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18 Forbidden Effects Of Reading A Crystal Pendulum For Future

18 Forbidden Effects Of Reading A Crystal Pendulum For Future

My best friend took me to a shaman sister at the age of 19 and she was the one who did pendulum dowsing for the first time on me. To be honest, I was creeped out and kept asking, ‘so who will answer all these questions’. Within seconds, the shaman sister said, “the pendulum refuses to answer to you” while I glared at the still pendulum. It took me another five years to actually realize how to work a crystal pendulum for future and get all my questions answered.

I was doubtful.
I was full of questions.
I was full of mistakes.
But, the crystal pendulum did not stop me. This is my experiments with the truth about using a pendulum to determine your future based on my own experiences. Are you ready to find out your future?

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How to Read a Crystal Pendulum for Future?

Natural Gem Stone Pendulum Pyramid - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Past, present, and future are all constructs of us humans to track time and make sense of our reality. In the cosmos, all of these timelines can be seen as parts of the universe. Once that consciousness is gained, our forefathers tried their might to read these vibrations to predict individual energies and the wind direction of the universe for determining results in time to fate and much more.

A symmetrically designed weight that freely swings on a string is a pendulum. When that weight is made in crystal, it detects the vibrations of nature and universe to give us answers about the simple to the complex working of the universe.

How to calibrate your Crystal Pendulum?  

7 Chakra Layered Healing Gem Stone Pendulum   matans

Today I will teach you how to use a crystal pendulum to find your future, fate, and destiny easily. If you’re wondering, how can a pendulum be independent of the motion of your hand, once you start using it, you will notice how external forces are greater than the tiny movements of your own hand. That is the power of a crystal pendulum!

The first step to start crystal pendulum reading is to establish yes and no. Every pendulum vibration differs in the hands of the attuner. That’s why, you need to recognize a language with the pendulum you work with from square one, every time.

Click here to know how to communicate with a pendulum.

You can also record the vibrations by asking simple questions like to calibrate a crystal pendulum, Example questions are- is it hot today? Is it cold today? Am I at my home? Am I grounded?

Try it!

The final question to ask before you subject the crystal pendulum to heavy readings is its own agreement to your ritual. Ask the pendulum if it is willing to answer your questions. This determines if your spirit is actually ready for the answers you seek.

Remember to start only if the pendulum is ready.

Good luck!

18 Effects of Reading a Crystal Pendulum for Future

Reiki Healing Chakra Pendulum

There are a few things to keep in mind before starting your crystal pendulum readings. When you get a positive reading, do it three more times to ensure when it’s swinging towards good. If the result is negative, quit trying with the pendulum for the next three hours.

Consult the chart below to make sure you understand the working of a crystal pendulum well. 

It's my personal chart, so excuse the quality as it's handmade.

·      Something Good

If your pendulum is swinging between 180 to 170 degrees, it is a signal that something good is about to happen in your life. It could be a pleasant news, story or something too!

·      Business Success

Are you running a business? Even if you’re not a global businessman, any work you earn money from with a structure can be called a business such as selling your talents to intelligence. If the pendulum swings 170 to 160 degrees, you will meet with success in this business!

·      Win an Argument

Are you involved in a case? Or a court of law? Perhaps you are going to have a steaming argument that determines the strength of your relationship with a friend, foe or family. If the crystal pendulum is swinging at an angle of 160 to 150 degrees, you are bound to win that case!

·      Career Success

When the crystal pendulum swings 150 to 140 degrees, you should expect a positive surprise in your office related work in the coming days. If there is an opportunity you wanted to take to excel at work, this is the perfect time to try it out.

·      Exam Win

Are you appearing for an interview? Perhaps an upcoming exam is stressing you out. Well, universe says you are going to ace this challenge, so be confident and go ahead. When the pendulum is swinging 140 to 130 degrees, you know you’ve a sure-fire.

·      Unexpected Money

Are your finances in a hurdle? Perhaps debt is eating your peace. Don’t worry; the universe says you are going to lucky these coming days with a bundle of surprise finances. If the pendulum is swinging 130 to 120 degrees, you know you’ve got a win coming in your name!

·      Raise in Salary

Is it time for the promotion? Well, you’re in for luck because if the crystal pendulum is swinging you within the degrees of 120 to 110 degrees, you will get a recommendation, appreciation or significant raise in your salary. Be confident and ask for it!

·      Happy Feelings/ Endings

If the crystal pendulum is swinging 110 to 100 degrees, it is time to chill out and enjoy the day. You are about to receive happy news that will make you vibrate in the positive frequency. All you need to do is remain calm and be ready to accept the happiness you deserve.

·      Lottery Win

Did you take a lottery ticket? If not, take it now because the crystal pendulum has a surprise win waiting for you. Just make sure the pendulum is swinging 100 to 90 degrees to select the lucky numbers with your lucky pendulum made of gemstones too!

·      Friendship / Love

Is your crystal pendulum swinging 90 to 80 degrees? Then, it’s definite you are going to receive a happy news from your friend or lover. If its 90 to 95 degrees, it will be from a front and the latter for your soulmate!

·      Family Win

Something great is about to happen to your family. It might be the end of a big feud or a blessing too soon for finances. In any case, if your crystal pendulum is swinging 80 to 90 degrees, it is time to focus on the family.

·      Fight

We have entered the hostile degrees. If your pendulum is showing 70 to 80 degrees, there will be a fight that will happen soon with you. You can avoid it by staying alert or challenge the cosmos. It’s your call.

·      New Enemy

Are you feeling out of league today? The cosmos feels you should stay away from arguments and friction because it can make you angry enemies. If the pendulum I swinging 60 to 70 degrees, it is time to be watchful of your actions today.

·      Accident

Is the pendulum swinging 50 to 60 degrees? This is a scary prospect, so if the cosmos is warning you about an accident, be super-cautious of your traveling. Carry a moonstone or wear a pendant from this gem to avoid serious accidents in your fate today.

·      Failure in Exam / Interview

Are you facing an interview in the coming days? A bit of caution, prepare more because the universe is signaling the results might not be optimum. Watch out if your pendulum is swinging 50 to 40 degrees!

·      Disease

Do not go to strange places or eat outside food in the coming days because your fate shows physical disorders are coming. Avoid eating new food and experimenting with your diet in the coming week if the pendulum is swinging 40 to 30 degrees when you work with it.

·      Sadness

Be prepared if your crystal pendulum is moving towards 30 to 20 degrees because something really negative is coming your way. The universe says you might be subject to grief and sorrow in the coming days, so take your emotional gemstones such as amethyst and rose quartz with you.

·      Risk/ Death

The scariest energy message from a crystal pendulum comes when it navigates 20 to 10 degrees. I know you it’s spooking you, but not telling you would be a big mistake. Abandon your rituals and get a powerful cleansing stone such as black tourmaline, selenite or a scrying mirror to foretell your fate.

In all cases, purify your aura every 3 hours to stay safe and tell us if you’re seeing this vibration.

Before you go …

Natural Amethyst stone Pendulums - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Crystal pendulums are like ciphers. To understand it, you need to bond with the energy of the universe first. IF you’re new to pendulums, give us a shout in the comments.

For doing chakra or reiki work, you need one more person additional to the patient to actually channel the energy of the pendulum. If there is no one with you, leave your name and date of birth with your questions and I will personally teleport and do a crystal pendulum session with you!

Go on, give it a try!

Stay powerful~

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