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See What Happens When You Start Bonding With Crystals

See What Happens When You Start Bonding With Crystals

If you’ve dabbled in music as me (perhaps you’re a crystal pro), you know all about tuning the instrument. Did you know different musicians tune instruments differently? The same way a gemstone can be tuned based on how you activate or bond with it. Even if you’re an expert crystal user, you can always find new secrets. John Lennon didn’t know guitar had six strings until he met Harrison. So, I promise I will tell you secrets about bonding with crystals you’ve never read anywhere!

Crystal Energy and Bonding Ritual with Crystals

Did you know, just like babies new crystals that are not tuned with a language don't know how to talk?

That’s the ones you buy on our store. New and fresh, these crystals are never bonded or activated. Hence, you need to imprint your energy. Most people think it’s tough to bond with a crystal, but it’s not!

What is Bonding with Crystals?

Also called activating your crystal, bonding with your stone is a way of communicating with your crystal via energies. It sounds tough, but it’s easy if your will is true to explore the powers of the stone.

When you bond with a crystal, your energy of chakras intermingles with that of the crystal to discover more about each other. A gemstone is alive, just like your friend or family. Hence, being genuine is of utmost importance when you’re bonding with your crystal.

We all know lies and pretentious characters go very short miles with their friends and family, so take the FIRST STEP by considering your new crystal as a new family member.

How long does it take to bond with Your gemstone?

I bonded with my birthstone amethyst in a second when I first laid eyes on it.

It takes anywhere from a few seconds to days or weeks to bond with your healing crystal. I won’t deny that bonding is easy when your ruling planet and that of the crystal you have are the same. That’s why you need to watch out for enemy planets such as Mercury and Mars!

Why Bond With your Crystal?

The first thing to do when you buy a new crystal is to bond with it. You can compare it to plugging in a new gadget you bought. Crystal energy is like electricity, without which the new crystal you brought won’t work.

Are you facing a stubborn stone? Before I tell you how to activate your crystal by bonding, you need to see the effects and benefits of bonding a crystal.

1.    ACTIVATE your crystal by bonding with it

Crystals are alive and contain energy like you and me. As you know by the law of thermodynamics, energy cannot be created or destroyed, it’s always transferred.

Every time we talk or do things, the energy is transferred. So, all you need to do is transfer your energy into that of the crystal.

Find out what excites you the most when you spend time with a friend, meditation, talking, visualizing and so on.

2.    DO A BETTER MANIFESTATION with your bonded gemstone

All of the use our willpower to manifest. According to LOA, the power to manifest is in the law to attract. Simply put, you need the energy to manifest and if you think you are too week for your affirmation, let the crystal help you.

Once you bond with your gemstone, it will listen and manifest your intentions before you describe them!

3.    ATTRACT HIGHER ENERGIES by bonding with your crystal

Another benefit of bonding with your gemstone is the power to attract positivity from the universe out of the blue. In short, new peace, knowledge, wisdom, love, luck, and fortune will automatically come your way once you bond with your healing stone. It’s powerful, no doubt!

4.    Bond with your Crystal to NURTURE NATURAL INSTINCTS

You love crystals. But do you know what your crystal friend wants? Ever asked it? No? Then, it’s time to get your pendulum or start talking with your crystal.

When you activate a crystal, you raise the vibrations enough to communicate seamlessly with each other. The crystal understands you, but it’s not a one-way street. You will start to understand and nurture the instincts of the crystal to get ahead of your destiny too!

5.    Bonded crystal will AMPLIFY YOUR CHAKRA ENERGY

What is your favorite crystal? Let’s suppose it’s a rose quartz. Do you know what a rose quartz can actually do when it is bonded with your heart chakra? Show you what REAL Happiness is!

Bonded crystals will enhance the respective chakra energies such as amethyst would raise crown and howlite would activate the third eye. You needn’t even touch the stone for the chakra to activate when you’re bonded!

6.    PROTECT YOURSELF by activating your healing crystal

Every gemstone strengthens or changes your aura. Click on this guide on Aura to learn all about the color changes. When you use a talismanic stone, it brings you good fortune and protection by dispelling the negativity aimed at you. In short, with your protection crystal by your side, you will never falter or fail!

What is the difference between a bonded and un-bonded crystal?

Even if you bought a crystal with the strongest intention unless you’ve bonded you will not feel the transfer of energies. A bonded crystal will be active while an unbonded or un-activated crystal will not emanate energies!

6 Ways to Bond With Your Crystals

Christina bonded with her crystal using her guide in 10 minutes! I’ve added her personal message by the end of the post!


Crystals are sensible beings just like you and me. To bond with a crystal that is waiting to enter your life, all you need to do is spend time alone with your crystal. Carry it with you where you go and just let the crystal blend into your life just as you use the crystal.


When you first receive the crystal, touch your crystal by holding it in your palms. What happens is the virgin touch creates powerful energies. Honestly, I got such a shock with my black obsidian that it fell into my lap.

Sometimes you feel the vigorous energy and other times you don’t. So, if you’re not feeling any energy in the first touch, try the next step to bond with your gemstone.


Another way to bond with a crystal is to communicate with it. I don’t mean silent communication. Really, talk with your crystal.

  • Go to a sacred room without anyone.
  • Place the gemstone on the same level as your seat.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Talk in a loud and clear voice.
  • Open your mind with the crystal.
  • Share something you haven’t said ever.

It’s just like meeting a new friend. You just need to comfortable, as well as your friend. Get it?


A simple yet effective method to bond easily with your crystal is by meditating with it. All you need to do is settle down, close your eyes and let the energy in shut-eye phase, take you for a ride.

If you’ve meditated before, you will feel a new energy other than your thoughts after a few seconds into it. Otherwise, click here to learn how to meditate with your healing crystal.


You and I both imagine. In fact, visualization is a proven technique of manifestation. When you visualize, your brain cells begin to work vigorously.

All you need to bond with a gemstone using visualization is by holding it in your palms and looking into the stone. Also referred to as crystal gazing, you will begin to see visions right away.

That means you’ve bonded with the stone. Energy is ready for you. What will you try first?

Which is the best place to bond with your crystal?

Where do you meet a friend the second time after your acquaintance? Wherever you’re comfy, right?

If your new selenite gemstone was a friend named Selene, where would you meet with her to hang out or talk? That’s where you need to be.

Personally, I love talking to my crystal in my balcony that faces the setting sun. Every evening we have a heart-to-heart for 30 minutes.

Cheatsheet: Three Easiest Crystals you can Bond With

Want a shortcut to bond with your crystals? All I can say is you’re not the first one to think of it, but you can thank me in the comments.

After experimenting with a range of stones, I have found the following to be most effective. Feel free to click on any of the pictures to 'directly' go to the page where you can buy the crystals for bonding easily.

·      Selenite

Natural Selenite Crystal Reiki Raw GemstoneKnown as the liquid light, selenite is ruled by the Moon and helps to bring your deepest emotions to the surface. It will bond quickly even if it’s your first time every with gemstones!

What selenite does is say ‘hello’ to the spiritual energy you haven’t communicated yet.

You will be surprised what a selenite wand can do!

·      Amethyst

Natural Amethyst Silver Heart Earrings   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1As amethyst is a crown chakra stone that instantly detoxes your mind and grounds the excess energy, you will find it easy to communicate, understand and work with.

Did you know Saturn is the ruler of amethyst?

If you get the favor of Saturn, life will be a bed of roses!


·      Clear Quartz

Natural Quartz Stone Pendant Necklace - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

A divine purification stone, clear quartz takes no time to work on anything.

That’s why it’s one of the stones that are instantly charged when you take it out of the birth.

If you’re finding a crystal unable to bond with, bury it with a clear quartz for 7 days and the crystal will be fresh and ready for you!


Before you go …

Do you know you can use crystals to bond with other crystals? It’s like when you find a new person and you put your common likes and dislikes on the table. Sounds easy right? It is!

Stay powerful~

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