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Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

A part of human history since 5000 B.C, Turquoise was also found to be a vital part of religious history across the globe. Archaeologists even found turquoise on King Tutankhamen’s death mask, which proves the belief that turquoise guarded the dead and the burial sites. 

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

Aztec called upon the spirit of the sky to empower the community with the power of turquoise rituals as well as beckon rain, spring and prosperity. History quotes that turquoise is a stone of luck often thought of as the best friend of the wearer.

·        Alternate Names of Turquoise

Turkish Stone, Callais, chalchuhuitl, pirouzeh, firouzeh and turqueise;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

·        Hardness of Turquoise on the MOHS Scale


Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

·        Origin of Turquoise

United States, Iran, Egypt, Japan, Mexico, China, Afghanistan, Tibet, India, Australia and Saxony;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

·        Turquoise Represents the God

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

  • Hathor: Goddess of Joy and Mothers, Egypt
  • Estsanatlehi: Goddess of Change, America;
  • Maat: Goddess of Justice, Egypt;
  • Whope: Goddess of Peace and meditation, Lakota Siux;
  • Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom,Rome;
  • Yemoja: Goddess of Pregnant Women, Africa
  • Tara: Goddess of Stars;

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Turquoise

Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces and Sagittarius;

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Turquoise

Venus, Jupiter;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

·        Turquoise Color energies

Blue, Green, Indigo, White, Black, Yellow, Orange, Red, Brown and Gray;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

·        Numerical Vibration of Turquoise

 One;Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

·        Turquoise activates the Chakra (s)

Third Eye, Throat Chakra and Heart;

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Turquoise

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

An opaque cryptocrystalline gem, Turquoise is a result of hydrated phosphate of aluminum or copper. Turquoise is seen with a waxy sheen on it and is often mined with the parent matrix. The tranquil shade exists in a variety of colors due to inclusions of other minerals during crystallization.

Turquoise is derived from the French word Pierre turquoise meaning Turkish Stone. The veins in a turquoise are said to help the wearer realize more about the soul and unwavering path of fate ahead. Wearing turquoise for long improves character and personality.  Found all around the world, the best of turquoise varieties are found in the U.S around the region of Nevada.

1.      Bisbee Turquoise

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

Ranging from red to black, green, blue, brown, yellow, orange, green and indigo, Bisbee turquoise is available in a variety of shades and veins. Due to lack of the Bisbee turquoise, this variety of Turkish stone is one of the most expensive gemstones.

2.      Black Widow Turquoise

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

The spider-webbed chert black matrix is the exclusive attraction of black widow turquoise. Occasionally pale lime-green type of black widow stone is also mined in this Nevada mine.

3.      Ajax Turquoise

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

The most famous variety of Turkish stone from Nevada Mines, Ajax turquoise spans from pale to dark blue, olive and green with veins of black to brown, gold, orange and pink shades.

4.      Eilat stone

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

A mixture of chrysocolla in turquoise that exists in green and blue amalgam alongside malachite, Eilat stone is mined from Eilat Mines in Israel.

5.      Blue Diamond Turquoise  

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

A hardly stable turquoise, blue diamond Turkish stone is a strong stone that exists with heavy black to brown blotches and veins on the blue stone.

6.      Yellow Turquoise

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

The inclusion of iron leads to the presence of distinct yellow shades on the yellow turquoise. Yellow turquoise is regarded as a potent third eye opening stone.

7.      Kingman Turquoise

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

A prominent variety of turquoise mined from Kingman in Arizona, Kingman Turkish stone exists with white to blue matrices. Kingman turquoise shows colors such as blue, black, brown, white, indigo, brown, yellow and orange.

8.      Blue Moon Turquoise

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

Mined from the eponymous mine, Blue Moon Turquoise is seen in yellow to green, blue, orange, brown and black. A peculiar variety of turquoise that also exists with veins, blue moon turquoise looks akin to clouds or ocean waves.

9.      Cauliflower Turquoise

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

Mined from Mohave, Cauliflower Turquoise is seen with blue crystals on a white or light matrix. The distinct make of the stone in floret-like blue blobs gives it the eponymous name.

10. Tyron Turquoise

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

Turquoise is seen with red, black, brown and orange dots or blobs on a sky blue stone, Tyron turquoise is mined from New Mexico. As the mine is close to the copper mine, the darker veins and blobs are a proof of the geography.

11. Reniform Turquoise

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

Turquoise that exists with pale brown to red or white matrices are referred to as renifrom turquoise. These turquoises are rarely seen with veins and display light to deep shades of blue.

12. Navajo Turquoise

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

Found in green to blue and olivine with brown, black and red veins, turquoise mined from Navajo are highly rated for their unique quality, pattern and distinct colors.

13. Persian Turquoise

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

Mined from Persian, these turquoise stones are usually found in nugget forms after which they are cut into cabochons with high domes. Persian turk stone is found with black and brown veins to blotches on the stone.

14. Chocolate Turquoise

Mined from Nevada, Turquoise stone with a brown or red matrix in huge percentile is referred to as Chocolate Turquoise.

15. Indian Mountain Turquoise

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquois

Another Nevada Mine, Indian Mountain Turkish Crystal has turquoise at the grassroots level and exists with big chunks of black matrix as well as fleshtone and brown.

16. Orville Jack Turquoise

Seen in the palest green or olivine tone amidst the turquoise varieties, Orville Jack Turquoise produces yellow and brown or black varieties too. The characteristic tint of this turquoise owes it to the presence of zinc in lieu of copper.

17. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

"Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

Called the Robin Egg Blue turquoise or the most expensive Turkish stone, sleeping beauty exists is a captivating and simple blue matrix. One of the most attractive turquoise varieties, sleeping beauty turquoise is also the rarest as the mine is closed since ages.

18. Stormy Mountain Turquoise

"Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

Named after its eponymous look on a stormy day with clouds, Stormy Mountain Turquoise is seen in white, brown and pale sky blue shades. Made with webbing called chert, SM Turquoise is no longer mined.

19. Turquoise Matrix

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise"

A prominent turquoise mined from Nevada, turquoise matrix is a gem that exists with a black background and blobs of turquoise instead of black veins across the green-blue gem. The inclusion of the parent rock becomes the matrix of the final stone. Moreover, any turquoise with veins is called the matrix.

20. Damele Turquoise

"Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

Yet another turquoise from the mines of Nevada, Damele Turquoise is often seen with a tint of green. Damele turquoise also displays a series of colors such as yellow, white, green and brown in addition to the blue.

21. Spider web Turquoise

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

A turquoise stone that is completely webbed with black or brown veins akin to a spider web refers to spider web turquoise. The size of the dots varies on a spider web turquoise and world best spider webbed turquoises are mined from Lone Mountain.

22. Easter Blue Turquoise

As the first turquoise ever mined from the Nevada mine turned out to be Easter Blue, the gem has been named similarly too. Representing the brown of Graham Crackers, Easter Blue Turquoise deep veins on light blue to pale-greenish blue shades.

23. Godber Turquoise

Seen with a light blue shade with least veins, Godber Turquoise is mined from the Damele Mine in Nevada. The ranges of colors available in Godber Turquoise are green, sky blue and indigo-like pale blue. Godber turquoise exists with black and brown veins, but never red.

24. White Turquoise

Seen in ivory-like white shade, white turquoise is often seen with black or golden veins on it.

25. Tibetan Turquoise

Commonly known as the Chinese Turquoise, Tibetan Turquoise is a green-blue gemstone that brings luck to the wearer. The uncommon turquoise is distinct with a dirty green shade with black and brown veins.

·        Physical Effects of Turquoise

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise"

A strength-enhancing gemstone, Turquoise is excellent to regain stamina and prevent fainting or blood pressure fluctuations. Turquoise is ideal for treating chronic fatigue to viral infections and influenzas.

By boosting the powers of the immune system, Turquoise also helps in better absorption of nutrients to calcium for bone health. Yet another merit of turquoise is its detoxification capabilities that balance the hormones, acids and fluids in the body.

Turquoise heals the eyes, throat, neck, brain, ears, mouth, teeth and headaches permanently. In addition, consuming gem elixir made from turquoise is also useful for treat respiratory disorders including asthma and bronchitis in addition to stammering.

·        Spiritual Effects of Turquoise

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise"

Believed to bring together the powers of the two worlds of Earth and Sky, Turquoise promotes intuitive powers. It gives your premonitions of incoming dangers via signals recognizable only to you. Moreover, turquoise was also believed to change color depending on your destiny.

Dreaming of turquoise is a sign of something mystical approaching your fate lines.

Turquoise helps in looking inside oneself. Turquoise is an empowering stone that resolves inner conflicts to doubts and dilemmas, quickly. Resonating with the color frequencies of the vernal equinox, turquoise grounds the wearer with the earth and dives into the subconscious mind.

·        Emotional Effects of Turquoise

Turquoise comforts and soothes the pains of the wearer. It is a stone of spontaneity in romance that heals the past and empowers you to welcome a present with wide open arms. The best benefit of turquoise is its mood-changing ability. Turquoise does so by focusing your healing energy to the Center Heart and relieving the pains one after another.

Turquoise is believed to be a barrier-buffer that helps you devise solutions during tough times.

Known to treat psychosis to delusions, turquoise also introduces a perfect balance into the wearer’s life. Moreover, everyone has a reason to us turquoise; from stress-relief to happiness and satisfaction, turquoise can help you feel fulfilled!

·        Five Facts About Turquoise

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

  • Turquoise clarifies the electromagnetic smog in the aura of the wearer by purifying the intents and desires.
  • When kept in the Northern area of the house, the water energy of turquoise attracts wealth and prosperity to the house or office.
  • Cloud busting with turquoise refers to programming the turquoise for water and throwing it into a river.
  • A special variety of turquoise is called composite turquoise made by joining the leftover pieces of Turkish stone after converting it to jewelry.
  • Turquoise is the 11th Wedding Anniversary Stone and if you or someone around you is on the 11th year, you know what to gift this year!

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Turquoise

The oldest stone in human history is also the same that brought rain to spring and abundance to our forefathers. A leader’s stone, turquoise was believed to aide travelers and riders in our world as well as during the journey to the netherworld.

Did this turquoise steal your Center Heart?

Natural Turquoise and Moonstone Scroll Ring in Sterling Silver   matans

Stay powerful~



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