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Healing Crystal Handbook: Pearl

Healing Crystal Handbook: Pearl

Want a stone that stands for the epitome of purity, innocence and good will?

Healing Crystal Handbook: PearlPearl was believed to be the sign of godly ascension or that of Angels from heaven years ago and now, the pearl is every bride’s must-have jewelry for the auspicious day. Pearl is a naturally made gemstone that stands as a stone for multiple months including November, July, April and February.

Just as pure as it looks, pearl is the stone of unmarred beauty, joy and positivity. It is a gemstone that brings the calmness of the ocean the moment you touch it. Pearl is also famous for making the wearer wise and knowledgeable. It can balance the aura and purify the evil eye on you.

If you live a cluttered life with responsibility piling up and no solution to relieve your burden, pearl can be of help. Pearl is known to clear the congestion, negativity and toxicity by flushing all your chakras. Unlike ordinary rocks, pearl is filled with the power of crown chakra that makes anyone who touches or wears pearl intuitive.

Another attribute of pearl people often fails to realize is the love it emanates. When you wear a pearl, you become the center of attention because the pearl raises your heart vibrations to connect to the people and nature around you. It makes you humble, kind and generous.

Many stories say pearl is the divine drop of a raindrop that fell from the heavens upon an oyster’s heart, giving nacre (neikar or mother of pearls) to all the oysters on earth and subsequently ejecting precious pearls.

·        Alternate Names of Pearl

There are endless names for pearl thanks to its beauty beyond wonder. But, the most popular names of pearl are Perle, perna, Nacre, Lulu, Moti, Margarita, Somratna, Golden South Sea and Akoya.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Pearl

·        Hardness of Pearl on the MOHS Scale

When you’re wearing pearl, it is important to be careful because pearl is a fragile stone of harness 4.0 to 4.5. Take it off if you’re doing cleaning, cooking, washing or even applying deodorants.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Pearl

·        Origin of Pearl

Found around the globe, the best pearls in the world can be picked up from Bay of Bengal, Sri Lanka, India, The Persian Gulf, Mexico and Australia.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Pearl

·        Pearl Represents God

Healing Crystal Handbook: Pearl

  • Lakshmi: Goddess of Prosperity, India;
  • Moon: Many scriptures;

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Pearl

Two zodiac signs can benefit the most from wearing pearl. Gemini can find wisdom and spiritual attunement by wearing pearl while Cancer finds peace and health.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Pearl

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Pearl

Ruled by the Moon, Pearl reflects the unmarred light of moon. Under full moon night, pearl gains the maximum charge and is best for crystal sessions up to one week after.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Pearl

·        Pearl Color energies

There are many colors of pearl such as Grey, Gold, Yellow, Peach, White and Black other than the rainbow color.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Pearl

·        Numerical Vibration of Pearl

If you’re wearing pearl, go for the number 7 because pearl vibrates to the number 7.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Pearl

·        Pearl activates the Chakra (s)

Pearl can do a lot of things because controls multiple chakras located in between your brows (third eye), on top of your head (crown) and around your stomach (solar plexus).

Healing Crystal Handbook: Pearl

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Pearl

Gothic Pearl Choker - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™ 

Pearl represents the water element and is primarily made as the result of an irritant within the mollusk. An oyster makes Pearl by accumulating nacre on irritant or the foreign body to protect itself within the shell. Owing to its low hardness on the Mohs Scale, the pearl is also made into powders or paste form and used in Ayurvedic Medicine.

There are a variety of pearls from natural to cultured, today and differentiating one takes expertise and knowledge. To appreciate a pearl, you must clinically understand its shine, composition and reflective nature.

According to belief and folklore, a cracked pearl is harmful to the wearer and dents signify the loss of fortune while mole harbingers disease or grief. Remember to wear your pearls according to the moon cycle or on Mondays but never a Saturday. Open-backed pearls are excellent and must be made with sterling silver. Try to flaunt your pearl during moonrise or twilight every day to maximize its mystical powers.

1.      Cobra Pearl

Also popular as Nagamani, Nagarathinam or Nagamanikyam (Naga= Snake, mani=gem), Cobra Pearl is one of the Navaratnas (Nine Sacred Gemstones) embezzled even today. It was believed that Nagarathinam was found when a King Cobra never used its venom and died after engulfing the first raindrop of Swati Nakshatra.

Cobra pearls are rare and even thought of as a myth, but as many snakes gobble pebbles, it is possible to believe that snakes above 15 years without an episode of ejecting the venom is capable of making nagamanikyam. Cobra Pearl is composed of no impurities and exists without a nucleus, as opposed to the birth of natural pearls.

2.      Basra Pearl

Born in the seawaters of Persian Gulf, Biwa Pearls are, seen in an ivory sheen and known to bring good fortune to its wearer.

3.      Elephantine Pearl

Gaj (Elephant in Sanskrit) Muktha is found typically in the Airawat breed of elephants on a Shravan Nakshatra on a Monday or Sunday. Forming up to a size of Indian Gooseberry, Elephantine Pearl is absolutely rare as the King Cobra Pearls.

4.      Biwa Pearls

Named after the largest lake in Japan, Biwa Pearls are no longer naturally available owing to the pollution of the lake. Although, currently you can buy cultured Biwa pearls in Biwa Lake.

5.      Oyster Pearl

Born out of oysters, oyster pearls are renowned as Shakti Muktha in Sanskrit and born under the multiple layers of aragonite with the organic substance called conchiolin. Folklore emanates that oysters give birth to the finest of pearls during Swati Nakshatra too.

6.      Conch Pearl

Shankh (conch) muktha is found within the conch and found in oval shapes. Conch pearls are found in diverse shapes such as yellow, brown, pale yellow and blue tints. One can also find conch pearls with up to three lines or laces too.

7.      Hog Pearl

Popular as the Shukar Muktha, Hog Pearls are mustard yellow pearls found at the head of a hog.

8.      Clam Pearls

Oysters make pearls from nacre while clams do so by forming pearls that look similar to porcelains. Clam pearls are superbly white and display chatoyance in it.

9.      Seed Pearls

Very small sized pearls found in plenty are called seed pearls. It can be formed by a seawater oyster or freshwater mussel widening up to 2 millimeters in diameter.

10. Blister Pearl

Available in diverse shapes, thanks to the endless experiments since the dawn of time, blister pearls are also called Domes and represent blisters due to the uneven coating or texture of the foreign substance.

11. Cassis Pearls

Spanning from colors of yellow to beige, brown and ivory, cassis pearls are a rare variety of pearls often found in shades of orange too. A variety of pearls made from a substance that is not nacre, cassis pearls emanates flames in the eyes of the observer due to its unique structure.

12. Keshi Pearls

Formed during the cultivation of large scale of pearls, Keshi Pearls form without any central body or nucleus unlike nacreous pearls around the world. Keshi Pearls are completely made from mother of pearl or the nacre.

13. Scallop Pearls

Yet another pearl that is formed without the presence of nacre, scallop pearls are found rarely in the shape of scallop mollusks alone.                

14. Soufflé Pearls

When mud or heaps of mud are introduced to the pearl-producing oyster or animals, you get a resultant pearl that is brown to beige with a dirty yellow tint on it.

15. Pearl Opal

When an opal is introduced as the irritant within a pearl, what you get as a result is an opal stone that is covered in pearl or nacre by the organism itself.

16. Tahitian Pearls

Represented by the typical black to gray shades, Tahitian Pearls are a result of the black-lipped oyster scientifically called the Pinctada margaritifera, usually found around the island of Tahiti or French Polynesia.

17. Abalone Pearl

Seen in the color of typical abalone shells, Abalone Pearl is also renowned as the sea ear for its unique construction and shape. Abalone pearls are excellent for sea nomads and were popular as the sea or ear shells long ago.

Known as abalone shells, abalone pearls is helpful for neurological conditions in the wearer.

18. Bar Pearls

When cultivators insert plastic discs instead of nacreous substances into the mollusk, it tends to produce bar pearls, which are cheaper than most variety of Pearls.

19. Black Pearl

Yet another prodigy of Pinctada margaritifera is the rare and renowned black pearl found around the Pacific Ocean. Black Pearl is also found from the rainbow oyster and can refer to both seawater and freshwater pearls.

20. South Sea Pearl

A typical golden yellow pearl made from Pinctada Maxima dwelling in the South Seas. Ranging up to 2 cm in size, South Sea Pearls are also found in Indonesia to Australia and Philippines. One of the most valued natural pearls in the world is found in South Seas.

21. Pink Pearls

Activating the heart chakra, pink pearls must be used to close to cardiac therapies.

22. Blue Pearls

Formed from the silver-lip oyster, blue pearls are a result of the irritant occurring within the nacre as well as the shell or bead of the oyster.

23. Fish Pearl

Also called Meen Muktha, Fish Pearl is seen in colors of yellow to dirty white naturally. Stories claim it to be found in the stomach of sea fishes.

24. Bamboo Pearl

History calls it the Bansh Muktha, which is often seen in berries and with a green coating and appraised as the result of raindrops of Swati Nakshatra.

25. Sky Pearl

Renowned as the Akash Muktha comes down in the rain during Shravan Nakshatra on Sundays and Mondays.

·        Physical Effects of Pearl

Pearl Beads Roses Bracelet - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

A relieving crystal that puts you to gentle calmth and relaxation, Pearl can also alleviate symptoms of the heart too. The perfectly round slice of heaven, pearl oxide is known to increase your lifespan while natural pearl infusions and patches strengthen the body. Pearl wearers are also blessed with fertility, especially women.

Pearl wearers become calm due to its soothing effects on the neurotransmitters as well as heart, stomach, eyes and the reproductive system.

Pearl can also be used as an effective antidote against fever, nosebleed, low immunity, chest pain and respiratory disorders. Pearl also resolves congestions within the human body, including urinary difficulties. From severe illnesses such as tuberculosis to dehydration, Pearl can be the ultimate savior for those with chronic fatigue.

·        Spiritual Effects of Pearl

Long Stud Earrings - With Big Pearls

An enlightening and uplifting stone, Pearl also wards off evil spirits, ghosts and unfriendly energies from your vicinity. Wearing a pearl is a blessing in disguise because it empowers your spirits and boosts your innate traits. By helping to raise your psyche with that of the Goddess, you attract wealth and success into your life.

Shiny pearls are messengers of good fortune and success while red pearls introduce wisdom in the wearer. Pearl attracts trust and honesty to the wearer as it is a stone of Sincerity and Purity. The white natural gemstone is born from a being that once bore life and the same is why it will connect you to Mother Nature easily and take you on a cosmic ride.

·        Emotional Effects of Pearl

Resizable Black/White Pearl Choker Necklace - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Wearing Pearl on Saturday and Sunday helps in bringing out the brightest side of you and is excellent for networking too. Pearls are an excellent stone that brings down stress, thanks to its amazing effects on the heart and the neurons.

The feminine gemstones are filled with compassionate power to melt anyone’s heart to make a saint out of them. Pearl helps you see and comprehend the good in others as well as to resolve trust issues and instill feelings of commitment.

It is an invigorating stone for the confusion as it relaxes the mind, its fear, anger, guilt and regrets to see reality in a clearer light. For women suffering from horrible episodes of PMS to PMDD, pearl can be the best antidote that balances your hormones and emotions equally. It helps in seeing us within a mirror of the subconscious.

·        Five Facts About Pearl

Big Pearl Stud Earrings - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

1.       Pearls are regarded as the mystical gemstone of November and the past -life-recall gemstone for the month of June.

2.       Sometimes people feel negative when wearing pearl. Rest assured, this is how pearl works and you must use the same to transmute your negativity via the crystal pendulum method.

3.       Pearl was once widely used as bezoars to remove venomous toxins from the body.

4.       Just as you must wear pearls on Saturday or Sunday to maximize its effects, try to buy it on the same days.

5.       Pearl is bestowed as a gift for couples celebrating their 30th Wedding Anniversary.

Before You go …

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Wearing pearl as long-term jewelry or keeping it within your bedroom can be a spiritual token to uplift you, regardless of how bad you are in the head or in reality!

Pearl is an ethereal stone with powers of dispelling negativity as well as transmuting healing based on the lunar cycles. One of the underrated healing stones with maximum power, the Pearl is a nurturing stone that brings fortune, fame and health to the wearer in addition to directing his karma.

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Stay powerful~

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