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Scorpio Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in November

Scorpio Birthstones: Meanings, Powers, Lucky Stones and Properties

Considered the eighth astrological sign of the zodiac calendar, Scorpio stands for a unique kind of people. Scorpio birthstones will shower you will prosperity, abundance and harmony, once you know how to use it as a crystal pro!

Scorpio Birthstones: Gemstones for People

The most popular story that stars Scorpio is one about the fight with Orion. The story goes that Scorpio was created by the combined powers of Gaia and Apollo who ordered Scorpio to kill Orion as the later was getting nasty with the gods. 

Scorpio finally killed Orion and the gods put both of them opposite to each other in the sky, just far away to stop fighting!

If you’re a Scorpio, you must be the best in your field, because there are many successful Scorpios, all around us. From Leonardo Di Caprio to Julia Roberts and Pablo Picasso, the greatness of a Scorpio starts only when their stubbornness stops. It’s a challenge to be a Scorpio only when you haven’t found yourself. Let me teach you how gemstones can help to change your fate as a Scorpio and achieve the greatness you really deserve.

Scorpio gemstones can help you calm down, set realistic goals, calm yourself, discover your true talents and be happy in your life. It’s the ultimate elixir you need!

Learn how to use Scorpio gemstones to turn your life around RIGHT NOW!

Scorpio dates

October 22 to November 21

Zodiac Symbol of Scorpio


Ruling Planet of Scorpio


Element of Scorpio


Best Day for Scorpio born people


Favorable Numbers of Scorpio Zodiac

22, 18, 11 and 8;

Key Chakras of Scorpio

Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras

Compatible Zodiac Signs

Cancer and Taurus;

Top Colors of Scorpio

Rust, Scarlet, Red and Yellow;

What does it mean to be a Scorpio?

Most of the world leaders are Scorpio. If you take a count that comes up to 22 leaders, in fact, followed by Sagittarians and Leos at 18.

Scorpios are leaders, visionaries and intelligent people. For most Scorpios, these characteristics come naturally, but if it’s hard for you, the culprit might be the fault in your stars. Believe me, I had a Scorpio friend, not my best friend, but a good friend. When we first met, to tell you the truth, I despised her and tried my best to stay away.

All that changed when I stumbled on her secret. She would become agitated and insane without coffee. The biggest irony was she was a doctor who knew full well about how addicted she was to caffeine, yet refused to quit it.

I gave her a Topaz and she not only quit coffee but turned into a new person! We became thick over the summer camp for our kids and I realized we had great value to work together. That was the brief start of our crafting camp, which is currently seasonal and famous in Chethipuzha, Kerala, India.

So, Scorpio is often burdened with responsibility and sadness that they often cringe under the weight of it all. But, when they are touched by the power of a topaz, all their negativity and head weight disappears. That weight often is the block in the path of your success.

What is the history of Scorpio Zodiac?

The most popular story that stars Scorpio is one about the fight with Orion. The story goes that Scorpio was created by the combined powers of Gaia and Apollo who ordered Scorpio to kill Orion as the later was getting nasty with the gods.

Scorpio finally killed Orion and the gods put both of them opposite to each other in the sky, just far away to stop fighting!

In esoteric ways or the metaphysical representation, Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth. It was connoted by Babylonians as the ‘creature that stings’. In short, it is best to be careful during the month of Scorpio than sorry.

Where is Scorpio in the Sky?

After the autumn starts in Libra, Scorpio descends. The constellation Scorpius has little to nothing to do with the zodiac because it is located between Sagittarius and Libra. It occupies the eighth of the circle by 30 degrees.

If you’re looking from the Northern Hemisphere, Scorpio can be spotted on the Southern Horizon and along the core of Milky Way, when observed from the Southern Hemisphere. Do you know Greeks in the earlier ages considered Libra and Scorpion as one? The logic was that Libra was the claw of the zodiac Scorpio!

Who should date Scorpio?

Quoting my Scorpio cousin, “I am very picky and perhaps that’s why it took 2 years to find a girlfriend and another 12 years to actually get married to her”.

So, if you’re another picky Scorpio, looking for healing crystals to help you find your love, you will thank me by the end of this post.

The perfect partners for Scorpio are those who are patient, kind, compassionate, beautiful, full of energy and enthusiasm so that you can keep the Scorpio entertained. They get bored like ‘snap’!

If you want to date a Scorpio, you should be ready to accept their secretiveness to introversion. The repressed nature of a Scorpio makes things difficult in a relationship. However, if you give time, Scorpios are the best to date as they will be 100% invested in the relationship. 

Who is Scorpio Compatible With?

As Taurus has a leadership quality that balances the traits of a Scorpio, they make a great match. If you’re a Scorpio who is too-sensitive in almost everything, you will find Taurus productive. He or she will bring discipline and goals into your life.

On the other hand, Cancer zodiac is also ideal with Scorpio as friends than a partner. This is because Cancerians are great listeners. As Scorpio is also an emotional sign, together they will find creativity and neutrality.

Other zodiac signs compatible with Scorpio are Virgo and Pisces.   

What are Scorpio Positive Personality Traits?

Whether or not a Scorpio has sharp physical features, your spiritual eye is sharp. You are passionate and genuine about your feelings. When a Scorpio trusts, nothing can break it.

The loyal nature of Scorpio stems from emotional investment. They are sensitive; but, care for themselves more than others. The water sign often gives them the strongest will and invincible confidence.

I have personally noted intuition and bravery of Scorpios, one too many times with amazement. Scorpios are intelligent and give attention to details too.  

What are Scorpio Negative Personality Traits?

We are all equal halves of good and evil. Through the course of time, these changes and develops into our personality. If you’re a Scorpio or wondering about the disadvantages of being with a Scorpio, check their negative traits as a crystal user first.

Scorpios are intensely secretive. They keep many things to themselves than others. That’s the same reason, ill-traits such as possessiveness and jealousy are their best-pals.

Being highly manipulative, Scorpios are often compulsive and controlling. They are selfish and care less about others when stressed out. Don’t worry if these are your agonies as a Scorpio because we will help you get rid of all of it!

Which is Scorpio Birthstone Color?

Yellow is the color of Scorpio birthstone. It represents a fresh whiff of life, happiness, and loyalty. If you’re a Scorpio, wearing yellow will favor your luck immensely. Try it today!

How to select Scorpio birthstone by date?

Are you looking for the birthstone of November? Search no more because there is no one stone that’s perfect for all those born in November. What you need to do is find out how the zodiacal sign affects you based on your characteristics.

What are lucky stones for Scorpio?

Finding the Rashi lucky stone for Scorpio is not tough if you have an astrologer closeby. However, if you don’t, you’ve got me. I will tell you exactly the stone you need to harness the power of luck and good fortune in your life with Scorpio luck stones.   

·      Scorpio Birthstone Topaz Blue

Blue Topaz Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Blue Topaz Ring; $19 USD

Your Scorpio Rashi (horoscope) comes with many negative traits. Did you know topaz is derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘fire’? That’s why it can empower your speech to attract luck through your own actions. The tranquilizing stone calms your worries to ensure all the blocks in your fate is pushed away.

Blue Topaz will help you forget about the evil in your life. For depressed Scorpios, this ring will bring unburdened luck. That’s because Blue Topaz attracts the powers of Jupiter. It fulfills wishes and hence is perfect as a wishing stone for Scorpio.

How to wear blue topaz ring for luck as a Scorpio? Activate this 5-stone topaz (it’s very powerful) and wear it on your index finger!

To make your day, lucky, all you need to do is activate the Scorpio stone topaz and wear it throughout the day. You will win prizes when you shop and awards when you work!

·      Pink Morganite Beryl Scorpio

Morganite 925 Sterling Silver Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Morganite 925 Sterling Silver Ring; $34.95 USD

Morganite Beryl Scorpio is infamous because it brings joyfulness to a Scorpio. The truth is that a serious Scorpio who lacks humor will loosen up after wearing yellow beryl.  When you wear Morganite beryl, remember to consult an astrologist if you’re a businessperson. It is best to enter into business with a Pisces to attract luck and wealth to your career.

I remember gifting an antique quality Morganite beryl ring to my uncle who had problems in his career. He was running into debts and irrevocable mistakes.  Three days after wearing the stone that I activated, my uncle was sprinting like a horse on his profits!

A little-known fact about Morganite Beryl is it beckons luck when you’re traveling. Accidents will be steered away and harm spurned out of the way when you wear this stone as a Scorpio on your right-hand ring finger.

Empowering the heart chakra, Morganite beryl will emotionally uplift you, creating a healthy aura around you. That’s how it works best as a Scorpio birthstone for luck!

·      Mystic Topaz Gemstone for Scorpio Rashi

Mystic Topaz 5 Stones 925 Silver Ring

Mystic Topaz 5 Stones 925 Silver Ring; $34.99 USD

Combining multiple color and chakra energies, mystic topaz is a mysterious stone with many traits. Often called fire topaz, this stone can help a Scorpio realize life’s ambitions. If you’re a lazy Scorpio, wearing this ring on your left-hand middle finger will attract lucky opportunities to grow.

How does it work? By erasing your stress and worries to attract prosperity and good fortune. All you need to do is wear a mystic topaz according to your weight. If you weigh 120 lbs, it is best to wear a mystic topaz stone of 4.5 carats as a Scorpio to attract luck and wealth into your life.

Mystic topaz is a stone that restructures your life. So, if you’re not ready for challenges, it is best to stay away from the stone. Hence, it is also important to meditate on your affirmation well before wearing the stone!

What stones are Scorpio Talismans and Amulets?

As a Scorpio, you’re a kind, sensitive and innocent person. I get it, so does the stars. That’s why it is best to wear a gemstone talisman to ensure you’re not harmed in the future. I have picked three best stones that can infuse into the aura of a Scorpio and protect them. Try it out NOW!

Before you begin, there is a bonus talismanic stone best for Scorpio, found only in India. It’s called the Teen Mukhi Rudraksha. I suggest it because my nephew is a Scorpio who used to have the habit of falling down almost every day. We were all worried because as a kid, he fell down and hit his head a lot. That’s when the family astrologer suggested we get a teen mukhi (three-faced) rudraksha. Once he wore it, he hasn’t ever fallen down. A migraine he had also disappeared almost instantly! Why? It combines the powers of Brahma, Mahesh, and Vishnu.

·      Yellow Sapphire Scorpio Stone

The stone of protection, good luck, and fortune, yellow sapphire affects your Rashi by working on your fame. If your reputation has tarnished recently, yellow sapphire can restore it. All you need is a sapphire talisman to wear as a Scorpio on your fingers. 

Yellow Sapphire can protect a sensitive Scorpio from making mistakes and errors. It influences your decision-making skills and works well during an exam. Students who are Scorpio love this stone as it makes them intelligent and wise.

Pukhraj (yellow sapphire in Sanskrit) stone protects the user from evil eye and curses, especially if you are married.

How to Wear Yellow Sapphire for Scorpio?

It is ideal to wear a yellow sapphire of equal to or more than 2 carats. Activate the stone with your affirmation for protection and wear it on the index finger. Silver and gold are both ideal metals to create your sapphire Scorpio ring.

Wear it on a Thursday for the best effects.

·      Scorpio Crystal Bloodstone

Are you scared almost always? It’s not your fault that you’re hunted by the evil forces. Trust me when I say, you can feel relaxed and rested once you touch a bloodstone. It is the most powerful gemstone that erects a psychic barrier around your space and aura.

If you’re blackmailed, don’t start worrying, instead get a bloodstone and talk to it. Once bonded, bloodstone will automatically protect you. If you’re bullied by anyone, all you need to do is wear the bloodstone and activate your root chakra. Your foe will retreat with fear and respect you once you do that. This is because bloodstone erases your worldly mask and shows your real power to the perpetrator when they try to harm you.

The shaman’s stone was often used for guidance when dealing with demons, curses, and tantric. Moreover, in olden times, no warrior left his country without a heliotrope around his neck!

How to Wear Bloodstone for SCORPIO?

  • For threats, it is best to wear a bloodstone necklace around the neck.
  • For psychic protection, point the bloodstone at your forehead and repeat the following affirmation.
  • Oh Mighty blood of mankind, instill me with the power to conquer my fears and enemies by staying by my right now, and forever”.

What gemstones are bad for Scorpio?

When Mars and Pluto enter your horoscope, the effects are infinite.

People who are born in November must not wear specific gemstones. It is important to respect the scriptures because it speaks from experience. Astrologists say Emerald is a bad stone for Scorpio because it can melt your heart and dissolve your identity.

For a sensitive Scorpio, a powerful emerald stone can completely take over their spirit. It can take you in new directions without your consent. That’s the power of emerald on Scorpios. I would say, you should keep away from strong heart chakra stones such as Rose Quartz and Peridot as a Scorpio too. Even though these are higher heart chakra stones, they will affect your emotions in a similar way.  

Can Scorpio wear diamond?

It is not advisable to wear a diamond as a Scorpio as it can hinder your destiny. Moreover, if Venus is in your 7th or 12th house (poorvadasha and Bharani), stay far far away from the diamond.

You can wear the diamond during exclusive time periods such as Antardasha and Mahadasha.

5 Wondrous Effects and Benefits of Using Scorpio gemstones

Finding the right gemstones according to Rashi and nakshatra will benefit you in the long run. That’s because, every day, the planets are changing and so is your fate. Good and bad enter your life due to the influence of planets. Use gemstones that favor specific planets to remove the ill-effects and bad of your zodiac Scorpio.

“It is better to be safe than sorry”. So pick yourself up and read all the good things that can happen in your life by using Scorpio healing crystals today.

·      Success, Luck and Wealth for Scorpio

Almost all the Scorpio born people are intelligent. But if you feel clueless as a Scorpio, understand that you’re under the wrath of other planets. You need to clear your negativity and reclaim life.

Luck slips from the hands because your karmic energy is not positive. When you wear the gemstones correct for Scorpio, you will feel the energy within you take actions you never saw just. It will change your perspective in naturally attract wealth to you.

·      Scorpio Courage, Confidence and Care

When you’re a Scorpio, you are assertive, but not confident enough to let your heart on the sleeve. Using gemstones attuned to your chakra energy can open the endless vault of courage you have as a Scorpio within you. If you want to understand your feeling and take actions with mindfulness as a Scorpio, you need stones that ground your lower chakras and fuel your mid chakra.

·      Empathy, Understanding, and Patience for Scorpio

Scorpios are fast to jump to conclusions. The truth about Scorpio is that they need a touch of reality every now and then. They become too committed to their goals that they forget to nurture themselves and care others around. Gemstones can help you learn that tough lesson as a Scorpio. It helps to connect with mother Gaia, nature and cosmos itself.  

·      Scorpio Relief to Stress, Peace, and Happiness

As a Scorpio, your stress is endless. By using gemstones that work with your higher chakras, you can control the feelings and emotions to create favorable outcomes. Scorpio anxiety and stress disappear with the right stone. It can help you care more about yourself too!

·      Loyalty, Trust and Acceptance Scorpio

By nature, Scorpios are obsessed with things when they accept things. Obsession is the biggest mistake behind most Scorpio born people. By using gemstones meant to tone down your obsession, you will also learn to trust and accept people and things as they are. It is an anxiety-treating gemstone that helps you trust people easily without being suspicious all the time, the vice of a Scorpio.

3 Lucky Stones for Scorpio Woman

Are you a Scorpio woman? It can difficult to manage the boons and banes of your zodiac. Let us help you by pointing to you in the direction of the right gemstones and what to do with it. Gemstone you choose can bring out the best in you, rest assured. If you have more questions, hit us up in the comments.

·      Pink Tourmaline Scorpio birthstone necklace

Antique Gold Plated Pink Tourmaline Crystal Turkish Jewelry Set (Necklace, Ring & Earrings) - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Antique Gold Plated Pink Tourmaline Crystal Turkish Jewelry Set; $45.95 USD

Raising the vibrations of your higher heart, pink tourmaline is an ideal stone for the Scorpio woman looking for love and adoration. It can fill the void in your life by inviting warm energies. Wearing this pink tourmaline Turkish necklace raises your thymus chakra. Pink tourmaline will align your other chakras by opening your inner eyes through the heart chakra.

Which Chakra to Place the jewelry to Program it?

Heart chakra

·      Red Coral Scorpio Necklace

Natural Coral Boho Necklace

Natural Coral Boho Necklace Coral: $56 USD

A gemstone that cures the ill effects of ruling planet Mars, red coral is ideal for the Scorpio female who is always the center of problems. If you think your life is revolving around issues one after another, wear this red coral necklace and meditate with a sandalwood incense. Read more about the divine energies of sandalwood with red coral here. Together, it grounds and lets out the excess energies.

Which Chakra to Place the jewelry to Program it?

Root Chakra

·      Australian White Fire Opal Scorpio Ring

Australian Fire Opal Ring; $32.95 USD

The stone of dual chakra powers, one high and one low, this Australian white fire opal is ideal for the Scorpio woman looking for peace and relaxation. If you want to enjoy the cosmic beauty of our world with gemstones and experience the secrets to happiness hidden all around you, the light in this Australia white fire opal will help!

Which Chakra to Place the jewelry to Program it?

Crown and Sacral Chakras

3 Stones for Scorpio Man

Are you a Scorpio man? Let me start with, I get you. It’s not your fault the world doesn’t commence around you. What you need are gemstones to help send your desires to universe where she listens. I have picked up three stones that work well with a Scorpio man because it is proven with others.  

·      Amethyst Scorpio Gemstone Rings

Amethyst White Gold  Ring   matans

Amethyst White Gold Ring; $35 USD

What you need first to amend the planetary and astrological damage is a powerful amethyst. This amethyst ring, when programmed with your crown chakra, can help you relax and eject excess energies.

You can also use a water bottle made with an amethyst fitted inside to drink the elixir straight. Click here to check the verified reviews of amethyst crystal water bottle reviews.

Which Chakra to Place the jewelry to Program it?

Crown Chakra

·      Beryl Gemstone Bracelet for Scorpio moon sign

Natural Beryl Morganite Bracelet - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Natural Beryl Morganite Bracelet; $39.90 USD

The stone of compassion and empathy is direly in need for you as a Scorpio man if you really want to make improvements and succeed in life. It washes away your spiritual toxicity and purifies your aura. This beryl gemstone bracelet is a convolution of multi-chakra energies of beryl. Plainly, it's beyond words for me!

Which Chakra to Place the jewelry to Program it?

Heart Chakra

·      Scorpio birthstone White Fire opal

David Star White Fire Opal 925 Sterling Silver Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

David Star White Fire Opal 925 Sterling Silver Ring; $29 USD

Just as for a Scorpio woman, this white fire opal ring is an amazing protection stone for a Scorpio man. It will help you build perspective and conviction. White Fire Opal is a stone that boosts the brain and increases your chance of success. It connects you to the etheric chakra so that you can commune with your guardian angel directly.

Isn’t it an impressive stone?

Which Chakra to Place the jewelry to Program it?

Crown and Sacral Chakras

How to Use Scorpio Birthstones Properly?

Gemstones are filled with many powers. Unlocking it rightly is for you to find out. Once you bond with a gemstone, it will show you, rather lead you how to work with it. Within time, you will be best friends who don’t need to speak with words.

That’s why I asked my Scorpio friends who are also crystal junkies to tell me the best way to wear Scorpio birthstone. Let’s find out!

1.    Wear it

The best way to bond with jewelry is to consider it your friend and accessory. What better way to do so than wear it? You can wear heart chakra stones as a pendant or crown chakra stones as earrings and bracelets or rings to penetrate your aura and instill healing protection around you.

2.    Grid-It

Another long-term way to use gemstones as a Scorpio is by making grids. Know all about crystal grids.

3.    Meditate With it

You can always spend mindful sessions with your gemstone by going on a spiritual ride with it. Read more about meditating with Scorpio birthstone in this article.

4.    Use the Crystal as a Patch

No one talks about direct contact of crystals, but they are super-important for the crystals to actually work. You need to read more about crystal patches here.

5.    Drink It

Making a crystal drink so that the powers infuse within you directly to the chakra points is powerful. Here’s your complete guide to making crystal elixir and buying a crystal water bottle that actually works for you!

14 Birthstones for Scorpio Born People

Scorpio Birthstones: Gemstones for People

Scorpio is described as one of the most unmanageable people. But there are amazing Scorpios that can charm entire arena within a wink. To become the charming and charismatic Scorpio, you need to use gemstones to put down your weaknesses by upholding your strengths.

Use gemstones to rectify your aura to be courageous, successful and honest to your near and dear ones. If you find the perfect stone for your Scorpio birthstone, you can also achieve the miracles only heaven can scale!

1.    Red Coral

 Red Coral Scorpio Birthstones:

One of the unique stones that can beckon beauty and health to a Scorpio, Red Coral is a powerful chakra stone used to balance the wearer’s energies. The Root chakra stone must be worn on below the navel on a hip chain for maximum healing effects.  

2.    Topaz

topaz Scorpio Birthstone

If you were born in November, it is important to make sure your Third eye and Throat chakras are well charged. Topaz can help you become the most charming orator, if you’re a Scorpio interested in fame and power.  

3.    Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz Scorpio Birthstone

Another Root Chakra stone, smoky quartz is an excellent gemstone to remove confusion from your mind. If you are a Scorpio, buy the gemstones smoky quartz to retain balance and peace in life.

4.    Ruby

ruby Scorpio Birthstone

If you ever wanted a stone that could relieve your heartaches and worries, we have found you the perfect match. Ruby can help you achieve happiness by boosting your heart chakra energy of supreme love.  

5.    Amethyst

Amethyst Scorpio Birthstone

A powerful grounding stone used to activate the higher chakras, Amethyst is excellent to regain sense if you were born under the constellation of Scorpio. The Crown chakra gemstones is a savior for all Scorpio born people trying to get rid of bad habits for progress in life.

6.    Garnet

garnet Scorpio Birthstone

An incomparable gemstone that helps you achieve peace and love, garnet is a stone that empowers passion in Scorpio people, just like ruby. Being a Heart chakra gemstone, garnet can also help you cure the disorders of the reproductive system and boost the libido.

7.    Turquoise

turquoise Scorpio Birthstone

A gemstone excellent for wounds and benign spiritual unrests, turquoise was once the only medicine used by ancient doctors. Turquoise can be used on any wound by creating a gem elixir out of it. All you need to do is clean the wound with turquoise water. It can also help you clarify your thoughts freer than ever!

8.    Rhodochrosite

rhodochrosite Scorpio Birthstone

A potent dual chakra gemstone capable of healing your blood disorders and that of the stomach, rhodochrosite is a special stone. It can help to heal heartbreak and pain of separation from your lover. Being a Heart chakra stone, rhodochrosite attracts your true love and keeps you healthy, owing to the power of solar plexus chakra.  

9.    Pink Tourmaline

pink tourmaline Scorpio Birthstone

Another higher power gemstone for Scorpio to connect with their guardian angels, Pink Tourmaline helps to achieve divinity, intuition, and powers of clairvoyance. If you ever wanted to hone your skills of fortune telling, get a pink tourmaline ring RIGHT AWAY!

All the powers of pink tourmaline owe it to how well the Crown chakra stone matches to the wavelength of a Scorpio.

10. Malachite

malachite Scorpio Birthstone

If you ever wanted a gemstone that could comfort you in agony and distress, you are in luck! Malachite is one such gemstone for powerful love and it can heal your emotional wounds in a jiffy, thanks to its Heart chakra powers!

11. Labradorite

labradorite Scorpio Birthstone

For those Scorpios who have lost their balance in personal, professional and love life, labradorite promises to bring discipline and opportunities. If you gave up on life, buy a labradorite to regain your handle on life using the powers of the Root chakra.  

12. Orange Fire Opal

prange fire opal Scorpio Birthstone

Why wait when you can unlock fate RIGHT AWAY?   Being a unique stone of destiny, orange fire opal is also the one used to reveal destiny and fate. When used with the mid chakras, orange fire opals can be useful to activate the Solar Plexus chakras.

13. Red Jasper

red jasper Scorpio Birthstone

A powerful gemstone that can empower the Scorpio to attain his or her real self, red jasper activates the powers of kundalini energy. By using the lower chakra called Sacral chakra, you can tap into new potential using the red jasper stone.  

14. Citrine

citrine Scorpio Birthstone

A gemstone of superior learning, power and manifestation, Citrine helps to realize your dreams. It is a powerful gemstone filled with the energy of Solar Plexus and Crown chakras, capable of raising your aura and transforming your psyche. Use it today and see the miracles unfurl in your life!  

What we recommend …

Scorpios are the kings of reason and practicality. Want to be an omnipotent Scorpio? Follow the steps above exactly as advised!

Did any of the below stones make you feel as if you belonged together?

Citrine 925 Sterling Silver RingMulti Stone, Amethyst, Peridot & Ruby Ring

If you’re a Scorpio, please drop us a word to let us know the crystal you use. Helping your brothers and sisters attract a whole different kind of powerful energy. So share away!

Scorpio birthstone and flower are tracked by our experts so that you can use it in your everyday rituals.  The best stone for Scorpio is topaz.

Stay powerful~

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