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Aquarius Birthstones: 14 Gemstones for People Born in February

Aquarius Birthstones: Meanings, Powers, Traits and Benefits

Revered by the Greek as the Water Pourer Stone, Aquarius resembles characters that keep open minds. If you were born in February or under the constellation of Aquarius, it is time to unwrap all the goodies cosmos has saved up for you. Find out the powers of Aquarius birthstones to enrich your life with the destiny you deserve. 

Aquarius Birthstone: Gemstones for People Born in February

Representing hydrochoos, Aquarius is the sign of water energy. By instilling the stillness of water energy into your aura by using Aquarius Birthstones will make you stronger and wiser!

Learn how to use Aquarius gemstones to turn your life around RIGHT NOW!

Aquarius dates

January 21- February 19

Aquarius Birthstones

What is the meaning of Aquarius Zodiac Symbol?

Water Bearer is the symbol of the zodiac sign Aquarius. It means the flow of energy within you will be balanced. Aquarius is the zodiac of calmness and tranquility. The symbol of Aquarius can be seen as water waves or current waves. To reap the best benefits of your zodiac, you need to use Aquarius birthstones. It will help you become peaceful as your zodiac symbol dictates.

Which is the Ruling Planet of Aquarius?

Mercury is the messenger god. He helps you manifest your intentions and desires. As an Aquarian, with Mercury on your side you can make your dreams come true. Mercury helps you find answers to your questions. You will find your destiny once you seek the help of Mercury. Things will fall into place and you will find your dreams coming true.

Saturn is the second ruler of Aquarius. With Saturn on your side, luck will be with you. Wealth and good fortune will knock at your doors. Prosperity will be sibling and harmony your house. Saturn is the ruler of events and opportunities. You will seek success with the blessing of Saturn.

Malefic Planet of Zodiac Aquarius

Jupiter is the first malefic planet that can cause chaos in your life. It brings you down and makes you feel depressed and anxious. When Jupiter is not on your side, you become impatient and irritated.

Moon is also the malefic planet to Aquarius. It can block the luck aimed your way. During full moon, you might feel agitated and new moon will cause ruptures in your relationships.

What is the Element of Aquarius?

Water is the element of Aquarius. It symbolizes life and stability. Water element of Aquarius zodiac signifies you have the power to calm the temper and anxiety within you. When you wear or touch Aquarius birthstones, the element of water will bring you good fortune too.

Which is the Best Day for Aquarius Born People?

Wednesday is the best for Aquarius zodiac people. If you wear aquarius birthstones on a Wednesday, you will get most of its powers and energy working on your intention. This is your lucky day if you’re an Aquarian.

What are the Favorable Numbers of Aquarius Zodiac?

1 and 7 are the lucky numbers for Aquarius zodiac. If you see 1 or 7 in your day, it might mean something good and positive is coming towards you.

What are the Key Chakras of Aquarius?

Crown chakra located on top of your head is the seat of all thought and perception. This is the strongest chakra for an Aquarius born zodiac. It will help you attain clairvision and clairvoyance by connecting you to the etheric realm.

Third Eye Chakra is the second chakra that is heightened for an Aquarius. It gives you foresight and future sight. You will see dangers ahead of you besides seeing premonitions.

Throat Chakra is another core chakra of the Aquarius. Your speech will be charismatic and charming to the listeners when your throat chakra is aligned. Your communication skills will be enhanced and you will become a leader when your throat chakra is open.

Base Chakra or root chakra brings stability and balance to an Aquarian. It can help you ground away the negative thoughts and evil vibrations surrounding you. Root chakra connects you to Mother Gaia to seek her blessings and rewards.

Which are the best Compatible Zodiac Signs for Aquarius?

Leo men and women do well with Aquarius. That’s because both the signs are creative and loyal. Balance will be maintained in your financial life. Your love life will be passionate. You will be the lucky charm of each other.

Sagittarius men and women are best for Aquarius men and women too. That’s because Sagittarius is an optimistic sign that supports an Aquarius. Sagittarian will give you confidence and will power to chase your dreams. When you choose a Sagittarian as your life partner, harmony will be intact in your life.

What are the Top Colors of Aquarius?

Sky Blue, Purple, Red and Marine Green are the best colors for an Aquarius to wear and keep at home. These colors will energize you and bring your destiny closer.

Birthstones for Aquarius Born People

People born with the zodiac sign of Aquarius are considered rebellious and cold to emotions. When gemstones are used for self-awareness, Aquarius born people achieve progress. These healing crystals penetrate the wearer’s aura to rectify innate errors to achieve success, better health as well as confidence, in addition to other powers.

1.     Turquoise

Turquoise Aquarius Birthstone

One of the core stones of Aquarius zodiacs, turquoise represents the color of Aquarius. When turquoise gemstone is used to program or remove uneven vibrations, it boosts the humanitarian traits of the person.

2.     Amber

amber stones

Another precious gemstone with many powers under its sleeve, amber is exceptionally useful for people born in the timespan of January 31 to February 9. When used regularly, Amber use attracts intelligence, courage and self-confidence unless often seen. Amber reactivates one's chakra powers and reveals the hidden potential of a person.

3.     Sapphire

Sapphire Aquarius Gemstones for People Born in February

Sapphire wearing or programming rituals are essential for people born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius within the time range of February 10th until 18th. A powerful Throat Chakra crystal, Sapphire is hypnotizing to the layman’s eye as well. The healing crystal introduces hope, honesty, valiance and broader understanding by rejuvenating your thoughts and speech

4.     Moonstone

Moonstone Aquarius Gemstone

One of the most calming gemstones in the world, Moonstone is known to increase powers of intuition to calmth and balance of emotions. Moonstone is a powerful Third Eye chakra stone that is often used to bridge the gap between conscious and subconscious minds.

When used by people born in February, Moonstone relaxes the user and allows him or her to see reason naked to the common eye.

5.     Labradorite

Labradorite Aquarius Birthstone

The shaman’s stone that awakens the spiritual powers in an Aquarian, Labradorite also invokes the hidden potential. Labradorite is an impetuous Base Chakra stone that grounds the thoughts and emotions, in addition to keeping the user permanently under protection.  

It is best to use labradorite healing crystal as a massaging prop to help the healing energies penetrate your skin efficiently.

6.     Garnet

Garnet Aquarius Birthstone

Considered the stone that heals the emotions of an Aquarian, Garnet is a passion crystal that helps to reclaim the lost or leftover love too. It bears the power of fire as it activates the Heart chakra energy that helps to boost circulation and flush out toxins ASAP!

Wearing garnet next to your heart, preferably as a pendant or using garnet rings for heart chakra programming will bring truth and success, if you were born in the timespan of February 10 until 18th.

7.     Blue Obsidian

Blue Obsidian Aquarius Birthstone

A little-known antidote for Throat Chakra, Blue Obsidian introduces telepathy by making the wearer speak via the power of will. Bearing the official color of Aquarius, Blue Obsidian boosts one’s communication skills and ability to be understood. If you’re a leader or head of a team, it is best to use blue obsidian to rectify your speech and thought patterns via crystal yoga or jewelry.  

8.     Hematite

Hematite Aquarius Birthstone

Once you acquire a gemstone to balance your basic energies that emanate from your core seven chakras, growth and success are imminent. To do so, you must use a powerful Root Chakra crystal such as hematite to eject negativity within and around you. Hematite crystal patches also help in raising the self-confidence and professional values of the wearer.  

9.     Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

What if you had a gemstone that could make you confident as well as intuitive? The result will be complete success and growth with a vertical progression rate.  Lapis Lazuli is a multicolor stone that activates both the core chakras Throat and Third Eye to fill the wearer with enlightenment in addition to personal transformation.


Sardonyx Quartz Beads Bracelet
Sardonyx Quartz Beads Bracelet; $24 USD

A unique crystal from the family of Onyx, Blue Sardonyx has many powers. If you use blue sardonyx on your hand, you harness a power of balance and impetuous spiritual traits in the palm of your hand. This can be realized by programming the sardonyx beads with your Base chakra for innate grounding.  


Aquamarine Aquarius Birthstone

Healing crystal energy, Aquamarine activates the powers of the moon to revitalize the user. Typically used in energy works, Aquamarine is a Throat Chakra crystal that helps to see light in others’ words in addition to one’s own. It is best to use an Aquamarine pendant if you’re an Aquarian.  

12. Pearl

Pearl Aquarius Birthstone

A soft and mellow Heart Chakra crystal, Pearl is ideal if you want to transform yourself into a tactful and elegant person. Pearl is ideal for Aquarians preparing for interviews as it makes the body healthy by increased blood circulation.  


Angelite  Gemstone

Exclusively used for spirit communication, Angelite is a multi-chakra gemstone ideal for those born with the zodiac sign of Aquarius. Angelite activates the chakras such as Throat, Third Eye and Crown to instill feelings of growth and healing.

14. Amethyst

Natural Amethyst Quartz Crystal Pendant
Natural Amethyst Quartz Crystal Pendant; $27 USD

An important Aquarius gemstone, Amethyst is essential to ground an Aquarian. Amethyst activates the Third Eye and Crown chakras to fill the wearer with powers of intuition. Amethyst gem elixir can be used to instill feelings of romantic love and longing for people born on January 21 to January 30.

What we recommend …

Gemstone work according to the energies emanates within and around the cosmos. If you’re an Aquarian, you’re also super-intelligent, lovable and advanced for the age, according to the bible of Stars.

Get started right away with one of the gemstones below, Aquarian!

Stay powerful~

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