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11 Phenomenal Crystals for Attracting Money, Prosperity and Luck

Money Stones: 14 Phenomenal Crystals for Money, Prosperity and Luck

From Feng shui to regular programming of crystals, there are many ways to double or triple your wealth and financial account with healing crystals. When used appropriately, these healing crystals can make you financially free by attracting unlimited prosperity and wealth.

Amber Honey Pendant

How to Use Stones for Money, Luck, and Prosperity

You know how to use crystals for attracting money now. But how do you use crystals for luck and prosperity so that the wealth always stays with you? Short-term wealth is not real wealth. So always use crystals for good fortune along with money stones to keep enjoying the wealth you amassed.

1.      Tiger Eye crystals for wealth

Tiger Eye Love Bracelet - Elastic Rope - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

The healing crystal that helps you see into the future and take smart financial decisions, tiger eye is a wealth magnet. Connect with the root or kundalini energy chakra to rewrite your destiny richly. It can raise your intelligence by calming the nerves in stressful situations.

You can charge your wallet with a tiger eye healing crystals for attracting wealth. It will invite opportunities to expand financially and find better monetary gains in your situations.

What is the Feng Shui Direction to Place Tiger Eye Crystals for Wealth?

Tiger Eye for Wealth must be placed in the southeast direction of your safe or entrance of the house.

How to use Tiger Eye Crystals for Wealth?

  • Take your Tiger Eye Crystals in Hand.
  • Aim it at the root or sacral chakra.
  • Now visualize growing wealth with tiger eye on the root or sacral chakra.

2.      Black Tourmaline gemstones for Luck

Dipped Black Tourmaline Pendant Necklace Raw Stone Schorl Chakra Healing Crystal Point Pendant Colar   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   3

Trusting black tourmaline is important to make it work the magic on your debts too. Black tourmaline is one of the best crystals for debt as it clears your clutter rationally by awakening your mind.

By empowering your basal chakra of the root, black tourmaline solves the cloud hindering your reasoning. It will pull luck towards you and make your dreams come true. Money stones often hailed by crystal experts always contain black tourmaline schorls.

What is the Feng Shui Direction to Place Black Tourmaline gemstones for Luck?

When using Black Tourmaline gemstones for Luck, best keep them in the northern part of the house due to its water energy.

How to use Black Tourmaline gemstones for Luck?

  • Take your Black Tourmaline gemstones in Hand.
  • Aim it at the root chakra.
  • Now visualize growing Luck with Black Tourmaline on the root chakra.

3.      Pyrite crystals for prosperity

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One of the most popular crystals for prosperity, pyrite grounds you and repairs your financial levels from scratch. Best for students and adults starting out on money stone crystals, pyrite gemstone attracts wealth your way.

Pyrite is one of the best abundance stones that will regain your financial balance so that you can start your creative journey. It protects you against debt and keeps attracts prosperity using the energies of the third eye chakra.

What is the Feng Shui Direction to Place Pyrite crystals for prosperity?

It is best to place your Pyrite crystals for prosperity in the northeast corner of the house as it is an earth element healing crystal.

How to use Pyrite crystals for prosperity?

  • Take your Pyrite crystals in Hand.
  • Aim it at the solar plexus or third eye chakra.
  • Now visualize prosperity with Pyrite crystals on the solar plexus or third eye.

4.      Ruby gems for good fortune

Heart Ruby Pendant - 925 Sterling Silver - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

An empowering stone for repairing your charm and fortune, ruby makes soul connections. It is best kept close to the lower chakras to keep attracting wealth. An important crystal for good luck, ruby is a gem of many mysteries.

Ruby beckons success along with good fortune. Soon, every career decision you make will turn successful. If you want crystals to attract good fortune, pair ruby with imperial topaz to see the magic unfurl in your life!

What is the Feng Shui Direction to Place Ruby gems for good fortune?

We’ve devised the best way to use Ruby gems for good fortune is by keeping it in the southern area of the house due to fire energy.

How to use Ruby gems for good fortune?

  • Take your Ruby Crystals in Hand.
  • Aim it at the root or sacral chakra.
  • Now visualize good fortune with Ruby on the root or sacral chakra.

5.      Sunstone gemstones for abundance

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Whatever you seek as your optimum achievement in life, sunstone can get it for you. Simply put, sunstone is the gemstone for abundance. It will make your dreams come true, in full. Using sunstone guarantees wealth too.

When you charge your solar plexus or kundalini energy with the orange sunstone shimmers, you unlock powerful rays of positivity. Keep sunstone crystals for abundance in your office or personal table for attracting abundance in life.

What is the Feng Shui Direction to Place Sunstone gemstones for abundance?

Another fire energy crystal, it is best to perch your Sunstone gemstones for abundance in the south region of the office or home.

How to use Sunstone gemstones for abundance?

  • Take your Sunstone gemstones in Hand.
  • Aim it at the solar plexus or sacral chakra.
  • Now visualize abundance with Sunstone on the root or sacral chakra.

6.      Blue Kyanite crystals for money

Unlike most crystals for money, Blue Kyanite attracts money through truth. If you wear cheated in the money business, use blue kyanite gemstone for debt and regain the wealth you lost. The pretty perfect stone of throat chakra will uncover truths about your financial life.

Eventually, if you bond with a blue kyanite with dark shades, you will find step-by-step directions from your guardian angels to use money crystals too!

What is the Feng Shui Direction to Place Blue Kyanite crystals for money?

Being powered by the water energy, Blue Kyanite crystals for money must be placed in an altar at the northern area of the home.

How to use Blue Kyanite crystals for money?

  • Take your Kyanite crystals in Hand.
  • Aim it at the throat chakra.
  • Now visualize growing money with Kyanite crystals on the throat chakra.

7.      Amethyst gemstones for prosperity

Collection of AtPerrys Amethyst Necklaces

Using wealth gemstones is not easy. To really make success in life with gemstones for prosperity, you need to bond with crystals that set your mind straight so that you can take the right decisions. Amethyst is a gemstone of the ethereal chakras, capable of empowering your crown. Use it to help you take important financial decisions with ease and accuracy too.

You can keep a tiny stone of Amethyst in your wallet to prevent your habit of spending too much, if you’re a spendthrift too.

What is the Feng Shui Direction to Place Amethyst gemstones for prosperity?

Being a stone of fire element energies, Amethyst gemstones for prosperity is ideally kept in the southern area of your money safe.

How to use Amethyst gemstones for prosperity?

  • Take your Amethyst gemstones in Hand.
  • Aim it at the crown chakra.
  • Now visualize prosperity with Amethyst on the crown chakra.

8.      Turquoise stones for wealth

Turquoise Tiny Stones 925 Sterling Silver Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Yet another stone of compassion and truth, turquoise can help you with your finances if you’re ever in a rut. It helps to clear your confusions at the right time and seek help actively by activating your throat chakra.

The best way to use turquoise stones for wealth is by wearing it throughout the day or whenever taking financial decisions. This way, you will be enveloped in the aura of turquoise stones for prosperity always.

What is the Feng Shui Direction to Place Turquoise stones for wealth?

We recommend placing Turquoise stones for wealth in the Northern area due to its powers connecting to the water element energies.

How to use Turquoise stones for wealth?

  • Take your Turquoise stones in Hand.
  • Aim it at the throat chakra.
  • Now visualize growing wealth with Turquoise on the throat chakra.

9.      Rose Quartz gems for fortune

Rose Quartz Pink Ring - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

What is the Feng Shui Direction to Place Rose Quartz gems for good fortune?

Another fire energy gemstone of love and positivity, Rose Quartz gems for fortune must be placed in the south corner of the office to work.

How to use Rose Quartz gems for good fortune?

  • Take your Rose Quartz gems in Hand.
  • Aim it at the heart chakra.
  • Now visualize growing fortune with Rose Quartz on the heart chakra.

10. Wood crystals for Luck

Ebony Separated Beads Rosary Bracelet Jewelry   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   2

From petrified wood to blessed Buddhist beads, wood crystals are a magic in themselves. You can use it as crystal patches as well as meditative props to recharge your exhausted earth chakras. It helps in grounding your stress and negativity, which might be blocking your good luck.

Using wood crystals for luck in your money safe or office safe was the oldest feng shui way to keep your finances stable. When charged regularly with water and air element crystals for luck you can keep the wood crystals alive like a money plant!

What is the Feng Shui Direction to Place wood crystals for Luck?

Place it at the entrance of your home to attract luck!

How to use wood crystals for Luck?

  • Take your wood crystals in Hand.
  • Aim it at the root or earth chakra.
  • Now visualize growing luck with wood crystals on the root or earth chakra.

11. Red Coral gems for attracting prosperity

Natural Aquatic Agate Necklace - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Found from the deepest and darkest corners of the ocean, red coral gemstones are fortune crystals too. They must be kept in your wallet or around the hips to activate the root chakra. It will help you attract prosperity by balancing the natural energies.

Red Coral is an auspicious stone often gifted to people joining new jobs. You can use red coral programming to balance your root chakra when using a new wallet or money safe too.

What is the Feng Shui Direction to Place Red Coral gems for attracting prosperity?

Keep the Red Coral gems for attracting prosperity in the central position of the safe for attracting luxury.

How to use Red Coral gems for attracting prosperity?

  • Take your Red Coral gems in Hand.
  • Aim it at the root chakra.
  • Now visualize growing prosperity with Red Coral gems on the root chakra.

12.      Orange Fire Opal for Financial Security

Orange Fire Opal Bracelet - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

The abundance crystal that ensures you create a balance of finances, is the most powerful crystals for debt. You can use orange fire opal meditation and yoga every day when you feel stressed about your poor finances.

Orange fire opal attracts wealth and retains the wealth that you pull into your life.

What is the Feng Shui Direction to Place Orange Fire Opal for Financial Security?

You can use orange fire opal for establishing financial security by placing it in the southern area of your home.

How to use Orange Fire Opal for Financial Security?

  • Take your Orange Fire Opal crystals in Hand.
  • Aim it at the root or crown chakra.
  • Now visualize growing luck with Orange Fire Opal crystals on the root or crown chakra.

13.      Amber as a Wealth Stone

Gold Big Amber Ring   matans

One of the most significant stones for wealth, amber ensures your money stays in your hands simultaneously expanding it. The powers of amber money stone depend on the patterns and colors it shows. Using amber money gemstone on your solar plexus chakra will keep you clever in your monetary decisions.

What is the Feng Shui Direction to Place Amber as a money stone?

The best place to keep the amber money stone is the northern region as it is a water energy stone.

How to use Amber as a money gemstone?

  • Take your Amber crystals in Hand.
  • Aim it at the throat, root or solar plexus chakra.
  • Now visualize growing luck with Amber crystals on the throat, root or solar plexus chakra.

14.      Jade for Success with Money

Natural Green Jade Bracelet   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Once upon a time, jade was the secret of richness and wealth in East. It was kept in the bedroom and wallet to keep attracting money and opportunities that bring money. Even today, using jade to make symbols on the wallet is a common tradition in China and India. The activation method is similar to the activation of the Moldavite, learn how to activate moldavite and use the same method on the Jade gemstone.

What is the Feng Shui Direction to Place Jade for Success with Money?

Oriental esoteric advise is to place the jade stone for attracting money in the southeast area due to its wood energy powers.

How to use Jade for Success with Money?

  • Take your Jade crystals in Hand.
  • Aim it at the heart chakra.
  • Now visualize growing luck with Jade crystals on the heart chakra.

Which are the 11 Crystals for Attracting Money and Luck into your Life

Money makes the world run. There is luck, logic and hard work involved in earning money. One alone cannot bring you financial independence. While you work hard, we will cover the luck part with healing crystals for attracting money. What say? Let’s find out the best methods for magnetizing money, wealth and abundance into your life.

1.      Peridot - Money Stone

Natural Amethyst Peridot Topaz On Earrings - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 3

A harmonious crystal like Peridot is excellent for people who have intricate plans about getting rich. You can also meditate with Peridot to clarify your mind on how to get wealth. Peridots have a unique ability to increase the frequency of the wearer to that of the universal code to attract wealth, increases willpower, promotes fame and dispels envy and jealousy.

Peridot resonates with heart and solar plexus chakra. Its energy influences growth of anything, it is good for health, well-being and vitality. Leos born in August can benefit from wearing jewelry made from Peridot the most so make sure to utilize special promo that we are running this week and get your peridot jewelry

2.      Citrine - How to use Citrine to attract Money?

Huge Garnet Citrine 925 Sterling Silver Ring - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

A bright crystal known to attract money and fortune, Citrine is also known as the merchant’s stone of wealth. Ideal for all people looking for success in personal business and careers. Citrine brings good luck in addition to prosperous new deals to your business.

Citrine crystal allows Sagittarius to be in better mood and increase self confidence. Its energy magnifies power of will, helps with making money decisions, saving money and spending it more wisely. Make sure to check our collection with Citrine crystals jewelry and take advantage of our special promo!

3.      Topaz - Crystal for Business Success

Rainbow Topaz Ring AtPerrys - Amazon

Yet another gorgeous and powerful healing gemstone, Topaz in yellow or shades of light are highly beneficial to those striving to attract wealth.  Topaz balls were once known as money balls as the crystal has the power to manifest your strongest plans through the power of will.

Yellow topaz aids people born in November as Scorpio to manifest money to come into their life. Because of that, wearing jewelry made from it will help you attract money and prosperity. Being birthstone for people born in November and June it is best for Gemini and Scorpio. Improve your money situation starting from today taking advantage of amazing promotion!

4.      Aventurine - Stone for Good Luck

Assorted 7 pieces/lot Palm Stone Jade Crystal Reiki Healing Chakra With Free Pouch - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

Green Aventurine is an especially useful crystal to attract wealth and good luck. That is the main reason why most investors carry Aventurine as a Talisman always on them. Crystal for good luck originates from the Latin word Aventura- meaning, chance.

Even though Aventurine crystal is birthstone of a Virgo, all other zodiac signs can take advantage of its power. It enables and brings good luck, joy, balance and money especially when selling products, paying bills, gambling or playing loto. If you need a crystal that will help you stabilise financial situation, make sure to get one from our store while promo discounts are on!

5.      Jade - Crystal for Fortune and Wealth

Natural Green Jade Bracelet - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 3


Being a growth crystal too, Jade can attract money and keep it growing. The orient crystal is ideal to get clarity when taking important decisions of dividing or investing money. Using the right jade crystal, you can make jewelry to tables.

People born in March as Pisces may utilize most power of jade crystal for creating harmony, balance and good luck into their lives. According to Feng Shui, people who carry Jade may find endless good luck, wealth and more friends. We have limited stock of Jade bracelets available, so make sure to get one from our shop!

6.      Labradorite - Protection from Money-Loss

4 Natural Labradorite Wands - 11oz each - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 1

A healing crystal prominent for Good Fortune, Labradorite wands are excellent to conduct energy works to attract monetary benefits. The esoteric properties of the healing crystal make it ideal to protect from bad decisions that might result in money loss.

Labradorite is one of the crystals that all persons should have in order to strengthen their willpower, clear aura and prevent leaking of positive energy. In any case, most benefit from it will have people born as Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius. Since it is protecting from money-loss and brings good luck, get lucky and take advantage of limited stocks in our shop!

7.      Sapphire - Gain back your Lost Wealth

Handmade Sapphire Earrings

If you’ve been suffering from a devastating financial loss, holding Sapphire closer to your meditative circle will ignite the power to attract riches in addition to gaining the lost wealth. Sapphires are excellent for people beginning on a new trade as it attracts good fortune and success.

Being a wisdom stone, it will promote intelligence to Geminis, ability to make good and wise decisions in the future. People seeking promotion and success will benefit from its power. Make another wise decision, take Sapphire crystal for yourself from out shop while we have them in stock!

8.      Garnet -  Crystal for Prosperity

Natural Red Garnet Ring - 925 Sterling SilverRing5.5

For people feeling like the victim of fate and burdening financial problems, Garnet is perfect for times of poverty. The bright rays of Garnet attract wealth that frees you from drudgery as well as fear or financial loss. Combining with Citrine will help you take flawless decisions in investing money or property as well.

Throughout the history people carried Garnet crystals believing that it will improve their business, career and financial situation. It will help Capricorn the most to accumulate riches and enhance business, so make sure you get one from our shop while promotion is on!

9.      Malachite - Stone for Money Luck

19 design Natural Crystal Pendant Black Leather Necklaces - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 24

Yet another growth energy from a green crystal, Malachite is a gorgeous stone with varied degrees of greenness. Malachite is ideal for people trying to connect with influential people as it helps you achieve fame and fortune through fail-proof financial deals.

Malachite crystal utilizes the energy of new beginnings, growth and expansion bringing abundance into the life of Taurus who can carry them or have them in their home. This crystal can be used by people born as Scorpio and Cancer as well. Every person should have one therefore get one that you like from our shop.

10.  Quartz - Crystal for Job Interview and Deal Signing

Hexagon Crystal Quartz Healing Point Reiki Chakra Pendants (No Chain) - AtPerrys Healing Crystals - 5

Clear quartz is considered excellent for new businesses. From an interview to a deal signing, Quartz crystals have powerful intuitive energies to signal the wearer during hazards. A little known secret method of attracting money with Quartz crystals is to place the crystal on top of your bills. This ensures that your money comes back to you with tenfold more.

Quartz crystal will bring love to all persons who carry it close to their heart as it opens fourth (heart) chakra. Not just that, it promotes balance, self-esteem and restores confidence. By being more confident you will have more luck on your job interviews and in communication with other people. Main benefit from Quartz will come to people born as Aquarius. Make sure to get one from our shop using limited promotion.

11.  Amber - Attract Money, Prosperity, Luck and Wealth!

Amber Honey Pendant

Instilling a positive change is the main role of Amber crystals in your life.  One of the Golden manifestation crystals, amber is a lucky crystal used to restore lost money as well as make more. Whenever investing your money, place the amber crystal on your property and cleanse the negativity from it. Read more on how to clean negative energies from a crystal here.

Amber, believed to possess the power of Sun is the best gemstone for Leo and Aquarius but other zodiac signs may benefit from its power as well. This crystal was always in high demand so get one now and bring wealth and good luck into your life! Choose one from our shop while we run special promotion for this week only!

For more options, see our Crystals for Wealth collection!

Before You Go …

Crystals such as Tiger’s Eye, Ruby and sunstone are also ideal for attracting money! Don’t believe us; give any one of the healing crystals below a trial and see the magic unwrap in front of your eyes.

Stay Powerful!

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