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Healing Crystals Handbook: Amazonite

Healing Crystals Handbook: Amazonite

One of the gorgeous and uniquely colored gemstones, amazonite was once known as the stone of courage, worn by female soldiers in battles during the Bronze Age. There are stories that say, these matriarchal warriors during the early ages rubbed amazonite on their wounds to avoid infection and enhance skills of archery. It is a focus stone filled with the essence of ocean and thymus. Today we will learn all about amazonite including its astrological value for remedying malefic effects and benefits physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Before we dig deep into amazonite, I want you to understand the general characteristics of this stone so that you can bond with it easily.

Amazonite is a gentle stone that enhances your energy, health and strength. It works with the higher chakras to open your hidden potential and make you a master of your skills. While amazonite is regarded as a medicinal stone that counteracts infections in history, today it is revered for its beauty as well. The stone of tranquility soothes the nerves and makes you a new person of immense wisdom and courage. Let us find out everything this beautiful stone that combines the sacred colors of sky and earth.

What is the Amazonite Meaning?

Natural Amazonite Long Necklace

The first time I saw amazonite, it was in the shape of an angel at my uncle’s house. It looked so pale and waxy that I thought it was a candle and tried scratching it. I was 12 at the time, but there was something besides the wax that attracted me to the candle-like stone that seemed to bring the colors of sky and ocean together.

Often called the Colorado jade, amazonite has many names. One of them is the Pike’s Peak Jade. This potassium feldspar gemstone is easy to identify for its blue-green colors. Although it has been mistaken for green aventurine and jade.

Crystal healing properties of amazonite have always amazed me because amazonite has a divine meaning. It is the stone of hope, wishes, and desires besides the truth of throat chakra. This manifestation miracle stone means that you will attain your dreams if you dream about it too!

Origin of Amazonite

Amazonite is largely found all around the globe. Historically, it was the stone on which the sacred Chapter Seven called the Judgement of Osiris from the Book of the Dead was written on. King Tut’s tomb was filled with a variety of amazonite jewelry and props that you have to agree Egyptians made the most of this stone pre-historically.

The largest amazonite source is found in Russia. Other infamous amazonite gemstones come from Myanmar, Brazil, U.S.A, and India. Ethiopia also cites deposits of this marine blue-green stone. In Madagascar, there are varieties of amazonites that can stun you if you love the color of this stone!

Which is the Amazonite Chakra (s)

When you touch amazonite, the best effects are felt in your throat or where your heart is. I was touched in the heart by a bright light when I touched my first amazonite. Perhaps it was because it was an amazonite figurine in the shape of an angel or because I was an innocent kid myself. I remember calling that the warmth of mother Mary. It was an angel figurine but I saw Virgin Mary on it.

Years later when I dug into crystal wisdom, this amazonite angel came to my mind. That’s when I asked about the chakra powers of the blue-green stone to a wise swami and he showed me how to energize it.

Prominently, amazonite affects your Throat chakra. It creates warm sensations in your throat to help you speak your mind out confidently. The secondary chakra power of amazonite is focused around the Heart or Anahata chakra. Once you’ve bonded with the throat chakra, heart chakra will reveal itself to you!

Which are the Zodiac Signs Associated with Amazonite?

Being a stone that brings together the earth and sky, it is best for signs that are associated with water and sky elements. Aries is one such zodiac and if you were born in April, you must give amazonite a try. The Ram loves it because amazonite creates a charming and charismatic leader out of them. It can teach them the lesson of patience and empathy by hacking into higher heart chakras.  

On the other hand, for a strong zodiac sign such as Leo, Amazonite teaches the lesson of wisdom and knowledge. It tones your intelligence and gives you resistance against distractions. Amazonite for Leo born people works like a miracle because it changes them into positive beings with a gentle heart. It is a problem-solving gemstone you won’t be able to live without once you use it as a Leo, I promise!

Which is the Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Amazonite?

One of the ruling planets that epitomizes beauty and love, Venus is the ruler of amazonite. It reigns over the heart and tones your hidden talents. Considered best for artists, amazonite makes you glow with a bright inner light.

I love the way amazonite meditation in the early dewy morning connects me with Venus and takes me on astral travel when I add lapis lazuli to the lap. With Venus, you will excel at your career and keep getting raises and promotions. Without Venus by your side, Amazonite doesn’t work well. Confidence and charisma are the easiest symptoms of having Venus on your side.

Which Goddess Energies are present in amazonite crystal?

Amazonite is a gemstone that attracts the power of multiple goddesses with respect to your manifestation and aura energies.

  • Tiamat: The Goddess of Chaos, Tiamat is a Babylonian-Sumerian Goddess that can organize your life from problems.
  • Estsanatlehi: Goddess of Fertility, Estsanatlehi is a Navajo goddess for women who want to conceive.
  • Whope: Lakota Sioux Goddess

What are Amazonite Color energies?

Frosted Amazonite Bracelet (with OM, Lotus or Buddha Pendant)

With a hardness rate of 6 to 6.5 on the MOHS scale, amazonite is a spectacular stone. It doesn’t have many varieties, but the ones there are, are distinct. I have picked the basic types of amazonites I have seen. Let me know if you have seen any other color varieties in the comments below.

·      Sky Blue

A kind of uncommon variety, amazonite in sky blue shade is peculiar and special. You would see an even tone of blue such as the adularescence of the moonstone. Sky blue amazonite is excellent for throat chakra and often gifted to teenagers and students for focus and concentration. Have you ever seen fully blue amazonite with no green on it? This is the translucent variety of amazonite.  

·      Blue Green

Amazonite is a special stone commonly seen in a blue-green variety. You can see lines of white on this peculiar colored stone. They are rarely enhanced because the patterns are distinct and gorgeous on the stone, naturally. The opaque feldspar in blue-green, amazonite in this color is essential for awakening higher heart chakras in a grid too.

·      Webbed Amazonite

Another common variety of amazonite is seen with white lines and webs on it. I have seen this type of amazonite and gasped because I thought it was a green turquoise. If you wanted that marine greenish blue color on a turquoise, the webbed amazonite is the one you need to find. We have beautiful tumbled stones here on store in the webbed color variety of amazonite. Do have a look around!

·      Amazon Jade

With a pale jade-like luster and color, the Amazon jade is often seen in the translucent variety. Amazon jade is a special blue-green stone with a pale greenish color that makes it ideal for astral chakra travel by raising your throat chakra vibrations. In spirit work, amazonite in this color is also ideal for clairvoyance.  

How to Clean an Amazonite?

Cleaning amazonite is easy; but, amazonite contains copper that makes it not so ideal in water. That’s why, I have two special ways to clean your amazonite gemstone. Let’s find out how.

To Physically Clean your Amazonite

  • Take your amazonite and keep it a dry bowl.
  • Now, take a cotton rub and rub the stone for five minutes.
  • Do it once or twice in two months.

To Spiritually Cleanse your Amazonite

  • Take a Tibetan singing bowl.
  • Place your amazonite stone in it.
  • Use the bowl for acoustic purification on a full moon night.

How to Make Amazonite elixir?

From the above pointers, you know very well that amazonite is toxic when you touch water on it. So, don’t immerse it in water. I have another excellent way to make amazonite elixir you can drink from without soaking it in water.

EIixir is ideal because it is infused with the crystal healing energies that you use used to recharge it with. You don’t need to stir the energy of the crystal to add positive energies in it. All you need to do is use your affirmation power and nature to let it recharge on its own. A crystal always known what to do, way before you know. It is just as powerful without soaking in water, so read carefully.

  • Take a glass of water.
  • Place a dry plate on top of it.
  • Place your amazonite stone on the plate.
  • Place the glass in the full moonlight for 60 minutes.
  • Your amazonite elixir is ready!

Metaphysical Amazonite Properties

100G  Natural Amazonite Raw Gemstones

One of the tales about amazonite from history says about amazonite is that in the Bible where 12 crystals adorn the breastplate of the high priest, smaradagus or emerald is mentioned. Archaeologists believe it is amazonite that the bible mentioned and not emerald. It is a famous stone known to soothe and relax the person wearing it. That’s why, the moment you wear amazonite or touch it, you feel hope rising from the pit of your heart.

Amazonite is a crystal that is named after a rumor for the blue green stones found around the Amazon. Although, scientists say it is hard to find amazonite in the Amazon. It doesn’t actually come from there and the name of this gemstone is certainly a favorable accident, right?

Now we are going to find out specific uses of amazonite that you can apply on your physical body, spiritual self or emotional psyche. Ask your doubts in the comments.

Physical Uses of Amazonite

An excellent stone that was used in the earlier centuries for bone injuries, amazonite is used for so because of its high density in calcium. The same principle is seen when amazonite crystals are used by athletes because it boosts their stamina by enhancing potassium consumption of the body. I know you’re thinking, what a miracle stone, right? It’s not just that, folks!

Another amazing benefit if incorporating amazonite in your life is for Stress. Oftentimes it is the polluted air around you from radiation that harms you more. Amazonite can cleanse the body and boost its immunity during vulnerable times such as during chemotherapy.

Amazonite heals the Kidney and Liver to work better. It cleanses the filtration organs in our body including appendix. If you’ve been suffering from cramps, amazonite crystal patch can relieve it. Another benefit of amazonite for women is during delivery related pain. It can improve your relief and comfort during PMS and childbirth by altering your hormones.

Brain power is seen to be enhanced when you use an amazonite. It is a memory-booster stone that works on the nervous system and your spine. Amazonite can have an all-round effect because it relieves pains and infections or rashes.

Seasonal problems of skin can be easily rectified by keeping an amazonite at your bedroom door. Another infamous power of amazonite is on the male reproductive system as it helps for erectile dysfunction and Impotence too.

Spiritual Uses of Amazonite

A beautiful gemstone that instills feelings of confidence is also the stone of Truth and Destiny. Legends say amazonite reveals the fate like a prophecy when you wear it as a pendant on your throat chakra.

Using amazonite gemstone can also drive many other virtues your ways such as Wisdom and Knowledge. Ancient shamans used amazonite to See into the soul. It was must-have stone for healers and doctors once upon a time.

Do you know you can connect and communicate with your spirit guide effortlessly when you use amazonite? There are many more miracles to be achieved with the blue-green stone. It can take you on astral travel across the universe and help you communicate with angels and spirits.

Some other folklores describe amazonite as the stone of Success. It empowers your luck energy by making you humble and generous. By changing your perspective, amazonite changes your aura color and attracts abundance naturally into your life. It is a progress crystal that can help you for Lucid dreaming if you’ve never done it in our life.

Amazonite can show you things from your past life that you need Karmic therapy for. It can help you do penance and eradicate your guilt or fear instantly. Purification of mind and heart is the first priority on the list of tasks an amazonite does to the wearer. It is the reset button of hope.

With experience, I have found that amazonite is an excellent crystal to make your manifestations come true because of its throat chakra powers. It makes affirmations become the reality by empowering your power of speech.  Are you ready to embrace the powers of amazonite?

Emotional Uses of Amazonite

Do you know amazonite has radiant energy of love at its core? That’s because it is a higher heart chakra stone just like peridot or emerald. But, the beauty is amazonite also has throat chakra powers. That’s why wearing amazonite gives you a sense of balance. It helps you manage life and bring order and organization into it.

Infamous as the stone of calmness and patience, amazonite teaches the in-depth lesson of perseverance through understanding. It connects you with all the beings around you and enhances your virtue of empathy. You will be described as a kind and generous person if you start wearing amazonite, because this crystal make the compassion add a rosy glow to your looks.  

Do you know amazonite is an amazing stone to help you confess your love or speak your mind out in relationships? It can help couples going through a divorce or avert feuds by doing excellent negotiating. When amazonite touches your skin, you will be able to convince people easily. It raises your charisma.

Anger will be uprooted from your mind and you will find your life more positive than ever with an amazonite gemstone. It helps to attend to yourself if you’ve been a workaholic or social worker. Amazonite is the stone that helps you realize your worth and hidden potential. The gentle energy stone teaches you the worth of self-discipline and healthy communication too.

How to use Amazonite in 7 Different Ways?

Frosted Amazonite Mala (with OM, Lotus or Buddha Pendant)

If by now you aren’t in love with amazonite, you are missing out on a breathtaking stone with many powers and virtues that can enhance your life as well as karmic values.

Amazonite is a soft stone and after years of working closely, everyone AtPerry’s decided to give their valuable advice on how to use it for the best. Remember that the following is directly taken from personal experiences. So, please improvise it according to your needs when you try it out!

·      EMF Protection with Amazonite Tumbled Stones

Do you know every day we are flooded with radiation? Amazonite can help you eradicate the harmful effects of radiation by cocooning your aura from negativity and toxins. Read more about crystals for protecting yor from the risks of electromagnetic radiation around.

Your Solution for EMF Protection with Amazonite

What I did is dig four holes around my house. After creating a mantra to protect and purify my house, I used a crystal wand to program the amazonite tumbled stones. Then, I buried the stones in the hole and planted a hydrangea of blue color on each of the crystal holes. I have never suffered from electrosensitivity again!”- Sylvia Jones, Crystal User for 6.5 years

·      Abundance Grid Made of Amazonite Tumbled Stones

Do you know amazonite can attract wealth and money into your life? It is a wonderful stone that clears evil eye from you and your environment to clear your dues on the cosmos sheet. Your karmic conscience will be enhanced and you will naturally attract prosperity.

Read more on how to make a crystal grid at your home.

Your Solution for Abundance Grid with Amazonite

When my grandma gave me amazonite in the shape of a star, she also taught me how to create a 10-petal flower grid. I kept the amazonite in the middle and chanted the mantras. During chanting, I touched the top of my orange selenite wand on every crystal starting from the outer grid crystals. Within a week, I won a scholarship, two tickets to a concert, a routine prize at my supermarket and a jackpot in the college club for bookworms for $900!”- Marlene Magagar

·      Lucid Dream Stone Amazonite under the Pillow

One of the special benefits of using crystals is how they give out of the world experiences. One such experience can be attained by keeping amazonite in your bedroom. It can sync with your thoughts and communicate with your subconscious mind. How to use crystals for lucid dreaming? Find out here!

Your Solution for Lucid Dreaming with Amazonite

My best friend told me to keep the amazonite under the pillow because she wanted an easy remedy to help me dream. After counting to 70 twice, I fell asleep. But, I woke with a soft thud and felt like a ghost looking at myself. I talked to my psyche about the goals of traveling in life. When I woke up, I knew that was my dream. To my surprise, after three days, my old gang from college e-vited me on a hiking trip. I instantly RSVPd. It was the first of its kind since college and for the first time, I was not anxious about finishing all the work. It made me convince myself to choose my destiny over addiction to work”- Sandarshini Rajat  

·      Healing Injuries by using amazonite for Crystal First Aid

Trauma injuries are the scariest. They take a long time to heal and bring many problems with it. If you want a crystal clear answer to all your problems, choose amazonite because it can boost recovery significantly. Amazonite disinfects the wound and prevents impurities from contaminating or infecting it. The blue-green crystal can be used to boost stamina and recover from minor cuts, burns, and sprains ASAP.

Your complete guide to crystal first aid kit is HERE.

Your Solution for Healing with Amazonite

“When my visa for my dream nursing job abroad came, I was disabled due to a staircase fall I had. I thought I am going to have to postpone my dream but my neighbor gifted me amazonite she told me to keep it in my bedroom. I couldn’t even walk!

She also told me to pray to Panacea (Goddess of Healing) with chants she helped me make. It went on for 2 days, four times and I began walking outside”- Sameera Akbar

·      Amazonite Pendant for confidence

Have you ever felt out of wits? It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we blush and other times we blackout or simply fail to rummage the courage enough to face the truth or do the deed. If inferiority complex or cowardice haunts you, amazonite pendant can raise your blood circulation to make you pumped with adrenaline. It will also raise your thymus energies to make you feel confident and proactive about your life-decisions.

Amazonite reveals hidden opportunities that helps you find the luck you deserve. Some call it a lucky stone and others believe it connects with the nature to give you the courage from the heart of universe.

What are the best gemstones for confidence? Here’s your complete definitive guide on crystals for confidence.

Your Solution for Confidence with Amazonite

“I don’t know if it’s right or useful but when I realized the power of amazonite, I had made two more fans. My twin daughters had a song recital they’d prepared for weeks. But at the backstage almost ten minutes before their chest numbers were called out, some irritated kid bullied them and made them cry. I consoled them, confronted their bully and gave the 9-year-old sisters my amazonite pendant made of beads. I had a palm stone of amazonite in my handbag and I placed it in the pocket of my lil lass without the pendant. They not only bagged first but went onto win a scholarship to a play by a theater genius”- Merlin Signoeff

Before you go …

If someone gives you amazonite, receive it with both your hands, open together by the palms. It has to be a positive gift to give radiant energy to the giftee and the recipient.

Do you like amazonite? Share it in the comments below!

Stay powerful~

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