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Healing Crystal Handbook: Abalone

Abalone Properties, Meanings, Astrology, Uses and Powers

Do you think abalone shells are pearls? They are an exquisite union between the mother-of-pearl and a living being, abalone shells comprise the healing energies from Mother Ocean. Abalone shells are amazing for people trying to find calmness.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Abalone

Abalones were exclusively handpicked by the Native Americans for 12,000 years for its iridescent colors. Abalone shells were extensively used in Japanese and American cultures. Hence, some of the most famous abalones can be found in the two places a fore.

Called the ears of the sea, Abalone shells emanate creative energies in the user and environment. It is a mystic stone of many qualities including transformation.

What is Abalone?

Any small to big sea snail is called abalone. They are also called marine snails. Abalone is an edible mollusk while the part used for abalone jewelry and crystal healing is the abalone shell. It is a shell covered with mother-of-pearl (shiny iridescence) inside it.

Abalone and Puka Shells

Abalone and puka shells have a long history of cultural and spiritual significance for many people around the world. In Native American cultures, abalone shells were often used in ceremonies and rituals as offerings or as a way to connect with the spiritual world. Puka shells, on the other hand, were often worn as jewelry or used as decorative elements in traditional Hawaiian leis.

Both abalone and puka shells are also connected to the element of water, with abalone being a type of sea snail and puka shells being found on beaches and in the ocean. This connection to the water element has led to both shells being associated with emotions, intuition, and spiritual growth.

In modern times, abalone and puka shells continue to be popular for their beauty and cultural significance. They are often used in jewelry, home decor, and other decorative items, and are prized for their unique colors and patterns. Whether used as a reminder of cultural traditions or as a symbol of personal growth and spiritual connection, abalone and puka shells remain deeply meaningful for many people.

Abalone Meaning Explained. Why use for Smudging?

Abalone shell is not like other gemstones. The origin is more sea than the land or rocks. It is an organic material that ranges in the lengths of 20 mm to 200 mm or up to 300 mm. Besides the consumption as meat, abalone shells are used for a variety of shamanistic rituals all around the world. Abalone shell is a purifying and energizing stone and hence, used for smudging. That’s because abalone contains the same concentrated purifying energy as Mother Ocean.

Why Do You Use Abalone Shell for Smudging?

Physically, abalone shell is salty and has moisturizing qualities. Metaphysically, abalone shell radiates love and beauty. As smudging with herbs often require burning, you need something to catch the cinder too. Abalone shell smudge bowl is an iridescent shell made of nacre that will catch the ember and let it out slowly.

Every crystal user who is into smudging need a smudging bowl like abalone. The fire will not disturb its iridescence either. It can be used for clearing negativity from your surroundings. Practical and pretty, abalone shell bowl for smudging works for all kind of shamanistic rituals. You can trust it to last!

How to Cut an abalone shell for Jewelry?

Used widely for lapidary and decoration, abalone shell is easy to cut for jewelry. However, you must remember both pearl and abalone dust can cause silicosis due to the dust entering your lungs.

A side cutter for cutting abalone shells is the industry norm. If you need ornamental work, a piercing saw can be of help. Slowly cutting the abalone with care using a narrow blade is the best way on how to cut for jewelry.

·        Alternate Names of Abalone Shell

Shells, sea earshells,  muttonshells, muttonfish, Ormer Shells and paua;

What Is the Hardness of Abalone Shell? How Its Formed?

A soft shell scoring just 2.5 on the MOHS hardness, Abalone shell is made up of calcium carbonate. When you observe the abalone shell under a microscope, you can see calcium carbonate stacked as tiles. Although it is soft, abalone shell is strong due to its tiled structure that slides when the shell is stuck.

Where Is Abalone Shell from?

The most prominent origin of abalone shell is from cold sea waters. You can find it around the world in New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain. India is also a source of abalone shells today. South Africa is another place where abalone shell is found in. Normandy, Channel-Islands and Brittany are another place where abalone shells are found.

Which God Does Abalone Shell Represent?

The power of abalone shells is found to be influenced by the power of Poseidon, the Goddess of Sea. The Greek God of the sea is also known for calming down hot temper and helping people with anger management issues. Poseidon is son of Rhea and Cronus, the rulers of Titans.

Neptune, the Roman God of Oceans is also the ruler of Abalone shell. Neptune's god powers from abalone shell helps in relaxation and tranquility. Neptune is the brother of God Jupiter (zeus) and Pluto (hades). Neptune is second only to Zeus, in terms of Speed and Strength.

Which Is the Zodiac Sign of Abalone?

Abalone zodiac signs are two: Cancer and Pisces.

Cancerian finds health and confidence by wearing or touching the abalone shell. Your moodiness and over-sensitiveness to everything around you will be banished thanks to abalone shell. The stone of beauty, Cancer born people find pride and loyalty by wearing this marine stone.

Pisces is the second zodiac sign for Abalone shell. When a Pisces wear abalone, their intelligence and empathy increases. When you wear abalone as a Pisces, your sorrows and negativity will be transformed into hope and positivity. It will make you energetic and full of stamina.

Which Is the Ruling Planet Of Abalone?

Moon is the ruler heavenly body of abalone shell. The iridescence of abalone comes directly from the moon. It protects and nourishes you. It rules energy and strength. In abalone, the moon blesses with beauty and love. Moon also amplifies the cleansing power of abalone.

When you wear abalone on a full moon night and meditate, the moon blesses you. Your skin problems and disorders will disappear if you sprinkle abalone elixir on your body.

What Is The Numerical Vibration Of Abalone Shell?

07 is the numerical vibration of abalone shell. In numerology, 7 is the spirit number. It brings wisdom from within so that you can dispel the materialistic distractions congesting your life. Abalone vibration frequency is seven and hence, it can bring luck and success into your life. Number 7 is the grand total of creativity (number 3) and wisdom (number 4).

Which Are The Abalone Chakra (S)

All the chakras and etheric chakras are awakened by the abalone shell. That’s because abalone shell glistens with the iridescence of mother-of-pearl lining inside. You can place it over any chakra to charge or align it.

How To Clean Abalone Shell?

  • Take your abalone shell in left hand.
  • Circle a selenite crystal wand in your right hand, over the left hand.
  • Repeat it thrice.
  • Do it before and after use.

More cleansing rituals for abalone shells.

How to Charge Abalone Shell?

  • Take your abalone shell.
  • Place it in the Tibetan bowl.
  • Rub the edges of the bowl with the wooden mallet.
  • Continue rubbing it for acoustic programming.
  • Do it on a full moon night.

Metaphysical Properties of Abalone Shell

abalone shells

Abalone shell is not a gemstone or healing crystal. It is the shell of a mollusc. It is hailed because it has a history of acting as a healing component in the history and folklore of yesterday. If this is the first time you’re coming across the healing properties of abalone shells, we will teach you everything you need to know.

The scientific name for abalone, "Haliotis" means "ear of the sea" and refers to the flattened shape of the shell. These colourful shells are also called the mother of pearls in different places. They were believed to be the gift of the sea. It can help in fertility as well as calming for over-energized people.

Representing the element of water as well as the teal sky, abalone shells have receptive energy. The same is why many abalone shells break easily as human tensions and stress might be unbearable for it!

1.    Pink Abalone

abalone shells

Pink abalone comes from a species named haliotis corrugata. It is a pricey variety of abalone shells seen rarely in the market. Pink abalones are excellent to get over the grief of losing your loved one. It is prominently seen in pale to dark shades of pink color.

2.    Orange Abalone

abalone shells

When seen in bands of pale and dark orange shades, the abalone is referred to as orange abalone. It is a shell for calming down. Being a protection stone, wear an orange abalone shell pendant will protect you too.

3.    California Abalone

abalone shells

One of the oldest collections of abalones were by Native Americans. California witnesses the most abalone harvested area and is renowned for its multichakra abalones. They are also seen in blue shades and is a destiny stone.

4.    Grey Abalone

abalone shells

One of the dullest types of abalones, grey abalone shells have a matchless depth to it. A calming healing crystal, abalone shell in grey is often seen with sparkles of white too.  Akin to rutilated abalone, the grey abalone is ideal for wearers with confusion.

The foggy variety of abalone shells are also often referred to as grey abalones.

5.    Black Abalone

abalone shells

Scientifically known as haliotis cracherodii, Black Abalone is a super protective stone known to guarantee power, strength and authority.  It carries the energy of the ocean of life. Use it for impotency and other reproductive disorders.

6.    Black lip Abalone

abalone shells

A powerful variety of black abalone obtained from Haliotis rubra, the black lip abalone is a gorgeous and powerful shell. It can dispel the negativity and curses aimed at the wearer when programmed properly.

7.    White Abalone

abalone shells

Obtained from the mollusk called Haliotis sorenseni, the White variety of abalone shells are the epitome of purity. Touching it cleanses the mental and physical toxins of the wearer. White abalone is often with a silver or rainbow sheen too. It can be easily identified with the unique black line at the lip of the abalone.

8.    Blue Abalone

abalone shells

Seen in radiant shades of sky, teal and turquoise blue, blue abalone is a shell of mystic powers. It is ideal to fill courage and hope in the wearer and comes from Haliotis australis. Want a blue abalone shell? It is available in indigo color too!

9.    Yellow Abalone

abalone shells

A golden variety of abalone, the yellow abalone is the queen of the ocean. It settles the mind and boosts the creativity. Yellow abalone is seen in beige shades with a sheen like metal.

10. Green abalone

abalone shells

Derived from Haliotis fulgens, green abalone is the shell of outward growth. It matures the wearer and opens the mind for deeper understanding. Green Abalones with hypnotizing variety of colors are powerful to lighten the heart. 

11. Green Lip Abalone

abalone shells

When seen with a line of black or dark green shade on the lip of the shell, it is called green lip abalone. It is an excellent healing crystal to help you get rid of burden and pain from life.

12. Brown Abalone

abalone shells

When seen in dark orange, yellow and red colors on brown abalone, it possesses the powers of the lower chakras. It can be seen with a band of or speckles of colors.

13. Red Abalone

abalone shells

Often seen in bands of red, the red abalone is a powerful stone that awakens the kundalini energy in the body. It is an ideal gift for lovers and can help you manifest your dreams. Red Abalone comes from a mollusk called Haliotis rufescens. It is native to California and is obtained after a lifespan of 54 years of the mollusk. It is a poisonous mollusk, so please handle with care if you chance upon a red abalone!

14. Purple Abalone

abalone shells

A trippy and powerful abalone shell to use in healing crystal work, purple abalone is often seen with colors like blue and green. The psychedelic looking shell is good for demands of altered consciousness. It can help you get rid of addictions in a spiritual way, too!

15. Pinto Abalone

abalone shells

Derived from Haliotis kamtschatkana, pinto abalone is a semi brown and silver abalone. Often found in Alaska, pinto abalone is also referred to as Northern Abalone by locals. It is seen with speckles and patterns of yellow and brown. If the abalone looks like a pebble, it is pinto abalone named for its pinto bean-like appearance.   

16. Flat Abalone

abalone shells

Obtained from the mollusk, Haliotis walallensis, flat abalone is a distinct abalone with smooth and flat surface unlike the erratic surface on most abalones. The flat abalone is extensively used for making ornamental wallpaper and coin jewelry.

17. Threaded Abalone

abalone shells

Derived from the mollusk called haliotis assimilis, threaded abalone has an arched shell with many ridges. The dynamic shell is often used as the outlay for ornaments and interior décor. Threaded abalone is most prominently found on Laguna beach.

18. Galapagos Abalone

abalone shells

Obtained from the mollusc Haliotis dalli, Galapagos abalone is a colored shell often seen in swirls and layers of colors. Galapagos abalone shells are extremely rare and bring good luck to the wearer. It is found on the Galapagos Islands.  

19. Haliotis asinine

abalone shells

Popularly called the Ass’s ear Abalone, the asinine abalone is a shell looks like the ear of the ass. It is commonly seen in colors of green and black. Ass’s ear abalone can be used to replenish many virtues such as strength and obedience.

20. Haliotis Iris or Rainbow Abalone Shell

The multicolored abalone shell comes from haliotis iris, also referred to as rainbow abalones. These are seen in all of the abalone colors and are downright hypnotizing. Regularly programming abalone shells with mystic colors can help you connect with angelic realm easily.

·        Physical Effects of Abalone Shell

abalone shells

The mother-of-pearl shells is ideal for fluid retention in the body. Abalone shells activate all the chakras and help to attain a sense of total balance. It can relieve disorders in severe or malignant stages too.

Abalone shell is excellent for pregnant women as it will help the baby within your womb to calm down. It is also helpful for women and men with a lack of potency. Abalones can protect the body from fatigue to low pressure too.

Using abalone shell elixir will replenish eyesight and hearing for senile persons. Abalones are excellent to protect from sunburn and nerve damages. It can increase your stamina and strength!

·        Spiritual Effects of Abalone Shell

abalone shells

Ideal for people trying to enter the world of divinity and extra powers, abalone shell can help you transform. It is a healing shell with the power to connect to higher energies. Unlike pearls, it will not break. As abalone shells are softer, it will create layers according to your crystal works.

Abalone can help you visualize your dreams and seek wisdom in life. It changes the wearer completely using dream recall and karmic therapies.

Pearl-like luster reflects the power of abalone on others as it transforms your aura too. The colorful healing shell is an excellent magnet to attract wealth and prosperity too. Try it today using yoga crystal programming techniques.

·        Emotional Effects of Abalone Shell

abalone shells

Being of 100% organic origin, abalone shells have a power better than most healing crystals. It can feel you and talk to you unlike most gemstones that need to be bonded.

Abalone can fill the void and help you resolve your inner issues. It is an anti-depressant healing crystal that can bring down anxiety attacks too. Crystal lovers say that grabbing an abalone shell strongly can relieve the worst of nightmares. Gift it your little kid right now!

The interesting power of these healing shells is that they can support you when you feel lonely. Abalone is excellent for the traveler as well as kids who feel homesick often. It is also excellent for teenagers to learn peace and creativity.

·        Five Facts About Abalone Shell

abalone shells

-          Sage is the best incense or herb to light up a meditative session with abalone shell. It will manifest your dreams.

-          The main coasts where abalone shells are seen are U.S.A. , South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

-          The apache myth celebrates the Sunrise Event to depict the victory of the White Painted Woman over the flood in an abalone.  She was impregnated by the rain and the sun. The son kills her enemies and when puberty is celebrated with abalone it beckons the power of White Painted Woman.

-          Although soft, the abalone shell can last a hundred years. They are made from calcium carbonate stacks of protein!

-          Abalone shells are excellent for dysfunctional families as it soothes any feud with the harmony of the ocean. Try it at your home even if you have no fights!  

Before You go …

Abalones are truly the gift of the oceans. We who celebrate the gift of nature-healing crystals, shouldn’t overthrow the gift of the seas. It will bring calmness and energy to our being, simultaneously helping us evolve.

As abalone shells can activate multiple chakras, it is a must-have healing crystal for any gemstone user. Get an abalone shell of your favorite color now!

Explore the healing properties of abalone shells today.

Did this abalone call out to you? Buy it by clicking on the picture below!

Abalone Properties, Meanings, Astrology, Uses and Powers

Share your experience with abalones below!

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