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How To Use A Healing Crystal For Attracting Love?

How To Use A Healing Crystal For Attracting Love?

Love to me is the feeling of wanting to be with that ONE person for the rest of life without an ounce of boredom or ill-will. Love is pure, love is flawless and love is unconditional. If you haven’t found such a love, you need to find your soulmate. Trust me when I say, it isn’t easy. Today, I will share my own heart-wrenching story of the worst breakup and how I found my soulmate as well as ways to use a healing crystal for attracting love on your own.

My Story Of Finding My Soulmate With The Help Of Healing Crystals …

Years ago, during my college life, I fell in love with a handsome chap. However, it was the most toxic relationship in my life and it changed the way I perceived love. To tell you the truth, even though I knew he was the center of all my suffering, I couldn’t stop thinking about him every few days. It was traumatizing because most of the times, I ended up with physical and mental scars when I thought about him.


I stopped meditating, exercising or even waking up in the morning to take my thyroid pills. Things went from messy to chaotic in my life. It was really horrible, folks.

All of it changed when my mom gave me a rose quartz crystal wand after seeing the scars on my hand.

Before she gave it to me, she asked me one favor. My mom asked me to point the wand at my heart every night before bed and every morning after waking up. She also pointed it at my heart for five minutes and muttered a prayer I will reveal towards the end of the post.

I was disenchanted with crystals and even friendship during this horrible time. But, after one day of rose quartz wand ritual, I felt like waking up early in the morning than lazily staying in bed. I made a ginger Darjeeling tea. Went for a walk and dusted my poetry journal. I wrote and wrote and wrote until the postman knocked on the door with new crystals my mom had to send my way from our hometown. I followed her instructions to the dot and ended up meeting the love of my life within 7 days. 

Honestly, I didn’t know he was my soulmate at the time and it took 5 years to get married after even falling in love. But, crystals kept pushing us back to each other.

It happened because my rose quartz wand told me to get the tattoo of my favorite verse. I went for the tattoo and was smitten by the tattoo artist.

Today, we are happily married with two fine boys and a sweet lass of 3 months. It’s been incredible and I want to share all the secrets on how you can get rid of the pain of a breakup and find your soulmate with crystals too.   

How to Use a Healing Crystal for Attracting Love?

Love Talisman for Love Luck and Success   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   2

Losing your love is not a slap of fate. In fact, if you’re going through a heartbreak right now, believe me, it just saved you time hunting for your soulmate. Things like that happen for a definite reason, and I believe breakup cuts the distance between your kindred soul and you.

I told you how tough it was for me to confess my pains today, but all of it changed once crystals came into my life.

It’s horrible, heartbreak.

I don't want you to feel the same. That’s why below I will tell you THREE beautiful and effective ways to use a healing crystal for attracting love.   

·      Pink Sapphire Gemstone for Finding your Soulmate

Pink Sapphire Black Gold Necklace & RingThe stone that beckons the power of Venus, pink sapphire works on your love life by flushing out the toxins from the heart chakra. We all go through multiple heartbreaks every day; it could be due to failure in romance or even falling down on the steps.

Pain is all around us, but when you use a pink sapphire, it converts your pain into love by beckoning heart-warming events into your life.

All you need to do is say the affirmation, “I am seeing my soulmate” thrice before sleeping and you will have visions in your dreams as it will have lucid dreaming.

·      Crystal Grid with Rose Quartz wand for Keeping Love Alive in your Bedroom

Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Grid KitA crystal grid is using the secret symmetry in the universe to communicate your desires to the universe. The same way, if you use a love grid, crystals such as rose quartz with powerful heart chakra will direct the energy of the universe to activate your own heart chakra to attract your soulmate towards your direction.

All you need to use is 6-7 crystals with heart chakra energies on the grid. The most important thing of a love grid is the crystal wand. Ensure that you use a powerful rose quartz grid (click on the picture to buy it NOW) to activate each crystal on the grid powerfully with your intention when you try it.  

Keep your eyes open when you’re using crystal grid for attracting love because once activated, the results of the grid are quick.  

·      Pink Tourmaline Crystal for Attracting Love

Bright Pink Tourmaline Silver Plated Ring

The most powerful stone to convince the universe to find your love, pink tourmaline infuses heart chakra with the crown for etheric help. Trust me, it’s really REALLY powerful!

Use the pink tourmaline ring (the one in the picture is our bestseller!) to activate both your heart and crown chakra at the same time.

It will teach you ways to change your lifestyle to grow positivity and naturally attract your better half.

I have even found amazing friends by wearing pink tourmaline rings.  

What are the other ways of attracting love with crystals?

Did you know the oldest poem in the world is Song of Solomon? Love was there since the birth of man. Cleopatra to Juliet conquered divine love. We all search for love, some find it and others don’t. With crystals, you will be one amongst the person who finds it, than the failed half.

Let’s find out the most powerful ways to use these love crystals for attracting love into your life.

·      Love Altar or Box or Pouch

Make an altar in your bedroom, away from the public eye for attracting your soulmate. You can place love crystals in a grid-like fashion or store the stones in a box or pouch to hang it in your bedroom.

When you do so, the love energies are amplified and tends to rejuvenate your own aura with love energies!

·      Crystal Elixir for Love

Get this crystal water bottle made of rose quartz and make an elixir. Click HERE if this is the first time you’re hearing about a healing crystal water bottle.

Once you prepare it, drink it on the full moon of the month and activate your rose quartz wand while pointing it at your heart chakra. That’s my mother’s tip, so it’s very powerful folks!

·      Feng Shui Effects of Love Stones

Another benefit of love stones is feng shui. What you need to do is use crystals to direct energy in your home to attract your soulmate’s energy into your home. It works like crazy.

Once when I fought with my husband, he ended up sleeping in the guest room for two days. So, I placed a rose quartz at the headboard, emerald under the pillow and moonstone on the wall opposite to the bed after activating them.

To my surprise, my husband came back from work straight (after 2 hours) to where I was sitting and surprised me with the tightest hug and apology I’d ever heard! Incredible right? Try it today!

Before you go …

Love is no random chance. It is written in heavens and made to happen by fate. Your soulmate is as agitated as you if you haven’t found yet. Often the reason we find love so late is because of the toxic energy and negativity without hope in the heart.

Once you clean that ill energy, everything will change.

I literally saw that happen with my BFF Missy. She was such a fool clinging onto her college sweetheart when he was cheating on him. I gave her a pink sapphire and she became so bold that she broke up with him, took control of her life and found a man that actually respected her, all within 14 days.

Here’s the secret affirmation that my mother used and I used for Missy, “Oh, Aphrodite, Eros, Parvati, Hera, and Hathor, touch me with your love and bring my love to me. Let me not cry another time for lack of love, for I know you have already made him set food towards me. I beseech thee, come thy now”.

Stay powerful~

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