Garnet January Birthstone

Considered the start of the year, January birthstone is believed to do general good to anyone who wears them. If you’re born in January, your birthstone is garnet. Unless you haven’t explored the energies of this stone, you shouldn’t try another crystal. January birthstone garnet has so much to offer and you will soon know why.

What Is January Zodiac?

Capricorn is the January zodiac sign. If you or your loved one is born in January, they are a Capricorn if their birthday falls between December 21 to January 20.  Capricorn is the zodiac of the Sea Goat. This is the zodiac of optimistic people with leadership qualities. January Zodiac Capricorn requires reading of history, facts and astrology.

Which Is January Birthstone?

Garnet is for Capricornians and that’s why it is the January birthstone. Capricornians need a gemstone that invigorates the soul and fills positivity in the spirit. Garnet is the perfect stone to rouse their key power sources. It is the stone of passion and ambition, fit for anyone’s use in the month of January.

 What Is Garnet Good for?

When you’re a regular user of garnet, you need to know all the benefits it will bring to you. Can you drive away the negativity with garnet? Is garnet a worry stone? Can I discover more about myself with garnet? How to activate garnet?

We have answers for all your questions right below.

·      Key Chakra for Capricorns

Garnet opens your root chakra and sacral chakra, ideal for Capricorns. It will open your life force energy and let it flow. It helps in polish your goals and conquer your ambitions. The stone will give you energy and drive. For a Capricornian, garnet brings organization and order. All you need to do is hold the stone over root and sacral chakras to set your intention.

·      Hidden Potential

You want to unlock your life’s purpose? Use garnet as a Capricornian to find out your hidden skills. It is the seat of your kundalini energy. Once your chakra is activated, even carrying the stone without setting and intention will work on your aura and thoughts.

·      Physical Healing

Garnet is the best stone for healing a range of reproductive and sexual disorders in men and women. It boosts your blood pressures and keeps you relaxed. The stone is excellent for finding a balance as it is s stress relief stone. It will give you sound sleep and great days!

·      Feng Shui of Garnet

The earth element stone garnet is best kept in the south western corner of your bedroom. Why? That’s because when you do so, the garnet will garner energies of romance, love and intimacy besides passion into your bedroom!

·      Spiritual Consciousness

Another unknown power of garnet is the enlightenment. This stone can open your spiritual eye. It will help you connect with your subconscious if you spend time meditating with the stone.

Types of Garnet Jewelry We Have

On the metaphysical store AtPerry’s Healing Crystal Shop, we have a wide variety of garnet jewelry for you. Peruse if you’re a beginner or advanced user of crystals.


To know more about garnet in detail, read it in Garnet Healing Crystal Handbook.


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