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Learning the Minor or Secondary Chakras In the Human Body

Learning the Minor or Secondary Chakras In the Human Body

There are over 114 chakras in the human body. Shocked? Why? you thought it was just the seven? We are complex bodies with up to 7200 nadis too. Out of the total chakras, major, minor and micro, 112 are within the human body and two are outside the human body. Moreover, minor or secondary chakras in the human body are even described differently.

We are going to learn about the various systems of energy that constitute 21 and 12 minor chakras in the body in detail. Are you ready to discover every chakra in your body? It takes 10 minutes of reading.

Let’s begin!

What are Minor Chakras?

Described as vortexes of energy, minor or secondary chakras are tiny points that fuel the major chakras in the body. These secondary chakras related to the primary chakras based on their location. For example, the thymus chakra almost always relates to heart or throat chakras because it is located close to these.

These are secondary in their functionality, much more important than the micro chakras.

How many minor chakras are there in our body?

Depending on which logic you wish to follow, there are different counts of minor or secondary chakras in the human body. The most widespread number of minor chakras in the human body is 21. There is another philosophy that says there are 12 chakras in the human body, with seven already known to you and five rarely-spoken about.  

Where are the minor chakras located?

It is not difficult to spot your minor secondary chakras because they are more specific than the primary or micro chakras. Refer to this list of minor chakras to diagnose your area of ailment clearly for crystal healing sessions.

  1. Each ear has a minor chakra, totaling to two minor chakras.
  2. There is a chakra above each of your breast, totaling to two minor chakras.
  3. There is a chakra above breasts at the intersection of clavicle, totaling to two minor chakras.
  4. There is a chakra in each of your palm, totaling to two minor chakras.
  5. There is a chakra in every sole of your feet, totaling to two minor chakras.
  6. There is a chakra above every eye, totaling to two minor chakras per body.
  7. Every reproductive organ has one chakra each.
  8. Your liver has one minor chakra.
  9. Your stomach has one minor chakra.
  10. Your spleen has two minor chakras.
  11. Back of each knee has one minor chakra, totaling to two minor chakras.
  12. Your Vagus nerve at the thymus gland has one chakra that is minor.
  13. Near your solar plexus chakra is another minor chakra.

What is the size of minor chakras?

The size of minor chakra is within a couple of inches within or away from the body. Your minor chakras are smaller than the primary chakras in size.

How many micro chakras?

There are 86 micro chakras in the human body. From the micro chakra, the energy to the secondary and primary chakras are fired up.

What is the 12-chakra system?

We know the first seven chakras, known as the primary chakras in the human body. One system of philosophy of chakras believe, totally secondary chakras in the body are 12. The same theory expands that after the 7th chakra until the 12th chakra, the same system is extended as primary chakras. Let us find out more about the 12 chakras in the human body in detail.

·      Earth Star Chakra

Called the 8th chakra in the human body, this is located right below the root chakra. It is believed earth star chakra is a chakra that exists into the earth and its underground. The color of earth-star chakra is brown.

What is the best crystal for earth star chakra? I have two recommendations.

6 MM Tiger Eye & Onyx with Antique Beads Hamsa Fatima Hand Pendant Necklace for Men - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Tiger eye is best for earth star chakra because it is an earth crystal. The stone is excellent for focus and grounding that earth star chakra promises. The peace-attraction ability of tiger eye is from earth star chakra too.

Natural Red Jasper Pyramid for Healing

On the other hand, being a powerful root chakra stone, red jasper is also a fine choice.  Red jasper connects with the earth and grounds the wearer. It helps you awaken your spiritual self to awareness immediately around, in your environment.

·      Lunar Chakra

Named the 9th chakra in the human body, Lunar chakra sits right above the 7th chakra. Represented in colors such as Silver and White, Lunar chakra connects with the power of the moon.

Natural Selenite Tower - Raw Gemstone

I must recommend two stones, the first of which is white selenite. Revered as crystal light, selenite is known to be the embodiment of life. It has the powers of Moon goddess Selene within the stone. Selenite helps you connect with the angels and etheric realm, right above you with your lunar chakra activation.

Moonstone Silver Ring - Sterling Silver

Second stone best for awakening the lunar chakra is moonstone. It can help you connect out of earth just outside the body. Lunar chakra stone moonstone is ideal for finding enlightenment and karmic therapy. It helps you communicate with spirit guides.

·      Solar Chakra

Numbered the 10th chakra in the human body, this is a chakra located above the 9th chakra, above your head. It is represented Gold, a masculine color. Solar chakra is known to contain the energy of life itself.

Citrine Bee Stud Earrings - 925 Sterling Silver - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

I recommend two crystals ideal to generate or harness your solar chakra powers. First on the list is Citrine, specifically golden citrine. This stone contains the wisdom and knowledge of centuries within it. Golden colored citrine can bring the positivity, energy and light of the sun. It purifies wherever the stone touches.

Intense Yellow Topaz Ring (Resizable)

Yellow Topaz an imperial stone that radiates with golden light too. Do you know yellow topaz can attract gold into your life? Known as a symbol of wealth, yellow topaz is a stone that attracts fame and prosperity into your life as the stone is ruled by Jupiter.

·      Galactic Chakra

A special and unknown chakra numbered the 11th, Galactice chakra stays outside the body. It is believed the galactic chakra can be accessed with your hand and feet. Galactic Chakra is also a mix of unique colors such as violet plus gold plus silver. It helps you connect with the Akashic Records when your galacite chakra is awake.

Amethyst Quartz Crystal Wand   3.5oz   100gr   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Ametrine is the unique stone that caters to galactic chakra. It clears headaches and incompatibilities to travel the stars, from your psyche. Galactic chakra is also a soothing stone that eases emotional imbalance such as depression. It is a stone of creativity that takes you on astsral travel sessions around the cosmos. 

Citrine Quartz Crystal 6 sided Point Pendant - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Using combinations of amethyst and citrine together if you don’t have Ametrine is also a popular way to activate your galactic chakra. Tumbled stones of amethyst and citrine together make the colors of violet, gold and silver, which is clear on Ametrine.

·      Universal Chakra

Aligned the 12th minor chakra, universal chakra is an energy of togetherness. It is located just above the aura or chakras, both minor and major. Renowned as the chakra of universal unity, Universal Chakra signifies the universal consciousness.

Rainbow Mystic Topaz Pendant   925 Sterling Silver   matans

I have but one stone to recommend to get the universal chakra- rainbow Topaz. A mystic stone, rainbow topaz contains all the colors in the spectrum. With its iridescence, you can see the shimmer of its deep powers. Rainbow topaz aligns multiple chakras to help you enter deep meditation and cosmic travel.

You can also use an energy generator or 7-chakra or 12 chakra grid to generate the universal chakra of harmony.  Have you ever been touched by the universal chakra? It makes you feel safe, complete and satisfied. When the universal chakra is alive, there is peace.

Before you go …

Minor or secondary chakras in the human body are as important as the primary chakras. They help you align your spiritual psyche efficiently. By mastering the powers of minor chakras, you can actually master the primary chakras too.

Are there doubts you have about minor chakras? Ask us in the comments below, RIGHT AWAY!

Stay powerful~

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