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Complete Guide To Black Tourmaline Meanings And Uses

Complete Guide To Black Tourmaline Meanings And Uses

A popular shamanic stone used since the dawn of mankind, black tourmaline has strong connections to the Earth. It is a stone that was once used as an ash puller for Dutch traders who smoked. They knew the piezoelectricity of black tourmaline and effectively used it to repel and attract ash. Black tourmaline was the favorite stone of ancient magicians too. They were used for protection from demons and evil spirits. Today we will uncover the whole truth about black tourmaline meanings and uses in detail.

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What is Black Tourmaline?

Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stones

Do you know tourmaline is found on every continent on earth? No wonder they are so famous! Egyptians believed black tourmaline traveled from the center of the earth taking all the colors of the rainbow in its grip. Crystal users believe black tourmaline can vibrate to all the chakras in our body, primary and secondary. To the Romans, black tourmaline was the stone of sleep and relaxation. It helped them detox while Indians believed black tourmaline was a teller stone.

Recorded 7 to 7.5 in hardness, black tourmaline in its chemical form is Sodium Iron Aluminum Boro Silicate. Native Africans and Americans believed black tourmaline was a protection amulet gemstone. Some even believe black tourmaline is solely brought to help humans ascend into the Aquarian age by the higher realms!  

Types of Black Tourmaline

There are many different kinds of black tourmaline around. Do you know them? What are the different kinds of black tourmaline? Let’s find out!

·      Schorl

The most common type of black tourmaline, this is where black tourmaline forms needle-like formations. The unique form of black tourmaline is called a schorl and widely popular in psychic protection with crystals.

·      Velvet Tourmaline

Originating from Peru, Velvet tourmaline is different from ordinary schorl. It does not become needle-like inclusions that of a schorl, it becomes thicker strands on the surface of the mineral. Velvet tourmaline is often made into crystal spheres.

·      Fluor Schorl

When fluorite presence is seen on black tourmaline, it forms a crystal called fluor schorl where a mixture of black and pale purple color is noticed. Fluor schorl is popularly found in Namibia. It can show orange, white and green colors.  

·      Tourmalated Quartz

Also called tourmalinated quartz, this is a popular variety of black tourmaline with quartz. It can create a beige smoky quartz stone with schorl on one side and terminations on the other. You can use it for purification and manifestation as it is a powerful stone.

What is the Chakra of Black tourmaline?

The core chakra of black tourmaline is Root chakra. Popular as the base chakra, root chakra is located at the base of your spine. Found in Brazil, Namibia, India and Pakistan, black tourmaline is a reverent store to ground you. Anxiety to restlessness are the signs of weak root chakra.

You need a strong root chakra to ensure stability and balance in life. It is the fundamental chakra of all. Base chakra in a black tourmaline is useful for grounding and flushing out toxins. Root chakra powers of black tourmaline makes it a purification and protection stone.

Read more on root chakra in this blog post.  

Which Planet Rules Black Tourmaline?

Number 3 is the numerical vibration of black tourmaline and Venus is the ruler of this stone. The goddess of love, Venus fills the wearer of black tourmaline with love.

But, Venus is not the only ruler of black tourmaline. It is ruled by the king of Gods, Jupiter. It gives you strength and power. From abundance to prosperity, Jupiter can bring luck and success into life. Optimism to positivity are also virtues seen on people blessed by Jupiter. It attracts wisdom and knowledge into your life.

Jupiter is the planet that helps you grow by manifesting your desires. Use black tourmaline or progress and success.  

What is the Feng Shui of Black Tourmaline?

Powered by the Water Energy element, black tourmaline is a purification crystal. It must be kept in the northern direction of your home or office to invite luck and winning in your career or life path.  

Black tourmaline in the northern direction gives birth to new beginnings and perspective. It brings the knowledge of spiritual awareness into your life, helping you decipher the destiny of your life. Black tourmaline when placed in the north also invite success and luck into your life.  

Which is the Zodiac of Black Tourmaline?

Capricorns are born from December 22 to January 19. One of the optimistic signs, Capricorn works well with black tourmaline because the stone gives the courage you seek. If you’re a Capricorn, black tourmaline can keep you honest and loyal. Black tourmaline protects you and lowers your egocentric beliefs and arguments. It dispels negativity off you.

Libra is a zodiac sign that falls between September 22 to October 21 ideal for black tourmaline too. You have a big heart but often trust the wrong person. Black tourmaline can help you find the truth from chaos. Black tourmaline can change your gullible and hesitant nature. It can make you strong and charming. You won’t run away from problems when you have black tourmaline with you!

Which Goddess rules black tourmaline?

Aradia: Witch Goddess of Protection and Healing. Born to Lucifer and Diana, Aradia is the witch goddess who cocoons you. She heals you too. A wise goddess, Aradia si particularly benevolent to crystal users.

Hine-Nui-Te- Po: Goddess of Night. She is the goddess who greets the souls  that enter afterlife. Hinenuitepo is known as the Great Woman of the night. According to the Maori myths, she is the ruler of the underworld who rules black tourmaline. Sunset is her time.

Manat: Arabian Goddess of Waning Moon, Destiny and Death. A goddess who manifests incantations pronounced at night, Manat is the Goddess of visions. She was worshipped in Arabia before Islam. She is believed to affect fate and fortune too. Now you know where the luck in black tourmaline comes from!

When to use Black Tourmaline: Metaphysical Properties of Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline Healing Stones

A unique stone filled with psychic protection powers, black tourmaline empowers your mind and body alike. Used for a variety of crystal techniques from scrying to grounding, black tourmaline is a safety stone everyone must have. It is easy to bond with and quickly works on your lower chakras.

To find out how to use black tourmaline in your life, you can check the benefits of black tourmaline in detail. I’ve divided the total benefits of black tourmaline into physical, emotional and spiritual qualities for easily identifying their broad range of uses.

·      Physical Benefits of Black Tourmaline

Do you know black tourmaline is a powerful stone against Radiation? It can clear EMF stress in a place within minutes. Black tourmaline can affect radiation as it is even known to tune radio frequencies.

Black tourmaline uses can also spike your sense of smell and touch as well. Perhaps that’s why it is a famous Aphrodisiac among crystal users. Keeping it in the bedroom can increase your chance of intimacy. Black tourmaline also strengthens and nourishes your hair with a keratin shine. It can increase the absorption of calcium in the body, making your nails look strong too.

Being a lower chakra stone, black tourmaline also heals you from IBS, constipation and other stomach problems. It can strengthen your muscle problems such as tingles or numbness. The stone is essentially known for detoxifying you. It has a natural power to absorb all the toxins in your body and flush them out.

Black tourmaline can also help the butterfly-shaped organ called thyroid. Especially for those who are suffering from an underactive thyroid, black tourmaline can help immensely. It can regulate your TSH levels, in addition, to help you absorb more nutrients from your food. It is particularly useful for those suffering from the autoimmune disorder called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, that I too am a victim of.

Black tourmaline can also regular your motor skills after a complicated surgery or grave injury. It is best for physiotherapy concerning hand-eye coordination. This black beauty is a best friend of those who has Dyslexia. It can help with Arthritis and all types of joint pain.  

Particularly commendable is the work of black tourmaline with cancer. It primarily helps with chemotherapy as the black beauty is a great crystal for boosting your immunity.   

·      Emotional Benefits of Black Tourmaline

For all kinds of bad habits, get a hold of black tourmaline. It is the essential crystal to repel your negativity away. It can rehabilitate you and cure your addictions to drugs, food, and bad habits. For those of you battling anxiety at every waking point of your life, black tourmaline can help.

Known as a stone for leaders, black tourmaline shows you creative ways to shut criticism. It helps you overcome failure and strive for success. The stone of luck, black tourmaline can clear the hurdles blocking your destiny and chakra points.

Black tourmaline works on your will power and makes you an optimist. It fills you with positivity and makes you hope pleasant about the future. Black tourmaline removes fears and phobias too. It is particularly famous for removing the paranoia towards injections if you place a black tourmaline in your pocket.

The black beauty helps you battle stress by calming you down. Black tourmaline is a stone for dealing with tension and frustrations. It helps you stabilize your temper and come out of anger the moment you touch it.

Narcissists find a great deal of wealth in black tourmaline as it crashes your ego and helps you broaden your perspective. Black tourmaline can also show you productive ways to stop your negative private speech and attain peace of mind.  

If you are described as a person who always sulks, black tourmaline can help you get rid of the toxic habit. It is a crystal to help you stop whining and find hope in life!

·      Spiritual Benefits of Black Tourmaline

Most people think black tourmaline is just a purifying stone. But, it’s not. Black tourmaline is also a powerful crystal for Aura cleansing, among many other things. It helps in grounding.  

Black tourmaline is a balancing stone that helps you calm yourself. It seeks solutions for all troubles that concern you. Black tourmaline is supposed to enhance your angelic communication skills. You will be able to communicate with angels and netherworld spirits too with black tourmaline schorl. It is a psychic protection stone that shields you. Purification is another spiritual benefit of black tourmaline in all its glory. It can absorb negativity and make you clean and bright.  

Black tourmaline can help you increase your power to levitate and successfully complete Merkaba meditation. Out of body experiences will be common when you’re using black tourmaline. It is a stone that stabilizes you, any way possible.

Black beauty stone can also help you realize your Karmic debt. With the help of dream recall, black tourmaline helps you seek penance for all your karmas and clean your slate!   

How to Use Black Tourmaline?

There are many ways to use black tourmaline, but some strike me at the best throughout my experience. You will see simple and complex ways to start using black tourmaline at your home today without any professional assistance. Let’s begin!

·      Black Tourmaline Feng Shui

Black Tourmaline Tumbled Stones

We talked about the northern area being prominent for black tourmaline. Place the black tourmaline you see in the picture above in a bowl and bury it in the northern area of your home. You can also keep the bowl in the northern area of your office or living room too.

·      Chakra Grid Protection with Black Tourmaline

100g Black Tourmaline Stones for Healing

Create a protection chakra grid with 8 pointed star. Place these black tourmalines on the outer ring and activate the grid with a selenite wand. You can also touch the grid stones onto your root chakra to amplify the energy of your chakra to protect yourself from evil energies.

·      Black Tourmaline Jewelry Ring

Vintage Black Tourmaline Ring

Aura Cleansing is the primary role of black tourmaline in jewelry. This ring will remain constantly in contact with your aura, thereby dispelling all the negativity that comes your way. Black tourmaline ring can cleanse your space and keep your protected all the time. You can also wear a black tourmaline necklace for the same effect or double it with the ring together.

·      Reiki with Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline Healing Stones

Another way to make use of black tourmaline powers is by placing it on your facial meridians or certain chakra points on your body. You can also ask a Reiki practitioner to cleanse your body and mind.

·      Black Tourmaline Programmed Earrings

Natural Black Tourmaline Crystal Hook Earrings - 925 Sterling Silver

Just take a clear quartz wand, and circle thrice over these earrings to cleanse it. Now place it on your root chakra and meditate for five minutes. Wear it after that!

Before you go …

Any questions about black tourmaline meanings and uses? Go ahead and ask away in the comments below!

Stay powerful~

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