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Leo Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in August

Leo Birthstones, Zodiac Meanings and Gemstones for August Babies

Set between the zodiac signs of Virgo and Cancer, Leo constellation does not occur on the same zodiac dates allotted to Leo. It is one of the summer zodiacs.

Leo Birthstones and  Leo Symbolisms

The fiery summer vibe of Leo is applicable in characteristics also. It is considered an uber bright constellation with its brightest star named King Star or Regulus set on the breast of Lion Constellation. One of the unique constellations that actually looks like the zodiac symbol, Leo has been studied since the earliest of ages.   

Leo was renowned in a variety of names in the olden ages. While the Indians called Leo as Simha, Arye and Aryo were the names given by Jewish and Syrian populations in the earlier centuries.

Learn how to use Leo gemstones to turn your life around RIGHT NOW!

Leo dates

July 23 to August 23

Zodiac Symbol of Leo


Ruling Planet of Leo


Element of Leo


Best Day for Leo born people


Favorable Numbers of Leo Zodiac

19, 10, 3 and 1;

Key Chakras of Leo

Crown Chakra

Compatible Zodiac Signs

Gemini and Aquarius;

Top Colors of Leo

Orange, Yellow and Golden; 

What is the History of Leo Stones

Leo Lion

Do you know who recorded the constellation Leo was discovered by Mesopotamians, approximately 4000 B.C?

While some called it the Giant Lion, others thought of Regulus (another constellation) as the breast of the lion.

Leo says the story of Nemean, who was killed by Hercules by his bare hands because the body of the Lion could not be ripped by metal or rock. Leos are hence, thought of as invincible. If you’re a Leo, believe that you’re unbeatable, unless you let someone to do so.

Why are Leo gemstones good?

Leo Birthstones mythology

So, find your weaknesses and then use gemstones for Leo to correct the faults in your stars!From luck to love and success, many things make birthstones of Leo exceptionally powerful. While Leos might seem super-optimistic and enthusiastic people, they are not always the same. Arrogance and ego are two main poisons of Leo that may ruin your destiny according to astrology.

5 Benefits of Wearing Leo Birthstones

Leo symbol zodiac sign

What do Leo birthstones promise? Is it good to wear a Leo gemstone? Can I change my personality or luck with Leo birthstones? How to find your true love as an LEO? I’ve got all the answers from my personal experiences, so start reading!

·        Luck

While some believe horseshoe on the door invites luck, others do things are sure to make them lucky. Between logic and superstition, Leos have many ways to strike luck.

“I know what it feels when you’re no longer lucky. Everything you do turns to shit and you can’t do anything right anymore. The right crystals can change just the right blockages”

For financial luck, solar plexus or third eye chakra stones work, while luck in love demands passion crystals for Leo. On the other hand, prosperity requires Leos to rearrange their home or office for feng shui reasons.

·        Success

If you’re a hardworking Leo, yet success refuses to come your way, you need to find the path to success. And what better to do it with than crystals that awaken the highest chakras to help you peek into the future.

For achieving success, you need a mix of crystals or crystal grid for Leos to make an impact. Success gemstones for Leo are more than just luck crystals. They need to avert the evil eye and invite good fortune into your life too. Find stones that add to your career or professional success too.

Leos looking for success must play around stones like onyx and peridot or a mix of both to manifest the success you think you deserve.

·        Love

As most Leos are loyal, they might end up confessing their love too soon. What you need are crystals that can help you understand love itself at first. Once you know your own desires of love, throat and heart chakra stones ought to empower you to confess your love like a rockstar.

Love crystals for Leo may also include sacral chakra as most Leos need to be charged with life force to act on their desires. Moreover, negative traits such as possessiveness, obsession, and arrogance will be controlled so that you can be successful in love.  

·        Prosperity

Abundance is the mark of a Leo because he is the king. If you are faced with endless adversities that block good fortune or monetary rewards from coming to you, find prosperity crystals. If you’re cursed or under the evil eye, it will be hard to find prosperity or monetary rewards easily.  These crystals for prosperity will magnetize your negativity and revitalize the optimism within you.

Leos need prosperity because the negative traits include brainwashing by others for their own advantage. Prosperity crystals for Leo zodiac works by making you wise to take intelligent decisions.  

·        Courage

If you took wrong choices, you’re a shy Leo. But, that’s not who you really are. To find your self esteem and inner voice, you need throat chakra stones that empower the mind of a Leo.

You will find solar plexus crystals along with root chakra stones make Leos feel at ease. By raising determination and dedication, courage can be cultivated in a Leo. If you’re bullied or teased by friends or colleagues such that it hurts you, use courage crystals to find the best in you.

5 Stones for Leo Woman That Works Really Well

zodiac symbols in the background of an eye

What is the secret to change the evil sides of a Leo woman? Is it possible to remove jealousy with crystals for Leo woman? How to find luck and love as a Leo woman? I’ve helped gazillion Leos and this is your chance for salvation. Don’t miss it!

·        Onyx Lucky Stones for Leo Woman

Black Onyx Rose Gold Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™
Black Onyx Rose Gold & Platinum Plated Ring; $26.95 USD

The official birthstone of Leo zodiac, black onyx is a stone of grounding. It can make you courageous. When you charge your root chakra with black onyx, you develop powers of protection. “When I was alone and broken up in college, I was so scared to date again.

That’s when my bestie gave me a black onyx gemstone that changes the way I handled backsets in life FOREVER”

Ideal stone for good fortune and luck for Leos, Onyx gives a Leo woman the courage to face the reality ahead. If you’re a Leo woman faced with endless unfortunate events in daily life, you need a luck charging stone such as onyx that gels well with your zodiac energies too.

·        Leo Woman Success Crystal Peridot

Peridot Silver Sterling 925 Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   4
Peridot Silver Sterling 925 Ring; $65 USD

Without doubt, a woman born with the zodiac sign Leo is either headstrong or an egomaniac.

When you use a gemstone such as peridot which is filled with heart and higher heart chakra energies that soothe you, the obstacles in your personal career and life disappears.

My Leo brother always says, “When I’m too arrogant and refuses to listen, but shout, my wife puts a long peridot on my neck and kisses me on the forehead. That’s how I’ve dealt with every nervous breakdown I had”.

The self-control stone is popular for absorbing negativity from your aura.

·        Garnet Love Gemstone for Leo Woman

Natural Red Garnet Rings - 925 Sterling Silver

Natural Red Garnet Ring; $89.90 USD

Finding love is not easy when you’re a Leo, because Leo women demand 100% honesty and loyalty in their relationship. Moreover, possessiveness and obsession can be two dangerous traits of most Leo women. For getting rid of all that pent-up life force, what you need is a sacral chakra stone such as garnet.

The stone kindles heart and root chakras to naturally attract your true love and harmonize your relationship.

“I know Leos who wear garnets to bed so that they can see their future husband in dreams. When you wear a Garnet on your second anniversary, your marriage will never break!”

·        Leo Woman Citrine Crystals for Prosperity

Citrine Tumbled Healing Stones

Citrine Tumbled Healing Stones; $15.45 USD

As a Leo woman is often peppy and full of energy, a stone like citrine can make her wise an intellectual. Citrine is a prosperity stone for Leos as it makes them thorough and knowledgeable. Your decision-making skills improve along with your empathy.

As most Leos look at other through the eyes in their heart, citrine crystals for Leo women can increase abundance in their life.  Citrine adds multiple chakra energies from crown to sacral and solar plexus energies to make you all-knowing and invincible.

“The moment you touch a citrine, the yellow rays of healing passes through your veins, making you lightheaded. If you feel that all your negativity is gone and it’s time to attract money”.

If you’re a Leo woman who wants financial abundance, citrine bracelets are the first place to look!

·        Ruby Courage Stones for Leo Woman

Ruby Link Bracelet - 925 Sterling Silver

When you’re a Leo, people can take advantage of you easily. You need a crystal that can bring out your voice and give you fearless energy. Often Leo women end up being too dramatic and romantic before getting to any point. Ruby makes you impervious to nervousness.

“My Leo niece is always anxious about her dolls. You know what I did? I sealed a ruby in her nursery and now she’s so peppy, we give her a cake to stop laughing all the time. She’s the epitome of happiness”.

Ruby enriches the base chakra that grounds the negativity within you and aimed at you. Simply put, when you’re wearing a Ruby, nobody can harm a Leo!

5 Stones for Leo Man That Works like a Charm

zodiac signs on a circular wheel

What is the secret to change the evil sides of a Leo man? Is it possible to remove jealousy with crystals for Leo man? How to find luck and love as a Leo man? I’ve helped countless Leos and that’s why I wrote this blog. Use this is your chance for salvation. Don’t miss it!

·        Imperial Topaz Lucky Stones for Leo Man

Intense Yellow Topaz Ring

Intense Yellow Topaz Ring; $29 USD

When you’re a Leo man, laziness can get ahead of you. That’s why you must use mind sharpening stones such as yellow topaz. It is a stone that makes a Leo so intelligent that you will hear into each other’s minds.

Sun God, Ra’s stone, imperial topaz can brighten the professional career by removing obstacles out of your way. “You will experience stunning luck which was absent from your life until now, when you wear an imperial topaz and bond with it”.

To activate your yellow imperial topaz, you need to use full moonlight, herbs or clear quartz. All you need to do is mediate or activate enough energy to ensure the stone is clean. Afterward, imperial topaz for Leos activates the crown, solar plexus and heart chakras to make you the king of luck!

·        Moss Agate Leo Man Success Crystal

Natural Aquatic Agate Necklace - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Natural Aquatic Agate Necklace; $17.95 USD

Popular as aquatic agate, Moss Agate is a Leo man’s charm crystal that attains success. If you’re a businessman with the zodiac sign Leo, take a moss agate bracelet and wear it on your heart chakra, concealed under the suit.

“I gifted this moss agate pendant to my brother in law because he was feeling nervous on his first contract. Needless to say, he not only got the deal, but also an invitation to Country Club from premium members because they were smitten by him”.

While I agree Leos can be charming, they have a way of hurting the person in front without knowing. That’s why, you must wear an aquatic agate for awakening the heart chakra powers within you.

·        Labradorite Prosperity Crystals Leo Men Must Use

Labradorite Crystal Sphere
Labradorite Crystal Sphere; $43.99 USD

As Leos are more sensitive than you think, crystals for good fortune brings wealth and abundance into their life too. One such stone to use if you’re a Leo is Labradorite because it can open the brow chakra in between your eyes called the third eye.

“Labradorite can seem like paradise or the stairway to heaven because it shows you the fate you will have in the afterlife. That’s what my brother Leo found out when he massaged the third eye with an aurora borealis stone!”

The mystic blue stone connects you with the guardian angel or Chemuel to find your way out of the lost maze you’re in. If this sounds like you, get a Labradorite NOW!

·        Emerald Love Gemstone for Leo Man

Elegant Emerald Set - Necklace, Earrings & Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™
Elegant Emerald Set - Necklace, Earrings & Ring; $49.95 USD

Nero’s stone, Emerald brings love and money to a Leo man. It connects with mercury and venus to grant your deepest desires. Deeper the color of emerald, better your chances are to activate its powers for the manifestation of your own true love.

“For my college friend Gary, we gifted emerald as a Santa Gift from C-Wing and it changed everything. It might sound unbelievable, but within a week, Gary met us telling emerald found his childhood sweetheart!”

While I will tell you that story another time, I want you to keep your focus on emeralds for men born with Leo zodiac for confessing their love or finding their soulmate quickly.

·        Larimar Courage Stones for Leo Man

Truth is the mark of Larimar. This soothing blue stone finds the power of Goddess Sophia for wisdom. Larimar is an exclusive throat chakra stone for Leos who love to give speeches or orate. If you’re always shy on the stage or nervous, yet want to be famous, Larimar is the stone that will take you places.

“I am an anonymous Leo who found the courage to confess my sins to my parents and brother. I exposed myself with the courage I felt from the Christmas present Larimar necklace my mom gave. So, ya it works like Veritaserum or Truth Serum,eh?”

Leo men are loyal yet hasty. Larimar gives them the wisdom to think and knowledge to understand. The throat chakra stone fills the Leo with dedication and valiance when they use it!

14 Birthstones for Leo Born People

Leo Birthstones: Gemstones for People Born in August

Using the correct birthstones according to your birthchart will help you repel sicknesses and awaken hidden potentials. Leos are loyal and committed people with bouts of bravery. They might become arrogant or narcissistic when in control.

When the Leo birthstones are used, it transforms a person born with the zodiac sign of Leo into a committed and hardworking individual.

1.    Peridot


One of the little known gemstones for Leos, Peridot is a higher heart chakra stone that accentuates one’s understanding and assimilation of knowledge. Peridot works by opening your heart to new opportunities. For a Leo, Peridot can teach fidelity to trust and courage.

2.    Ruby


Empowering your passions are the best effects of using the right birthstone with respect to your date of birth. Ruby will help you discover the hidden potentials within you by opening multiple chakras such as base and heart. Wear it as a pendant to discover the true purpose of life!  

3.    Sardonyx


A unique and little-known gemstone for awakening multiple chakras including Third Eye, Sardonyx also charges the Leo Super Chakra. Sardonyx beads are considered excellent for those suffering from anxiety as the gemstone aids in imparting powers of divination such as fortune telling!  

4.    Carnelian


Known to awaken multiple chakras, Carnelian is a powerful stone that restores balance to the life of a Leo. Carnelian awakens both the chakras of root and sacral to bring the power of life force into the crystal user.  

5.    Emerald


One of the gentle energy gemstones for people born with the zodiac of Leo, Emerald is a stone of the divine love. It fills the heart and helps you attract the true love. As it is the correct birthstone for Leo Love, you will definitely attract the person who is best for you according to the stars!  

6.    Onyx

black Onyx earrings

A protection gemstone that every Leo must have, Onyx is a gemstone of supreme power. It beckons powers of the higher realm by connecting your core chakras with that of nature around. When used to program lower chakras such as base, onyx can enlighten the wearer and repel psychic harms such as curses and evil eyes!  

7.    Garnet

Garnet rough raw

Another perfect gemstone customized for people born under the zodiac sign of Leo, Garnet is a multichakra stone too. It awakens the hidden power of life force energy by awakening the Sacral Chakra, in addition to Heart and Base too. Use garnet as an energy boost gemstone when you feel too clutter in the mind.   

8.    Labradorite

Labradorite tumbled stone

One of the best higher chakra gemstones, Labradorite can affect the Supreme Chakra of Leo. It is considered best for Leos to develop powers of intuition and clairvision as the gemstone activates the full power of Third Eye chakra. Labradorite programming is excellent to battle the common weaknesses of a Leo.

9.    Sunstone


A powerful gemstone filled with rays of hope, Sunstone is a gemstone of the stars. It enlightens the soul more than the mind. Sunstone is ideal for spiritual rituals as it activates the combined powers of supreme chakras of Solar Plexus and Sacral. The life force energy from Sunstone is omnipotent!

10. Topaz

rainbow Topaz pendant

One of the potent gemstones with a mystique history, Mystic Topaz is the best gemstone to use, if you’re a Leo. It brings balance to both upper and lower chakras such as the Crown and Sacral. Mystic Topaz can be used to power-up the Crown Chakra to develop insight into personal life while Sacral chakra helps to hone your hidden powers.

11. Amber

Amber in the raw

A powerful aid of supernatural connection, amber is a stone that connects the wearer with the environment as well as multiple core chakras. When Amber activates the Throat chakra, powers of articulation in Leo are seen. Added with the leadership powers, Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras keep the crystal user safe and sound!  

12. Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline bracelet

Another powerful gemstone with a past of being the King of Perception, Pink Tourmaline is a must have gemstone for every Leo. It charges the dormant energy of the Crown and Heart Chakras by uniting the dual chakras.

13. Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite in the matrix

Ideal for resolving troubles of the heart and love, Rhodochrosite can even bring together star-crossed lovers. Rhodochrosite emphasizes on loving everything, animate or inanimate around us. The gemstone is a higher heart chakra that teaches crystal users to relax and soothe their worries.

14. Citrine

Citrine raw

Another important gemstone that brings destiny to the user, Citrine powers up with charging and solar infusions. Citrine is a stone of vision and change. You must use citrine to boost the powers of the Crown, Solar Plexus and Sacral chakras.   

What we recommend …

The best way to select the right gemstone according to your birthchart is by assessing how your mind reacts to each gemstone. Once you do the situational analysis for multiple gemstones, you will be free to choose the best.

Which Leo Birthstones amazed you?

Pink Tourmaline 925 Silver Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1Manchurian Peridot Gold RingMulti Stone, Amethyst, Peridot & Ruby Ring

Tell us all about it in the comments below.

Stay powerful~

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