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These Gemstones For Your Valentine Creates Divine Love

These Gemstones For Your Valentine Creates Divine Love

Jewelry is one of the top gifts given all over the world on the day of love. Gemstones for your valentine makes a gift that is irreplaceable and eternal.

Do you know love crystals when gifted by couples can create fidelity and commitment? It’s not a myth because crystals are full of surprise. Heck, there are crystals that are filled with the rosy romantic chakra of love- the heart chakra.

I have always found it fantastic to give crystal gifts for him or her on Valentine’s Day. It creates a spiritual bond above the material boundaries. Today we will find out about 9 crystals that are best for giving as Valentine’s Day gift and how to use crystals to attract your valentine in 5 different ways. Love is here~

Why use Crystals as Valentine’s Day Gifts?

When I first started with crystals, I noticed how amethyst would work on the brain and many higher chakra benefits. It took some time of real-life bonding to activate my heart chakras. But, once I did (and this was in college), my dating life went like a rollercoaster of 100% fun and thrills. It even helped me find my husband in the long run.

That’s why one tradition that I have upheld in our house is valentine’s gifts made of crystals that are programmed by the person who gifts it with a prayer for the valentine. This way, you are not just parting with manmade currency, but your chakra energy that protects and makes the person realize your love too.

Crystals can be the best gift to give anyone, but it gets better when you gift a heart chakra crystal ideal for love to your valentine on this Day of Love …

·      Find Your Soul Mate

Using the right crystal that bonds with your spirit can help you find your better half. You might be apart because of the karmic burden or energy differences between. The problems of fate that keeps your soul mate away from you can be erased by using gemstones for your valentine.

If you’ve been barren of love, please remember it’s not your fault. Your true love is on the way. It can take a few seconds, hours, days, weeks or even years from now to meet your soulmate. With crystals, you can cut the duration significantly and find tomorrow, even!

·      Attract your Soul Mate

I get it that soul mates don’t roam around with a tag on their head. But once you know who is your soul mate, what do you do to make them realize it. Sometimes your worlds can be wide apart but the love bond nags at the back of your head that this is the one. What do you do then? Use crystals because it connects your spirit with his or her spirit and speaks the language of love with your lips moving. It’s a wonder not worth missing out on!

·      Creates an Unbreakable Bond

Crystals have this amazing energy within them that can connect with our chakras, uplift them and even change the way we perceive reality. If you use crystals in your love life as a couple, it creates a stronger bond on the emotional and spiritual level above the physical level. It will stand the test of time until eternity because it is built with the energy of Anahata.

·      Nourish the Love with Passion

Do you know crystals were once considered the strongest aphrodisiac there is? Why do you think Cleopatra was virally infamous her beauty with nothing even closely like the internet? She used gemstones to create a divine or radiant glow about her aura. That’s how! Crystals in the bedroom or under the bed can boost your intimacy and raise your levels of passion. In short, it can light the drying hearth in your bedroom.  

·      Crystal Energy is Eternal

When you give a gemstone to your valentine, you are programming it with love manifestations that protect and cares your love.  While red roses don’t last more than a day, if you give a gemstone as the valentine’s day gift, the powers will last forever. Don’t believe us? Try it once and you will be inseparable once crystal energy anoints your relationship!

Which are the Best Gemstones for your Valentine?

Valentine’s day is a blessed day revered and kept apart for love. If there is a person in your life you love, use this day to confess it honestly. While the ideal is finding your soulmate, most people end up with poor choices on Valentine’s Day. Don’t let this be you.

Instead, use gemstones for your Valentine and win more than the heart. I will tell you nine handpicked crystals that are ideal valentine’s day gifts for him and her. Choose your pick by the stone you’re most attracted to.

1.    Ruby Ring for Her Valentine’s Gift

Genuine 14k Yellow Gold Ruby Ring

Faithfulness in a relationship can be strengthened by inviting the energy of Rubies between you. Ruby can repair the relationship as well as the reproductive system to restore your passion and virility. This is a special ruby ring with a hallmark of precious gold. It is available in three choices of metals, 14K Yellow, Rose and White Gold depending on your metal love. Gift it to propose to her, impress her or simply increase the passion between you.

Wanna know more about Ruby? Read it here.

Price: $950.00 USD

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2.    Valentine’s Gift Jade for Him

Bracelet   Natural Green Jade Bracelet

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your man on Valentine’s Day, I’ve got a stone of love and care. Jade is the gorgeous calming stone that attracts lucks to the person who wears it. Being a heart chakra stone, this jade bracelet is useful for making the guy you like confess his love for you confidently. Jade can also protect so it is a great valentine’s day gift for your hubby too.

This Jade Healing Crystal Handbook shows all the benefits and metaphysical attributes of jade gemstone in detail.

Price: $36.00 USD

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3.    Rose Quartz Ring Crystal Gift for Her

Handmade Rose Quartz - 925 Sterling Silver - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

Are you looking for that perfect gift that will symbolize love and blow her mind or perhaps, earn a few credits? We’ve got the ultimate stone of love that can raise her heart vibrations and love you even more. This rose quartz ring is an authentic stone that emanates gentle energies to soothe her. Rose quartz for your romantic partner on Valentine’s day is the No:1 gemstone gift that boasts physical and spiritual powers.

I am sure you want to find out all about the powers of rose quartz. Check it here.

4.    Emerald Gemstone Valentine’s Gift for Him

Genuine Solid 14k White Gold Emerald Ring

As heart chakra energies can be seen in three colors, pink, red and green, you need to choose the best Valentine's gift for him that matches his eyes or favorite color. This emerald gemstone is a beautiful stone with sparkling white stones embedded in a halo on the huge emerald. Classy yet minimalist, the emerald ring makes a man emotional and honest. Isn’t that the perfect gift for your boyfriend on V day?

Emerald is a complex stone. There’s a lot more you need to know about it. Click here to read NOW!

Price: $1,299 USD

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5.    Pink Tourmaline Ring Valentine’s surprise for Her

Pink Tourmaline 925 Silver Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Two chakras are raised when you use a pink tourmaline- crown and heart. This is a stone that changes the perspective of the wearer. It is the best gift to give your Valentine, especially if you haven’t confessed your love. For women, pink tourmaline can create trust and commitment. Gift it to her if you want her to be always with you, with the help of metaphysical powers.

Tourmaline is an aphrodisiac often hidden in history. Find out all about it here.

Price: $28.95 USD

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6.    Orange Fire Opal Dolphin Earrings for Her

Dolphin Orange Fire Opal Silver Earrings - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

One of the best stones to repair broken relationships, orange fire opal earring will make her smile like a princess. It compliments any color or complexion while adding a sweet and subtle sparkle to her face. Being a root, heart and solar plexus chakra stone, orange fire opal for your valentine will make her feel in the pink of health.

Fire opals are mesmerizing and deep. That’s why you need to read this blog post on Fire Opals in detail before buying this.

Price: $16.90 USD

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7.    Malachite Bracelet Valentine’s Gift for Him

Malachite Bead Bracelet

Another green stone different from the traditional Valentine’s day gifts, the malachite bracelet is an amulet too. It protects from evil energies and prevents your man from getting smitten by other women. Gifting malachite to him on Valentine’s day will make him faithful, mindful and dedicated to your relationship.

There are many more things about malachite for love you’ve no idea about. Let me explain it in this post.

Price: $35.00 USD

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8.    Lavender Spinel Crystal Ring for Her

Multiple Lavender Spinel Stones Silver Plated Ring

Beautiful like a dewy fresh rosebud, this lavender crystal from pure spinel is a gorgeous charm. Made with five stones, you can gift this ring to your lover to make her fall in love with you. It has energies that connect the wearer with the things and objects around them. Lavender spinel actually brings love to the air that she remains positive and loving all through the day if you’re married.

Spinel once an elite treasure of a gemstone that protected lovers. Want to know more such facts and history of spinel? Click HERE.

Price: $32.00 USD

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9.    Garnet Bracelet Gift for Him

Garnet Bracelet - Red Stone - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

One of the most powerful grounding stones, garnet is also a passion stone. It is considered an aphrodisiac by crystal users because garnet emanates vibration of intimacy and closeness. Gifting this garnet bracelet to him on Valentine’s day can wipe off his stress and make him devoted to you. It’s not a myth because I try this all the time!

I bet you want to find out all the uses of garnet in daily life. Read more here.

Price: $64.00 USD

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How to Use Gemstones to Attract your True Love?

We learned all about crystals to gift your valentine but what if you haven’t found your valentine yet? Rest assured, crystals can still be of help by spiritually attracting your soul mate and making them fall in love with you by seeing your positives. Awesome right? Let’s find out how.

·      Wear a Rose Quartz a pendant Wand

When you wear this pendant wand pointing towards your heart chakra, it can search for your true love across the boundaries of the universe. It does so by programming your heart chakra to seeking your soul mate at all times.

·      See your True Love’s Face in a Crystal Ball

Have you heard about crystal gazing? It is a technique of clairvision and fortune telling by connecting with the energy of a crystal ball. Trying so with this amethyst ball connects your crown chakra and finds the matching pair in the universe. Try it to find your true love.

·      Make a Crystal Love Grid

If you ever wanted to create a butterfly effect in the universe, a crystal grid can help. All you need to know is available with the product. Set it up and tune the universe to send your soul mate to your way.

·      Manifestation with Rose Quartz Pyramid

By touching a rose quartz pyramid with both your hands and chanting your affirmation, you can find your true love. If you want to find him or her, ask the question while holding the pyramid at the break of dawn until the Valentine’s day (7 days).

·      Offer Prayers to Venus the Love Goddess

To invite love into your life, you can also beckon the powers of Goddess Venus. She brings love and beauty. All you need to do is kiss the ring while praying to Venus to find your soul mate. It cleanses your aura and attracts the soul mate to you. It helps recognize you as the soul mate to your partner searching at the other end of the world for you. He or she will be able to see you once you wear this ring!    

Before you go …

This Valentine’s Day, don’t leave the gift picking to the eleventh hour. Get discounts and book a gift that blows your Valentine for eternity.

Share the name of your Valentine below and we will send a positive prayer your way.

Love is in the air~

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