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Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

One of the most misunderstood gems in history, Spinel was often thought of Ruby in the past. Spinel is called History’s Most Underappreciated Gem by the GIA. It is said that Asia was the hub of world’s biggest spinel collections a few centuries ago.

Often passed as treasures of conquests at the end of the war, spinels were often confused as rubies and blue sapphires too. While general consensus assumes spinel is a synthetic stone, most of the crowned jewels from the earlier eras are mostly spinels.

Considered the costliest gemstone, almost equivalent to diamond when found with rare inclusions, spinel is a beautiful gemstone with striking powers. It fans the spark within your soul and fate. Spinel is an easy stone to bond with. The best thing about connecting with spinel is that it protects you from attacks and harm. Spinel is a supra-protective gemstone that can replace your BFF any day.

Do you know spinel raises your intelligence? Using spinel is good for beauty and brains because it connects with higher and lower chakras at once. Spinel can tone your neurons to help you remember things fast without memory loss. You will never suffer from forgetfulness if you have a spinel you can touch. The hard red stone helps to detangle confusions and set you on the right path.

The gorgeous color of spinel is known to come from the purity of angel’s blood. It is a stone that flushes out your chakra points and aligns them if you remain close to the healing energies of a spinel. It strengthens the love and intimacy between couples too.

Mistaken as rubies forever in history, spinel is the best birthstone if you’re an august babe. It is the stone to kickstart new beginnings in your career. Spinel

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

Explore the complete astrological, spiritual, physical, emotional and metaphysical healing powers as well as varieties in this Healing Crystal Handbook of Spinel.

·        Alternate Names of Spinel

Dark Ruby, Rubicelle, Flame Rock, Pleonaste and Cobalt Ruby;

·        The hardness of Spinel on the MOHS Scale

7.5 to 8.0;

·        Origin of Spinel

Canada, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Tanzania, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, USA, Myanmar and Kenya;

·        Spinel Represents the God

  • Mars: God of Wars;
  • Sun God: God of Sun and Stars;

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Spinel

Scorpio, Aries and Sagittarius;

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Spinel


·        Spinel Color energies

Red, Pink, Purple, Lavender, Black, Grey, Orange, Rose, Yellow, Violet, Blue, Indigo and Green;

·        Numerical Vibration of Spinel


·        Spinel activates the Chakra (s)

All the chakras;

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Spinel

Originating from the Latin word ‘spina’ for spines and thorns owing to the needlework texture of the gemstone, spinel is a unique stone still unknown to most parts of the world. It is one of the most priced gemstones next to Diamonds and Rubies.

Spinel is a formation of Magnesium and Aluminium Oxide. The presence of iron to chromium and other minerals gives rise to the colorful display of colors in spinels from different regions. Spinels are found naturally in grains or clusters of healing crystals.

Generally seen in octahedron shaped gemstones, spinels are available in transparent and opaque varieties. It also emanates fluorescence when found as Red Spinels (Red fluorescence) and Blue Spinels (Red and Green weak).

1.    Red Spinel

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

The most popular variety of spinel, red spinel is also world’s most expensive stone. It has exponentially multiplied in the last few decades and is considered a rarity when bought from Burma. You can use red spinel for incredible stability and balance.

2.    Samarian Spinel

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

World’s biggest spinel is Samarian Spinel at a vastness of 2.17 inches and 500 carats in weight. A part and parcel of Iranian Crown Jewels, Samarian Spinel is a unique spinel with colors of shiny brown and black on a glossy surface. It was captured from India by Nadir Shah during the Persian conquest in the 18th century.

3.    Blue Spinel

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

Seen in Indigo and green mixed colors, blue spinel has a steely texture, unique and rare. The cobalt blue color of blue spinel makes it extremely rare and seen in mixes of vivid blue and blue. The stone is recommended for vishuddhi chakra activations.

4.    Pink Spinel

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

Also called the salmon spinel, pink spinel is seen in vivid pink hues. It looks brighter than rose quartz, yet similar to the popular heart chakra stone. The color options in pink spinel are violetish pink, vivid pink and soft pink. It is a compassion stone.

5.    Yellow spinel

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

When spinel is seen with yellow tints, it is referred as yellow spinel. A rarity often called Kaolinite-spinel when mined from Lanark in Ontario, Canada, yellow spinel helps in opening the higher chakras of your mind.

6.    Orange Spinel

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

A diamagnetic gemstone, orange spinel looks unique and vivid owing to the presence of chromium. A beautiful gemstone, orange spinel is considered excellent for emotional progress such as self-improvement.

7.    Flame Spinel

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

When spinel exists in the colors of bright orange to red, it is called flame spinel. The fiery nature of spinel is a rarity often called by the name of rubicelle. The bright orange and red blend of colors are believed to make the wearer empowered.  

8.    Purple Spinel

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

Another higher chakra gemstone variety of spinel, purple spinel is a steal. It is seen in vivid purple and violet shades. Purple spinel is an intuitive stone often used by shamans!

9.    Lavender Spinel

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

A unique variety of purple spinel, lavender spinel is more affordable than purple spinel, yet rarer than common gemstones. Lavender spinel is a calming stone often priced when acquired from Myanmar (Burma in the olden times).

10. Green Spinel

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

Although pure green spinel doesn’t exist, dull and olivine green shades of spinels are often mined from around the world. Green spinel is a stone of hope and opportunities often seen mixed with blue colors.

11. Brown Spinel

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

An uncommon yet affordable variety of spinels, brown spinel is seen as chrome and zinc spinel too. It lacks flaws and is fairly eye clean. Brown spinels are often included with yellow and bright orange dots of light for grounding!

12. Magnesia Spinel

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

One of the unique varieties of spinels, magnesia spinels are available in colorless to colored varieties. Colorless spinels are extremely rare and only exist so in the purest forms. It is seen in variants of red shades when seen with traces of iron.

13. Balas Spinel

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

A pale red type of spinel that was once named Balas Ruby for its bright red colors. It is the oldest name for spinels that contain the color rose within. It is a soft and gentle energy stone often used for melting guilt and pain in the wearer.

14. Pleonaste

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

The variety of spinels in the color black is pleonaste. Black Spinels are also seen infused with forest green shades as it contains iron. The opaque variety of spinels are also referred as ceylonite by the ancient people and was used as amulets.

When the spinel contains iron and is seen in dark green or black shades, it is popular as hercynite. The stone is a powerful gemstone amulet used for powers of intuition and foresight by warriors.

15. Alluvial Spinel

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

Often mined from countries such as Vietnam, Alluvial Spinel is a rarity. It is seen in mild to dark pink colors with an infusion of other shades such as white and yellow. It is named owing to its discovery in waterborn deposits of alluvial soil.

16. Indian Matrix Spinel

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

A vivid shade of black and pink shades in the spinel leads to matrix spinel. Mined from India, the matrix spinel is a balancing stone ideal for higher and lower chakras. Use it during meditation to make the most out of it!

17. Gahnite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

Mined from Brazil, the dull green olivine to blue and blackish colors of spinels are gahnite. Also referred as zinc spinel gahnite is seen in colors of cobalt blue to green. Gahnospinel is yet another variety of gahnite with blue and dark green colors in between gahnite and spinel.

18. Spinel Pargasite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

A vivid pink spinel seen in colors of bright green and white, spinel pargasite is a mix of pargasite on spinel. The rare stone is used as gemstone wands for crystal rituals due to its tri chakra powers.

19. Spinel Marble

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

When spinel exists in marble, it is referred as spinel marble. A bright red gemstone on a white backdrop, spinel marble is often mined from Vietnam. It is a rare stone appraised for its powers of spiritual healing.

20. Chromite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

Also referred as picotite, chromite or chrome spinel consists of brown and black varieties of spinel. It is ideal for protection and strength. You can use chromite for higher and lower chakra programming.

·        Physical Effects of Spinel

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

Ideal gemstone to cure brain and heart related disorders, spinels were used as an integral part of medicinal gem elixirs since centuries ago. It can restore your energy and memory, in addition to resolving disorders of the spine. The deeper the shade of spinel, the better its effects are!

For patients with PTSD and Trauma illnesses, spinels can prove to be the savior stone. It can rekindle your stamina and energy to overcome the hurdles in life.

Spinels were long since used by couples without kids. It is a powerful infertility cure and must be used as crystal patches regularly for best effects. It can strengthen your bones and muscles quickly in addition to teeth and nails. The metabolism boosting stone is ideal for nerve damages too!

·        Spiritual Effects of Spinel

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

A mystic stone, spinels help in communicating with angels and celestial beings easily. If you feel spiritual energy or ethereal communication during spinel use, you will gain intuitive virtues. It works by connecting your higher chakras with that of the higher realms.

Spinesl can make you humble than before by instilling reasons and realizations of enlightenment. When regularly used for higher chakra activation, spinels are excellent gemstones known to effect the destiny and even change it.

Known as the stone of immortality, spinels work up the kundalini energy, making you revitalized and rejuvenated within a few minutes.

·        Emotional Effects of Spinel

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

An excellent stone to overcome ego and self-destructive vibes, Spinels are considered nerve-relieving crystals. It will make you calm and composed, not for a short while, but for days and months, provided you keep the healing crystal therapy with spinels up.

Spinels are excellent for those undergoing stress and anxiety as it helps you rediscover your positive traits. When used for mid chakras, spinels make you feel as if all is well. It is a creative gemstone that helps you realize what you’re missing in life. Spinels are best for narcissists and those suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD).

The vitalizing stone helps to overcome confusions and realize the truth path to success in life. If you’re tired of struggling, embrace the power of spinels and make your destiny!

·        Five Facts About Spinel

Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

1.      Black Prince's Ruby, set in England’s Crown Jewel is a spinel actually. It was won by PrinceEdward of Wales in the late 14th century.

2.      Mogul Names Necklace contains 11 red spinel gemstones with a total carat weight of 1,131. 6 carats, which was sold at Christie’s in 2011 for $5.2 Million!

3.      Russian Imperial Crown contains one central red spinel of carat weight 398.72, also part of the Moscow Kremlin Armory State Diamond Fund collection.

4.      There are varieties of spinels portrays asterism (star like patterns), chatoyancy (Cat Eye Effect) and fluorescence in spinels, in addition to the change of color under UV lights.

5.      Timur Ruby was once thought of as the largest ruby until the 19th century. It was the property of Mongol Ruler Timur, now adorned with the Crown Jewels, England.

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Healing Crystal Handbook: Spinel

Spinels are revered as national treasures across the world. It was once believed to be a vital part of elixir that makes humans immortal. Today, it competes with the priciest diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Spinels are ideal investments too.

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