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How To Create An Affirmation For Manifestation With Gemstones?

How To Create An Affirmation For Manifestation With Gemstones?

Hindus in India have been chanting mantras for 3000 years! It is still in use in yoga, religious rituals, and daily routines. Mantras are chants or affirmations. Intertwined with yoga and crystals, mantras open your spiritual body to new realms. So, today I will teach you the Maha Mantra of how to create an affirmation for manifestation with gemstones right at home.

Guide to Making Affirmations and Chants that Work

Affirmation For Manifestation

While Wikipedia explains mantras as a sacred utterance, ‘affirmation’ is defined as a declaration of the truth. Together when bound in the energy of crystals, affirmations transform into the energy that eclaircises your manifestations.

What is an Affirmation?

In Vedic mantras, every mantra is also adjoined with the act that manifests it. There had to be a ritual preceding or succeeding the mantra. When you put this into perspective, an affirmation mantra for activating gemstones replaces an act such as visualization with the verbal direction of energy from the throat chakra.

So, which are the best stones to use affirmation or mantras with?

buddhist prayer beads

Every stone can get charged with an affirmation or mantra.

When my husband put this up as a challenge, I decided to pull out my great crystal collection and charge each stone to activate his chakra.

The affirmation was chakra activation and he went through an annual spa of gemstone energies that made him amazingly-successful. Unbelievable, right?

I dare you to try it!

However, I found that throat chakra stones are the best stones to manifest with affirmations. It combines with your active mantra as the throat chakra is active when you utter. Mixed with crystal energies, it pumps the intention with the force to make it your reality.

How to Create an Affirmation for Manifestation with Gemstones?

creating affirmations for gemstones

It’s not hard to make an affirmation, but it is not easy either. You need to think of your affirmation like a sigil that binds all your intentions about the manifestation in one piece. You can also make a sigil and visualize as a mantra too.

But, it’s best to read out the letters if you want the gemstone to activate with your affirmation mantra energy.

  • Clean your stone with a clear quartz.
  • Keep the quartz crystal behind you.
  • Now take the stone you want to use a mantra, in your palm.
  • Repeat your affirmation at least ten times after closing your eyes.
  • By the 99th time, your chakra vibrations will be in sync with that of the chakra.
  • Now visualize your affirmation simultaneously chanting it
  • When you see the searing light, dive out of the trance.
  • You’re all done!

Before you go …

An ideal affirmation or chant for manifestation with gemstones must be short and concise, with power.

Checkout this throat chakra crystal ring perfect for setting affirmations from our verified buyer-

"I bought it as a gift for my future husband to wear as his wedding band. He told me he wears a size 10.5 and I ordered size 11. He was delighted with the size and presentation and said, “It is beautiful, love. Thank you.” - Bernadette M; 17/07/2018.

Want a sample affirmation to activate your throat chakra crystal?

Here you go-

I am confident. I can feel the vishudda powering my baby. I am confident and powerful”.

Leave us a message with your intention and I will make an affirmation perfect for you!

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 Stay powerful~

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