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How To Find Your Spirit Animal?

How To Find Your Spirit Animal?

When your spirit animal is not with you, you feel alone, empty and sad. It’s natural. But, when your spirit animal is beside, you feel safe, energetic and awakened by the new senses. Your spirit guide expands your senses from 5 to 40. It can open the inner eye to see the world for more than its materials. Find your spirit animal to open new opportunities you never thought existed.

Your spirit guide is actually your soul mate and finding this animal can find your destiny and fulfill it in this life.  Today I will teach you the simplest and the most effective ways to find your spirit guide.

Many people believe that connecting with a spirit animal can bring healing and insight, and it is a common practice in complementary and alternative medicine. In fact, the concept of spirit animals has also been embraced in some branches of veterinary medicine, including holistic and integrative approaches. If you are seeking to meet your spirit animal, there are several ways you can go about it.

One option is to seek the guidance of a practitioner trained in animal medicine who can utilize the latest integrative medical knowledge to help you connect with your spirit animal.

You can also try practicing meditation or visualization techniques on your own to help you access the spiritual realm and make a connection with your spirit animal. No matter what approach you choose, the key is to be open and receptive to the messages and guidance your spirit animal may have for you.

Who is your Spirit Animal?

Your spirit guide is not the animal you see yourself in. That is the totem animal. Your spirit animal is the one that makes you feel happy, protected and enthusiastic. Your spirit guide is a role model, not the extension of your identity. It is a totally different being meant to guide you in your life than become you or make you a part of it.

Your spirit animal is like your guardian angel, in animaline forms.

Can you have more than one spirit animal?

Of course, you can. While most people have one spirit animal, some people can jump into two due to their situations. For example, my spirit animal is the Snake. I look up to it. But, my totem animal is the Lion. I am more like a lion. Now, the snake is almost always my spirit animal. But, when I open a new spiritual experience, my spirit guide becomes the hawk. The same way, your spirit animal can change with the incidents in your life.

You don’t have to keep track of it because the spirit animal will keep you posted when you’re changing and what you need to get over the new hurdles and even, communicate with the new spirit animal.

To tell the truth, with spirits and angels, it’s a graph of evolution, over-and-over-again.

Top 5 Ways to Find your Spirit Animal

Last day we discussed how to use crystals to communicate with your spirit animal and today we will find out ways to recognize your spirit animal. It is easy to find your spirit animal if your mind is in one place. If you have no idea what your spirit animal is, I suggest you ask the following questions.

1.    Meditate with an Amethyst and Clear Quartz on your Crown Chakra

I know how hard it is to find that one answer your mind is raging over. You don’t have to cut through thick and thin when you have crystals. They offer a shortcut. While amethyst works on your crown chakra to dispel the confusions and clear quartz helps you see your spirit animal clearly in your mind’s eye.

  • Lay down on your back on a yoga mat.
  • Place the amethyst in front or above your head.
  • Place the Clear quartz in between your brows.
  • Meditate and flow with the energy of the crystals while it wakes your crown chakra.

2.    Can you do a Crystal Pendulum Session?

One of the easiest ways to use a crystal for communication into the spirit world is via the crystal pendulum. All you need to do is ask a friend to assist you. Use this article to find out how to find out the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ vibrations of your crystal pendulum.

  • Lay down.
  • Let your friend ask the pendulum which your spirit animal is.
  • Go one after another and record the vibrations to see what the crystal says your spirit guide is.

3.    Black Obsidian Scrying Mirror to Find your Spirit Animal

One of the ancient ways to interpret signs was using a black obsidian scrying mirror. All you need to do is get your mirror and gaze into it. Called the art of crystal gazing, the surrounding energy as well as the crystal will help light up visions on your mirror. Most probably, you will see the shape and color of the spirit animal on the mirror itself!

You can learn all about the art of scrying in this article. Try it today with standard or universal questions and move onto spiritual dilemmas.

4.    Use Your Birthstone to Find your Spirit Guide

Your Trustworthy New Crystal Bible for 13 Zodiacs   matans

Do you know which is your birthstone? Because you were born under a zodiac sign, your birth chart reveals the gemstone that can unlock your potential and destiny. Using this stone can set milestones in your life, one of which being-meeting the spirit guide.

It is easy to use your birthstone to find the spirit animal because it has a natural and effortless way to convey messages such as that.

5.    Candlelight Answers from Spirits

Mosaic Carved Glass Candle Holder   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

This is a sacred and special ritual to find your spirit animal called clairvoyance. It transforms your throat chakra powers of hearing the etheric realm onto the paper.

  • Choose a sacred room.
  • Walk once around the room with a selenite wand.
  • Light three candles in front of you.
  • Touch the pen with the selenite wand.
  • Take a black pen and a red pen.
  • Write the question with the black pen.
  • Wait for the answer and write it with the red pen.

Before you go …

If none of the above worked, forget about it while working with your favorite crystal. Your spirit animal will be revealed to you by the crystals when the time is right.

Keep in mind that the Totem is totally different from your spirit guide. This is the animal you see your personality in. Once you know your spirit animal or at least think you know, you can use crystals to communicate with it.

Stay powerful~

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