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Healing Crystal Handbook: Jade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jade

Did you know that jade was widely used in medicine, architecture, jewelry and décor a few centuries ago?

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jade

Part of human history since 6000 years and before, Jade is a spiritually potent stone touches the stone. From ancient Chinese to Mexican Shamans and those from the British Isles, Jade was a favorite stone for healing to showing opulence, wealth and powers too.

A stone that unwinds the stress by releasing tensions, agonies and worries, Jade is also an amazing balancing stone that protects travelers. From RVers, to Caravanners and Grey Nomads, Jade fits and protects anyone on a voyage!

Chinese scriptures recollect alchemist Kung-Ho who claimed to place jade in the nine openings of a corpse will prevent it from decaying.

·        Alternate Names of Jade

Yu-Stone, Spleen stone, Piedra da hijada, Jadeite, Nephrite or Pierre Le Jade;

·        Hardness of Jade on the MOHS Scale


·        Origin of Jade

Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, Guatemala, New Zealand, North America, Myanmar and British Columbia;  

·        Jade Represents the God

  • Maat: Goddess of Justice, Egypt;
  • Bona Dea: Goddess of Wisdom, Greece;
  • Moirae: Three Goddesses of Fate;
  • Kuan-Yin: Goddess of Mercy and Love, China;
  • Chalchiuhtilicue: Goddess of Children, Aztec;

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Jade


·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Jade


·        Jade Color energies

Olivine, Green, Blue, Dark Green, Lavender, Purple, Indigo, Pale Blue, Red, White, Yellow, Black and Gray;

·        Numerical Vibration of Jade


·        Jade activates the Chakra (s)

Heart Chakra;

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Jade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jade

Jade was considered God’s gift in the olden times as it calmed whoever held the stone instantly. It is derived from the French word l’ejade, meaning flanks or kidneys. The pale green gemstone is composed of metamorphic rocks made by silicate category of minerals.

Stone for Dreaming and Past Life Recalls, Jade is available in two varieties- Jadeite and Nephrite where the former is seen in bright green shades unlike the duller shades on the former variety of jade. The key difference that attributes the eponymous colors owes it to the presence of magnesium in Nephrite and Aluminum as well as sodium in Jadeite variety. Jade varies in translucent to opaque nature and hence is available in a wide range of green shades too.

·         Imperial Jade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jade

The highest valued variety of Jade in an emerald shade, the imperial shade is often called the emerald jade owing to its characteristic bright green tones. Imperial Jade is the translucent type of Jade called Nephrite, which also the most expensive and rarest stones too.

·         Black Jade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jade

Both nephrite and jadeite occur in black color of jade. Currently, the value of black jade is considered peaking at prices, by every passing hour.  A protective stone that dispels evil spirits, black jade also strengthens the wearer and bears the trendy black shade owing to its presence of iron.

·         Blue Jade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jade

Ideal to attract traits such as fortune, abundance and harmony, Blue Jade is a stone of peace and goodwill too. Clasping onto a blue jade during times of agony will instantly calm you down. Some of the vital shades seen in Blue Jade are the True Blue color with white haphazard streaks across it.

·         Orange Jade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jade

Yet another important and striking jade with a peculiar shade, orange jade portrays peach to pink and reddish-orange shades on it. An energy stone with many positive effects such as joy to peace, Orange shade owes the attractive color due to the presence of chromium.

·         Brown Jade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jade

A deeper variety of Orange or Redden Jade stones, Brown Jade is an exceptional grounding stone too. Brown Jade also aligns your mind and heart with your environment, to relax and balance you even more. Brown jade shines a light on its divine chocolate-brown color owing to the presence of iron.

·         Green Jade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jade

With about 23 varieties of green colored jade stones in the world, distinguishing every jade accurately is not possible in a wink, however an expert you are. The presence of Chromium is noted as the key reason for the presence of green tints in the jade.

A few popular varieties of Green Jade are Apple Green, Jaguar green, forest green, emerald and olivine.

·         White Jade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jade

Often called the Ice Jade or the Moon Jade, White Jade is a characteristic gemstone with notable powers unique to the stone. Moon jade glistens with a gray white shade that boosts your youthfulness as well as sexuality in addition to purifying the wearer.

·         Red Jade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jade

A peculiar jade with bouts of iron in it, Red Jade is the stone of Life Force. Red Jade can save from losing life to carelessness by releasing your fears. Red Jade surely makes one do the duties prior to protesting against it.

·         Purple Jade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jade

Often called the Lavender, Titanium results in bright purple shades of Jade. Same is why it was believed that Purple Jade could beckon the high spirits to clean your aura in no time. In short, Purple Jade transmutes the negativity into positivity to attract luck into your life.

·         Yellow Jade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jade

An energy stone best for those with hyperactive conducts and manners, Yellow Jade is also a stone of assimilation, according to crystal lovers. Yellow jade is a stone of nourishment that portrays deep to intense yellow and orange colors in naturally available stones.

·         Chromium Jade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jade

Seen in neon green shades, Chromium Jade is an attractive sulphur-looking crystal with potent traits to induce change and growth in the wearer.

·         Midnight Lemurian Jade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jade

Seen in black to yellow dots on a deep and darkest green shade, Midnight Lemurian Jade is mined from Peru. It magnetizes prosperity to abundance and joy to the wearer. Also known as Inca Jade, Midnight Jade is a mix of pyrite and quartz in Black Jade.

·         Lavender Jade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jade

The presence of Titanium is the many reasons for Lavender Jade’s peculiar shade. Seen in light to pink and violet colors that range from dark to light, Lavender Jade is the next most valuable stone after Imperial Jade.

·        Physical Effects of Jade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jade

An ideal healing therapy for your nervous system, jade brings down agonies, stress and anxiety of the wearers. Jade is known to restore the chi or the life force, which detoxifies and purifies your liver, bladder and kidneys. Balancing the hormones to fluids, jade also restores strength and stamina to joints.

The best healing property of jade is that it begins recovery faster than other gemstones and initiates self-healing via cell regeneration. For first aid to minor burns and cuts or stitches, jade can be used to amplify your recovery powers. Jade has often been considered as a feminine stone along, but little do people know that jade is also the stone for masculine healing during childbirth.

Anorexia or excessive weight loss can be treated by using jade elixirs as it slows the metabolism of the wearer. For those recovering from plastic surgeries or important generative operations, imperial jade works like a charm! 

·        Spiritual Effects of Jade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jade

Represented as the stone of the high priestess to kingly thrones, jade pleases the highest deities and communes with the higher realm. Jade is a superlative stone that purifies your soul and helps you speed ahead on the road to destiny.

Meditating with Jade is known to relieve and flush the energy of divine love through the body of the user.

Regular use of jade also creates a path for the divine energy to flow into you, as well as your environment, life and work. Jade makes the wearer appreciate the little things in life by shining light on its magnanimous role in the cosmic destiny. The growth crystal can be used to finding your fate to the hidden potential for past life recalls too.

·        Emotional Effects of Jade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jade

One of the most renowned stones that are often used to free the blocked emotional traumas within the body, Jade stabilizes one’s character as well. Ironically, Jade actually treats the feeling of jadedness, hopelessness and dullness or unconditional boredom in life.  When clasped in the hand during stressful situations, jade helps decision-making too.

Using jade to program you mid-chakra will also help you perceive the reality around you better. Jade simplifies everyday tasks and brings sound sleep as well as vivid positive dreams. Often quoted by many crystal lovers, jade actually vents your emotional halts and issues through dreaming and dream recall.

Jade helps to free the wearer from self-pity and other negative traits by driving one’s commitment towards the hidden potential It is natural to decipher life-changing ideas and opportunities on jade. It helps you understand problems better and fill you with a feeling of self-satisfaction.

·        Five Facts About Jade

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jade

1.       Powering the wood energy, Jade is known to work excellently when placed in the eastern regions of your home or office.

2.       Adorning your house with Jade Frogs, Dragons and Fish are considered a good luck charm to the house.

3.       According to Mayan Scriptures, Jade is your ticket to the afterlife, heaver or as they called it- Xibalba.

4.       Jade is gifted to couples celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary.

5.       According to Chinese jade theories, jades in specific shapes derive specific traits such as, Bi-Disk- Heaven, Butterfly- Longevity, Dragon- Power, Bat- Happiness and Peach for immortality.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Jade

Once upon a time, Jade was also renowned as the Emperor’s stone owing to its startling purity and purifying qualities. If Jade was popularized as the Imperial Gem in the yesteryears, today, jade symbolizes the optimum mix of our reality with cosmic consciousness.

Moreover, Imperial jade is considered the best antidote for dysfunctional families and codependent relationships.

Did this jade stone jewelry recall your past, dreams or life ambitions?

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Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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