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Healing Crystal Handbook: Ruby

Healing Crystal Handbook: Ruby

Known as the Manik Ratna in Indian Astrology, Ruby is a stone of vitality. Ruby was also widely used as a holy engagement ring stone, a few centuries ago. It is believed to bring balance and romance into the marital life. Ruby is also called the King of Stones or Ratnanayaka, often symbolized as the bloodline of humanity, denoting its omnipotent hierarchy amongst other gemstones.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Ruby

Ruby is a priceless gem with a long history behind it. It is etched in records that Emperor Kublai Khan offered an entire city for a huge ruby during his time! Legends also claim that Ruby shines through even the thickest fabric made by man.

Ruby is also one of the easily misunderstood stones in the gemstone industry. From Pink Topaz to Garnet and Pink Tourmaline, ruby has many resemblances with multiple gemstones. In fact, there is a popular gemstone called Ruby Garnet, which is not a ruby, but a Garnet!

·        Alternate Names of Ruby

Burmese Ruby, Pigeon’s blood Stone, Rubinus, Rubi, Bloodstone and Humanity Stone;

·        Hardness of Ruby on the MOHS Scale


·        Origin of Ruby

Pakistan, India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Colombia, Nepal, Vietnam, Tanzania, Japan, Scotland, Afghanistan and Madagascar;

·        Ruby Represents the God

  • Befana: Goddess of 12th Night, Italy;
  • Sekhmet: Goddess of War, Egypt;

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Ruby


·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Ruby


·        Ruby Color energies

Pink, Orange, Red, Purple, Gray, Green, Brown and Rose;

·        Numerical Vibration of Ruby


·        Ruby activates the Chakra (s)

Base Chakra;

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Ruby

Healing Crystal Handbook: Ruby

A startling gemstone with powerful traits, Ruby also ejects vibrant red rays that are pure to the last quanta. Crystal lovers worship ruby for its chi-energy. Ruby belongs to the red corundum with chromium hints scattered throughout the stone, resulting in the dark red hues to the gem.

Ruby is often hailed as a seeker transformer crystal, owing to its leadership and authoritarian powers. The dull and greasy stone can be confirmed as brilliant and 100% natural when seen with inclusions within it.

From curing serious terminal illness to occasional disenchantment with life, Ruby is a powerful antidote for boredom to depression and mid-life crisis. Regular use of ruby can fill you with positive bursting creativity too!

1.      Ruby Zoisite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Ruby

Often mined from Tanzania, Ruby Zoisite is a rare combination of the opaque variety of the red gem with the green zoisite. Ruby zoisite is seen in scattered blobs of pink on a parrot green stone with black and gray dots all over it. The combined colors of the gemstone also make it susceptible to multiple chakra points in the human body.

2.      Madagascar Ruby

Healing Crystal Handbook: Ruby

A recently discovered variety of Ruby, Madagascar Ruby is not heated. Madagascar Rubies are seen in colors such as deep pink, red or orange shades and exhibit traits such as compassion and content.

3.      Indian Ruby

Rubies infamous for their deep and dark shade of red, Indian Rubies are mined from Odisha and Mysuru in India. Indian Rubies are advocated as ideal talismans or amulets to ward off evil.

4.      Ruby Fuchsite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Ruby

Mixed with bright pink to fuchsite shades, Ruby Fuchsite is an incredible healing crystal for pain in the spinal cord. Seen with green and fuchsite tints, the ruby fuchsite is mined from India and are usually found in mica matrix.

5.      Pigeon’s Blood Ruby

Healing Crystal Handbook: Ruby


The most famous Ruby in the world, Pigeon’s Blood Ruby is revered for its characteristic deep red color. Pigeon’s blood ruby is also enchanting owing to its hint of blue towards the edges of the gemstone. Mostly mined from Burma, Pigeon blood rubies are considered the most powerful rubies in the world at present!

6.      Tanzanian ruby

Healing Crystal Handbook: Ruby

The cleanest rubies in the world with the least inclusions, Tanzanian Rubies are also as the strongest as Madagascar Rubies. When compared with other rubies, Tanzanian ruby exhibits a dull red shade and incredible savings when compared to other rubies.  Tanzanian Ruby is believed to the best purification gemstone among rubies.

7.      Thai Ruby

Healing Crystal Handbook: Ruby

Due to the presence of iron alongside chromium on most rubies, Thailand Rubies show a deeper shade of red too. When looked closely, Thailand Rubies also have brown tints on it. Thai Rubies are considered ideal to clarify thoughts and charge your enthusiasm.

8.      Burmese Ruby

Healing Crystal Handbook: Ruby

Mined from Burma or Myanmar, the new Burmese Rubies consist of pigeon’s blood red to bright brown variety of rubies. Considered the elite type of rubies, New Burmese Rubies are also excellent for chakra works.

9.      Old Burmese Ruby

Healing Crystal Handbook: Ruby

Worth thousands and millions of dollars, Old Burmese Ruby is a priceless stone with zero inclusions, most often. You may find Old Burmese Ruby with red marks or scars, but the internal inclusions are the bare minimum. Old Burmese Ruby is a lucky crystal that attracts wealth and prosperity to the wearer.

10. Blue Kyanite Ruby

Healing Crystal Handbook: Ruby

Occurring besides Kyanite blue shades, Ruby Kyanite is seen in dull ocean blue on brownish scatters of white and red. Blue Kyanite Ruby is an excellent stone to attain emotional stability and grounding.

11. Star Ruby

Healing Crystal Handbook: Ruby

Seen with Six-rayed stars, Star Ruby displays asterism due to the parallel rutile type of needles within the ruby stone during the time of crystallization. Star Rubies are rare and exceptionally powerful in the manifestation of goals.

·        Physical Effects of Ruby

Healing Crystal Handbook: Ruby

An extraordinary stone that is known to sharpen the mind, Ruby is also the stone of concentration as well as focus. For those of you preparing for interviews to examinations and tests, Ruby on your skin can realize your dreams in addition to calming the nerves.

Ruby is also the best antidote to level up your sexual prowess including libido and reproductive wellness. Ruby also performs indispensable miracles in the body such as boosted oxygenation of blood to its higher blood circulation.

Regular use of Ruby leads to decreasing fatigue in addition to pumping your metabolism. An eye-enhancing stone, ruby also works wonders on pregnant women. Ruby also enhances the lymph nodes and blood vessels of the body. An ideal first aid as well, ruby works instantly on seasonal infections. Core internal organs such as Kidney, Liver and Spleen are also the key targets of Ruby crystal energy.

·        Spiritual Effects of Ruby

Healing Crystal Handbook: Ruby

For those of you seeking spiritual enlightenments to divine revelations, Ruby will bring you divine satisfaction. Bond well with your ruby gemstone because it guarantees Psychic Protection to the wearer by dispelling negativity and evil targeted at you.

By using Ruby for long spans of time, the wearer develops an intrinsic connection with nature and spiritual realm. The destiny stone inspires the wearer to follow the heart and transmutes the overload in your mind.

An excellent meditation stone, Ruby is also ideal for assessing thoughts during tough times. Yet another excellent benefit of using ruby is the synchronicity and how well it attracts serendipity as well as prosperity. Ruby is also ideal for connecting with dear spirits who are not with you anymore!

·        Emotional Effects of Ruby

Healing Crystal Handbook: Ruby

From attracting new love to replacing the jadedness in life with bustling creativity, Ruby introduces bliss to contentment and enthusiasm to explore life. Regardless of how hefty your emotional baggage is, Ruby will lighten the load and boost your self-awareness.

Ruby is a peace-ensuring gemstone with powers to inspire as well as remove fear. Amateur ruby users often claim that Ruby is overwhelming and if you feel so, clean your stone and restart your programming after a few days break.

Ruby is a potent stone used for grounding to rehabilitating with life. It has a vibrant ability to replace the past agonies with newfound hope in life. During bouts of anger to frustration and aggression, a clasp on ruby can change your perspective on life!

·        Five Facts About Ruby

Healing Crystal Handbook: Ruby

-        Representing the Fire energy, Ruby is an extraordinary stone that attracts success and acceptance when kept in the Southern region of a Home or Office.

-        Ruby is a gorgeous gemstone often gifted to couples celebrating the 52nd wedding anniversary.

-        Once upon a time in human history, Rubies were divided as Male and Female with the darker shades of the gemstone representing male and lighter shade symbolizing females.

-        Crystal lovers advocate that those with Vitamin D Deficiency must wear a Ruby ring made of copper.

-        People with erratic blood pressure are known to benefit the most from wearing ruby gemstones.

Before You go …

Rubies are grounding stones that help to overcome humanly flaws and setbacks. It is an ideal stone to help find comfort to recoup with life as well. The passion stone signifies success and commitment to life.  Dreaming of ruby is a sign of incoming prosperity or miracles!

Ruby is also excellent to boost sexual stamina especially when worn by partners during sessions of lovemaking.  For couples, wearing ruby during lovemaking also boosts chances of getting pregnant. Natural ruby is also one of the four most precious gemstones in the world and the shade differs based on the place of origin.

Glare at this gorgeous Ruby and see if you can spot the magic within it!

Stay powerful~


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