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These Are The Hidden Powers Of Abalone Pendants And Necklaces

These Are The Hidden Powers Of Abalone Pendants And Necklaces

Empowered by the energy of Poseidon, The Greek God of Sea and, Neptune, The Roman God of Oceans, abalone is also popular as the ears of the sea.  From Mermaids to Grindylow and Nemo, there are many man-made spiritual beliefs associated with the oceans because we haven’t uncovered the secrets of underwater life yet. Today I will tell you how to evoke each and every chakra with abalone pendants and necklaces to make it activate your etheric chakra when you wear it!

It’s a gift that lasts forever!

Magical Powers of Abalone Pendants And Necklaces that No One Reveals

Once upon a time, abalone shells were traded as currency in America. The picturesque painting on abalone shells reveals the mystique veil of the underwater world. Did you know there are secrets buried in the sea, away from mankind too? Today we will explore the secrets you can unlock by using abalone shells!

Benefits and Powers of Wearing Abalone Pendant That You Can Use Anywhere 

You know the variety of colors on sea creatures right? It has always marveled me and that’s why scuba diving over the Australian coral reef is on my bucket list. I’m hoping to find my soulmate abalones and opals when I finally cross that!

Just like the vast oceans, Abalone helps you reveal your inner self. Today I will teach you how to use abalone pendants and necklaces to find your true self.

1.    Silver Abalone Pendant for Success and Wealth

Scripture and documents say abalone can change your wealth altogether. It will also improve your chances to make it big in the career.

Do you know the secret to finding personal success?

You need thriving opportunities, else however much you knock, it’s hard to get through. If you’re facing the same problems, wear this abalone pendant and renew your financial independence.

2.    Love by Wearing Abalone Pendant Necklaces

Abalone is the favorite gemstone that is of marine origin, worn to find your soulmate.

Many cultures around the world used it, and still do, thanks to the unlimited powers of attracting your love towards you.

Come to think of it, abalone necklace can raise the heart chakra and attract good friends too.

It is a stone to keep at your home for harmony.

3.    Large Abalone Pendant for Luck and Good Fortune

When you think of success, there is a lot of hard work, opportunities and one more secret ingredient that pushes you to get to your dream.

That secret power is luck.

How do you get luck on your side?

You get your secret weapon such as abalone and empower the higher chakras!

4.    De-Stressing, Calming and Cooling Water Element Effects of Abalone Pendants

I hope you know that it’s easy to raise any chakra with an abalone gemstone!

Just as heart chakra, crown chakra or the third-eye, you can open up your throat and root chakra to ground the negativity in you.

We suggest you use abalone for greeting the sun in the morning.

Referred as Surya Namaskar in yoga lores, waking up with the sun and charging your chakras with the sunlight can calm and get rid of tensions or anxiety too.

5.    Abalone Necklace for Parents

Did you know abalone meditation during a full moon is considered the ultimate fertility ritual?

If you’re a couple trying to get pregnant, forget whose fault it is and invite the energy of the universe to heal you together. It will make you stress-free and filled with the energy of sacral chakra.

Added with the harmony we talked earlier about, you’ve got a win-win feng shui stone to keep love thriving at your home sweet home!

Top Best Abalone Pendants and Necklaces You Need To See

Have you seen the bit on stars adoring abalone jewelry? It’s a hot trend right now. Swiping the benefits of abalone pendants and necklaces, what are the best styles to don yourself?

I have tried multiple abalone pendants and found my best picks of real abalone pendants to buy. It’s a treat worth trying right away!

1.    Heart Shaped Abalone Pendant

Natural Abalone Sea Shell Pendant   matans

A distinct abalone pendant to raise your heart chakra, this abalone can open the secret road to find your true love. You can wear it however you want, but it will raise the vibes of luck and love in your heart.

Get this heart-shaped abalone large pendant within this way plus free shipping and discounts!

What did the person who bought this abalone pendant say?

Best described as ‘better than expected’ by our verified customer, this heart-shaped abalone pendant is recommended as a gift too!

2.    Vintage Abalone Pendant

Vintage Color Abalone Shell Pendant

Lulled by the calmth of mother ocean, this large vintage abalone pendant in oval shape is a statement piece worth flaunting and connecting with your chakras. The slide pendant is best for dreaming about calming things that you look forward to.

This vintage one-piece abalone is a treasure to spice up your love life and style at the same time!

3.    Abalone Shell Necklace

Natural Abalone Shell Necklace

Set in an artisanal loop of abalone, this round shell abalone necklace on silver is a standout addition to your wardrobe and life. It is set with feng shui elements that demand the calmth and wisdom of the oceans.

Did you know you can hear the ocean’s floor when you wear an abalone shell? It will stop the anxiety attack in the throat if you know what I mean! The 100% organic gemstone necklace bonds quickly too!

What did the verified who bought this abalone pendant say?

Karen gets many compliments on her buy because it is an authentic abalone shell polished with perfection. You can trust it work!

4.    Abalone Pendant with Earrings Set

Vintage Abalone Shell Owl Jewelry Set - AtPerry's Healing Crystals™

An adorable jewelry set of abalone earrings and pendant as well as BRACELETS, this set of abalone jewelry is a steal. Carved in owl, it’s the best to pick if your spirit animal is owl too. When worn for longer hours, abalone can strengthen your muscles.

A perfect gift of gemstone jewelry on Halloween, abalone real pendant set is heirloom quality luxury for less. If you’re stuck in life, abalone on your heart can turn into a lucky charm to jazz up your life and appeal!

5.    Mother of Pearl Abalone Pendant

Natural Mother of Pearl Shell Pendant (Abalone)

Set in a scrollwork chain crafted to perfection, this mother of pearl abalone pendant works a charm to blend with any attire or color. It is a softening jewelry that can make you look pretty by adding an eclectic glow to your aura.

It is a statement-piece jewelry that adds more than finesse to your life. Did you know the mother of pearl is nurturing? It can attract money when kept in the northern area of the house as it is a water energy stone.

Get your wealth magnet right around your neck and carry it to your work too!

Before you go …

Don’t let me stun you all about the wonders of abalone pendants and necklaces.

We pick each stone by its worth and you will certainly find your more than your money’s worth with these shells of the sea.

If you’re a Cancer or Pisces, you’re born to don the powers of abalone.

Get this beautiful stone, right from the womb of the sea.

It is 2.5 on the Mohs scale, so take care of the jewelry well!

Click on any picture of the abalone you liked to BUY the item with the discount code below!

Stay powerful~

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