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Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

The healing crystal of responsibilities, Aragonite is a patience-giving stone used to connect with the Earth star energies. Often used to connect to nature too, Aragonite helps you grow insight.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

The story of Aragonite goes that Aragonite is closely associated with Amaterasu. When the brother of Amaterasu, the Storm God became angry, he forced cruelty upon Earth and Heavens. Ashamed of her brother’s insensitive behavior, Amaterasu ran away from Shinto. Other gods and goddesses in Shinto pled Amaterasu to return such as Uzume and Kami. When Amaterasu declined their invitation, Uzume danced to make the deities smile. When Amaterasu peeped to check the commotion, Uzume showed her the mirror that revealed the bright inner light in Amaterasu.

Amaterasu realized her light from within was the best antidote for the darkness of her brother. Aragonite is known to free you from the path of darkness. It is an ideal gift for a friend you think is losing track of his or her goals!

·        Alternate Names of Aragonite

Tchachar Crystal, Carbonate gemstone, Chazar Crystal, and Aragon stone;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

·        Hardness of Aragonite on the MOHS Scale


Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

·        Origin of Aragonite

Mexico, Brazil, Spain, England, Moravia, Italy, Scotland, Germany, Namibia, Africa, China, Turkey, Morocco and U.S.A

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

·        Aragonite Represents the God

  • Amaterasu: Goddess of Sun and Darkness, Shinto;
  • Gaia: Mother of Nature and Earth;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Aragonite


Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Aragonite


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·        Aragonite Color energies

Blue, Indigo, Pink, Green, Orange, Brown, Yellow, Red and Rainbow colors;

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·        Numerical Vibration of Aragonite


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·        Aragonite activates the Chakra (s)

Root, Heart, Sacral, Throat, Third Eye, Crown and Earth Star Chakras;

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Aragonite

Most crystal users believe Aragonite to be the brother of Calcite. It is not wrong because Aragonite has identical looks but distinct crystal structures. A mystic stone of vision, Aragonite was discovered in the province Aragon, Spain in 1788. The stone was named after the place it was discovered.

While science calls it calcium carbonate, various inclusions in aragonite give rise to the gorgeous variety of aragonites around the world. Aragonite is available in opaque as well as transparent types with a dull luster. The brittle stone fluoresces in blue, pink, cream and yellow shades.

Crystal users advocate Aragonite is a seed stone with powers of Great Mother Gaia inside. Renowned to awaken powers of meditation when used with honey colored candles, Aragonite is a happiness stone too.  

1.    Satin Spar Aragonite

When a fibrous type of aragonite is seen, it looks like a stone with a satin sheen. Satin Spar Aragonite is a rare type of stone for people going through struggles in life. Satin spar was once used to refer to calcite, but it is rectified to include Aragonite as well. You can see satin spar aragonite in yellow and blue colors.

2.    Blue Aragonite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

A multi chakra stone for the third eye, heart and throat, blue aragonite is calming too. Seen in teal and marine blue shades with white patterns, blue aragonite is not available easily. It is excellent for teachers and is found in transparent and translucent stones.

3.    Flos Ferri Aragonite

When aragonite crystals resemble a cluster of icicles, they are called flos ferri aragonites. It is a branching type of aragonite seen in green, blue, white and olivine green colors. Flos Ferri aragonite is ideal for décor and feng shui.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

4.    Nicholsonite Aragonite

When aragonite exists with zinc, it is referred to as Nicholsonite Aragonite. Also popular as Zincian Aragonite, Nicholsonite is typically seen in pink, white, peach, yellow and orange colors. Nicholsonite is an excellent stone for those in grief or mourning.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

5.    Tufa Aragonite

When water is trapped in biodegradable things like leaves, plants and other organic matter for years, aragonite tufa is formed. It is a type of delicate limestone seen with a porous texture, ideal as altar crystals.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

6.    Mossottite Aragonite

When aragonite crystallizes with Strontium, it is called Strontian Aragonite. It is seen in dull to pale green and peach colors. Mossottite aragonite is a mystic stone with powers to repel curses and the evil eye.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

7.    Purple Aragonite

A powerful root chakra crystal, purple aragonite is commonly mined from Spain. The translucent type of Aragonite is seen with erratic bands and lines of black and dark green colors too.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

8.    Fluorescent Aragonite

Seen in all the colors in white light, fluorescent aragonite is the result of a mix of hyalite opal with aragonite. The presence of hyalite opal on the outer layer of aragonite creates uranyl ion, crucial to fluorescence.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

9.    Pink Aragonite

Seen in pale and baby pink shades, pink aragonite is a translucent crystal with high heart energies. It is a stone of generosity and prosperity. The rare crystal has an odd pink shade, often available as tumbled stones.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

10. Aragonite Nacre

When aragonite exists with the nacreous mother of pearl, it results in a stone with gentle energies called aragonite nacre. These pearls are seen with a vibrant stretch of rainbow colors.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

11. Lemon Yellow Aragonite

When aragonite exists with Sulfur, it creates a rare olivine color in the healing crystal. Yellow Aragonite is seen in the banded and homogenous yellow variety too. The yellow colored aragonite can often portray deep crimson colors too and are ideal for sharpening the mind.  

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

12. Brown Aragonite

Often mined from Morocco, Brown Aragonite helps to channel angels and higher beings into your sacred crystal altar. The best variety of brown aragonites is the one seen with bands of chocolate brown and white shades.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

13. Tarnowitzite

Pale yellow aragonite formed as a result of aragonite and cerussite mix is called the Tarnowitzite. As it is found in Tanowitzi, the type of aragonite was named as such. The stone is excellent for calming anger and frustrations.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

14. Alabaster Aragonite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

When aragonite is seen with gypsum, it is called alabaster aragonite. Ideal for ornamental uses, alabaster aragonite is a feng shui healing crystal to buy.

15. Aragonite Coraliform

Often mined from Mexico, Aragonite Coraliform is a coral shaped aragonite found rarely on crystal shops online.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

16. Copper Aragonite

Seen in colors such as red and blue, the presence of copper often shows up in Aragonite as shiny too. It is mined from Corocoro in Brazil and is ideal for health disorders. Cooper Aragonite is a rare stone with powers to repel your fears.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

17. Calmouse Aragonite

When Aragonite forms needle like forms, it is referred to as Calmouse Aragonite because of the massive presence found in a grotto in France at Calmouse. It is seen in colors of yellow and pale blue.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

18. Aragonite Chrysocolla

When aragonite exists with Chrysocolla, it forms a white quartz and forest green crystal. Mined from Mexico and Africa, Aragonite Chrysocolla is ideal for grounding and growth in life. Aragonite exists with chrysocolla in the presence of quartz and calcite.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

19. Aragonite Fluorite

A green variety of aragonite with the presence of fluorite, aragonite fluorite is a psychic stone with many higher chakra powers. Aragonite fluorite also exists in dark blue, dirty brown and pale green colors.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

20. Aragonite Calcite

A popular variety of aragonite, the calcite aragonite is pink to yellow in color with gentle love vibrations. Aragonite calcite is a heart chakra stone helpful for healing the pain of heartache.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

·        Physical Effects of Aragonite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

A carbonate mineral, Aragonite is a stone of beauty too. It is a healing crystal for Hair loss and Balding too. The key power of aragonite is its effects on the nervous system. The gemstone heals nerve damages and relieves pain and twitching too.

For superior memory, concentration and focus, aragonite crystal is ideal. Aragonite decreases fatigue by strengthening the wearer and boosting the calcium absorption. The same is why aragonite crystal use boosts recovery from bone and skeletal disorders too.

Upon contacting common cold and seasonal influenza, Aragonite is particularly useful. It diminishes chills and respiratory diseases during infections. Physical properties of aragonite make it ideal as arthritis and joints healing stone too.

·        Spiritual Effects of Aragonite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

While some say aragonite is ideal for emotional wealth, some say it is the best stone for enlightenment. Aragonite programming raises the highest and the lowest chakras to realize the destiny each of us has. The spiritual properties of Aragonite make it best to recall past life karma debts.

When you use aragonite for the kundalini energy, it will make you one with your guardian angel. Aragonite is a well-being stone that attracts prosperity and peace in life.

If you have problems with comprehension, aragonite will help you see into the future. When used for divination, aragonite makes you clairvoyant and humble.

·        Emotional Effects of Aragonite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

When you’re feeling low, depressed or in a terrible mood swing, aragonite can help you set realistic dreams. The blue-orange stone is a propeller of calmth and best for those with temperament and anger issues.

Aragonite can also help you fill the void of pain within by activating the relaxant hormones within your brain. The nerve healing crystal, aragonite is also particularly helpful for those coping with grief. Aragonite brings a new light into your life to fit hope and support too!

The emotional properties of Aragonite make best for dispelling depression and chaotic thoughts. The positive stone dispels jealousy and envy from the mind. It will purify your goals and help you manifest it.

·        Five Facts About Aragonite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

1.      A rare type of aragonite with yellow and dirty orange shades with inclusions and dynamic patterns is Biogenic Aragonite. It is found on ammonite Baculites.
2.      Aragonite Clusters are popular as Aragonite star clusters and look like a combination of multiple aragonite bands due to its individual hexagonal heads. It is known as the conservationist’s stone.
3.      Aragonite stones are generally seen with a peculiar white streak.
4.      Aragonite represents the element of earth and is ideal for holistic and general physicians.
5.      Octinah Aragonite Cave is a mystical cave that highlights an aragonite fill. If you want to feel the healing powers of aragonite, all you need to do is visit the aragonite caves near Slovakia.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Aragonite

Aragonite is a rare stone of amazing powers. It is available in all colors and is multi-dimensions in its physical and spiritual healing powers. If you want a stone of spiritual delight and healing, choose aragonite.

Stay powerful~


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