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Your Complete Guide To Full Moon Crystal Cleanse

Your Complete Guide To Full Moon Crystal Cleanse

The last full moon of the year is coming. If you haven’t used the complete energy of the full moon this year, it’s your last chance. Crystals can absorb the ethereal energy of the full moon to cleanse your aura and purify your spirit, in addition to themselves. Find out how to use charge your gemstones for a full moon crystal cleanse right NOW!

What is a full moon cleanse?

Unlike the literal meaning of cleansing, which translates to cleaning, full moon cleanse is not the same. When you cleanse the crystals with a full moon or new moon energy, you are purifying as well as recharging the stones. It’s not just a cleanse, it’s a programming ritual.

You can do a full moon cleanse for your healing stones as well as spirit.

Why is Full Moon such a Powerful Time?

The full moon is a time when the cosmos come to fulfillment and fruition.

The tides rise.
Spirits awaken.
The night gets brighter.
And, your emotions get overwhelming.

What happens during a full moon? The full moon is a time that things get amplified.

If you’re happy, you will feel ecstatic.
If you’re irritated, you will feel angry.
If you’re peaceful, you will feel enlightened.
If you’re moody, you will feel depressed.
If you’re passionate, you will fall in love.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, folks. Basically, whatever you’re feeling will be 10x more powerful.

How is New Moon a Powerful time?

Most people await the full moon, but what about New Moon? It is the time when moon energy is seen as a slender crescent.

The buds are germinating.
New ideas are born.
The night is dark.
And, your mind is riveting with new feelings.

What happens during a new moon? Unlike the full moon, the new moon is a time when subtlety is born.

If you’re happy, you will feel sparks of enthusiasm.
If you’re irritated, you will feel out of place.
If you’re peaceful, you will feel calm.
If you’re moody, you will stay quiet.
If you’re passionate, you will feel jubilant.

The key difference between the new moon and the full moon is that the former is a reset button while the latter is the peak. Got it?

What to know about the Upcoming December New Moon?

The next new moon will happen on December 7th 07:20 UTC. That means you won’t see anything on the night of the new moon. The sky will be dark and we suggest you keep the crystals inside. The young moon can be found near Saturn and it falls 150 of Sagittarius.

Which are the planets influencing the new moon? Mars and Neptune.

This is the time to reflect on your past and prepare for the next year.

3 Benefits of New Moon Energy

The new moon is the time when one cycle is complete and a new one begins. The energy of the new moon begins 3 days prior to the actual new moon day. Tread carefully during this time as the new moon can be very brittle to manage.

·      Think and Reflect

This is the time to reflect on your past so that you can learn from your mistakes and go ahead. Create a new moon ritual such that you tread on the positives of your past. Decide never to look back, if your past is painful.

·      Reset Life

Ready for a new beginning? Before you jump into the new world, it is time to prepare for the reset. Take a pen and paper and make two columns. In one column, write- to do and in the other, never-to-do. Got it?

·      Make New Resolutions

From the column of to-do, you made before, choose five things most important to start your life. Once you harness this new activity before the new moon, you can become adept at it with the help of powerful full moon energy.  

How to charge your Crystals for New Moon?

Cleaning crystals new moon is not new. I will show you how to make a moon bath for crystals to charge it with heavenly energy!

  • Choose a Sacred Space.
  • Draw a semi-circle with a chalk in the center of the room.
  • Sit on the empty side of the semicircle.
  • Line your crystals along the white line of the semicircle.
  • Meditate your crystals actually cleansing with visualization.
  • Let the crystals remain in the position for 3 hours to 3 days.

When is the full Moon December? What is it called?

 Rising on the 22nd December 09:34 UTC, Full Moon in December was once popular as the Full Cold Moon. It was called so because of the timing being in the thickest cold of the winter solstice. This year, it will be the longest full moon.

The first quarter of the moon will be visible on December 15, followed by the full moon at 6:49 AM and the last quarter on December 29 at 4:34 AM. The sky will be clear, so set up your crystal cleansing station beforehand so that you can work with the moon.

You will be able to see the full moon in December for as long as 15 hours and 32 minutes. You know when was the last time the world ever had a long full moon as this? In 2010, just in Canada when the full moon glared for 15 hours and 54 minutes!

3 Benefits of Full Moon Energy

The full moon is the time when the moon is at the zenith of its energy. I already told how it can amplify your feelings. It’s a miracle waiting to happen. Tread carefully, because it can backfire easily. That’s why it is best to seek the powers of crystals at this time!

·      Make the First Step of the Decision

Have you been trying to achieve something recently? Take the first step. If you wanted to build a house, deposit $1 into a savings account named ‘For House’ and charge it with the full moon energy. Got it?

·      Create Powerful Manifestations

Whatever your desire is, code it into an affirmation manifestation to use it with the crystals to amplify the message and realize it.

·      Recharge your Crystals

While the new moon is the best time to clean your crystals, the full moon is the best time to recharge your crystals with new energy for fulfilling your desires.

How to Perform a Full Moon Ritual?

Making your own full moon ritual is the right way to go. I believe each of us has a moon energy so special that it’s like our fingerprint or retina itself. Perch under the full moonlight and do any of the following.

-       Programming

An easy way to charge your crystal with the full moon energy, all you need to is to point the crystal at the chakra you want to activate or one that it gels well with. You’re connected with the crystal now. Visualize programming the crystal with the moon energy.

-       Affirmation Mantra

Create a mantra or sentence that contains your manifestation sentence. Now repeat it with closed eyes under the moonlight while holding the crystal you want to cleanse with full moon energy. Repeat it until your heartbeat synchronizes with the crystal itself. Lose yourself!

-       Elixir

Put the crystals you want to cleanse with the full moon power into a bowl and pour water into it. When the crystals are submerged, keep them under the full moonlight. Let it soak for 3 to 8 hours at least, before you remove the crystals and store the elixir water you just prepared.

-       Acoustic Activation

Take a Tibetan bowl and place the crystal inside it. For 5-10 minutes each, rotate the crystal inside the bowl while sitting directly under the full moonlight. Concentrate on the sound it makes while visualizing your manifestation.

-       Crystal Grid

Setup a crystal grid in the shape of the moon with three crystals you choose from the 5 amplifying crystals for full moon below. Set it up under the full moon on a terrace or clearing. Let it stay for up to 3 days from the new moon, that is until 25th December!

-       Pyramid

After your affirmation is ready, keep the crystal pyramid on the ground. Now hold your palms on two sides of the pyramid and repeat the affirmation until you can remember what you’re saying. You will talk in tongues and activate the crystal pyramid with the full moon energy.

Crystal ball works the same way too. All you need to is sit with the ball under the full moonlight to see the visions yourself!

5 Best Crystals to Amplify the full Moon Energy

I told you already how full moon can amplify your energy. I didn’t know about it until 5 years ago when I had a huge nervous breakdown. Truth be told, I almost died. I used to believe the full moon somehow made me mad before the enlightenment. After knowing the truth, my spirit improved. I knew how to control myself and use the powerful energy of full moon to find out the secrets of the universe I never knew as well as myself.

That’s why I created the five-pointer checklist to show you all the healing crystals you can use to amplify the energy of the full moon.

·      Moonstone for Anger during Full Moon

Vintage Silver Real Moonstone Ring

Empowered and ruled by the moon, Moonstone helps to connect with the compassionate and all-seeing energy of the moon. It can be used by having a bath with moonstone in the bathtub during the full moon. Lavender candles better the experience!

Moonstone can make you calm if you’re feeling angry!

·      Selenite for Enlightenment at Full Moon

Natural Selenite Tower - Raw Gemstone

Heard about liquid light? That’s selenite. Its what God used to make this entire universe. Now you can tap into the same energy to make your wishes come true. Cleanse your selenite crystal during the full moon to see your destiny.

Selenite use during a full moon can help you do astral travel too.

·      Clear Quartz for Purification during Full Moon

Guardian Angel Healing Crystal Statue

Are you trying to find ways to cleanse during the full moon? You need to look at the world’s most powerful stone. Clear quartz can dispel the strongest of the evil eye, hexes, and curses you ever knew. It is used to detox the mind and purify your soul. You in?

·      Pearl for Beauty at Full Moon

White Flower Pearl Lace Choker - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

For those of you trying to unlock the glowing beauty of the moon goddess, Pearl can be of help. Wearing pearl necklace or earrings during the full moon will restore the youthfulness to your skin and stop it from aging. It’s a powerful full moon ritual for beauty that is unknown in the west!

·      Emerald for Love during Full Moon

Emerald Pendant 925 Solid Sterling Silver PENDANT   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

The stone for the higher heart chakra, when you use an emerald crystal during a full moon it raises your love vibrations. You will find your soulmate, recognize him/her and even find a way to propose successfully if you wear an emerald pendant on your heart chakra. It’s the best way to keep heart chakra activated.

You can also wear emerald with the higher heart chakra stone peridot to grant your wishes of success in love!

Ready to dive into the love life you always deserved?

Before you go …

As a bonus tip, the best days for starting new things is 5 and 7 while traveling is considered best on 25 and 26. On Christmas, the moon will be bright and 95% full.

If the rituals for full moon amplification sounded too difficult, here’s the easiest way to charge your crystal with your own energy- place the stone under the pillow before sleeping. Besides the stones we mentioned, geodes have a powerful energy and you can keep your gemstones inside the geode under the full moon energy to cleanse and recharge your stones!

All clear about the full moon crystal charging rituals? If you’re getting ready for a full moon crystal cleanse, ask our experts about the right crystals you need based on your date of birth by leaving a comment below. We will get back to you right away!

Stay powerful~

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