Healing Crystal Handbook: Sapphires
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by Ceida Uilyc April 02, 2017 2 Comments

A lustrous beauty considered equivalent to diamonds, Sapphires are revered Holy throughout the ages of human history. In Bible, spanning from King Solomon to Abraham and the Tablet of Ten Commandments, Sapphires were worn as an amulet representing the ecclesiastical faith given directly from the divine.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sapphires

Countless eclipses have gone past and Sapphire still remains a Stone of Wisdom, even more in trend as engagement rings now.

·        Hardness on the MOHS Scale:


Healing Crystal Handbook: Sapphires

·        Names:

Sapphirus, Neelam, Sanipryam, Kashmir, Bleu de roi and Cornflower;


·        Origin:

North America, India, Vietnam, Australia, Sri Lanka, Thailand and East Africa;

·        Represents the God

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sapphires

  • Sophia the Goddess of Wisdom and Contradiction;
  • Juterna, the Roman Goddess of Water;
  • Gendenwitha, the morning star goddess of Iroquois;

·        Zodiac

Virgo, Libra and Taurus;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sapphires

·        Planet

Venus, Jupiter and Saturn;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sapphires

·        Color energies

Blue, Light Blue, Indigo, Black, Pink, Green, Orange, Violet, Yellow and White;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sapphires

·        Numerical Vibration

01, 03 (Pink), 04 (Black, Yellow and White) and 06 (Green, Star);

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sapphires

·        Chakra

Throat, Crown and Brow Chakra points;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sapphires

·        Metaphysical Properties of Sapphires

From solemn truth to divinity and wisdom Sapphires are the mastermind crystal amongst healing crystals.


Spiritual healing is the foundation of Sapphire Crystal Power and the same happens via the energy channeled by the wearer from the angelic realm.

The astral travel stone is considered to be a blessing stone from the gods and hence works excellently on children and adults with unique dreams or goals.


Do you think you can channel energy and power from other dimensions, sources or beings? Well, sapphires are direct descendants of the divine that can help you do exactly that.

1.      Star Sapphire

Image result for sapphire

Representing the combined powers of the angels of faith, hope and destiny by its six lines, Star Sapphires resonates the powers of the original color it is made in. As the sapphire stone is a rare crystal, the powers are amplified than ordinary sapphires.

Star Sapphires teach the valuable lesson that our external world is but a manifestation of the wisdom within. It is also considered excellent for long term travelers such as RVers or Caravanners too.

2.      Black Sapphire

Image result for black sapphire

Yet another rare and captivating sapphire, Black Sapphire attracts productivity and intuition. Black sapphire is set in a translucent or opaque black tint signifying protection. Black shade of sapphire is known to be an excellent way to attract destiny too.

3.      Green Sapphire

Source: https://www.crystalvaults.com/crystal-encyclopedia/sapphire-green

Also referred to as the Oriental Peridot, Green Sapphire is the stone for virility and fidelity. The commitment stone resonates soft green energy that is darker than peridot. Wearing green sapphire was a sign of divination in the earlier days.

4.      Orange Sapphire

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sapphires

Historically referred to as the Padparadsha Sapphire, Orange sapphires exist with a streak of pinkish orange in its crystalline structure. The rare stone is popular as the best crystal to ignite the fire within and bring creativity straight from the heart, ideal for artists and writers.

5.      Pink Sapphire

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sapphires

Introducing perseverance and resilience to the wearer, Pink Sapphire resonates the energies of Heart Chakra. The gentle energy of pink sapphire is known to release the wearer from the clutches of past and respect one’s comfort and convenience.

6.      Violet Sapphire

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sapphires

Yet another gorgeous and rare sapphire, violet sapphire is the stone of enlightenment since the early ages. Activating the crown chakra or the kundalini energy, Violet sapphires are ideal for straddling a restless mind and introducing peace.

7.      White Sapphire

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sapphires

A calming stone that brings forth the relaxation of your spirit, white sapphire resolves inner conflicts and reveals your destinyLooking akin to a diamond, white sapphire has a brilliant play of light inside it and is revered as the spirit stone.

8.      Yellow Sapphire

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sapphires

A prosperity stone referred to as Pukhraj, Yellow Sapphires is an exclusive stone that aligns with the planet Jupiter. Displaying yellow to brown and beige tints, yellow sapphire also shows bright flashes of green to yellow throughout the day. Yellow Sapphire owes its soft shade to the presence of iron particles in it.

9.      Blue Sapphire

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sapphires

From cornflower blue to velvety blue, there are multifarious shades of blue sapphire that gives it a silky tint.  Characterized by the power of shani or Saturn, Blue Sapphire displays violet to indigo and pale blue as well as dark royal blue colors.

·        Physical Benefits

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sapphires

An excellent crystal to reset the biological clock and revitalize the chakra points, sapphire is renowned as the purifiers of the crystal world. The elixiric stone, Blue Sapphire are ideal for headaches, fever, nosebleeds, vertigo, hearing, eyesight as well as infections.

Sapphires are recommended by crystal practitioners for issues with endocrine glands including swollen thyroid as well as for better speech and communication. Moreover, wearing sapphire on your heart chakra also relieves disorders on blood circulation and degenerative ailments.

·        Emotional Benefits

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sapphires

A perfect stone that frees the wearer from the clutches of his or her own guilt, resentment and the inner prison, sapphire introduces mental stability. For people who are introverts or prone to dismissing others easily, Sapphires also lightens the mood by eliminating envy and greed. Crystal aficionados recommend Sapphires to be excellent on those suffering from stress and depression as well.

Recommended as the best solitaire or centre stone for a halo setting of diamonds on an engagement ring, Sapphire also helps in understanding your life partner when worn together.

From inferiority complex to problems in networking, sapphires are a complete help for succeeding in any dream you’ve ever had!

·        Spiritual Benefits

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sapphires

A crystal that preserves the vitality of life, Sapphires also enhance the psychic connection of the wearer as it is a wind element stone. Opening your mind to the cosmic consciousness is the key trait of Sapphires and it does so to invigorate powers of extrasensory perception, clairvoyance and enlightenment.

For past life recall, astral travel, soul health and dispelling psychic attacks including curses and negativity, Sapphires amplify the results of hypnosis. Ideal therapeutically, sapphires were once a vital part of shamanic and Christian rituals of the past.

·        Five Startling Things about Sapphires

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sapphires

  • Red Sapphires are nothing but Rubies. Belonging to the same conundrum, these are second only to diamonds!
  • Gifting Sapphire is an excellent way to put faith in your relationship or concrete any relationship.
  • Sapphire is a precious gemstone bestowed upon couples who have successfully fully completed 45 years of their marital life together as the bright color energy of sapphire stones fulfills all desires.
  • Largest Sapphire weighs 61,500 karats and sapphires of 2 karats weight are the common most sapphires found.
  • Sapphires undergo heat treatment to prevent it from easy breakage or chipping and hence, natural sapphires are hard to find commercially.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sapphires

A unique crystal revered since 800 B.C, sapphires are best explained in the poesy, “the blue of a clear sky just minutes after sundown”. From Christians to Egyptians, Persians, Indians and Greeks, various world history quotes sapphires as the building blocks of faith and civilization.

Popularly referred to as the ‘Truth Stone’, Sapphire safeguards travelers, fulfills dreams and keeps one beautiful till the end of time.

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Our sapphires are certified precious gemstones, loved by thousands for its quality of harbingering inner peace, fame, fortune, happiness and creativity.

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc is the Crystal Christened name of Geo Maria George, an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc

April 09, 2017

Hello Rosario,
The Turkish Mosaic Sapphire ring is $29 with free shipping!
Here’s the link to grab it RIGHT NOW! https://shop.atperrys.com/products/turkish-sapphire-ring

Rosario P. Albino
Rosario P. Albino

April 09, 2017

How much is the Turkish Mosaic Sapphire?

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