in the comments below so that I can find the right stone for you!

Stay powerful~

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