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Cancer Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in July

Cancer Birthstones: Traits, Meanings, Powers, Lucky Stones and Benefits

One of the few gemstones that mark the advent on a new season, Cancer beckons the summer. It is a cardinal zodiac that rarely intersects with the eponymous constellation. The Zodiac sign of Cancer is a crab, which cannot be spotted by the naked eye.

Cancer zodiac symbol with a girl

The story of Cancer is that he tried saving Hera, wife of Zeus by attacking her husband’s son born out of an affair. Although Cancer the crab was smashed by the illegitimate son of Zeus or Heracles, Cancer has another tale too. Cancer was a crab in charge of the palace of nymphs under the command of Poseidon. That story ends with Cancer being immortal and in perpetual pain.

It is not that folklores predict a sad ending to most of the Cancer Crab stories, but it is that birthstones for Cancers can be used to treat these curses and turn the life around if you’re a Cancerian.

Learn how to use Cancer gemstones to turn your life around RIGHT NOW!

Cancer dates

22 June to 23 July

Cancer Zodiac Meaning

Fourth zodiac sign on the calendar; Cancer is the sensitive character amongst other zodiac signs. Cancer is a deeper person than he or she looks. The meaning of Cancer zodiac is intuition. They can be insightful and perceptive about their reality. Cancer is the cardinal symbol of the Water Trigon according to Astrology.

On the sidereal astrology calendar, Cancer date falls on or between July 21 and August 9.

What is Cancer Zodiac Symbol?

Crab is the symbol of the zodiac Cancer. It is often depicted by the numbers 69 similar to the sideway view of a crab. Crab is chosen as the zodiac symbol of Cancer for a variety of reasons. Cancerians are aloof and sensitive like the crab. They are often shy and introverted too. Crab symbolizes your powers and weaknesses as a Cancer born person.

Which is the Ruling Planet of Cancer?

Moon is the foremost ruler of the zodiac sign Cancer. In astrology, moon is the goddess of beauty, love and compassion. She brings luck into your life. Moon is a mothering planet that cocoons you from dangers. It makes you trust in your potential more.

Mercury is the second ruler of the zodiac Cancer.  It is the messenger God and helps you in manifesting your intentions. Mercury can help things done for a Cancerian. If you’re searching for your destiny, you will find the answers with the help of Mercury.

Malefic Planets of Cancer

Venus is the first planet that you should stay away from as a Cancer born zodiac. You might fail in vanity, beauty, charm and charisma when venus is not pleased with you. It can bring problems an in your love life too.

Saturn is the ruler of peace and stability in your life. It can help in reaping success, but for a Cancer born, Saturn can work poorly. It can cause chaos in your social life.

Sun is the last malefic planet for Cancer. It can drain the light from your life and make you feel weak and vulnerable.

What is the Element of Cancer?

Water is the symbol of peace and tranquility. Cancer zodiac element is water. It can soothe you and relieve your pains. Water can cure your anxiety and hypertension. If you’re feeling disoriented, the water element can stabilize you.

Which is the Best Day for Cancer Born People?

Monday and Thursday are the lucky days for Cancer born people. If you have Cancer birthstone jewelry, wear it on a Monday or Thursday for the best effects.

What are the Favorable Numbers of Cancer Zodiac?

20, 15, 3 and 2 are all lucky numbers for Cancer. If you come across such numbers, understand that something good is en route to you.

What is the Key Chakra of Cancer?

Third Eye is the first chakra of Cancer. It invokes intuition and insight. Your third eye chakra is located in between your brows. It will help you see ahead into the future. Third eye chakra can also protect your dangers in the future.

Sacral Chakra is the second chakra awakened by the zodiac cancer. It is where your kundalini energy, also called as life force energy rests. Sacral chakra can fill you with confidence and will power besides boosting your self-esteem.

Which are the Compatible Zodiac with Cancer?

Taurus is the best compatible zodiac for Cancer man and woman. The zodiac Taurus will bring decision-making skills and confidence into the life of a Cancerian. He or she will boost your ideas and support your decisions.

Capricorn with a Cancer has a fruitful love life. They will feel happy and honest with each other. Capricorn brings optimism and positivity into the life of a Cancerian.

Top Colors Of Cancer

White is the color of the Cancer born person. It is the color of purity and consciousness. White brings tranquility and peace into the life of the Cancer.

14 Birthstones for Cancer Born People

Cancer Birthstones

A unique kind of people with high imaginative capabilities and powers of expression, Cancer born people are also overly empathetic towards friends and families. Wearing the right birthstones made by nature based on your birth chart will help you trust your visions and intuitions.

The third eye stone is also ideal to tackle common weaknesses of Cancerians such as mood swings, perpetual suspicion, and reactions springing from insecurities.   

1.    Sapphire

sapphire stone faceted

An incredible crystal filled with the power to liberate a Cancerian, Blue Sapphire is the stone of opportunities. It will help a person bone in July to activate dual chakras, that of Throat and the Solar Plexus.

Blue sapphire is a stone of commitment too. It will help the user acquire self-confidence as well.

2.    Moonstone

moonstone stone

Considered the official gemstone for people born with the zodiac of Cancer, Moonstone activates multiple chakras including Crown, Third Eye and Sacral. It helps a Cancer find peace in life. If you suffered from a bad relationship lately, Moonstone will help you forget all about it.  

3.    Ruby

ruby Birthstones: for People Born in July

The ultimate gemstone for Cancers looking for passion, Ruby is another dual chakra crystal. It activates both Base and Heart chakras to increase the happiness quotient of the crystal user. Ruby enlightens the soul and fills it with the urge to do or die.

4.    Pearl

Pearl Cancer Birthstone

Another comforting birthstone for Cancers, Pearl activates the supreme chakra of Cancers. In addition to Third Eye, Pearl fills the user with love by awakening the hidden powers of Heart Chakra. Pearl is a powerful crystal that will fill you with optimism, if negativity is taking a heavy toll on you.  

5.    Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Cancer Birthstone

A crystal for filling one’s impulses and reactions, Rose Quartz is a crystal for the ailing. It fills the person with divine love to help ‘let go’ of emotional baggage. If the past has been hovering or disrupting your future, Rose Quartz is the ultimate crystal for you!  

6.    Calcite

calcite  for People Born in July

A unique gemstone with the power from supramundane, Calcite is also a multi-chakra gemstone. Calcite activates your supreme consciousness or Crown chakra, in addition to the Life Force Energy via the Sacral Chakra. It can also help you find balance by awakening the Root chakra powers.

7.    Carnelian

carnelian pendant necklace

One of the incredibly potent gemstones that help to fill the Cancerian with a newfound energy, Carnelian awakens the lower chakras. For cancer born, carnelian activates the Sacral and Base chakras to battle the weaknesses innate to your zodiac.  

8.    Hematite

hematite Cancer Birthstone

The base chakra gemstone is considered a boon to most crystal users as it is the primary protection stone featured in ancient magic to contemporary crystal rituals. Hematite balances the life, love and career of a Cancerian by keeping your destiny under control.

9.    Opal

opal Cancer stone

A higher chakra gemstone that awakens the powers of Crown chakra, Opal can do manifolds of positive results for a beginner at crystal therapy. Opal is the sign of intuition and will help to open blocked centers in the brain.

10. Jasper

Jasper Cancer Birthstone

Yet another powerful crystal for people without courage, Red Jasper also rouses the passions and dreams of the wearer. It is a Root Chakra stone that helps you discover your destiny and purpose of life. When used regularly, Red Jasper attracts miracles in the life of cancer born.

11. Aquamarine

Aquamarine Cancer Birthstone

One of the most important crystals for corporate employees, one of the crucial effect of Aquamarine is how it elevates one's confidence levels. When used during public speaking or to improve communication skills, aquamarine activates the Throat Chakra energies.

12. Aventurine

Aventurine Gemstones for People Born in July

A powerful Heart chakra stone, Aventurine is often quoted as the birthstone of Cancer because it activates cardinal higher chakras in the body too. Aventurine helps to release emotional turmoil, anxiety and confusions using the combined powers of Heart and Third Eye chakras.  

13. Chalcedony

Chalcedony Cancer Birthston

A powerful gemstone known to aide those in extreme psychiatric troubles, Chalcedony is excellent for meditation. It awakens the vital chakras of Solar Plexus and Sacral. Chalcedony improves the concentration and helps a Cancerian to focus better on any issue.  

14. Emerald

emerald Cancer Birthstone

A potent gemstone often recommended by crystologists for healing the heart, Emerald is a hypnotizing gemstone of high value. Emerald activates the powers of the Heart Chakra and frees repressed emotions in the user. If you’ve ever felt that life is smothering you, opt for an emerald gemstone right away.  

What we recommend …

Cancer Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in July

From gem elixir making to programming and even bathing, the above 14 birthstones for cancer can be used in varied ways. It helps you charge your chakra with higher powers.

Silver being the official metal for Cancer born people, it will bring your prosperity to fame and good luck in life.

Stay powerful~


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