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Here Is A Method To Meditate With Crystals That Really Help

Here Is A Method To Meditate With Crystals That Really Help

When you let a gemstone affect your state of mind to be changed, you are meditating with crystals. Do you know meditation is a prehistoric technique? The earliest mention of meditation is in Vedas in Hinduism dating back to 1500 BCE. With time, it evolved to Taoist China and 21st-century holistic clinics. While most people think they know meditation, most end up doing it wrong. Don’t err; instead, follow our comprehensively researched method to meditate with crystals like a professional today!

What is Meditation?

Meditation is defined in gazillion ways by gazillion people including leaders, teachers, and visionaries.

I’d like to quote Wikipedia on meditation, where the definition stems from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. “Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique, such as focusing their mind on a particular object, thought or activity, to achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state”.

When you use a crystal to achieve this clean and clear state of mind and emotional intelligence, it is called crystal meditation.

Why Meditate with Crystals?

Do you know when you choose a meditation crystal, you are giving the reign of your mind to that crystal? Hence, before you dive into the process to meditate with crystals, consider the pros and cons of it. This will help you create a fruitful session of meditation with stones too.

Ready to get started on the benefits of meditating with crystals?

·      Crystal Meditation is Quicker

Do you know the side-effects of over-meditation? It stems from trying too hard. Truth be told, meditation is hard. If it’s hard for you, then you’re not doing any good. The harder you try, the lesser effective will it be. Most people end up wasting time to clear their mind on their own.

On the contrary, meditating with crystals will ease up your job by clearing your mind in a snap. Crystals will fill in energy gaps which you might otherwise have to try to fill yourself, taking more time. It will help you achieve a clean state of mind faster than any other technique.

·      Meditating with Stones Betters Breathing

Up to 90%, people meditate by focussing on their breath. When you focus on inhalation and exhalation, your brain enters into the ‘relaxation response’, according to the American Institute of Stress. Why does it work? When you take deep breaths, your blood pressure decreases, heart rate decreases and even metabolism does, leading to a state of relaxation.

When you add crystals to the meditation mix, your brain empties the cortisol (stress hormone) and floods the brain with serotonin, relaxin or oxytocin quickly. It targets the organ such as lungs or heart to better your capacity and blood circulation.   

You can relax easily by meditating with gemstones for up to 20 minutes each day. Start to Meditate with Crystals to Focus Better too.

·      Gemstone Meditation is Clearer than other Methods

When you’re meditating on your own, you don’t end up with the same goals as you started with. If you don’t agree with me, try meditating right now. But, be honest and write down all the distractions that come to your mind.

Even if you’re in the core of meditation, distractions come from left, center and right. We advocate it is Easier to meditate with crystals because when you sit down with a crystal for meditation, your goal remains in focus. It does not get blurred by random thoughts or images.

In fact, distraction is chief cause stopping us from achieving the manifestation. With a gemstone that grounds you such as amethyst, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting off the track at all!

How to Meditate with Crystals?

Do you know we have 21 accepted senses? No need to start counting, just take a look at the below picture to get an idea right away!

Image result for 33 human senses list

Source: Conscious Nutrition

To do a fruitful meditation session, you need to fully understand the process of letting a crystal touch you when your mind is most vulnerable. Meditating with healing crystals is a three-part setup.

PART I: Choosing your Healing Crystal for Meditation

It is important to choose a crystal that will support and uplift your intentions when you’re meditating with a stone. How to choose the right crystal? Use the test below while holding the crystal in your palm.

  • Does the crystal make you dizzy?
  • Do you get an electric shock by touching the crystal?
  • Does the crystal give you scary visions?
  • Do you feel uneasy after touching the crystal?
  • Carry the crystal on you for a day or sleep with it. How do you feel after?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any or all of the questions above with any crystal, that crystal is not for you to use while meditating. Move on and check with a range of supportive crystals that do not intrude into your ritual.

Part II: Creating a Manifestation for your Crystal Meditation

Meditating to relax is just one use of meditation. Do you know your mind is the most active during meditation? This is because calmth is the ideal way of activating all the sides of your brain, unlike general consensus.

Let’s look at the right way to create a manifestation.

  • Take a pen and paper.
  • Write down your desire in one sentence.
  • Do not use comma or connectors to split your sentence.
  • Use one verb and one noun.
  • Now strike off all the other words except the verb and noun.
  • Add the deity of the crystal before the affirmation.
  • You’re done.

Example affirmation-

First Draft: I want a motorcycle.

Second Draft: Want Motorcycle.

Third Draft and Final Draft (When using selenite): O Selene, Want Motorcycle.

This is the traditional way to make affirmations, ideally for sigils. You can also create a symbol by combining all the letters in your affirmation. Once you do that, all you need to do is imagine the sigil over and over again while meditating. I love sigil affirmations and think they are much more effective than words because it creates a unique language you can communicate in without distractions. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Click HERE to read more about creating an affirmation for manifestation.

PART III: Process of Meditating with your Gemstone

This is the easiest part.

  • Take the crystal in your hand.
  • Sit comfortably.
  • Breathe in and out.
  • Continue focusing on your breath until your thoughts are plain.
  • Stop when you feel your thoughts and weight in the head has dissipated!

You can also place the crystal on your specific chakra or next to you instead of holding it in your palm.

Which Crystals to Meditate With?

Although every person should use a personal scale to find out the best stones to meditate with, you can start with our expert list if you’re a beginner with healing crystals. If you don’t have any crystals yet, read the list below and choose the stone that you feel most attracted to. Just click on the picture to be redirected to the product page where you can buy it.

Good luck!

1.    Clear Quartz for Meditation

Guardian Angel Healing Crystal Statue

The purifying crystal is considered excellent for letting go of the negative thoughts that traumatizes you. Clear quartz purifies your mind and body to easily enter a state of relaxation. It empowers third eye and crown chakra to keep you at pace with whichever meditation technique you use.

2.    Meditate with Selenite

Natural Selenite Wand for Healing Reiki Chakra (2.7"-3.5")

Yet another purifying stone, selenite is the divine light that creates. It is one of the most powerful manifestation stone too. As the stone empowers the third eye, crown and sacral chakras, both your lower and higher chakras are stabilized, leading to peace and clarity. You will feel levitation effects when you use a selenite gemstone for meditation.

3.    Amethyst Crystals to meditate

5 Stone Amethyst Pyramid Crystal Energy Generator Reiki (Shipping to US only)   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

A grounding stone that activates the crown chakra, amethyst is considered easy to meditate as it helps you clear your mind easily. It gets rid of distraction during meditation by exiting the excitement via earth. All you need to do is place the stone on top of the forehead to get started on your meditation with stones!

4.    7 Chakra Crystal Generator for Meditating

7 Chakra Energy Generator   Chakra Grounding Bracelet (Shipping to US only)   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

While the above stones can align specific chakras, only selenite can align all the chakras. That too, takes a bit of time as the energy flowing through selenite chakras to need to be pushed to enter other chakras. What you can do is use a 7-chakra generator such as in the pic above.

It will activate all your chakras to amplify your meditation intention.

5.    Palm Stones Crystal meditation

7 Engraved Chakra Palm Crystal Reiki Healing Stones   matans

The easiest way to focus on specific chakra meditation is by using palm stones. Just hold any of two palm stones in your palm in a lotus position and close your eyes. Rub or fidget with the palm stone crystals during meditation to fuel the chakra energies strongly.

Before you Leave …

Have you ever meditated with a crystal? If you didn’t find the perfect crystal, just leave a comment with your date of birth or zodiac and we will tell you the best stone to meditate with crystals. Go on, leave a comment NOW!

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