Rose Quartz Jewelry, Pendants, Rings, Bracelets

The mother of divine love, Rose quartz is a stone to Cherish. The story of rose quartz is that it was created by the lover of Aphrodite, named Adonis when he was stuck by the God of War- Ares.

What Is Rose Quartz?

Chemically, rose quartz formula is silicon dioxide. Commonly, rose quartz is a pink colored quartz stone with the same hardness (7 on MOHS). It is believed to contain the energy of heart chakra to awaken you.

Who Should Wear Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz healing properties dictate who should wear the rose quartz stone. If you want love in your life, you should wear rose quartz.

The best zodiac signs who should wear rose quartz are Scorpio and Libra. Scorpio are those born on or between October 22 to November 23 and Libra birthdates range from April 21 to May 21. If your zodiac sign is one of the two, you will find your hidden potential while wearing rose quartz.

When to Wear Rose Quartz?

Wearing rose quartz on your left side makes it easy for the heart chakra energies to connect with your heart. Rose quartz is a stone of protection and passion. Mars, the planet of courage rules Rose Quartz and hence you should wear rose quartz on Tuesday. It will boost your strength and make you charismatic on this day.

How to Use Rose Quartz?

Now that you know who should use rose quartz, let us show you the different ways of using rose quartz in your life. We have listed the type of rose quartz products we sell if your favorite stone is rose quartz.

1.    Rose Quartz Wand

You program the rose quartz wand to send the universe your manifestation intentions. Rose quartz wand can be used by focusing on your heart chakra while you visualize its energy spreading through you. Repeat the affirmation of the intention you made to help you with it.

2.    Rose Quartz Jewelry

There are different kinds of rose quartz jewelry. Rose quartz ring is good for working with your aura while Rose quartz pendant keeps your heart chakra in check. Rose quartz bracelet can strengthen your heart and aura when you wear it on the dominant hand. Wearing Rose quartz earrings on Tuesdays attract good luck while Rose Quartz Jewelry set can give you a rose aura energy.  

3.    Rose Quartz Pendulum

A rose quartz pendulum helps you seek answers from your subconscious mind. You can notice the oscillations or vibrations to interpret your answers. Hold it over your heart chakra and give it a try!

4.    Rose Quartz Egg

The best way to do yoni exercise such as kegel is by inserting a rose quartz egg into your vagina. It is made for your vaginal walls to soak into the heart chakra energies and strengthen your muscles.

5.    Rose Quartz Ball

A crystal sphere is a symmetric beauty that can be used for affirmation manifestations. Hold it with both your palms and chant your affirmation. You might see visions in your ball if you try crystal gazing.

6.    Rose Quartz Feng Shui

When you place rose quartz around the four feng shui directions, you will attract prosperity, harmony, love and success. Or, you can select your own feng shui directions and place the rose quartz gravel in a bowl there.

7.    Rose Quartz Pyramid

The sharp tip of the pyramid is excellent for generating affirmations for manifestations. All you have to do is place both your palms on the pyramid, close your eyes and chant your incantations.

8.    Rose Quartz Grid

You can create a rose quartz grid for manifesting your intentions. We have complete packs with the grid print included.