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Healing Crystal Handbook: Fire Opal

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fire Opal

Opals are one of the most misunderstood gems in history, of which fire opals bags first too! Unlike Opals that show the texture of cloudy to opaque, fire opals are transparent or translucent.

History quotes Fire Opal as the heavenly gift of passion, success, and energy. Considered having a frequency magically similar to ecstasy, the fire energy of Fire Opals are rarer according to the intensity of its color.

A vital part of Egyptian folklores, fire opals are mined mostly in Mexico and Australia with the latter known for its orange shade and Australian for the deep reddish tint.

A solar crystal like citrine, fire opal is much different and unique than any other crystal you’ve ever seen. The iridescence shimmers with a different hue during different times of the day. The stone is filled with the power of higher chakra and lower chakras to keep you at balance. It awakens two chakras whatever color the stone has.  Crown is located on your head and makes you intuitive. Sacral chakra is called kundalini energy because it is the seat of passion. Fire opal is an adorable gift that never loses its charm!

Whichever color you choose of a fire opal, the streaks will keep dancing with your movements. Fire opal in jewelry connects with the chakras easily, keeps it recharged and makes you look gorgeous. Fire opal is perfect as a promise ring before proposing to your lady love or as a surprise gift for the woman in your life.

Fire opal can also increase honesty, dedication and determination towards the goals you jolt down. It helps you release emotional baggage and lighten your head. Best during grief and for recovery, the fire in an opal can kill evil energies too. For those suffering from physical or mental disorders, a fire opal in the room repair their energy.

·        Alternative Names of Fire Opal

Having been discovered centuries ago, fire opal has acquired a varied list of names overtime. It is popular as Red opal to Magic Opal, Cupid Stone, Mexican Opals, Tangerine Opal, Firmament Stone and Stone of the Bird of Paradise.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fire Opal

·        Fire Opal Hardness on the Mohs Scale

Having been discovered centuries ago, fire opal has acquired a varied list of names overtime. It is popular as Red opal to Magic Opal, Cupid Stone, Mexican Opals, Tangerine Opal, Firmament Stone and Stone of the Bird of Paradise.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fire Opal

·        Origin of Fire Opal

You can find fire opal in a handful of places around the world such as Brazil, USA, Australia, Peru, Honduras, Ethiopia, Germany and Mexico.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Fire Opal

·        Fire Opal Represents God

  • Mercury- Roman God of Traders and Nomads;
  • Anubis- Egyptian God of Afterlife and Son of Isis (Goddess of Life);
  • Hermes- Greek Messenger of Gods;
Healing Crystal Handbook: Fire Opal

    ·        Zodiac signs of Fire Opal

    As there are many color variations of fire opal, it is best for four different zodiac signs. Leos get their energy from a fire opal while a Scorpio receives guidance and Aries acquires luck.

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Fire Opal

    ·        Fire Opal Ruling Planet

    Fire opal is a solar stone and hence, ruled by the Sun. It removes toxic energies to purify with glaring positivity. It cleanses your environment and adds to good feng shui. You will find opportunities that will drive you to success with sun on the fire opal by your side.

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Fire Opal

    ·        Color energies of Fire Opal

    The range of colors in a fire opal is miscellaneous. It can vary from Orange, Yellow, Blue, Honey, Blazing, Red, Green, Brown, White, Black and Pink too.

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Fire Opal

    ·        Numerical Vibration of Fire Opal

    The lucky number when wearing a fire opal is 01. If you spot a 1, don’t ignore because fire opal energy can attract and conquer the luck driving it.

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Fire Opal

    ·        Fire Opal Chakras

    Based on the colors in a fire opal, their chakra also differs. Orange fire opal shows solar plexus and sacral chakra while white fire opal fuels crown chakra and green fire opal powers the heart chakra.

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Fire Opal

    ·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Fire Opal

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Fire Opal

    The powerful gem of gems is highly sensitive to changes in temperature to scratches; hence, one must use it sparingly. Disparities in prices of fire opal owe it to the uniqueness of the stone. Moreover, no two fire opals are the same or occur with an identical set of quality, color, clarity, and patterns.

    The shimmering iridescence of fire opal originates from the presence of the iron content.

    Akin to diamonds, fire opals display a play of color in streaks of yellow to red and gold,  spectral color. From faceted to cabochons, fire opals are cut in a variety of ways to maximize the brilliance and dispersion of light.

    1.      Orange Fire Opal

    Orange Fire Opal Set - Ring, Earrings & Bracelet

    Mostly originating from the mines of Mexico, Orange Fire Opals show a fiery display of blazing yellow to crimson and orange. Found in cabochons to faceted varieties, Orange Fire Opals are revered as a chakra balancing stone that aligns with multiple energy sources in the body.

    2.      Black Fire Opal

    Black Fire Opal Ring   925 Sterling Silver   matans

    A gorgeous variety of Fire Opal, most of the black fire opal is mined from Australia and are found as boulder opals. Rarest opals in history, black opals are also one of the ten most expensive gemstones in history.

    3.      Red Fire Opal

    Red Fire Opal Ring   Sizes  6 7 8   matans

    Predominantly mined from Australia, red fire opals are available in transparent to translucent varieties in colors of deep to brown red. Also called Cherry Opal, red fire opals influence the mindset positively by transmuting negativities.

    4.      Blue Fire opal

    Blue Fire Opal Silver Ring   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

    With streaks of marine green to pink, blue fire opals are intense and form dynamic patterns within it. Considered excellent BFF for people who find decisions and actions too confusing or stressful, blue fire opal displays lined structures when translucent and mined from Mexico.

    5.      Green Fire opal

    Image result for green opal

    With an olivine to a purple play of color, green fire opal is also rarer than you think! Green Fire Opals are mined in Mexico and Peru.

    6.      White Fire Opal

    White Fire Opal Earrings

    From flashes of orange to yellow, blue, green and pink, white fire opal displays many colors underneath a transparent white hue. White Fire opals are mined from Australia and differ in prices based on the intensity of dynamic patterns.

    7.      Tear or Pink Fire opal

    Pink Fire Australian Opal Silver Ring Size 7 8 9   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

    From magenta to rose, there are diverse types of pink fire opal that look startling. Pink Fire Opal shows streaks of white to pink and green on it in addition to light blue and is mined from Mexico and Peru.

    ·        Physical Effects of Fire Opal

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Fire Opal

    Considered empowering for the wearer’s libido, blood circulation, passion and health, fire opal also boosts one’s neurotransmitters. Fire Opal wearers often retain energy to cultivate productivity too.

    During times of eye fatigue, pain or disorders, use a healing tonic made from solarized fire opal to amplify your recovery rate. For treating male and female reproductive disorders and issues, fire opals works excellently as it is a Sacral Chakra stone too.

    ·        Spiritual Effects of Fire Opal

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Fire Opal

    From attracting popularity to charisma, wealth and fortune, Fire Opals can also attract the guidance of friendly spirits. Fire Opals are potent stones to deepen one’s understanding of the cosmic universe.

    History and crystal aficionados quote fire opal as a stone that acts as a medium to connect with the higher realm, so if vivid episodes of lucid dreaming are observed, your rituals are a success! Remember to meditate or do yoga while placing the fire opal on your root chakra to make the most out of the stone’s powers. Don’t forget to cleanse the stone of its absorbed negativity after each use!

    ·        Emotional Effects of Fire Opal

    Healing Crystal Handbook: Fire Opal

    An ideal stone to kick the rotten habits of depression to breakup and isolation and introversion, fire opal can flame the fire of love, marital bliss, hope and security from the emotional traumas of past.

    Regardless of whether you won over the worst of abusive relationships, co-dependent relationships, PTSD, trauma or even rape, fire opals can instill a new confidence within you. Fire opals comfort the aching soul, shoulder the woes and give courage to your perspectives, from within.

    A purification stone for emotional baggage and endless burdens, fire opals are ideal for people who are shy or lack self-confidence too.

    Five Facts About Fire Opal

    ·         Fire Opals were first acknowledged in Australia, during the 19th century. During the fire opal rush, Europeans were the majority who fell in love with fire opals. Queen Victoria, United Kingdom is known to have the entire varieties of Australian fire opals.

    ·         Fire Opals have low inclusions or flaws although it is hard to find a flawless variety of fire opals. Avoid buying deep inclusions as it can lead to cracks easily.

    ·         Fire Opals cost higher with its carat, just like diamonds, just because it is hard to find bigger carats.

    ·         Girasol Opal is often mistaken as Fire Opals.

    ·         Referred to as Tangerine Opal, Fire Opal cracks easily during summer; so restrict the use to winter, if you work in the sun.

    Before You Go …

    Fire Opal

    A fragile and color changing mood stone, fire opals were a hit a few centuries ago, projected as the mood stone. Meditate or program your fire opal on the Sacral or Root Chakra to cleanse before starting any crystal ritual using the same.

    Fire Opals are comprised of 20% water and hence considered the worst enemy of the sun. If you’re taking your fire opal jewelry for a walk or solarizing it, remember to soak it in water. Avoid placing the stone under the sun for more than an hour. Moreover, if you’re an opal wearer, avoid contact with oils and chemicals to avoid fast depreciation of your stone.

    If you respect and bond with the destiny stone well, you will find the magic of a new beginning, the world, perspective, and destiny unfurl …

    Stay powerful~

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