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What’s So Good About Wand Pendants Made Of Crystals?

What’s So Good About Wand Pendants Made Of Crystals?

Call them baby wand or mini wand, these wand pendants made of crystals are the sassiest comfiest accessory to chill your vibe and looks at the same time. It adds style while keeping your multiple chakras alignedLet's find out all the goodness and magickal powers of crystal pendant wands!

What are wand pendants?

Natural Crystal Fluorite Pendant

When you make a wand-shaped pendant with a focused point, you have a wand pendant. It is the tiniest wand that can really make you glow with spiritual, emotional and physical positivity. They can be worn inconspicuously as jewelry. I will teach you all about activating a pendant wand to make be gem-safe!

Wand pendants are generally built to face the sharp peak point down to attune the lower chakras, but you can also find the ones built for attuning higher chakras facing upwards.  

How to use a wand pendant?

Citrine Quartz Crystal 6 sided Point Pendant - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

A pendant wand is the best way to activate your manifestations and keep it alive and happening with more time to spare. You might not be able to do crystal ritual in the middle of the office, but you can always wear an activated wand pendant and keep your ritual moving.

I will tell you the best way to wear a wand pendant.

  • Purify your wand pendant by smudging with sage or circling thrice with clear quartz.
  • Now hold the pendant wand in the middle of your palms.
  • Repeat your intention loudly while meditating on it.
  • Visualize for a few minutes until you see the wand lighting up in your spiritual eye.
  • Wear it!
  • Cleanse it with clear quartz or selenite after 8 hours!

What’s so good about pendant wands?

Assorted Healing Crystal Earrings and Pendant Set (PENDANT ONLY NO CHAIN INCLUDED) - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

These are the handiest accessory for a crystal user. It is symmetrically designed to manifest desires into reality so that you’re always ready. Pendant wands can also cleanse your chakras recurrently so that you stay healthy and hearty without getting evil eye or energy vampire from marking you.

I love pendant wands because I really see magic in a purification white or clear quartz wand pendant. It is exactly what gets me through the day. No stress or radiation whatsoever!

Another brilliant thing about pendant wands are the universal truth of crystals ‘it’s not the size that matters’. It’s really not and these crystal pendant wands when touched by bigger wands or a powerful grid crystal can transmute the energy in its compact form!

Crystals are crazy awesome, right?

How to Clean a wand pendant?

Mookaite Jasper Crystal Pendant 1 PCS - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

A wand pendant is just like any other crystal jewelry. You have two stages of cleaning to complete in it.

-       Spiritual

  • Always cleanse a wand pendant before wearing with clear
  • Your wand pendant must always be manifested with your intention before wearing.
  • Cleanse the pendant with a purifying crystal when you get to your safe place (home).

-       Physical

  • Depending on the crystal you have, you can clean them in hot soapy water or dry rub.
  • It is better to give a bit of sun and cotton rub your crystals before and after use.
  • Keep your wand pendant separate from other crystals when storing.

Before you go …

Natural Colorful Striped Fluorite Pendant

Pendant wands are beautiful and full of energy, in a sassy form. Wands are so useful but pendant wands are useful and beautiful that you can wear that great energy on you.

Do you use wands in everyday life? Else send me your date of birth with the city and time of birth so that I can suggest the right crystals for your crystal wand pendant!

Stay powerful~

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