Highest Quality Ruby Jewelry
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Highest Quality Ruby Jewelry

Know your Ruby

Naturally made with a hardness of 9.0 on the Mohs scale, ruby is a durable gemstone to wear for crystal healing and power of the sun.

Ruby activates the Base chakra.

The chromium and iron rich red to pink or brown stone Ruby is a crystal of happiness and passion. A dispeller crystal where Root Chakra energy flows in a rejuvenating manner, Ruby is known as the King of Stones too. 
Effects of Ruby
Physical healing – Blood, Circulation, Infections, liver, pancreas, spleen, eye disorders and headaches;
Emotional healing – Marital Bliss, Creativity, inspiration, rehabilitation, courage and self-esteem;
Spiritual healing - Heightened consciousness, spirit guidance, wisdom, inner vision, peace, synchronicity and success;

People born in the month of January or with the zodiac Capricorn bond maximum with Ruby. Ruby assists in Shamanic Journeys and attaining bliss in marital life. Ruby is used in crystal healing to lessen fears, especially in co-dependent relationships.