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What you need to know about Angel Aura Quartz

What you need to know about Angel Aura Quartz

Sparkling play of color like a druze or a geode is the characteristic definition of angel aura quartz. It can bring the sunshine of love to luck and much more in your life. Prized since the 80s, angel aura quartz is a unique type of crystal with unique vibrations. Today we will learn all about angel aura quartz in detail so that you can use it to program and amplify other crystals and gemstone jewelry.

What is Aura Quartz?

Natural Rose Quartz Angel Shape Reiki Stone

Angel aura quartz is made by fusing platinum and silver into a clear quartz. What you see as the shimmering radiance are these noble metals. A fad since a few decades now, angel aura quartz incorporates multiple energies ideal for faults in your stars.

Angel aura quartz are ethereal crystal for celestial or spiritual crystal work. They are usually seen as a cluster of iridescent crystals joined into one high-vibration crystal.


·      Angel Aura

The sky blue color of aura quartz is called the angel aura quartz. These are seen as translucent with an oceanic light blue. Sparkling like the effervescent wings of angels, angel aura quartz represents the calmth of the blue color itself.

·      Apple Aura Quartz

Seen in olivine or green apple hues, apple aura quartz is a success stone ideal for teachers and academicians. It can guide you according to your destiny. Apple aura quartz spreads harmony wherever it is kept.

·      Aqua Aura Quartz

When aura quartz is seen in aquamarine blue, it is called the aqua aura quartz. A special stone with exclusive powers, aqua aura quartz is calming and relaxing. It helps you clarify thoughts and find the truth.

·      Champagne Aura Quartz

Stone of wellbeing, champagne aura quartz cleanses the place it stays. It can help in lighting your path if you’re confused or stuck in life. Champagne aura quartz is a stone that attracts luck into your life.

·      Cobalt Aura Quartz

A mix of indigo and pale blue aura quartz, cobalt aura quartz exists when cobalt is introduced to the reaction. Cobalt gives it the aura of third eye colors. It can help in assisting and amplifying psychic crystals.

·      Opal Aura Quartz

When the clear quartz forms a rainbow hue due to the introduction of platinum in higher quantity, it is called the Opal Aura quartz. It is a cleansing stone with the opalescent sheen. The gemstone opal angel aura quartz is a grounding stone that enhances your awareness. Opal aura quartz is ideal when programming crystals or purifying spaces.

·      Rose Aura Quartz

The favorable raspberry rose color is seen on aura quartz when gold or silver is added to the aura quartz mix. The beautiful rosy color signifies soft and gently heart vibrations. It can soothe and spread vibes of love and harmony. Rose aura quartz on the bedside table promotes self-love.

·      Rainbow Aura Quartz

A vibrant color seen with the reaction of platinum and silver together, rainbow aura quartz is a stone that shows multiple colors. The same is why rainbow angel aura quartz is filled with multifaceted chakra energies. It can make you feel intuitive and healing for memory and other brain problems.

·      Ruby Aura Quartz

Blood red color in aura quartz is seen due to the same reaction with platinum and silver, but the color changes from rose aura angel quartz. Ruby aura quartz generates passion when placed in the bedroom. It is a cluster crystal to open your heart and let your kundalini energy flow. It helps you find your goals and destiny in life.

·      Yellow Aura Quartz

Also known as sunshine aura quartz, this is a lemon yellow aura quartz with powerful vibrations. It is known to be best for leaders and visionaries. Yellow aura quartz attracts abundance and prosperity your life. It is a stone that helps the nervous system.

·      Sun Aura Quartz (Tangerine)

A variety of sun aura quartz, tangerine aura quartz is different from yellow aura quartz. It is richer in color such as a carnelian color. Sun aura quartz is believed to bring warmth and light into the user’s life. You can use the angel sun aura quartz to bring positive vibrations into a negative ambiance.

·      Tanzine Aura Quartz

When gold and indium are added to aura quartz, it creates a tanzanite-like color and that’s why, this stone is called Tanzine aura quartz. It is believed to strengthen astral travel and lucid dreaming.

Why use Angel Aura Quartz?

Pentagram Pentacle Angel Wings Pendant   AtPerrys Healing Crystals   1

Are there benefits of bringing together the energies of platinum, silver or indium into clear quartz? Definitely! It can help the clear quartz communicate the metallic energies into your aura. Angel aura quartz helps to amplify the energies that are usually dormant. We will find out other uses and benefits of angel aura quartz.

·      Heal Epilepsy and Brain Damage

Neural wirings are said to be improved when you’re in the presence of metallic-strength clear quartz. It can heal chronic diseases such as epilepsy by working on your brain. Moreover, angel aura quartz also helps you get over phobias and fears. It can heal serious brain disorders by accelerating the work of the medicines.

·      Relaxation, Happiness and Grounding

Depression can be cured by using angel aura quartz. That’s because aura quartz can calm you, especially the blue angel aura quartz. It has a way of grounding away your negative thoughts. Angel aura quartz can make you satisfied and relaxed when you’re undergoing stress. Aura quartz is also known to neutralize radioactive vibrations from gadgets around us.  

·      Pregnancy and Delivery

The best solution for mood swings, aura quartz is a Mother’s Best Friend. It helps to alleviate pain when you’re going through different stages of pregnancy. Angel aura quartz guards the pregnant mother and reduces the toll of her suffering such as eradicate morning sickness!

·      Angelic and Etheric Communications

One of the little-known ways to make the best of angel aura quartz is by actually doing what it is meant for. It is a combination of man and earth that has opened a new type of crystals. Communicating with other realms will become easier once you bond with an aura quartz. You can also meet and greet your sprit guide by using quartz aura in your everyday life.  

·      Beauty, Luck and Charisma

Influencing is the effect of having angel aura quartz around you. The high energy vibrations of the stone penetrate the skin and make you glow. It can heal your physical and psychic discomforts. With an aura quartz, you will automatically attract winning, success, and prosperity in your life.   

How to Use Popular Colors of Aura Quartz?

Are there specific tips to make use of an angel aura quartz better? What ways to use aura quartz work better than the others? That’s what we are going to find out today.

Let’s begin!

1.    Crystal Grid with Angel Aura quartz

Blue Angel Aura Quartz Stone

You need potent energies when you’re making a crystal grid. With this aura quartz in the picture as the center of your grid, use gemstones to create a pattern. Now touch each stone from the outer circle to the center to activate the grid. Angel aura quartz doubles or even multiplies the working powers of a crystal grid.

Know more about making and using a crystal grid here.

2.    Blue Angel Aura Quartz for Throat Chakra Therapy

Blue Angel Aura Quartz Stone

One stone that will reveal newfound skills and your hidden potential to you, blue angel aura quartz is ideal for boosting your self-confidence and will power too. Blue aura quartz helps you in communicating effortlessly and without problems. It is best used for affirmations for manifestation and chanting.  

Discover more on affirmation manifestation in this blog post.

3.    Meditating with Aura Quartz Angel

Pink Angel Quartz Crystal Stone

When you spend one-on-one time with aura quartz, you will discover new energies you have never encountered. Meditating with angel aura quartz connects you with the etheric chakra, outside your body. It gives you out-of-body experiences because you will not face any distractions with aura quartz. Learn all about meditating with crystals in this article right here.

4.    Pink Aura quartz for Heart Chakra Therapy

Pink Angel Quartz Crystal Stone

The soft chakra energy of this stone has to connect with your heart chakra vibrations. Pink or rose aura quartz is a stone of love. It spreads harmony, attracts love towards you and generates love from within you. Pink aura quartz brings compassion and peace to your mind. It helps you heal the scars from your emotional battles.

The power of heart chakra is huge. Recognize ways to use it here.

5.    Wearing Jewelry Programmed by Aura Quartz

Pink Angel Quartz Crystal Stone

When you wear jewelry that is programmed or charged by aura quartz, it has amplified energies. Aura quartz helps to uplift the energy of the stone crystal jewelry you want to wear even if you haven’t bonded with it. All you need to know more about programming crystals is click here.

Before you go …

Aura quartz is a godsend gemstone. It’s not just a crystal, but many in one. If you’re smitten by aura quartz and want to know more about it, leave us a comment below!

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