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Everything You’re Missing Out On Rocks And Minerals

Everything You’re Missing Out On Rocks And Minerals

Rocks and minerals are one of the omnipresent things on Earth. It gives us shelter to fuel and much more. While rocks are groups of minerals, the latter is a crystal. What are the differences between rocks and minerals? What are the popular mineral groups? What are the properties of rocks and minerals?

We will find out in detail!

Rocks and Minerals Definition

If you’re a crystal fanatic like me, knowing everything about minerals and rocks might be a hobby for you. We are going to find out the fundamentals that make healing crystals and gemstones.

What are rocks?

Do you know oldest rocks on earth were made 3.8 billion years ago? So many rocks around, but what are they? There are three kinds Igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Igneous is the volcanic rock from the cooling of earth’s magma called basalt and granite while Sedimentary rocks are pebbles that become flint or sandstone. Metamorphic rocks are made from pressure and heat such as marble.

What are minerals?

Rocks don’t have many properties, but the crystal lattice of gemstones make them powerful. Minerals are inorganic, solid, naturally occurring crystals with an ordered internal structure and chemical composition. They join together to form rocks. Do you know obsidian and opal have no crystal structure? That’s why they are not called minerals, but mineraloids.

What are gemstones?

If you have observed, gemstone crystals are beautiful and radiant. Not all, but almost all are unique and dynamic in their crystal structure. The unique ability of gemstones is derived from how they are made from the heart of rocks, our mother earth. Gemstones can disrupt, encourage and instill changes in nature because it is connected closely with it.

Let’s find out what gemstones can do for you.

How to identify rocks and minerals?

Finding a glittering rock is not enough to prove it as a valuable gemstone. From its density to cleavage and five more things, you can determine how precious the mineral you’ve found is.

·      Streak

Do you see a different color on the stone in streaks? Patches, dots or patterns of colors seen on a gemstone different from its main color is called as a streak.

·      Color

What is the color of the gemstone? What can you make you out from the internal and external colors of the stone under different light? Color can help you determine the name of the stone easily.

·      Luster

Now, check the special properties of the stone such as its luster. You might see labradorescence or opalescence or adularescence. Luster determines the family of the gemstone.  

·      MOHS hardness

Using a diamond or MOHS hardness scale, you can determine the hardness of the gemstone from 1 to 10.

·      Chemical Composition

If you’re a professional, you can assert the chemical composition of the stone in a gemology lab or under a magnifying loupe.

What are the 9 types of Rocks and Minerals?

Do you know there are over 4000 minerals on earth? There are hundreds of pages on rocks and minerals, but the most important list is simple to understand. If you’re a crystal lover, start identifying the minerals you have by the end of the list!

·      Native elements

There are three kinds of native elements- metals, semimetals and non-metals. This includes Gold, Silver, Mercury, Platinum, Graphite and Diamond too. While it looks ordinary when in rough, polished diamonds are priceless.  

·      Oxides Minerals

Ruby Ring & Necklace Set - 925 Solid Silver

Both sapphires and rubies are corundum stones that are called oxides. Sapphire can affect your throat, third eye or heart chakra depending on the color. Ruby is a sacral and root chakra stone that instills passion. Another popular mineral oxide is hematite that helps you get grounded. It helps you stabilize and find balance in life. A gemstone equally priceless as diamond, spinel are also oxide minerals.

·      Hydroxides Minerals

Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

Have you heard of the mineral Goethite? It is a crystal that resembles black tourmaline and peacock ore stone that helps you get over grief in life. Goethite helps you overcome hurdles and win in life. It gives stability, while another hydroxide mineral brucite gives the power of will to help you make a decision in life. It triggers quick thinking and intelligence too.

·      Sulfides Minerals

Pyrite Crystal Elephant Carved Figurine

The next popular group of minerals is Sulfides. Comprising of pyrite and Galena, sulfides are Chalcopyrites too Pyrite is a popular gemstone known as the fool’s gold. It attracts wealth and prosperity into the life of the user. Another resembling tone, marcasite is precious. This stone attracts success and winning while other sulfides such as Stibnite, Cobaltite and Sphalerite are popular too.

·      Sulfates Minerals

Natural Blue Celestite Crystal Cluster from Madagascar

Anhydrous and hydrous sulfates such as Celestite and Anhydrite form the category of sulfates minerals.  Celestite helps you communicate with the angelic realm. It is a connector of the etheric realm as it can awaken your third eye and throat chakras. Other sulfate minerals are baryte and selenite! The latter is the crystal that is known to have helped god create life!

·      Carbonates Minerals

Beautiful Dolomite Rock Stone

Another category of minerals is those with carbonates. The popular carbonate mineral is Calcite. It relaxes you, purifies your mind and charges it with positivity. Magnesite is another carbonate, not popular than dolomite, the crystal of higher awakening.

·      Phosphates Minerals

Two amazing crystals pop into my head when I think about phosphates. Apatite, the stone that helps you lose weight and create emotional balance is the best phosphate mineral. It helps you progress and succeed in life. Another phosphate mineral is monazite, the astral travel stone.

·      Halides Minerals

Natural Fluorite Quartz Crystal Wand

I love halides because they are common and radiant. My popular halide stone is Fluorite. It is seen in a variety of colors and makes me feel my best. Fluorite can trigger dormant energies in the user by touching your higher chakras. Another halide almost-everyone knows about is Halite, the rock salt!

·      Silicates Minerals

Next, we proceed to the most popular minerals on the planet- silicates. Let’s find out if your favorite gemstone is a silicate mineral.

  1. Orthosilicates

Garnet Bracelet - Red Stone - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

The peculiar orthosilicates are Garnet and olivine. Garnet is a sacral chakra stone that makes you passionate and genuine. It drives your mind and energy. Olivine on the other hard controls your heart and steer you to health and personal success.

  1. Ring silicates

Morganite Vintage - 925 Sterling Silver Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

The most popular ring silicates are Tourmalines. The schorl you see is proof of this. Tourmalines are protective crystals often used as amulets and talismans. Ring silicates also include beryl such as your pink Morganite. It helps you connect with your heart chakra and find enthusiasm and energy towards goals.

  1. Chain silicates

There are two types of chain silicates- Pyroxenes and amphiboles. Well, no gemstones here!

  1. Sheet silicates

In sheet silicates, you can see various forms of mica and clay minerals such as Muscovite mica and biotite mica.

  1. Framework silicates

1000g Natural Rose Quartz Stone

The last category of silicates called the Framework silicates also include Quartz, feldspars and zeolites. Our favorite purification stone, quartz is a third eye and crown chakra crystal while feldspars associate with both higher and lower chakras.  

Before you go …

Did you understand where gemstones come from? If you have any other doubts about rocks and minerals, ping us below with a comment!

Stay powerful~

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