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June Birthstone - Gemini Zodiac, Dates, Gemstones, Meaning, Traits

June Birthstone - Gemini Zodiac, Dates, Gemstones, Meaning, Traits

UPDATED: 21.10.2018 Gemini is the third Zodiac sign. Persons born as Geminis are quick to tell about this, mainly because they love to talk. For them it is not just idle talking, it is their driving force. Gemini born persons are intellectually inclined in constant search for information. They are real Zodiac chameleons that can blend into different groups of people.

Geminis are known to be smart, dynamic, passionate, excellent communicators, quick witted and energetic. They are never stuck in their past and don’t spend their time thinking what might have been. They always move forward with optimism with ability to always look at the bright side. People born as Gemini birthstone is for those who are never bored, even when they look like that, their brain is racing making plans or daydreaming.

They love to love, they love seduction and rituals of love. From butterflies in their belly to anticipation and constant messaging. They love dating and whole world loves them. Considering that Gemini born persons tend to be very loyal, once they choose the right person they settle down. Even when they settle down, they do their best to keep everything fresh. Also, they are open minded and happy to try everything in the bedroom. For them, sex is true celebration of life and they love it.

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Gemini Start and End Dates

Typically, Gemini birthstone zodiac sign starts on 21st May and lasts to 20th June. Their Zodiac house is ruled by the planet Mercury. Of course, birth dates can change depending on a year but those dates are reserved for Geminis. Considering that constellations shift over time we may hear sometimes that astronomers say that horoscope is not accurate. That is why we use Tropical Zodiac with fixed system in order to avoid confusion.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Symbol

Gemini Zodiac Sign Symbol

In the Zodiac, Geminis are represented as Twins, true yin and the yang. Since they can be both sides of the issue, main problem for other people is knowing which one of the Twins will show up. In some cases, even they don’t really know which one will show up. Because of this duality of the character, Romans represented them as numeral II. Over the years many artists created different sign symbols for Gemini but the base concept of the sign is typically the same.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Meaning

We can’t say for sure what is the real meaning of the Gemini zodiac sign. From its representation throughout the human history, through mythology and early beliefs, we may draw some conclusions. Gemini zodiac sign was represented as two pillars joined at the top and its base. People believe that this represents two pillars that King Solomon placed in the porch of the temple. Since those pillars were placed apart from the building without any structural purpose, their use was considered to be symbolical during that time. This symbol is considered as the union of intuition and intellect.

Positive Gemini Personality Traits

Gemini Positive Personality Traits

Geminis are one of the most social zodiac signs. They love to charm people and be around people. They are real chameleons and it is easy for them to blend in any situation. Moreover, their intelligence, amazing communication and interesting ideas draw people to them like magnets.

Persons born under this zodiac sign hate to be bored and because of that, they learn in an early age how to have fun even when they are alone. It is in their nature to constantly learn new things, facts and to fill their brains with information. Thanks to their curiosity, people love to spend time with them learning new stuff from Geminis. For them, it looks like gemini birthstone know every single little bit about every topic. Their curiosity is sometimes a problem since they never dwell on one thing until they learn everything about it.

Considering that they are quick-witted, love to learn new things and being full of ideas, jobs like entrepreneurs or journalists come as second nature to them. Geminis are not afraid of risks, they can easily express themselves and help other people in misunderstandings. Their dualistic nature helps them to see one situation from different angles. Geminis are not passive observers, they love life and they will do everything they can to live it to the fullest.

Negative Gemini Personality Traits

Inconsistency is probably one of the most famous Geminis negative personality treat. They are changeable that other people find hard to understand. This is common problem for Geminis in romantic relations. Because of this, they can’t stay in one place for too long.

Gemini birthstone is for those who are also known to be double-faced. This is other side of their personality. While they show their good side to the people that surrounds them, this negative side stays hidden and it is seldom shown to people. Most often this is their real side and when they show reveal it - people and their friends find it pretty hard to accept. In some situations, Geminis are unable to shine and perform at their best because of their anxiety. For some of them, this is disastrous trait.

One of the hardest things for Geminis is to make a decision. They are not really great at it and if possible, they prefer to leave this to others. Once in a relationship, Geminis will prefer partners that will do their homework and do the decision making instead of them. One other thing that Geminis do is judging to others, most often on a basis of whispers and gossip. It is hard for them to put an effort and verify if information is true or not, they just believe everything someone tells them about a person.

Zodiac Signs That Are Compatible with Gemini

One of the biggest challenges in the life of gemini birthstone persons is finding emotional bonding that will last for a longer period of time. This is often the case with older Geminis that find themselves in repetitive disappointing relationships. During their lifetime, they tend to make sharp changes and leave behind those who love them. Thankfully, there are few signs that can keep pace with them and build great relationship.

Gemini and Aries

Gemini and Aries Relationship Compatibility

Relationship between Gemini and Aries can be good, challenging but exciting for both partners. They can learn a lot from each other and be active in a healthy way. Biggest problem for romantic relationship between these two zodiac signs is lack of trust. In situation when Aries get overly attached to Gemini it will try to fight for their freedom. Of course, in case that they can find solution for their problems through healthy conversation, they can overcome all troubles. All in all, there is always big chance that Gemini and Aries will end up together and share their love for adventure that will overcome all troubles.

Gemini and Taurus

Gemini and Taurus Relationship Compatibility

Relationship between Gemini and Taurus is always complicated one and it is not promising. In case that Taurus can endure thanks to its persistence long enough, if they last long enough to really get to know each other then they have much bigger chance to last. Of course, their chances to reconcile is always slim one, once Taurus put its heart on the plate and do everything they can, then they might find a way to become part of Geminis life. If they manage to build healthy relationship over time, they will both thrive. Taurus will give Gemini consistency and base for normal functioning while Gemini will give Taurus wings and teach them to fly and enjoy life.

Gemini and Gemini

Gemini and Gemini Relationship Compatibility

In most situations, relationship between two Geminis is headache for both of them. Once in a romantic relationship, they will do everything together, talk about everything and go everywhere together. It will be amazing to do all this over and over again until one of them lose interest. This can always be the case because of their inconsistency and adventurous spirit. If they had long lasting relationships in the past then their relationship can last long. Their mutual understanding is perfect from the day one but it is not always relationship in which they will want to stay. They are too similar with too many personalities for one relationship. In case that they understand each other to the core, then they life forever together.

Gemini and Cancer

Gemini and Cancer Compatibility

This two signs are next to each other in Zodiac and it is more likely that they will last long in a friendship. When talking about emotions and sexual relationship, too many things actually set this two signs apart. In order to make this work they both need to make some adjustments. Cancer need to give Gemini their freedom as they will never give it away. Cancer will always try to hold them back but if they really fall in love, they will make it work through understanding Gemini needs. On the other hand, if Gemini wants to make it work, they will need to listen more to Cancers needs. If they understand each other and give each other enough freedom, they will end up in beautiful relationship.

Gemini and Leo

Gemini and Leo Compatibility

For most people in the surrounds of Gemini and Leo couple it will look like perfect relationship of the perfect couple. They both love to laugh, spend time with friends and have fun. Main challenge in their relationship is their different approach to change. Both of them need to make small adjustments in their life and behaviour in order to make this relationship to last. Their respect for each other can overcome in most cases all boundaries. If Leo can make more room for Gemini and find understanding for their changeable character then this can last. Of course, Gemini will need to understand that whole relationship depends on Leo. They should be together, they should enjoy life and have fun and work on their childish joy.

Gemini and Virgo

Gemini and Virgo Relationship Compatibility

Relationship between Gemini and Virgo is always changeable like the wind. Both of them get lost and found every single day. Main problem with both of them is overthinking. Instead of just following their hearts they will think about everything over and over again. Being most of the time in their minds, if they find a way to respect each other then they will find a way to build lasting relationship. If they really fall in love, their relationship can become heaven on Earth.

Gemini and Libra

Gemini and Libra Love Compatibility

They are not always perfect couple but in overall, relationship between Gemini and Libra tends to be a good one because of their support for each other. Of course, nothing is perfect so if Gemini find it hard to understand Libras over attachment, their relationship can be complicated. Libras are like that, they have troubles when they are alone. Also, they will leave leadership to Gemini until they deplete all their energy. In order to make this relationship work both of them need to do their best. Libra needs to find a way to respect Gemini while in return, Gemini needs to take care of Libra all the time and find understanding for their needs.

Gemini and Scorpio

Gemini and Scorpio Relationship Compatibility

From the first glance, relationship between Gemini and Scorpio is pure disaster. In most cases, they will annoy each other beyond words. They simply can’t find a way to understand each others personalities. Gemini will find Scorpio too dark and depressed while Scorpio will see this relationship as the one with no depth or purpose. In case that they really fall in love, Gemini persons will experience emotional satisfaction that they never felt before while Scorpio will finally get a chance to relax and realize that life is not that serious. If they work everything out, they will learn a lot from each other and experience huge personal growth.

Gemini and Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius Relationship Compatibility

In the Zodiac, one of the most interesting and incredible couples are Gemini and Sagittarius. It takes time for them to find each other but when they do, they will build amazing relationship. In fact, their relationship is build on a strong intellectual connection. Over time they will find deep emotions for each other. There is no real way to estimate how their relationship will look like as their emotions can scare them away. Most often, they end up their relations because of fear. If both of them decide that it is worth it and give in, they will end up in one of the most harmonious relationship. For Gemini and Sagittarius only the sky's the limit.

Gemini and Capricorn

Gemini and Capricorn Love Compatibility

Those two Zodiac signs are not really compatible with each other and in most cases they are strange fit. It is the truth that both of them look for positive traits that the other sign has, it looks like they can’t really recognize those traits in each other. On one side, Gemini needs Capricorn to give them depth and ground them, when they stop and look at them they see someone boring and old. In order for Capricorn to feel the joy and relax, they need Geminis energy and positivity but they often see them as uncontrollable. All in all, both of them can learn from their relationship as this is great experience for them. If they find a way to make all this work out, they will end up in interesting relationship in which they will both grow.

Gemini and Aquarius

Gemini and Aquarius Relationship Compatibility

Gemini needs his freedom, partner that is not boring or that will try to limit them in any way. When looking at these needs, Aquarius is possibly the best match for Gemini. All that Aquarius needs is someone that understands their ideas, someone to discuss with them. Geminis intelligence and love for talking is perfect match. It's all amazing for them but in most cases, in this kind of relationship they will find themselves in a relation with not enough compassion and emotion. Both of them need to work out on their verbal and non-verbal understanding and emotions. If they can work this out, they will end up in a beautiful relationship.

Gemini and Pisces

Gemini and Pisces Relationship Compatibility

Compatibility between Gemini and Pisces is most often positive and enjoyable for both of them mostly because they don’t have that much in common. Both of them can have fun on large social gatherings, they can forget to call each other and they can change their opinion all the time. Lack of understanding for Pisces can lead to early breakup. In case that Gemini stops for a moment and listen to Pisces, they can grow using their talents. There is a chance that Pisces will drain Gemini energy when relationship is fragile. If they find understanding and persistence, both Gemini and Pisces will reach to their emotional cores and enjoy real intimacy. 

What is June birthstone crystal?

Taking into consideration that month of June is associated with Zodiac sign of Gemini which dates are from May 21 to June 21. Main and most appropriate birthstone for month June is Pearl. Pearl is great representation of the duality of the Gemini sign. Also, it represents other dualities like life and death, happiness and sorrow.

Pearl Choker Necklace

Multi Layer Beads One Pearl Choker; $26 USD

One of the gorgeous gemstones that also empower the love energy, Pearl is a gemstone for the weak-hearted Gemini. When used as a pendant on the Heart Chakra, Pearl activates the power of Mother Gaia and connect the user with nature as well as cosmos. Gem elixir made of pearls are considered ideal to calm the nerves and considered excellent for those with seizures as well as chronic anxiety attacks

Pearl Properties and Meaning

Pearls are only birthstone crystals that are in fact made by living creatures. Mollusks produce pearls during process of depositing layers of calcium carbonate around speck of irritants in their shells. While any mollusk can make a pearl, only two groups of mollusks can create pearls that are used in jewelry.

Another gemstone that is considered as June birthstone is Alexandrite. Alexandrite is considered as modern gemstone that was discovered in emerald mines in Russia. According to the legend, Alexandrite was discovered in 1834, on a day when Czar Alexander II came of age. In his honor wars this name. Alexandrite is interesting and pretty unique crystal that changes color from red to green. Since deposits of this crystal are pretty small, Alexandrite is really rare and it cost more than most gemstones, it is even more expensive than diamonds.

Alexandrite Natural Bracelet

Natural Alexandrite Beads for DIY Bracelet: $36.90 USD

People born in June are lucky when it comes to gemstones. They have a choice of choosing one of three gemstones as their June birthstone. Last one is Moonstone. According to legends, Roman historian Pliny gave name to this beautiful gemstone that shifts color with the phases of the moon. Most common findings of the Moonstone are in Switzerland. This crystal comes in a range of beautiful colors, from gray, yellow and green to pink and peach. Most prized and finest Moonstones come from Sri Lanka.

Moonstone pendants necklaces


How to select Gemini birthstone by date?

Of course, Gemini zodiac sign responds to Pearl the most but it also responds to other crystals like white sapphire, Tourmaline, Emerald, Citrine, Agate, Moonstone, Malachite and Obsidian. Depending on a decanate and their personal needs, Geminis can find their perfect crystals with ease.

Geminis that are born in first decanate of their sign from May 21st to May 31st should choose crystals that correspond with Jupiter as protector of the sign. Those persons have highly developed logical and intuitive thinking. Because of this, they should choose Malachite as their main crystal.

Geminis that are born in the second decanate of their sign from June 1st to June 10th are born under protection of Mars. Main characteristics of those Geminis are aggression, assertiveness and egotism. In order to cope with their negative traits they should wear crystals like Amber, Opal, Onyx, Pearls, Cat’s Eye and Citrine.

Geminis that are born in third decanate of their sign from June 11th until June 21st are born under protection of the Sun. Main trait of those Geminis is the fact that they can impart their warmth to the surrounding persons. They will refuse to submit to anyones demands and sometimes they can’t handle their anger. In order to keep their negative traits in check, Geminis from third decanate should wear crystals like: Sapphire, Topaz, Alexandrite and Tourmaline.

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye Birthstone Crystal for Gemini

This crystal was always known as one of the most beneficial Gemini birthstones. Its gentle vibration and silky gloss bring positive vibrations of the Sun and Earth into your life. This gemstone will help you improve your confidence, self esteem, safety and willpower. If you have found yourself in a situation that looks like there is no way out, Tiger Eye will help you to start over, it will bring harmony into your life and its gentle vibrations will bring abundance and money into your life. It will save you also from gossips, jealousy and slander.

A powerful root chakra gemstone, Tiger eye also activates the chakra of well-being also known as Solar Plexus chakra. Tiger eye is the gemstone of future and divination. It balances multiple levels of life by aligning multiple chakras appropriately. Being the planetary stone of Gemini, Tiger Eye is ideal to awaken the powers with the help of its ruling planet Mercury.


Crystal Citrine Cluster Mineral Stone

Citrine gemstone is one of the strongest gems for manifestation. It is well known stone for keeping a peace of your mind, let all your fears go and help you with its positive energy. Citrine stone by allowing flow of positive energy helps wearer to manifest money and bring abundance into its life. If you are trying to lose weight, then Citrine can really help as it improves your willpower. If you are communicating a lot with people, this gemstone will sharpen your mind, intuition help with financial affairs.

One of the potent crystals for activating multiple chakras, Citrine is one of the important gemstones of Gemini. Citrine activates both higher and lower chakras such as Crown, Solar Plexus and Sacral to increase the power circle of the wearer. Wearing a citrine pendant or earring can help you keep your chakras awakened.

Blue Sapphire

This is very strong gemstone that will help your communication abilities. It will assist you and help your mind to align with ideal of truth. Main focus of Blue Sapphire is your mind. It will help you organize your thoughts and your surrounding. Blue Sapphire  stone was also known as one of the best healing stones for the throat area. People also recommend it for persons that work on intellectual jobs, students to help them learn and to help obtaining greater mental discipline.


Topaz was always considered as symbol of affection and love that aids to persons disposition and sweetness. It is said that this gemstone helps persons creativity, concentration, control insomnia and greed. Topaz was always used as protection stone against all problems, accidents and difficulties. Traditionally, Topaz gems were used by wearers to calm the temper, sharpen the mind and help with heart issues.


From the earliest times, Turquoise gemstone was known for helping travelers. If you are planning to go to a long journey, it will give you more energy to finish everything that you planned. It will you resolve every issue and conflict.


A powerful gemstone of comfort and warmth, Moonstone activates multiple chakras for higher power activation. If you were born under the Zodiac sign of Gemini, it is important to use moonstone to connect with your softer side. Moonstone activates Third Eye and Crown Chakra to create a highly intuitive mind while its Kundalini energy via Sacral Chakra helps to target Gemini weaknesses.  

Citrine for Commitment in Geminis

Citrine Ring for Commitment in Geminis

Classic Style Citrine 925 Sterling Silver Ring; $23.95 USD

Gemini ascendants will find emotional well-being and enlightenment upon wearing citrine stone. Citrine is actually the king of all the other stones. It brings creativity and courage to a Gemini. You will learn the important lesson of patience quicker with a citrine than any other stone. While wands work the best to raise higher chakras and lower chakras, citrine jewelry when activated will beckon fertility too.

Cat Eye Moonstone for Angry Geminis

Cat Eye Moonstone Ring

Vintage Bohemian Big Cat's Eye Stone Ring; $34.95 USD

It is hard for a Gemini to extinguish enthusiasm or their erratic decision-making skills. But, wearing a moonstone will relax your chakra system for a smooth flow of energy. As negative energy blocks in your higher chakras lead to anger and frustration, cat eye moonstone nips it in the bud with the help of Goddess Diana. Use this Cat Eye Moonstone if you’re a Gemini to discover the peaceful side of your being!

Aquamarine for Clearing Negative Blocks of a Gemini  

Aquamarine stone clearing negativity for Gemini

Aquamarine Stone White Gold Ring; $27 USD

Influenced by the powers of Neptune, aquamarine gemstone helps a Gemini ‘act more than a dream or talk’. It clears the blocks in the throat chakra that pulls back a Gemini person from offering their full potential. Did you know aquamarine was once the luck talisman given to sailors? It’s even believed to be the favorite stone of mermaids. Therefore, aquamarine brings you luck in love as a Gemini. It will also help you pass interviews if you truly believe in your qualifications!

Lucky Gemstones for Gemini

There are many gemstones that Gemini can wear but only a few are considered as really lucky ones. Best gemstone that will bring luck to Gemini is Emerald. This gemstone is planetary birthstone of May and talismanic birthstone of June. It is a heart chakra stone filled with power to cleanse bad energy and strengthen your aura. Apart from being lucky gemstone, Emerald is also known to help persons that suffer from emotional stress, help people feel at peace.

Another gemstone that is very protective for Gemini are Pearls. Pearls will protect them from ill will and envy. Pearls will help them relieve stress, provide more success in love and improve their luck. Disappointed women should wear Jasper to get their love and luck back. Moonstone is great gemstone altogether for Gemini women as it helps with achieving goals and softens ocasional mood swings.

Bad Gemstones for Gemini Born Persons

Very expensive and heavy stones should be avoided by Geminis so try to avoid diamonds and rubies. Empowered by the planet Mars, Red Coral is rarely good for Gemini ascendants as Mars and Mercury are enemies. Wear red coral only after consultation with an astrologer. 

What we recommend

Gemini is a zodiac of mesmerizing power, love and originality.Zodiac Sign

If you’re a Gemini, use the above stones right away. If you know a Gemini, gift one of the above gemstones to change the course of their life.

Pick a gemstone that makes you feel elated from the below.

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