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Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

Revered as one of the oldest gemstones used in human history, you can see utensils to jewelry and even entire rooms designed with malachite stones. Around the areas of French Alps, malachite is a stone exclusively to protect pregnant women while crosses made from malachite gives cozy slumber to kids.

Also associated with the Francis of Assisi, Malachite is a stone filled with the nurturing energy of Mother Mary. Moreover, malachite was believed to translate the language of animals when worn as a ring or held in the right hand.

Malachite summons Hathor the Goddess of Fertility as well as sounds. She is known as the Lady of Malachite and once used to protect miners in caves! Explore the complete facts, astrological importance, metaphysical, physical and spiritual powers of malachite!

·        Alternate Names of Malachite

Atlas Ore, Green Copper, Malakhite, Molokkos, Mountain Green, Mallow Stone and Malahit;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

·        Hardness of Malachite on the MOHS Scale

3.0 to 4.0

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

·        Origin of Malachite

Brazil, Russia, Namibia, Australia, South Africa, Zaire, Romania, Germany, Mexico, Chile, Congo and the U.S;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

·        Malachite Represents the God

  • Isis: Goddess of Life, Egypt;
  • Persephone: Goddess of Spring, Greece;
  • Hathor: Goddess of Musicians, Egypt;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Malachite


Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Malachite


Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

·        Malachite Color energies

Green, White, Black, Rose, Blue, Brown, Grey, Yellow, Indigo, Orange, Teal and Peach;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

·        Numerical Vibration of Malachite


Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

·        Malachite activates the Chakra (s)

Heart and Throat Chakra; 

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Malachite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

First used by Pliny the Elder, Malachite is a stone etymologically rooted from the word ‘mallow’, in Greek called Malaki, meaning the mallow plant. The peculiar look of malachite similar to the mallow plant. Experts also say malachite derives roots from the Greek Word Malaki, meaning soft.

The transparent and translucent gemstone portrays vitreous to velvet and even needle-like texture. With a chemical composition of copper carbonate, malachite shows a green streak. The brittle stone is also very soft owing to lower gauge on the Mohs scale.

Malachite shows visible pleochroism and is seen with impurities such as zinc, cobalt and nickel. Malachite morphology is usually rosette, needles, tufts, spays and parallel shapes. The stone is often called as the stone of the artist for its compassion heart chakra energies.  

1.    Green Malachite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

The commonest variety of malachite, green malachite is seen in both Glossy and Matte as well as rough textures. Green malachite is often seen with bands, signifying higher powers. Malachite in green is a nurturing stone!

2.    Yellow Malachite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

A variety of malachite, Metatyuyamunite when exists with Malachite and Carnotite, the resultant stone is green, yellow, orange and black in color. Another type of malachite bearing yellow and green color is Guilleminte Malachite. Yellow malachites are recommended for sharpness and focus.    

3.    Black Malachite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

Black Malachite is a talismanic gemstone filled with powers of protection. Any malachite with the majority as black color is called black malachite. Black Malachite mined from Zaire has the best black sparkles!

4.    Orange Malachite

Infamous due to the Malachite de Saint-Avold, orange malachite is seen with bits and spots of orange, yellow, green and white on it. Another stone for toning the mind, orange malachite is a mid chakra stone.

5.    Blue Malachite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

From deep blue to indigo hues, blue malachite forms many shades of blue. Seen rarely, blue malachite is best for priests and counsellors as it makes the wearer compassionate and confident at once. Presence of azurite can lead to blue malachites too.

6.    Brown Malachite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

Seen in colors of white, beige, brown, yellow and orange in addition to green, brown malachite is a unique stone. It can help you take right decisions in life due to its higher chakra influences.  

7.    Vortex Malachite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

When malachite is seen with swishy or swirly green with white or black bands, it is called vortex malachite. This variety of malachite healing crystals are ideal for astral travel to other spiritual endeavors. The dynamic pattern on the vortex malachite increases its value and metaphysical properties!

8.    Plume Malachite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

When Malachite is seen with plume-like dendrites of the color white and black on the green background, it is called as plume malachite by experts. This dendritic variety of malachite is excellent for mothers to be as it is filled with compassionate and nourishing energies!

9.    Malachite Eyes

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

When malachite exists with concentric circles that look like eyes, crystal experts call it malachite eyes. These peculiar malachites are intuitive stones filled with humility and motherly love and seen in white, black and green colors!

10. Malachite Needles

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

When malachite occurs with needle like scales or structures all over it, it is called malachite Needles. Seen in green to black and shades of green, Malachite Needles are also called Acicular crystals. Malachite needles are often so thickly packed that they appear as flowers or rose petals and hence named malachite rosettes!

11. Red Malachite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

Often called rondelle red malachite, the red type of malachite is often accompanied by yellow and orange shades on it. Unlike most red gemstones, red malachite bears a dull luster and is recommended ideal for meditation.

12. Shattuckite Malachite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

When malachite exists with the copper silicate mineral shattuckite, it changes color into blue and green mixes. A rare and mystic gemstone filled with powers of courage, shattuckite malachite is often mined from Angola!

13. Malachite Stalactite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

Often seen with spirally phallic shapes, malachite stalactite is seen in glossy and matte textures. The green sparkly stone is often recommended for fertility issues and massages. Malachite Stalactite is seen in a flower like patterns when cut into shapes!

14. Malachite Chrysocolla

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

A unique and spectacular variety of malachite, the teal blue of chrysocolla when infuses with malachite, leads to malachite chrysocolla. As the teal blue chrysocolla contains powers to activate the throat chakra, you needn’t worry about self confidence anymore!

15. Cuprite Malachite

The Black variety of malachite formed from the ores of copper when mixes with malachite, forms cuprite malachite. With a vivid green color, malachite copper exists with yellow and streaks of black on it.

Ideally, cuprite forms a black coating on the green malachite, often leading to colors like brown. Cuprite malachite is a stone of protection!

16. Malachite Nodules

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

When malachite forms botryoidal shapes and structures, it becomes a healing crystal with bulbs. Crystal experts recommend malachite nodules for those with reproductive disorders. Malachite nodules are often seen in homogenous green colors.

17. Malachite Green Oxalate

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

Malachite in oxalic acid becomes granules of green malachite oxalate. The powder is used in researches including endospore staining within the bacterial cells.

18. Malachite Cat Eye Stones  

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

When chatoyancy is observed in malachite stones, it leads to cat eye effect on the gemstone. It is a rare stone seen with a streak of straight white line on a green backdrop. Malachite cat eye stones are excellent for pregnant mothers!

19. Calcite Malachite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

When malachite occurs with calcite, it leads to green and white prominent colors of black shades. Calcite malachite is an uplifting stone seen with the power of higher chakras. Malachite calcite is often seen in bladed and scaled textures!

20. Malachite Mottremite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

Often called malachite mottramite, black malachite is seen with sparkly black beads on green and peach colors. It is a green and black gemstone with the power to guard your physical and spiritual self against negativity and harms.

21. Malachite Opal

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

When opal is found interspersed with malachite healing crystal, it is called malachite opal. These stones are seen with opalescent white on the dainty green of malachite with subtle black crystal clusters around. Malachite exists with hyalite opal, a nurturing stone best used in divination!

22. Rhodochrosite malachite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

When malachite exists with rhodochrosite, it turns into the salmon pink color on the green and white backdrop. The peculiar stone helps to harness deeper powers of the heart chakra.

23. Malachite Quartz

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

When quartz and malachite occur together, it is called malachite quartz. You see green colors entwined with yellow and white on malachite quartz. The peculiar stone uplifts the heart chakra in addition to raising the virtue of intuition.

24. Dioptase Malachite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

The sparkling variety of malachite that exists with dioptase is called malachite dioptase. It is a riced gemstone often used as a feng shui item for removing evil eye and curses.

25. Azurite Malachite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

One of the prettiest malachite gemstones interspersed with indigo blue and green, azurite malachite also exists with eyes. Presence of azurite with malachite results in this peculiar gemstone.

·        Physical Effects of Malachite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

Ideally used for feminine reproductive disorders, malachite is extremely helpful for females looking for unconventional ways to conceive with gemstones and healing crystals. It boosts the fertility and makes your body flexible as well as attractive.

Malachite heals respiratory disorders such as asthma in addition to helping people undergoing cold chills and common withdrawals during de-addiction therapies.

The malachite gemstone is ideal people suffering from Parkinson’s diseases as well as fear of heights including Vertigo. The green streaked gemstone boosts the immunity and helps you recover quickly from seasonal influenza too.

·        Spiritual Effects of Malachite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

The green gemstone is often called Mother’s Stone as it invokes nurturing energy. You will feel relaxed with malachite meditation because it connects your soul with the divine mother during the same.

According to Egyptian folklores, Malachite invokes the powers of Isis, the Goddess of Life. It can help you connect with the universe as well. Malachite gemstone helps in dream recall and karmic therapies.

The vision stone often helps people see into the future or prophesize. If you want a peek into your destiny, embrace the energy of malachite right away!

·        Emotional Effects of Malachite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

Emanating softer energy than the mallow plant, malachite is a relaxing stone everyone should have. Malachite gemstone offers comfort, solace and mothering vibes to the wearer. It can even calm your nerves during vulnerable situations.

If you’re wondering how to renew real love in your relationship, get a malachite. It can transform the way couples care for each other by budding real love.

When you work with malachite for long, new feelings of accepting your flaws and growing creatively with it, occurs. Malachite gemstones are often gifted to those undergoing grief owing to its exponentially relieving esoteric effects.

·        Five Facts About Malachite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Malachite

1.      Heard about the Malachite Room at The Winter Palace? You will not believe it, but the room has jugs to plates, furniture and even doors made of malachite!

2.      Malachite emanates wood energy and if you want to attract good luck, keep the stone in the East or Southeast direction of the house.

3.      Egyptians scriptures show malachite was used by the elite class of the society to summon Gods unto Earth.

4.      The divination meaning of malachite is ‘activate the subconscious mind’.

5.      Malachite is often gifted to couples celebrating the 13th wedding anniversary.

Before You go …

Renowned as the stone of women, malachite is one of the kindest gemstone gifts you can give. It will always protect and nurture the person you give it to.

Pick your favorite malachite from the above.

Stay powerful~

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