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Aries Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in April

Aries Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in April

Representing the sign of a Ram, Aries predicts the life of adventure, passion and risks.  When an Aries born person wears the astrologically right gemstone, it beckons many positive traits to blessings. As most of the Aries zodiacs find it hard to calm down or trust others easily, the right gemstone can harness intuition or awareness to see beyond the veil of the ordinary world around us.

First revealed by Ptolemy during 2nd century, Aries is a zodiac sign that falls between 20 March to 19 April. It is the first astrological sign in the zodiac calendar. Aries gives the traits such as ability to lead, courage and realism. Most Arian people are often childish and adventurous too. But, that’s not your fault. Blame your stars!

Aries helps you understand your reality better because Aries born people are intelligent. They have quick thinking abilities and are often described as dynamic by friends and colleagues. Birthstones for Aries clarifies your thoughts and actions. It gives you the will power to execute your dreams. Aries birthstones gives patience, responsibility and ambitiousness. It will remove your weaknesses and make you stronger. Wearing or using Aries healing crystals can bring luck, success and achievements into your destiny. It makes your aura clearer and brighter too!

Find your zodiac birthstones as an Aries will help you regain control over your physical and spiritual realities BELOW!

Aries Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in April

History and folklore vouch that Aries born people radiate the energy of fire through their energetic, proactive and enthusiastic nature.  

Learn how to use Aries gemstones to turn your life around RIGHT NOW!

Aries dates

March 21 to April 20; 

Zodiac Symbol of Aries


Ruling Planet of Aries


Element of Aries


Best Day for Aries born people


Favorable Numbers of Aries Zodiac

17, 8 and 1; 

Key Chakras of Aries

Solar Plexus

Compatible Zodiac Signs

Sagittarius, Leo and Libra;

Top Colors of Aries

Blue, Purple, Yellow and Red;

Where is Aries in the Sky?

Ranked 39th on the biggest constellations in the sky, Aries is located between Taurus and Pisces. Precisely put, Aries is situated in the first Quadrant of the Northern Hemisphere. If you want to spot Aries, look at it from latitudes +90-degrees and -60-degrees. The first 30-degrees of the zodiacal circle is covered by Aries.

If you’re lucky, you can also spot the nearby constellations such as Cetus, Pisces, Perseus, Taurus and Triangulum. It was in 130 BC that Aries was noticed south of Gamma Arietis; hence, the beginning of the zodiac calendar. Hamal or Alpha Arietis is the biggest star in the constellation of Aries. The word Hamal is an Arabic phrase meaning- head of the ram.

What is the history of Aries?

The Greek myth of Aries says Poseidon the God of Sea saw a nymphet called Nephelle. He was so smitten by the nymphet, he turned her into a sheep so that no one could come for her. To make love to her, Poseidon changed into a Ram. Their union gave birth to a golden fleece ram called Aries that could fly unlike other rams.

Once upon, Aries the golden fleece ram flew to the rescue of Phrixus and Helle from their stepmother Ino as advised by Nephelle the cloud nymph and mother of Aries, Phrixus and Helle. Although Helle didn’t survive, Phrixus reached Colchis and offered the golden fleece and the ram to Zeus where it is guarded by a dragon and kept safe.

Ram to Greeks and Twin Specter to Chinese, Aries is also a Porpoise to the people of Marshall Islands. Do you know any myth about the zodiac Aries? Tell us in the comments below!

What does it mean to be an Aries?

Aries can be extremely good or extremely evil depending on how you take care of your basic energies. Heath Ledger and Elton John are Arians, just as Robert Downey Jr. and Leonardo Da Vinci. Van Gogh, Charlie Chaplin, Johann Bach, Eric Clapton, Charlemagne, Ronaldinho, Seth Rogan, and Nikita Khrushchev are all Aries born people too.

Friends call you kind and intelligent while your colleagues call you inspiring. Aries born people are risk-takers. They love to be independent and quickly become angry if their independence is affected. You like to take things slow in a relationship besides being frank about everything. To be you, means to be calm and restless at the same time. Arians are amazing people to hang out and become friends or even lovers, with!

To be an Arian is to be filled with fire all the time. You are childish and competitive almost all the time. Arians quickly run out of patience. They have a high ego and are often ruthless too. You are caring and honest too. Sometimes you are domineering, but not all the time. Aries birthstones can help you with your basic flaws and weaknesses!

Which is the Ruling Planet of Aries?

You are ruled by the God of War- Mars! The fearless quality of the Roman God of War is the reason Mars is named as such. The effect of Mars on Arians are strong and that’s why it is important to know how blessed or cursed are you from Mars.

Mars gives you strength and stamina. If you feel weak, Mars might not be pleased with you. Wearing mars based healing crystals can restore faith in you. You love to travel and get into sports if Mars is with you. Mars gives an Arian positivity, passion and drive to achieve goals. It is a masculine planet makes you look young and charismatic. It can make you angry or aggressive quickly too. Mars drives the intimacy, sex and love besides creativity.

Learn more about mars in astrology with gemstones in detail here.

Which is the Key chakra of Aries?

The chakra of Sixth sense, Solar Plexus Chakra is also the chakra of Reason. However impulsive you are, you will find it easy to find truth. Mars is your ruler and that’s why solar plexus chakra is your strongest. Go by your impulses because you have Mars blessings. You can also wear or touch crystal of solar plexus chakra to awaken your spirit.

It is the Truth seeker energy that protects you. Solar plexus chakra is a chakra of health and wellbeing. It makes you energetic and full of spirit. Solar plexus chakra for Aries brings cure from diseases, be it physical, mental or spiritual.

Read more on the amazing powers of solar plexus chakra here.

What are Aries Positive Personality Traits?

Charming and full of energy, Arians are optimistic in their thoughts. They are natural leaders who are quick-thinking and full of creative ideas. If you’re born under the zodiac sign of Aries, you are responsible and succeeding. People find you charismatic at office and home. You are a kind and loving person full of broad-minded ideas.

Aries men are described as full of originality and bursting with fun. They are interesting to hang out and have a lot of wisdom to share. Aries woman are also equally strong and bold. They take high-positions and do not succumb to rules. Aries men and women are good advocates.

Although you’re impulsive, your friends like that best about you. It is you who get them into adventures and spontaneity. Your colleagues define you as high-spirited and truthful. Arians are independent and extraordinary. They can understand people and situations easily.

Aries has many positive personality traits such as innovation and courage. Your confidence lights fire!

What are Aries Negative Personality Traits?

Aries is argumentative and impatient. Slow things irate Aries men and women. They are oftentimes irresponsible when in stress and strongly-opinionated where they shouldn’t. As an Aries, it can be tough to be sensitive. They are cold and overtly truthful.

Aries are domineering and bossy at times because they create comfort zones around such virtues. If you’re an Arian, you know how self-centered you are. There are times you’ve forgotten the sense of reality at another person’s event. You get bored easily and can get too-childish at times.

Aries men can disappointed easily and often go out of their way to fulfil obsessions. They are grumpy and cranky when things are not going their way. On the flipside, an Aries woman is delusional without grace. She is rash and assertive.

Arians needs positive energies to get them out of their nihilism and negative-self-speech. They are brazen and restless most of the time. Aries born people tend to be rude and brash too. You have been defined as too paradoxical!

Who should date Aries?

If you’re a calm and positive person full of energy and sensitivity, dating an Aries isn’t trouble. Being full of commitment, Aries are good in relationships. They are caring and over-involved. If you’re okay with a tad bit of possessiveness, dating an Arian would be easy.

Arians also like adventure, so those who like to travel and look for fun will find peace with Aries because you both want the same thing. Aries are strongly opinionated, so not everyone can easily fall in love with them. If you’re bold and courageous, Aries would be a good match for you.

Who is Aries Compatible With?

There are a handful of zodiac signs that are excellent for Aries. Scroll away to find the one that best fits you.

Taurus man for Aries woman is a great match. As an Aries woman is impulsive and competitive, the calmness of the Taurus will make her fall in love. Aries will find discipline and responsibility with a Taaurus man. Botha are independent and hence, have open-minded views. Both are ruled by Mars, but sometimes the Venus of Taurus can be maleficent towards an Aries.

Taurus woman for Aries man is another ideal match. That’s because as Aries men are adventurous, the calm and loyal Taurus women will have fun with Arian. Her traditional ideas will bring happiness and newness to both lives. Taurus woman is emotionally very strong and the cold behavior of Aries will not break her.

Gemini man for Aries woman works well because Aries women are imaginative and always full of ideas. Being smart and social, Gemini men love it. They will work great together with innovation, creativity and intelligence. Gemini man is restless and combined with the adventurous spirit of the Aries woman, both will find it great to be with each other.

Gemini woman for Aries man is also a favorable equation. Courageous as they come, Aries men will make a Gemini woman fall head over heels in love. She knows and loves everything the Arian follows. Gemini women adapt excellently with the needs and restlessness of the Aries male.

Libra man for Aries woman also brings harmony because a Libra man is full of love and caring. Aries women love that in a man. She loves the involvement and commitment Libra male gives to her ideas and free-spirited notions. For an Aries female, a Libra male can introduce passion, sensitivity and discipline.

Libra woman for Aries man is a good mix because Libras are creative and intelligent, perfect mate for an Arian man. They are great with each other and often end up solving issues and making progress. Libra woman brings passion and ambition into the life of a lazy or dull Arian male.

Sagittarius man for Aries woman is considered a good match because Sagittarius tend to care. For an Aries woman, this can feel warm and long-lasting in a relationship. The caring and kind Sagittarius man makes an Arian woman feel like she’s the queen. He is the empath the Arian female needs for romance.

Sagittarius woman for Aries man is one of the best astrological matches because a Sagittarius woman can help the Aries man see light in life. She guides him just as much as he helps her get over her fears. An Aries man finds love, sensitivity and luck with a Sagittarius woman.

What are the lucky stones for Aries?

When you’re looking for luck, you must understand it is a combination of your aura energies, your affirmation or crystal ritual that you do. There are many gemstones considered luck for an Aries. But, not all of them work the same way on all the people around the globe. That’s why you need to find the right luck stone if you’re an Arian.

Try with the three below and pick the one you had most success with!

·      Red Coral

Red Sea Coral Necklace

A stone with the blessing of Mars, Red Coral works wonders on luck of an Arian. It can make you feel calm, quiet and full of energy. Red coral attracts wealth and prosperity to an Arian. It fills them with masculinity, confidence and charm. Red coral awakens the lower chakras to reinvigorate your passion. It can help you win in love and career. A lucky stone for Aries men and women, Coral in red also brings pink of health in Arian.

·      Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Crystal Pendant - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

The best purifying stone, clear quartz is believed to attract abundance to an Arian naturally. Clear quartz works by affecting your crown chakra to connect you to the etheric realm. It can also fill you with intuition to take the right step when you’re confronted or stuck in life. Clear quartz makes your aura brighter to luck towards you.

Wear a clear quartz pendant if you’re an Arian. If you like the one in the picture, click on it to buy right away!

·      Carnelian

Carnelian Black Onyx Earrings - 925 Sterling Silver

As the supreme chakra of an Arian is solar plexus, you must use carnelian to bring stability to your health. Carnelian can heal health disorders by clearing toxins in the body. This earring is excellent to keep you connected to your chakras at all times.

What stones are Aries Talismans and Amulets?

When you’re an Aries, you will meet obstacles every step of the way. Saturn is not your side. You will find the bad effects of Mars being the God of War. Harmony and peace will be empty in your life without any one of the following healing crystals. Ready to find out which one can protect you?

·      Citrine

Citrine Gemstone Ring - 925 Sterling Silver

The stone of wisdom and intellect, citrine protects you from making blunders. It is a stone that controls your higher and lower chakras at once. Hence, citrine can make you feel in control and ahead of reality. It can connect and charge all your chakras to make you feel in the pink of health. It brings courage and passion to an Arian.

·      Clear Quartz

Natural Crystal Gemstone Wands

Even touching the translucent stone called clear quartz brings blessings into your life. It can repel hexes and protect you from energy attacks. Clear quartz connects with your chakra to act as a talisman to protect your spirit and energies. It will help you change your narcissistic nature. Clear quartz can keep you positive and optimistic without distracting from your goals.

·      Turquoise

Turquoise Cuff Ring - 925 Sterling Silver (Size 7)

Another beautiful gemstone filled with the power to prevent you from walking into trouble, turquoise awakens your clairvoyance. You will find it easy to communicate with angels once you have turquoise if you’re an Arian. Turquoise can also tap into higher chakras to make you feel at ease. It makes the leader you deserve to be!

What gemstones are bad for Aries?

Jupiter, sun and mars are good for Aries born people. You have to watch out for gemstones such as Blue Sapphire because it is ruled by the planet Saturn. In fact, Saturn is a malefic planet for you. Blue sapphire can invite troubles into your life. It will create failures and chaos. It is best to keep it away from you.

Mercury is another malefic planet for you. Crystals such as Red Ruby is not for you. Ruby can create physical disorders such as dehydration when touched by an Aries born person. Keep away from red agate because it can make you weak too.  

Venus is another malefic planet for Aries. Gemstones such as Opals are not particularly good for Aries. It can bring vanity and dishonesty into your life. Opals may be good for you if you’ve already bonded with the stone you want to wear.  

5 Wondrous Effects and Benefits of Using Aries gemstones

Why are Aries Stones good for you? The straightforward answer is because they are coded for your star energy or birth chart. Using Aries birthstone rings and necklaces can be worn at all times to keep your positive energy up. It can give you all the benefits in the world you’re battling for. All your faults and failures can be erased with Aries birthstones.

How? Scroll away …

·      Success and Luck

When an Arian uses the right birthstone, it can invite luck and prosperity into your life. Perhaps you’ve been working hard for something since so long and it’s just getting delayed every day. Your birthstone can resolve the hurdles that are appearing in your path.

You will suddenly come across lucky opportunities. Your hurdles can clear and luck will come to you when you start using the right energy crystal according to your birthstone.

·      Health and Wellbeing

Do you feel dehydrated or lethargic at all times? Perhaps your biggest problem in the world is drowsiness or bad habits. Arian birthstones help you achieve a balanced diet and weight. It can help you get in shape and get rid of your health disorders and diseases. It guarantees wellbeing and serenity to an Arian.

·      Wealth and Prosperity

You can attract wealth and money to your life with the right birthstone. It is possible to remove the financial debt and responsibilities from your life. Wealth can come into your life with career success because Aries gemstones are useful for manifestation too. Abundance is a sign of Aries birthstones working well in your life. You will no longer feel financially insecure.

·      Guidance and Astral Travel

Ever wanted to travel beyond the world? Forget your bad habits; it is time to go on astral travel. The right gemstone for Aries help them seek guidance from the angelic realm. It can help you get the right sleep with deep sleep phase included. Aries stones helps your lucid dream and recall karmic debts you can complete through your actions.

·      Wisdom and Intelligence

When you’re an Arian, intelligence comes to you. Not always! If you feel like you’re going through a rut, wisdom from Aries gemstones can help you. It attracts quick thinking and rational perspective to an Arian. You will feel knowledgeable and wise wherever you go.

3 Stones for Aries Woman

Are you a female born under the zodiac sign of Aries? Gemstones for Aries women can help them take control of life and find your real passion. Aries women often tend to fail without the blessing by their side. Birthstone for Aries woman can fill the gaps you’ve always run from. Find out the right crystals for Aries female below.

·      Aquamarine

Round Natural Aquamarine Ring

This aquamarine ring is not just a pretty piece that pops a nice color to your hands, but also a ring with a powerful stone. It can make you open-minded and bold as you always wanted to be. Aquamarine works on your throat chakra to make you self-confident. Aquamarine soothes the Aries woman when she is panicky or stressed-out.

All you need to do is bond with the stone by meditating with it every once a while.

·      Emerald

Emerald Ring Rose Gold Plated   matans

Another perfect gemstone for the Aries woman, emerald brings your love from within around you. Emerald fills your life with happiness and achievements. It is a heart chakra stone that attracts luck and success too. You can also use emerald to attract your true love towards you. Emerald makes an Aries woman kind and graceful. You can wear this emerald ring to make it work instantly on your aura energies.

·      Red Jasper

Natural Red Jasper Pyramid for Healing

If you feel dizzy and uncertain or lost most of the time, you are hurt by your malefic planets. You need the power of this red jasper pyramid to fill your life with light. Red jasper grounds you and helps you find meaning to your life. It connects with Mother Gaia to teach the truths about the universe.

3 Stones for Aries Man

Are you an Aries male? You’re a bit ambitious and fun, right? You are looking for a stone that can help you become better than you are right now. And, there are crystals with powers to resolve the faults in your stars. Find the right birthstones for Aries man because one of them might be the lucky stone that fills your life with everything you seek. Let’s find that right stone for you from below!

·      Bloodstone

Natural Bloodstone Crystal Wand

Considered the official birthstone of Aries, bloodstone brings meaning and purpose to your life. Bloodstone Connected with your solar plexus and sacral as well as root chakras, by using this bloodstone wand. All you need to is point this bloodstone wand at the chakra you want to empower. Bond with the stone so that you can amplify its powers whenever you use it.

·      Amethyst

Natural Dream Amethyst Crystal Wand

One of the precious gemstones ideal for Aries males, amethyst helps them break off bad habits. The purple stone is the best for Aries men because it helps them see clarity and find truth in life. Amethyst can reduce your ego and aggression. It makes you calm and composed. Amethyst can also add direction to your life as an Arian. It brings your destiny closer!

·      Moldavite

Green Crystal Stone Necklace   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

You must always have a moldavite if you’re an Arian. It increases your heart chakra powers and invites luck into your life. Keeping the moldavite you see in the picture always in your pocket invites good and spiritual energies towards you. It is a stone of unexpected financial gains such as lotteries too.

How to Use Aries Birthstones Properly?

If you’ve located your birthstones appropriately from our long list of 10+ Aries birthstones above, you need to decide how to connect with it. The first step is to take a clear quartz wand and cleanse the energy that has sediment on your stone.

You can wear your Aries birthstone in the following ways-

1.    Wear It

You can always pick your favorite stone jewelry and wearing at all times. Wearing Aries birthstone jewelry naturally attracts good energies towards you.

2.    Use it for Feng Shui

You can also keep stones of your choice around you, according to Feng Shui Directions chart. By placing it in the right direction of your bedroom and living room you can invite good energies.

3.    Pyramids and Crystal Balls

Crystal pyramids combine feng shui and the metaphysical. It can communicate to the heart of the universe. Crystal balls, on the other hand, can help you see a vision of your future or answer you seek.

4.    Wand Programming for Chakras

If you feel weak at any chakra, you can use a crystal wand to empower you. All you need to do is point the wand at the chakra of your choice and meditate or visualize.

5.    Affirmation Manifestation

You can also create chants to manifest your desires. Repeat it while holding the gemstone to find it manifested quickly with Aries birthstones.

14 Birthstones for Aries Born People

Aries Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in April

From courage to blazing passion and optimism, Aries promises many traits if your energy system is well maintained. To do so, you need gemstones that can interfere with common Aries weaknesses such as anger, impatience and lack of commitment.

1.     Yellow Topaz

 Natural Hexagon Yellow Crystal Topaz

As yellow topaz is ruled by Jupiter, Mars ruled Aries will be in good hands. Moreover, the gemstone power beckons power of wealth to good fortune when use to program the Solar Plexus or the Throat Chakras.

Yellow topaz hones the intellectual capacity of the wearer and helps to focus as well as commit to the goal.

2.     Red Jasper

Aries Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in April

An Arian with high-temper risks many close things in his life due to the anger. Red Jasper is an incredible base chakra stone that ground and balances your aura. In addition, red jasper programming also instills an Arian with traits of leadership and charity and welcomes prosperity into life.

3.     Yellow Jade

Natural Crystal Gemstone Wands

Another soft color gemstone ideal for Aries born people, Yellow Topaz or Imperial Topaz is believed to bring powers of Angelic Communication and Divination in the wearers. As Yellow Topaz activates the Crown and Sacral Chakra Energy, it consecutively triggers enlightenment to life force activation that attracts prosperity to the gem user.

4.     Amethyst

Aries Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in April

Yet another higher chakra gemstone, the purple gemstone of Amethyst has many unique powers to imbibe to an Arian. Amethyst helps to calm the nerves of people born under the zodiac sign of Aries by detoxifying them. Amethyst activates both the chakras Crown and Third Eye, help in developing traits of intuition to divination.

5.     Aquamarine

Aries Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in April

An excellent gemstone that helps an Aries born person to articulate their inner most visions and desires clairvoyantly, Aquamarine is also the divine healer. Aquamarine is exceptionally ideal for those with lack of self-esteem or courage to face life as the marine blue gemstone transforms life in a wink to one that you could only dream of!

6.     Sardonyx

Natural Sardonyx Beads Bracelet

A unique onyx gemstone available in a variety of colors, Sardonyx is a gorgeous gemstone with multiple powers to balance you as well as revitalize your inner spirit.  Programming it with the lower chakras such as Sacral and Root will attract psychic protection to the wearer.

7.     Picture Jasper


Considered an ideal color for the Arians, Picture Jasper is a stone of awareness and new beginnings. Picture Jasper activates the Base or Root Chakra, which helps in flushing negativity out of your chakra points.  Yet another stone often used to calm an ill-tempered Arian, Picture Jasper is also ideal to attract luck into your life if you’re born in April.

8.     Emerald

A comforting gemstone ideal for Arians with a weak heart, Emerald emanates energies that activate the Heart Chakra. By wearing an emerald pendant, it is easy to purify your chakra points as well as attract prosperity. Emerald is also an excellent antidote for many blood related disorders.  

9.     Garnet

Aries Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in April

Considered the stone of passion, Garnet is also the stone of new opportunities. Garnet empowers two chakras, that of root and heart to revitalize the physical and mental self. Wearing garnet on the longer chakras also helps in boosting the energy of commitment and dedication to the otherwise disinterested Arian.  


Aries Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in April

A unique birthstone for Arius zodiacs, Carnelian is a stone of vitality and protection. Carnelian was once considered the key gemstone to keep an Arian safe and sound. As carnelian gemstone activates the life force via the sacral chakra and divine balance via the base chakra, it is best to keep it at arm’s length at all times.  


Aries Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in April

Want a chunk of new energy in your life?

Ruby is your perfect answer because Ruby knows just what is missing in the life of a person born in April. Ruby is a dual-chakra gemstone that activates both base and heart chakra energies. You can program or use it at the centre of the grid for emotional healing rituals.

12.Pink Tourmaline

Aries Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in April

If you’ve been hunting for a gemstone that can inspire the inner eye and awaken the hidden potential within you, pink tourmaline will be your new BFF for life!

Pink Tourmaline is yet another dual-chakra gemstone that activates two higher chakras such as Crown and Heart.


Aries Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in April

Another multifaceted birthstone for Arius born people, Citrine activates the power of perception, divination as well as well-being. Citrine does so by activating the Sacral, Solar Plexus and Crown chakras. It is ideal to use a gem elixir made of citrine to bathe or drink if you want quick results!


Aries Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in April

Considered the epitome of Aries, the dynamic pattern of a bloodstone also makes it the official birthstone of Aries. Bloodstone can welcome wealth to abundance and good fortune in people under the constellation of Aries as it activates Root, Sacral, Heart and Solar Plexus chakras.  

What we recommend …

Aries Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in April

We have compiled the best stones to change dullness to the monotonous lifestyle by using crystal grid to crystal programming rituals for the power you’re destined to have.  Aries Birthstones are exclusively handpicked for the progress, success and growth of people born in the month of April.

Sardonyx Quartz Beads BraceletTurkish Natural gemstones Necklace

Tell us which stone caught your eye if you’re an Arian, in the comments below!

Stay powerful~

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