One of the best stones for attracting luck into your life, citrine is believed to make the wearer wise. It is a stone that balances multiple chakras at once. Unlock the powers of citrine today!

What Is Citrine?

Basically a silicon dioxide, citrine is the yellow variant of quartz. While amethyst can be artificially heat treated to make HTA (heat treated amethyst), it differs from the natural variety by color shades. With a hardness of 7 and transparent yellow to brown tones, citrine also naturally forms with amethyst called Ametrine. Citrine connects with higher energies to empower you.

Citrine Meaning

Meaning of citrine is luck. This is the gemstone you need if you want to get out of debt or financial dependency. Citrine shows you ways and paths you must to take to become independent. It brings you opportunities that make you wealthy and prosperous. A lot of people also use citrine for inviting abundance into their lives.

Which Is Citrine Chakra?

Solar Plexus is the first chakra awakened by the use of gemstone citrine. It brings balance to your body. Physical health and immunity will be charged with the help of using citrine on your solar plexus chakra.

Sacral Chakra is where your life force energy resides. Wearing citrine on your pelvic area brings passion and energy into your actions. It makes you enthusiastic and optimistic towards life. Your hidden skills will surface with the use of citrine.

Root Chakra is the source of grounding. It will eject negative energy and fill you with positivity. Base chakra empowers your stability of the mind. Heart Chakra can also be aided with the help of citrine gemstone. It can make you empathic and compassionate.

What Is Citrine Zodiac?

Virgo is the best zodiac sign to reap the benefits of citrine. It brings you wisdom and luck. You will no longer fail but find the wisdom to conquer your fears.

If you’re Aries, citrine will bring you many powers. It makes you calm and alert. Besides removing bad habits, citrine attracts success and victory into your professional life.

Gemini can also benefit from using citrine. It removes financial debts and helps you win at jackpots and unexpected luck. You will also find luck in love with citrine. Libra is yet another zodiac sign that must use the power of citrine. It brings you confidence and self-respect.

How to Clean Citrine Crystals?

As citrine has high silicosis, it is best not to use it for making elixir. When cleanin, do it dry without touching water. You can use a soft cloth once a month to do this.

To cleanse off the bad energy, circle the citrine crystal with a selenite wand thrice. Do it before and after using the stone.

Types of Citrine We Have

·      Raw Citrine

Choose from a wide variety of citrine wands and clusters from around the world.

·      Citrine Rings

Our bestseller citrine jewelry is rings set in the golden yellow stone with sterling silver metal.

·      Bracelet Citrine

You can wear citrine bracelets to keep your solar plexus and sacral chakras connected throughout the wear.

·      Citrine Earrings

Ideal for awakening higher chakras, citrine earrings make you insightful.

·      Citrine Pendants And Necklaces

Wearing citrine pendant makes you warm and charismatic.