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Your Complete Guide to Using your Tibetan Singing Bowls

Your Complete Guide to Using your Tibetan Singing Bowls

The Tibetan bowl that is palm-sized was not the same in its early years. There are standing bells, the macroscopic version of our Tibetan hand bowl with a diameter in meters to miniature bowls just a few centimeters in diameter. Known to increase your theta brainwave and induce a soothing state of meditation, Tibetan singing bowls are of many kinds, same as their benefits and uses. They can even cleanse and charge the crystals at your home with the power of sound healing. Did you know that?

Today we will learn all about Tibetan singing bowl in detail so that you can use it for a variety of holistic healing therapies at home.

What is a Tibetan Singing Bowl?

Tibetan Singing Bowl

Known as the Singing Bowl, Meditation bowl, Standing Bell and Buddha bowl, Tibetan singing bowls are traced back to the time before Gautama Buddha, around 11th century B.C. It is believed that the acoustic healing sounds of a Tibetan bowl can raise crystal vibrations as well as that of your body.  Just as different music has a different effect on the body, the holy bowl creates a series of sounds that tames the chakras and energy points of the body.  

A singing bowl is actually a bell that is rung to create sounds of calming nature. It is used in Buddhist prayers and rituals extensively. Take a tour to Tibet or your nearest monastery and you will experience the sound of these bowls.

I actually had an opportunity to witness the Tibetan singing bowl first time at the home of a friend of mine, whose distant relative was a monk. I was so immersed in the moment that I entered a trance through meditation within 10 seconds of hearing it. Have you heard it?

What are the components of a Tibetan Singing bowl?

A Tibetan singing bowl is composed of two materials mainly- the bowl and the mallet. But, often times, you will also get a fabric circular rack hollow in the middle to place your Tibetan bowl like in the picture above.

·      Bowl

Your bowl is made typically of copper to create welcoming sounds. This is one of the most important parts of a singing bowl. It creates the sound you as well as your crystals will enjoy!

·      Mallet

Made from sanctified Himalayan Wood, the mallet is the instrument that lets you make the sound from the bowl. Your mallet is a vital component of the bowl. It is often supplied together based on the harmony of sound it makes together with the bowl. The mallet is often leather-wrapped for creating melodious acoustics.

How does a Singing bowl work?

Handmade Tibetan  Copper Bowl

There are many simplified ways to understand the working of a Tibetan Singing bowl. These physics of meditation and singing bowls are simple. Let’s find out how a Tibetan singing bowl works in physical to metaphysical ways.

·      Brainwaves due to Singing Bowl

Do you know the sound of a Tibetan bowl emanates theta brain waves? What are theta brain waves and what do they do to you?

Theta waves range from 3 to 8 Hz. Seen in deep sleep, these ways are identically soothing to the human brain to create a deep meditative state. It lets you cut off from the material world around you. Scientists call theta the wave of learning and intuition.

·      Zen that Brings you Back to Reality

In meditation, primarily Buddhist meditation, Tibetan singing bowls are not used for singing. They are usually tapped with the leather wrapped mallet. You tap it in between the meditation to bring the person slowly and harmoniously back to reality. What happens when you disturb a meditating person? Find out here.

Instead, use a Tibetan singing bowl to help them stay grounded!

·      When there is Water in the Bowl

Water dancing in the Tibetan Singing bowl recorded on high speed video can be found here. All you need to do is fill the singing bowl with 75% water. It was inspired by the email of a woman who used Tibetan Singing Bowls. It is called the Faraday instability behavior for the nerds. Are you one too? Do you know more about how a Tibetan singing bowl works? Please share your knowledge with us in the comments below!

What are the Benefits of Using a meditation Bowl with Crystals?

Himalayan Hand Hammered Singing Bowl - Great For Meditation & Yoga

Using your singing bowl to meditate is amazing because it has widespread advantages across your physical and spiritual body.  Let’s find out the real uses of singing bowls. I have added bonus ways to use it for crystals too.

·      Meditation and Mindfulness

When you meditate with a singing bowl, your Focus is tripled. It can slowly be amplified with more time with the singing bowl. What actually happens is that you are building a track or signal to switch on your mindfulness for meditation. It will make you immersed in the present. Meditating singing bowl from Tibet is also ideal for gathering your attention if you’re constantly distracted.  

·      Sleep Preparation and Deep Slumber

A relaxation therapy used for centuries, Tibetan singing bowls are calming and soothing to the nerves. When you’re getting ready to sleep, stress from the day and anticipation of the next day can make you an insomniac. You can instead have a little session listening to the acoustic melody of the Tibetan singing bowl under the moonlight before sleep. It will enhance your sleep by introducing theta brainwaves easily.

·      Crystal Cleansing and Charging

I can’t say enough about how useful Tibetan singing bowls are for crystals. The acoustic vibrations of the bowl are ideal for placing your crystals inside and purifying them. For a purified crystal, the same singing bowl can induce vibrations of charging. So, you can use it for your own peace of mind and charging your crystals for the day too! Saves a lot of time, if you’re a healing crystal junkie like me.

How to Use a Tibetan Bowl?

Handmade Tibetan  Copper Bowl

A Tibetan singing bowl has been around since ages. The same is why there are various ways of using the Tibetan singing bowl. I will be defining three major ways you use can use it to tone your own acoustic vibrations.

·      Beginner’s Method

Popular as the Tapping method, you can do this with a new Tibetan bowl too. In this singing bowl guide for beginners, I will show you the step-by-step method to tap a Tibetan bowl. It is also called warming up the bell and most users do this is a ‘hello’ or first step whenever they use the bowl.

  • Take your Tibetan singing bowl in your left palm.
  • Take the mallet in your right palm.
  • Hold the mallet in its middle.
  • Now tap the mallet gently on the singing bowl at the sides.
  • Repeat it rhythmically.

·      Standard Method

Now that your meditating bowl is warm, you can start making healing sounds with it. And, the best part is, it’s very easy. Just follow the steps below!

  • Take your Tibetan singing and keep it on a table or fabric rack.
  • Take the mallet in your right hand.
  • Now starting immediately in front of you, start touching the edge of the mallet over the edge of the singing bowl in a clockwise angle.
  • Take off your mallet and hear the bowl sing on its own.
  • When the singing stops, restart rubbing the mallet on the bowl edges.
  • Continue doing the same gently, like stirring a big bowl of soup.

·      Advanced Method

This is really for experienced Tibetan singing bowl users, alright?

For doing the advanced method, you should already be done with the beginner’s and standard method. Called the wah-wah method, this gives you an idea of the oscillating sounds of a meditation bowl.

  • Make the bowl sing by rubbing the mallet on the edge of the bowl while holding it in your left palm.
  • Raise the singing bowl to your mouth so that the air from your moth will touch the mouth of the bowl.
  • Now open your mouth imagining the word ‘wah’ and close the mouth imagining another ‘wah’ sound.

You will change the sound as well as feel the healing vibrations in your mouth when you can do the advanced Tibetan bowl singing.

Ways to Care and Store a Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tibetan Singing Bowl

How do you take care of a Tibetan singing bowl? Can you leave it out in the sun for long? How should you clean it? Find all your answers below!

  • You must always respect the singing bowl and avoid using it while negative.
  • Do not let the water touch the rim of the bowl when you’re going to sing with it.
  • Always clean the singing bowl after use with a super absorbent cloth and warm water.
  • Store the meditation bowl in an airtight box to prevent rust.
  • Do not place multiple bowls together.
  • Do sing with your bowl while meditating on full moon night.
  • Placing the crystals inside the bowl under moonlight is also cleansing for stones.

Before you go …

A Tibetan singing bowl is an ancient method of meditation just seeing the light of day again. I love it because it is the best way to find the soothing vibration from nature itself. How do you use a Tibetan singing bowl? Tell us in the comments below.

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