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Your Complete Guide To Healing Crystals: A to Z

Ever wanted to explore all the crystals? Well, now you can!

From identifying crystals based on their colors to chakra properties or energies, I have the complete list of healing crystals and everything you need to know about it. I have included the benefits and uses of crystals too so that you can try identifying your stones and start working with them at home RIGHT AWAY!

There are so many crystals in most of our crystal boxes or shelves that we stumbled upon, but do not know names of. Not anymore! You may not know its name, but with this list below healing crystal identification becomes easy. Name all your stones TODAY!

Abalone Shells

Awakening the powers of Sea God Poseidon, Abalone opens your etheric chakra. It can align multiple chakras at once to brighten your aura. Abalone shell smudging with sage cleans it and you can use it for manifestations after that.

Wearing abalone shell ring or jewelry makes you tranquil with the power of Neptune, the God of Oceans. It is a success and prosperity stone you can wear to invite luck into your life. Parents feel calm and composed when wearing abalone shell pendants.

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Do you know the holy grail is made from Agate? The power stone for couples, agate is available in wide varieties. Powers and properties of agate change with the stone you choose. Popular varieties include colored agates, crazy lace agate, tree agate and dendrite agate.

The stone that invokes the powers of Mother Gaia, agate can remove all the negativity from your mind. It is a grounding stone that helps you think straight and clear. Agate is also ruled by Cerridwen, the Goddess of wisdom. It attracts knowledge into your life.

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The purple gem of cosmic powers, Alexandrite makes you clairvoyant. It can stabilize your nervous system and help you communicate with etheric beings. Alexandrite crystal meaning is strength and power. It boosts your blood circulation to heal you. The same also increases your stamina.

Alexandrite crystal structure is created to awaken the higher chakras. Wearing alexandrite crystal necklace or ring can increase your self-esteem, will power and courage.

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A feldspar crystal seen in colors ranging from turquoise to teal blue, white, yellow and gray, amazonite awakens the Throat chakra. It is soothing for the mind and skin. When rubbed on the skin, amazonite revitalizes cells. When worn on the body, amazonite connects with your aura and boosts your self-esteem.  

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The stone with memory of the world inside it, Amber is a wisdom and luck stone. Wearing amber or keeping it with you can attract prosperity and success into your life. Amber can tone down physical pain and emotional woes.

Organic gem made over the course of thousands of years, amber empowers your Solar Plexus, Sacral and Throat chakras. It makes you passionate, confident, strong and bold. Amber makes your  bones and joints strong.

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The stone that connects you with etheric beings, amethyst awakens your crown chakra. It can help you think clearly. Amethyst colors range from deep purple to lilac, lavender, blood red, green and white. It heals nightmares and boosts your REM sleep helping you see vivid dreams. Amethyst crystal is a protection stone that grounds you too.

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A gemstone for clearing chakra blocks in your body, apatite is the best stone for kids who are hyperactive or autistic. Apatite works on the brain by soothing the nerves and increasing your emotional intelligence. It can help you find forgiveness and peace in life.

Also known as a gemstone for communicating with angelic spirits, apatite stops aging and enhances cell regeneration. If you have pain due to arthritis, apatite is the stone to turn to. Apatite crystal meaning is strength because it strengthens your bones.

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Ranging from green to white colors, Apophylite comes from Pune in India. A gemstone for doing penance and clearing karmic debts, Apophylite helps you communicate with the divine. Apophylite meaning is enlightenment because Apophylite makes you spiritually conscious.

Keeping Apophylite in your room can enhance harmony in the space. It eliminates bad thoughts and evil energies too. Apophylite soothes your heart chakra and crown chakras. You will be able to communicate with your spirit guide using Apophylite.

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One of the purifying carbonate minerals, aragonite can boost your immunity and stamina. Aragonite crystal meaning is pain relief. It helps in those suffering pain after surgery or due to arthritis. Aragonite can be held over the area of pain to heal it.

A unique stone for wellbeing too, aragonite can spread harmony and satisfaction where it is kept. Wearing aragonite aligns multiple chakras from root to heart, throat, sacral, third eye, crown and earth star chakras. Ruled by Amaterasu, the Goddess of Sun, aragonite is a spirit stone.

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Angel Aura Quartz

When clear quartz is combined with titanium or other precious metals, it creates angel aura quartz. There are white, blue, rainbow, pink and orange aura quartz available today. Aura quartz can help with immune-disorders and brain disorders. It is best to protect mother and kid during pregnancy.

Angel aura quartz relaxes you and grounds away your bad thoughts. It can support angelic communications by awakening your etheric chakra. Angel aura quartz meaning is cosmic consciousness.

Learn more about Aura Quartz.

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A vivid stone that opens your throat chakra, Aquamarine is seen in the colors such as sky blue mixed with white. In the rough you will find aquamarine mixed with brown colors in its lattice. The stone of luck and wisdom, aquamarine enhances your communication. It will help you add a charisma to your aura.  Another way to identify aquamarine crystal is that it is nearly flawless in clarity when seen in polished.

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Auralite 23

Shared by Sarah Marschall here

Popular as the kindred spirit crystal, auralite 23 is an Amethyst with varied colors and minerals in it. Auralite amethyst meaning is that each Auralite contains up to seven combination of minerals from the list of 23. As old as 2.4 billion years, Auralite 23 is a trademark crystal known to awaken all your chakras at once.

Mined from Canada since 2007, Auralite contains minerals such as Silver, Malachite, Platinum, Citrine, Gold, Hematite and Amethyst in it. It is a master healing stone that reveals your destiny. Auralite 23 Amethyst attracts luck and winning opportunities into your life.


Popular as the stone of heart chakra that spreads harmony and compassion, Aventurine is seen in a series of colors ranging from green to red. Aventurine crystal meaning is prosperity. It is a crystal that induces clairvision in your mind.

Aventurine crystal benefits include balance of yin and yang besides protection from evil eye or hexes. Green aventurine is particular effective as a love stone while red aventurine is a psychic protection stone. Aventurine stone can relax and calm you down if stress is a big part of your life too.

Learn more about Aventurine.

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Apache Tears

Unique black obsidian stones that give you protection and safety, Apache Tears heals the psyche. It clears grief and negative emotions. Apache tears meaning is pain relief. It can calm you down if you are going through a phase of negativity.

The spiritual grounding crystal, apache tears works on your root chakra. The special black obsidian stone can help you communicate with your subconscious mind to manifest your intentions smoothly.


Considered an ethereal stone used for lucid dreaming and astral travel, azurite is seen in indigo, green and teal colors. It can fuse with malachite and chrysocolla to create green and teal hues. Azurite opens your higher chakras to see through your spiritual eye. The sparkling indigo crystal makes you intuitive. It can help you communicate with spirits and angels easily.  Azurite activates your third eye chakra between the brows.

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Black Onyx

A gemstone for clearing the negative energy around you, black onyx protects you from hexes and curses. It is seen in a shiny black color with powers to open your root chakra located at the end of your spine. Black onyx can clear stress, confusion and bad luck from you and your surroundings. It is good for people going through grief.

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Black Opal

A talisman for powerful leaders and visionaries, black opal is a psychic protection stone. It spreads harmony by absorbing the negativity. Black opal gemstone is said to restore happiness and wellbeing to its user. It is an iridescent gemstone with rainbow colors sparkling over a black backdrop. A wish-fulfilling gemstone, black opal can be used for manifestation rituals easily. Black opal can also improve your instinct and awareness.

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Black Tourmaline

Known as schorl in its rough form, black tourmaline is yet another powerful protection stone that dispels black magic, evil eye and hex attacks. Black tourmaline is excellent for cleansing new homes and spaces. It keeps nightmares and bad luck away from where it is placed. The stone of grounding, black tourmaline can also make you feel relieved and relaxed as it opens your root chakra. It clears electromagnetic stress and radiation from your atmosphere.

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Black Obsidian

Protection for travelers is the focus of black obsidian crystal. It can give powers of divination such that using black obsidian can open up the etheric realm for you. Black obsidian has a mirror black finish in its polished form. It shows you premonitions and cleanses your aura to protect you from failures or bad luck. A psychic protection crystal, black obsidian can strengthen your physical stamina by boosting your root chakra.

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The stone for inspiration, carnelian crystals are seen in deep orange to red and yellow colors. It can be seen with white bands when carnelian forms with agate. A gemstone for solar plexus and sacral chakra, carnelian restores your life force. It gives you strength and physical healing. Carnelian can crystals can balance your emotions and calm you in times of stress and panic.

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A crystal famous for attracting money, citrine is the stone of prosperity and abundance. It works by attracting intelligence and knowledge into your life. Citrine attracts winning opportunities to your life and makes your decisions smart and lucky. It is seen in yellow, peach, orange, red, brown and gold. With citrine, there is a warming solar energy that brightens the destiny. Citrine is the stone of companionship and life force as it opens the sacral and solar plexus chakras.

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