Healing Crystal Handbook: Emerald
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by Ceida Uilyc May 05, 2017

From the Great Alexander to Queen Elizabeth II and Cleopatra, there has been a long line of emerald lovers in history.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Emerald

Emerald added meaning to the hypnotic beauty of growth and was called ‘marakata’ or ‘the green of growth’ in Sanskrit.Emerald captures the gorgeous shamrock and adds a hypnotic appeal to your aura.

Also renowned as the stone of abundant love, emerald also brings success in romance to the wearer. When worn as a pendant or jewelry around the neck, Emerald is known to prevent epilepsy according to Aristotle’s notes. Christianity refers to emerald as the crystal of luck and blessings and science of today calls the ‘Mood Stone’.

The fan craze of emerald did not start just a few trends back, but emerald has been glowing the growth of green into humanity since 4000 B.C!

·        Names

Beryl, Marakata, Green Beryl, Smaradagus and Divine Stone;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Emerald

·        Hardness on the MOHS Scale

7.5 to 8;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Emerald

·        Origin

Colombia, Afghanistan, Canada, Ukraine, South Africa, USA, Zimbabwe, Brazil, India, Australia, Columbia, Egypt and Austria;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Emerald

·        Represents the God

Healing Crystal Handbook: Emerald

  • Venus: Greek goddess of beauty and love;
  • Annapurna: Hindu Goddess of Food;
  • Astarte: Phoenician Goddess of Fertility;
  • Persephone: Greek Goddess of Spring;
  • Banbha, Eriu, and Fodla: 3 Celtic Goddesses of Sovereignty; 

·        Zodiac

Cancer and Capricorn;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Emerald

·        Planet


Healing Crystal Handbook: Emerald

·        Color energies

Dark Green, pale green, intense green, rayon, black, olivine and red;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Emerald

·        Numerical Vibration


Healing Crystal Handbook: Emerald

·        Chakra

Heart and Solar Plexus;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Emerald

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Emerald

Healing Crystal Handbook: Emerald

Stone of Great Teachers, Emerald naturally forms from beryl. The characteristic green color of the stone owes it to the presence of chromium oxide, iron and vanadium.  Differing in colors from yellow to blue green with a glossy texture, an emerald hypnotizes the looker into its great green depths.

It is no joke that you cannot avoid the trance of emerald once you look into it. A soft gemstone, emerald is seen in opaque to transparent textures.

1.      Columbian Emeralds

Healing Crystal Handbook: Emerald

Often seen with a halo of black streaks, Columbian Emeralds are also seen with strikes of marine green colors. The exquisite healing crystal is mined from Andes mountain ranges in Columbia and is easy to recognize with its intense deep glassy colors of green to soft greenish blue.

 A unique category of Colombian emerald that weighs high and is also the finest, is called Chalk Emeralds.


2.      Bixbite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Emerald

Commonly referred to as red emerald, bixbite emanates a pinkish red tint with and rose streaks.  Bixbite is often referred to as red beryl in different parts of the world. The raspberry emerald owes it trademark red shade to the presence of manganese.

3.      Brown Grey African Emerald

Healing Crystal Handbook: Emerald

A peculiar emerald in olivine shade, brown grey emerald is mined from places like Zambia and Namibia. Brown Grey African emerald was even believed as another stone through history. When viewed under incandescent light, African Emerald looks bluish too.

With fewer inclusions than typical emeralds, African emeralds made the healing stones first affordable to the layman. 

4.      Brazilian Emerald

Available in a variety of greens, Brazilian Emerald has a unique tint of pale green to blue shades with black streaks. Resembling a pale turquoise to aquatic agate, Brazilian emerald is used to refer to green tourmaline as well.

5.      Cat’s eye Emerald

Image result for Cat’s Eye emerald emerald

One of the most captivating emerald stones with a white cat-eye slit through the middle or chatoyancy is the fundamental way to recognize a cat’s eye emerald. Renowned to increase sharpness and open-mindedness, Cat’s Eye emerald is often seen in Colombian Mines.

6.      Trapiche Emerald

Image result for trapiche emerald gemstone

Also referred to as the Star Emerald, the black impurities in the Trapiche stone make a six ray star. The spoke like black thick pattern in trapiche emeralds are unique and mined from Muzo mounts of Colombia. Trapiche emeralds also project a centrally located black hexagon, often explained by the remnants of shale.

7.      Synthetic Emerald

Image result for synthetic emerald gemstone


Spanning from red to blue, black and yellow, synthetic emerald is available in natural shades too. Not so rare as emeralds, synthetic emeralds are grown using hydrothermal process using synthetic corundum and beryl.

Synthetic emeralds are sporadically available in the market since the 1960s!

·        Physical Effects of Emerald

A guardian stone that also resets your biological clock, emerald is an anti-inflammatory stone that can sure chronic allergies too. By empowering organs such as kidneys, reproductive organs, colons, stomach, heart, intestines and neurotransmitters, Emerald filters out the toxins quickly.

Emerald is an essential stone for those who suffer from erratic blood pressure to asthmatic attacks, neuralgia and even cancer. Emerald can penetrate the skin cells and cure many severe illnesses by activating the Solar Plexus and Heart chakra.

Regular wearing of emerald also dispels dysentery, anemia, skin rashes and seasonal illnesses.

·        Spiritual Effects of Emerald

The garden-like inclusions and black stars and hexagonal vortex within emeralds were the primal reason it was hunted for in the earlier ages. Emerald prepares the wearer to bear the gifts and guidance of spirits. By opening your mind to perception and dispelling strong negativities such as delusions and paranoia, emerald grounds the wearer.

Emerald was often used to become close to God, whichever you choose. A stone used for detoxing as well as relieve curses to the evil eye, emerald raises spiritual consciousness and mediates between the universe and your destiny.

Symbolizing divine love, emerald is considered a good omen when seen in dreams. Dark green emerald stones also awaken the power of the Glory angel, Raphael. Emerald also welcomes prosperity and abundance to the wearer, best seen in the Hindu Goddess Annapura, often seen with food and spoons in her hands.

·        Emotional Effects of Emerald


If you’ve had problems with commitment to fidelity, emerald can revitalize you towards the right path. To use the manifestation powers of emerald for your emotional wealth, you need to cleanse and program the crystal.

When worn on the heart chakra, emerald emanates loving vibrations that harbinger positivity to courage and self-confidence. Emerald boosts the degree of faith in its wearer, especially in the self.

The calming power of emerald is ideal for those suffering from anxiety attacks to depression and distress.

Five Facts About Emerald

1.      The negativity Release stone, was highly revered such that Queen Elizabeth II made a diadem and Alexander made a belt for success and victory.

2.      Emerald has a unique lore of connecting with Mother Gaia and hence is also a Gardener’s BFF!

3.      Often quoted as the fertility stone, Emerald was renowned as the ‘cradle of civilization’ and hence, a prominent gift for couples without kids.

4.      95% of world’s total emeralds are mined from Colombia.

5.      A gem gifted on the 55th anniversary, not many couples have been proud to share the holy matrimony with emerald!


Before You go …

Representing eternity to evergreen love, Emerald is the stone of reincarnation, change and renewal too. Unlike most gemstones, emeralds should be gently cleaned. Use of ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaners or even the DIY acetone solution are strictly prohibited if you want to keep your emerald forever as it is.

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Stay powerful~




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Ceida Uilyc
Ceida Uilyc


Ceida Uilyc is the Crystal Christened name of Geo Maria George, an avid crystal user since 10 years past. Ceida believes Crystals are elixirs from the Mother Nature's Womb gifted to protect the humanity, its spirit, soul and voice for ages ahead ... When she is not with crystals, she wonders and wanders about a million ways to Save The World!

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