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Thank you for checking out our backstory.  To start with, I am Perry, the owner, founder and all-in-all of this Healing Crystals Shop.

I was not born with a gemstone spoon in my mouth. From uncertainty to clutter and unfortunate events, my life was a hot mess before I discovered healing crystals. It saved me and I want it to save you!

Life took a toll on me before I realized the power of gemstones. So, here is my story on how gemstones actually changed my life for the better without hiding anything!

Life before Healing Crystals

AtPerrys About Us

After doing my education, not only did I struggle to find a podium for my skills, but misery followed me everywhere I went. Although my friends and family tried their level best to help me out, unfortunate events flowed like a flood into my life. I tried everything from meditation to nirvana and a bunch of karmic therapies, but nothing made any real changes.

Finally, when I couldn’t take the negativity of life anymore, I decided to run away for peace. Believe me, when I say, I’d lost hope in life by then.

How Healing Crystals Came into my Life …

AtPerrys About Us

Even during my miseries, one thing I stuck to, was reading. I have always been an ardent reader, deeply interested in the metaphysics of the reality around us.

One fine day, when my best friend offered me the book on gemstones by Simon & Schuster's Guide to Gems and Precious Stones, I was too deep in chaos, such that I kept it aside, out of agony. I remember wanting to read it but something from the core of my heart kept saying, “Not Yet”. Being frenzied, I decided to concentrate on my stress rather than the book.

When my love life and family life reached the verge of destruction, I did not know healing crystals had already engraved a future for me. That is when my best friend walked into my life again with an idea to Backpack across India and China. Out of fear of losing myself, I decided to take up the offer and embrace the uncertainty of an Asian adventure. Little did I know that my life was about to change forever!

Life After Healing Crystals

AtPerrys About Us

My first experience with crystals did not happen until the day I meditated for four hours straight on the shores of the Holy River of Ganges. That was the longest time I was lost in meditation.

The day began with a feud with my best friend. None was to blame but me. That’s when he challenged me to find my soul. I walked out of our dormitory in Varanasi and walked to the banks of Sacred Ganga. With gazillion devotees, rotten flowers and floating corpses around, I saw nothing Holy about Ganga. That’s when I stepped on a hot stone beneath my foot.

I bent down to retrieve the unnaturally hot stone that was glistening with a silver tint. As soon as a picked the stone (which was a Silver Topaz as I got to know later), I felt like something scalding hot was placed on top of my head (crown chakra). After trying to rub it off frantically, I decided to sit down simultaneously clutching the stone.

For the first time in my life, I heard the voice within me. Legends say that White Topaz or Silver Topaz ignites both Soul Star Chakra and Crown Chakra. Today, I know it was my soul because it told me to ‘close my eyes and look inside’. I obeyed as if something had possessed and paralyzed my consciousness.

Four hours later, I woke to the dead of the night of Varanasi. I don’t remember when I stopped to fuss about the dirty smell around or the humidity that was scorching my cells.

All I remember is that when I opened my eyes, the full moon was radiantly smiling into my soul with Ganga looking like a sea of divine light. I smiled back and thus began my journey into divinity.

The story does not end there, folks.

I realized the hidden potential within me when I finally read the book on Gemstones by Simon and Schuster. I apologized to my best friend and we hitchhiked all across India from Rishikesh to Varanasi, Mahabalipuram, Goa, Kolkata, Drepung, Potala, Mogao and endless more holy places. I immersed myself in reading and a total life makeover. That’s when I realized the true power of meditation, nirvana and karmic therapies.

I saw into my soul, into my past, future and the present invisible to my human eyes.

We never planned the journey but it was as if an invisible power guided us, away from trouble, evil, negativity, and commotions. Even though I knew not a word in Hindi, Tamil, Chinese or Bengali, I met and connected with Aghori Sadhus to Monks far away from the city life I was burdened with.

All the while, I kept the White Topaz with me. It is my light and guide, until date!

How I Decided to Share my Healing Crystals Power with You ...

AtPerrys About Us

When I reached back home, life had completely changed. My girl was gone but I decided to apologize to her. To my surprise, right when I dialed her number to apologize for my behavior in the past, she rang my doorbell.

Apparently, she came to take her things back and officially end our relationship. She claims that even though she had planned to treat me coldly, she ended up smiling at me after seeing a bright aura around me. We spend the day listening to each other. I apologized wholeheartedly and we reset our relationship with the help of the White Topaz I had carried all the way from the Holy River of Ganga.

She was the reason I decided to share my power of healing crystals with you. It healed me out of my evil, brought back my love and life while it helped her out of suicidal depression. She encouraged me to start a Crystal Shop. Although I wasn’t interested in commercializing my enlightenment, her genuine truth changed me. She made me realize that it is not about the money, but to save lives just like I saved hers!

So, today, here I’m opening up and sharing my darkest secrets and brightest enlightenments with you.

My motive is nothing but to help you get rid of the clutches of evil surrounding your life. Do you feel me? Then, your soul is calling out too. I will teach you ways to hear and heed to your soul. It will open up a life of miracles, magic, and heaven like you’ve never seen before!

AtPerrys Commitment to you …

AtPerrys About Us

When I reached back home to the U.S, I noticed the lack of gemstones and how much it could touch the troubled folks around me. Most gemstones sellers in the U.S were pricing the stones for ridiculous prices. So, I decided to cut the middleman and get my mentor to help millions by providing cost-effective, cheap and affordable gemstones for everyone around the world. To remain honest to my intents, I’ve also decided not to take any profits. The same is why, I offer Free Worldwide shipping using the profits and personal investments directly from my pockets. The rest of the profits go directly to my staff!

My Favorite Healing Crystals

AtPerrys About Us

After White Topaz, I have realized and harnessed the power of many gemstones but a handful remain as my favorites. Here’s the complete list of gemstones that touched me and changed my life as well as those around me.

  • Clear Quartz: I drink a glass of water made from infusing clear quartz energies using a Tibetan bowl and Supermoon light. It is my elixir for ten years now!
  • Amethyst: The ultimate secret behind my success owes to the Amethyst programming and feng shui. Before I start my work, I program the higher chakras with the purple healing crystal every day!
  • Citrine: Another little-known gemstone, citrine is my peace stone. It hangs as chandeliers and string lights around my home and office. No day ends without a citrine touch for me!
  • Rose Quartz: The pink stone under my bed has helped me to create an atmosphere of yearning and love like never before. It is the secret to the success of my love life!

How I Use Healing Crystals

AtPerrys About Us

My favorite way for crystal work is using elixirs. Just as healing crystals are magic antidotes from the womb of Mother Earth, water is its natural elixir. I love to infuse the powers of gemstones using moonlight within the protective cocoon of water filled in a Tibetan Singing Bowl.

If making a gem elixir is tough to you, simply drop the stone while you take a bath in the bathtub next time for a mind-altering experience.  

The most important thing I do with every new crystal is that I spend two weeks bonding with it, before using it for rituals.  When in hurry, I use crystal patches and you can do so too.

Our Mission

AtPerrys About Us

We strive to bring you authentic and handmade gemstones that can really help you. We want our customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Our belief is grounded in the fact that healing crystals are the magical fruits gifted by Mother Earth.

Gemstones helped me connect with the nature, earth, soul and millions of people around me with whom I share the planet. It helped me bridge the gap between language, culture and perspective, to heal millions around the world. All we strive to provide you is power, just as healing crystals made us powerful!

For the love of healing crystals

AtPerrys About Us

AtPerrys.com is a company built on the belief that nature has the best secrets for healing human spirit and being. This belief is what drives us to source authentic healing crystals and it is our passion for helping others that we proudly bring these crystals to you. We endlessly research different types of crystals and their benefits for various human ailments and then obtain these crystals from nature and offer them to you at the best prices. With us, you can find all kinds of healing crystals along with other natural healing products like incense and aromatherapy items.

Shop the exclusive, beautiful healing crystals range today. For more information or any questions, contact us today.

Our Team AtPerry’s Healing Crystals

AtPerrys About Us

We are a small team, but we blend sky and earth to bring you the powers of healing crystals. Here AtPerrys, we believe in personalized shopping experience because gemstones are not your everyday product.

We have fulfillment centers in North America and Asia, but all of us work from home. We are always here to help and keep our customers at No#1 priority. So, don’t hesitate if you need any assistance. Write to us via our Official Website or Social Media Profiles on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube!

  • Perry – I am the creator of this website in addition to being a Healing Crystals enthusiast and humanist!
  • Ceida - An expert in Astrology and Chakra Powers, CU has been using Healing Crystals for the past 10 years and is from the Holy Land of India.
  • Ellen – She is the heart and Soul of our customer service department. Emily spends day and night ensuring 100% satisfaction to our customers.
  • Krystel - Perry's personal assistant who turns the ideas into reality and without whom our ideas wouldn’t have soared as high as it is, today.

Feel free to browse our shop's over 7,000 verified photo reviews from real customers!

Shipping Terms

We offer Free Worldwide Shipping on all products. All products come from different suppliers so if you've ordered a few different products, they might arrive in different packages. Most items are sent from outside the U.S., so please allow 5-15 business days for the items to arrive.

We are always trying to improve the shipping conditions, and many times we pay extra for faster shipping, but eventually, it depends on our suppliers and the handling companies. We ship with tracking numbers for most items, and if you encounter any problems, write us at info@atperrys.com and we will track your package.


We use PayPal and Shopify Payments as our payment processors. This means that the payment info you provide is used by PayPal and we do not have any access to it. In addition, you enjoy PayPal's Buyer's Guarantee which means if there's any problem with the transaction or the order, you will have a full refund and you have nothing to worry about (https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/paypal-safety-and-security).

What's Covered?

Purchase of most goods that can be posted and which do not violate PayPal policies. Here are a few examples of situations where an item doesn’t match the seller’s description: You bought a book and got a DVD, you bought a new item but got something that was used, you bought 3 items but only got 2, the item was damaged during delivery, the item is missing major parts (that the seller didn’t disclose).


You have 60 DAYS from delivery date to return / exchange your unused item, free of charge! If an item doesn’t arrive or doesn't match the description, and your payment is eligible, we’ll reimburse the full cost of eligible purchases paid, including shipping costs.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our store.

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2 D 41 1/2 13 1/4 2 1 1/2
2 1/4 D-½ 42 1/8 13 1/2 --- ---
2 1/2 E 42 3/4 13 3/4 3 2 3/4
2 3/4 E-½ 43 3/8 --- --- 3 3/8
3 F 44 14 4 4
3 1/4 F-½ 44 5/8 14 1/4 ---

4 5/8

3 1/2 G 45 1/4 14 1/2 5 5 1/4
3 3/4 G-½ 45 7/8 14 3/4 6 5 7/8
4 H 46 1/2 15 7 6 1/2
4 1/4 H-½ 47 1/8 --- --- 7 1/8
4 1/2 I 47 3/4 15 1/4 8 7 3/4
4 3/4 J 48 3/8 15 1/2 --- 8 3/8
5 J-½ 49 15 3/4 9 9
5 1/4 K 49 5/8 16 --- 9 5/8
5 1/2 K-½ 50 1/4 16 1/4 10 10 1/4
5 3/4 L 50 7/8 --- 11 10 7/8
6 L-½ 51 1/2 16 1/2 12 11 1/2
6 1/4 M 52 1/8 16 3/4 --- 12 1/8
6 1/2 M-½ 52 3/4 17 13 12 3/4
6 3/4 N 53 3/8 --- --- 13 3/8
7 O 54 17 1/4 14 14
7 1/4 O-½ 54 5/8 17 1/2 --- 14 5/8
7 1/2 P 55 1/4 17 3/4 15 15 1/4
7 3/4 P-½ 55 7/8 18 --- 15 7/8
8 Q 56 1/2 --- 16 16 1/2
8 1/4 Q-½ 57 1/8 18 1/4 --- 17 1/8
8 1/2 R 57 3/4 18 1/2 17 17 3/4
8 3/4 R-½ 58 3/8 18 3/4 --- 18 3/8
9 S 59 19 18 19
9 1/4 S-½ 59 5/8 19 1/4 --- 19 5/8
9 1/2 --- 60 1/4 19 1/2 19 20 1/4
9 3/4 T 60 7/8 --- --- 20 7/8
10 T-½ 61 1/2 19 3/4 20 21 1/2
10 1/4 U 62 1/8 20 21 22 1/8
10 1/2 U-½ 62 3/4 --- 22 22 3/4
10 3/4 V 63 3/8 20 1/2 --- 23 3/8
11 V-½ 64 20 3/4 23 24
11 1/4 W 64 5/8 --- --- 24 5/8
11 1/2 W-½ 65 1/4 21 24 25 1/4
11 3/4 X 65 7/8 21 1/4 --- 25 7/8
12 Y 66 1/2 21 1/2 25 26 1/2
12 1/4 Y-½ 67 1/8 --- --- 27 1/8
12 1/2 Z 67 3/4 21 3/4 26 27 3/4
12 3/4 Z-½ 68 3/8 --- --- 28 3/8
13 --- 69 22 27 29