Healing Crystal Handbook: Carnelian
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by Ceida Uilyc May 26, 2017

Renowned as the Stone of Action and that of Commitment, Carnelian was revered as an amulet of the dead in their journey to the afterlife by the older civilizations including Egyptian. Carnelian instills confidence in its wearer and boosts the flow of Kundalini Energy such that the wearer is motivated towards the target.

Representing the bright red hues of a fiery sun, Carnelian is a mineral quartz used in ancient times by doctors to accurately measure the pulse of a patient as well as to appraise honor. Moreover, carnelian is a seeker transformer crystal considered ideal for scientists, travelers, caravanners, wanderers, and artists.

·        Alternate Names of Carnelian

Kornel Cherry, Carne, Fleshstone, Carnelian Agate, Cornelian and Sardius;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Carnelian

·        Hardness of Carnelian on the MOHS Scale


Healing Crystal Handbook: Carnelian

·        Origin of Carnelian

India, Brazil, Britain, Peru and Iceland;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Carnelian

·        Carnelian Represents the God

  • Isis: Goddess of Life, Egypt;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Carnelian

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Carnelian

Cancer and Leo;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Carnelian

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Carnelian

Mars and Sun;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Carnelian

·        Carnelian Color energies

 Red, Orange, Grey, Pink, Scarlet, Black and Pale Orange;  

Healing Crystal Handbook: Carnelian

·        Numerical Vibration of Carnelian

05 and 06;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Carnelian

·        Carnelian activates the Chakra (s)

Sacral Chakra;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Carnelian

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Carnelian

Existing in natures such as transparent to opaque, carnelian can be found in a wide variety of shapes and owes its unique color to iron oxide. Carnelian was first named sard owing to its similarity with the gemstone by the same name.

Carnelian is a chalcedony gemstone ranging in colors from red to orange and pale black.  Believed to empower people without self-confidence and self-esteem, Carnelian also guards the wearer against evil people as well as energies.

Representing Timeand its connection with Earth, Carnelian was used for long as a compass and pointer in the olden times.  When placed in the Southern region of your house, room or office space, you will attract popularity, wisdom and fortune.

1.      Carnelian Agate

Healing Crystal Handbook: Carnelian

Looking identical to the shade of Kornel Cherry, Carnelian Agate is a peculiar stone with bands all over it. Carnelian Agate is a Carnelian with agate traits in it known to instill happiness and joy in the wearer with success and accolades.

2.      Carnelian Onyx

Healing Crystal Handbook: Carnelian

A very powerful protective amulet, Carnelian Onyx is a type of sardonyx with banded lines of red and white on it. Carnelian Onyx was renowned for protecting the living and dead from harms of the evil eye as it bears the fire energy.

·        Physical Effects of Carnelian

Healing Crystal Handbook: Carnelian

Carnelian is an effective antidote against many diseases including enhancing the metabolism to blood circulation and organ functions. For people suffering from premenstrual syndromes such as extreme anger, lack of control over mood and depression, Carnelian can be the best friend you never had.

Carnelian also heals the reproductive organs of men and women in addition to treating hemorrhoids and impotence. Carnelian users are also blessed with a sun-kissed glow to the skin, thanks to the improved blood circulation and cardiac health.

Carnelian is also powerful against chronic arthritis, kidney stone, bone disorders, nosebleeds, spine related pains and disorders of aging. If you’ve been trying to remain sober by quitting substance abuse, Citrine can rehabilitate you by reducing the intensity of your withdrawals.

·        Spiritual Effects of Carnelian

Healing Crystal Handbook: Carnelian

A stone that instills memories of creation to humanity, carnelian encourages dreams and divine love in the wearer. Carnelian differs in its properties based on the colors it projects. In fact, Carnelian brings your spirit angel closer to you and empowers spiritual enlightenment.

The stone of afterlife, carnelian can also be used for spirit communication with your dear ones who are no longer alive. Carnelian also helps you recall your past and do penance for the bad karma effectively through dream therapy.

The fleshstone also connects the wearer with the energy of the earth such that you begin to see and appreciate the hidden works of cosmos around you. Carnelian raises cosmic consciousness and develops divine love within the wearer.

·        Emotional Effects of Carnelian

Healing Crystal Handbook: Carnelian

A gemstone that helps in balancing emotions to anger and temper, Carnelian also rouses passion within the wearer. It protects the user from rage, jealousy, fear, regret and failure in love. By wearing the carnelian on your Sacral Chakra, you also activate the power of enhanced perception.

Carnelian also instills fidelity, self-esteem and trust within oneself. It improves belief upon oneself as well as the dear and near ones. Carnelian also helps in resolving chronic feuds between family members and spouses or children, easily.

Carnelian also dispels the fear of public speaking and is known to clarify one’s voice. Wearing the flesh stone also boosts your libido and sexual appetite!

·        Five Facts About Carnelian

Healing Crystal Handbook: Carnelian

  1. Carnelian is the Singer’s Stone as well as that which signifies the position of the best architect during ancient times.
  2. Carnelian is referred to as Sard when it is brown.
  3. Carnelian (sacral chakra), when combined with Smoky Quartz (on the base chakra) activates an even flow of energy throughout the wearer’s body.
  4. Carnelian is gifted to couples on their 17th Wedding Anniversary all across the world.
  5. Carnelian awakens the angel Mikael when programmed on October 19 until 23!

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Carnelian

Carnelian is a gemstone with powers to awaken dormant energies by activating the Kundalini energy. Prominent as the flesh stone, carnelian harbingers the powers of Isis and that of the heavenly feminism.

Remember to program your mind and chakras with carnelian for cultivating faith and finding true love from the divine realm.

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