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Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

Renowned as the ‘Stone of Heaven’, Azurite is a spirit stone used by Indians to communicate with beings of the netherworld. The healing crystal is historically popular as the stone of Atlantis and priest’s stone in Egypt.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

Romans and Grecians used Azurite as the ceremonial stone. Named by Chinese as the Stone of Heaven due to the variety of patterns and designs on the crystal stone, Azurite was a psychic stone throughout various cultures.   

Colors of Azurite are not many, but there are many types of azurite stone. The blue ray gemstone was the mystic wisdom stone for Mayans too.

·        Alternate Names of Azurite

Azure Stone, Sky Stone, Atzurita, Caeruleum, Kupfer Lazur, Chessylit and Bergblau;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

·        Hardness of Azurite on the MOHS Scale


Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

·        Origin of Azurite

Morocco, Mexico, New Zealand, Greece, Australia, Namibia, Germany, England, USA, France and Congo.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

·        Azurite Represents the God

  • Isis: Goddess of Life, Egypt;
  • Athena: Goddess of War, Greece;
  • Sophia: Goddess of Wisdom;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Azurite

Capricorn and Taurus;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Azurite

Venus and Neptune;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

·        Azurite Color energies

Indigo, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, Teal, Purple and Brown;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

·        Numerical Vibration of Azurite


Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

·        Azurite activates the Chakra (s)

Third eye and Throat Chakra;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Azurite

One of the divine deep blue stones found in copper ores, azurite is a copper carbonate. It is rare and found in restricted quantity around the world. The peculiar blue color of the healing crystal found it the name of Azurite, derived from the word ‘lazhward’, which is Persian for the Azure blue.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

Often seen in prismatic and botryoidal shapes, azurite is commonly seen as pseudomorphed with malachite crystal too. The grounding gemstone azurite is ideal to cure many diseases of the body and mind.

Azurite helps in nourishing your mind by rejuvenating the higher chakras. The conductive healing crystal connects with Earth and enters the ‘state of mindlessness’ in your meditation.

1.    Royal Blue Azurite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

The commonest form of Azurite is blue. The indigo blue color when seen without any interference of malachite crystals is renowned as blue azurite. The deep azure color stone is often used for shamanic journeys too.

2.    Yellow Azurite

A peculiar azurite in a dirty yellow color, yellow azurite is often seen with colors of brown and red streaks on it. The higher chakra stone is excellent for focus and concentration when programmed with chakras.

3.    Clear Azurite

Azurite crystals mined from Mexico are particularly clear. Having the least of inclusions, these are transparent azurite crystal, ideally used for hypnosis. Often seen in dark indigo with reflections of black, clear azurite has no streaks.  

4.    Flower Azurite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

When azurite is seen in blue color with green flowers on it, it is referred to as flower azurite. The flowers of azurite look like 2D flower images and the stone are multicolored. The gentle stone is ideal for friends and couples.  

5.    Sparkling Azurite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

When seen with white sparkling crystals on the deep blue indigo gemstone, it is referred to as sparkling azurite. Mined mostly from China, the sparkling azurite is seen in deep blue and malachite green colors and is best for students.

6.    Australian Azurite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

A pale indigo colored stone mined from Australia, the Australian variety of Azurite is a peculiar stone. With a dull texture, Australian azurite is also seen as ‘azurite suns’ when it forms on white matrix.

7.    Botryoidal Azurite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

The rounded azurite clusters in deep blue to teal and green colors are called botryoidal azurite. The cauliflower azurite is homogeneous sans any streaks or sparkles and is ideal for mid chakra powers.

8.    Orange Azurite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

With the best variety of orange azurite found in the mines of Durango in Mexico, Orange Azurite is rare. Orange azurite is seen in deep blue, dark to pale orange shades. It is ideal for confusions when seen in banded patterns.  

9.    Red Azurite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

A peculiar crystal in dark red colors, red azurite occurs in cinnabar and rusted quartz. The red azurite stone is recommended for physical deficiency and disorders.

10. Cinnabar Azurite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

When azurite stone is seen speckles of red, it is the result of cinnabar in it. A mildly poisonous stone, care must be taken when you use a cinnabar variety of gemstones. It is an excellent stone for feng shui when properly contained.

11. Azurite Granite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

Often used in décor, azurite granite is commonly mined from the base of K2, the second highest mountain in the world. Azurite granite is seen in blue blobs or circles on white or peach colored granites.  

12. Azurite Eyes

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

A variety of azurite when seen with eyes made of green malachite banded circles on deep blue azurite is referred as azurite eyes. An excellent stone filled with psychic gifts for the higher chakras, azurite eyes are rare to find too.  

13. Baryte Azurite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

Often seen a variety of azurite with barite, baryte azurite is a multicolored stone with white barite crystals on deep blue azurite and green malachite. It is excellent for complete healing of the third eye chakras.

14. Azurite Rose

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

When the deep blue azurite stone forms a spiral pattern upwards like a rose, it is called Azurite Rose. The lustrous and scaly azurite crystal has rugged ends and is ideal for honing your communication skills. Azurite rose is mined commonly from Morocco and Russia.  

15. Shattuckite Azurite Chrysocolla

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

Another rare variety of azurite in teal blue color, shattuckite is an azurite mix of chrysocolla. Shattuckite offers a sequence of green colors to hypnotize the eye with dynamic patterns. It is often called the Arizona Lighting.

16. Azurite Quartz

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

 When azurite crystals of deep blue exist over white quartz crystals, the gemstone is called azurite quartz. An azurite quartz is exponentially beneficial for higher chakras and is seen with green colors of malachite too. 

17. Zinc Azurite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

A variety of azurite rich in zinc, zincazurite was discovered by J.F Auguste Breithaupt in the mid-19th century. Zinc azurite is a rare stone with mystic powers to charge the lower chakras in the human body.

18. Bluebird

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

When azurite is found with a varied mix of minerals such as chrysocolla, malachite and random inclusions, it forms a rare blue and green stone with dynamic bird-in-flight patterns. Bluebird Azurite is rare and powerful!

19. Kupferblau Azurite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

When this type of azurite healing crystal is dissolved in acid, it disappears with a skeletal remnant in the solution. It is a beautiful gemstone in a variety of blue colors, ideal for the throat chakra powers and termed impure azurite by crystalogists.

20. Azurite Malachite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

You have already seen varieties of malachite in azurite. It is a common variety of malachite and azurite crystal with deep blue and bright green shades and patterns. Azurite malachite is ideal for throat and heart chakra powers.

·        Physical Effects of Azurite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

For people with disabilities and deformities, azurite is a savior stone. Azurite helps to heal the middle area of the body. It heals the spinal area of the body by charging the chakras. Azurite is an excellent crystal antidote for those suffering from arthritis and other joint pains.

When used as gem elixir, azurite heals the liver, spleen and gallbladder too. Try using azurite during on your third eye during yoga to heal brain-related disorders.

Azurite also cleans the blood and oxygenates it. The deep blue ocean stone is considered best for Alzheimer’s, Tinnitus, Migraine, Vertigo and Dementia too. It will improve your flexibility when used as crystal patches.

·        Spiritual Effects of Azurite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

Azurite derives honesty and the pursuit of truth in the wearer. If you’re looking for spiritual awareness, you will find yourself lucky to be the disciple of azurite. It is a teaching stone that attracts wisdom and knowledge towards you if you worship Goddess Sophia.

As it is a hypnosis stone, azurite will help to connect with the angelic realm easily. Azurite builds the higher chakras to bridge towards your guardian angel.

Azurite is also renowned to help you communicate with your subconscious mind to rewire the brain and attract the reality you want. The deep blue gemstone will help you seek and find the truth you deserve. Use it to program your lower chakras to explore a newfound energy for life!

·        Emotional Effects of Azurite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

The color energy of azurite stone represents the power of letting go. Azurite gemstone will help you find yourself by losing the fears sediment in your mind. It is a crystal of mystical powers to heal guilt and other toxic feelings too.

Azurite teaches the lesson of truth by surfacing the roots of your fears. It will help you recoup the life you want, easily. The ocean blue stone is a harmony stone that resolves family feuds and fights too.

Azurite is an excellent gifting stone that helps to articulate your thoughts easily. It awakens the throat and third eye chakras to make you confident and courageous too.

·        Five Facts About Azurite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

1.      Azurite Powder was used since the ancient times to create a peculiar shade of blue dyes.
2.      Azurite crystal represents the element of Water. It must be kept in the northern area of the home or office for professional success.
3.      Azurite Cluster is seen with inclusions of silver to teal and bright white shades. It is the druzy crystal of Azurite.
4.      Azurite found in Chessy area is named as Chessylite.
5.      When Azurite forms plume-like structures of dark blue on teal and green, it is an Azurite plume.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Azurite

Azurite is a rare gemstone with mystic powers capable of opening the heavens. It is ideal for people looking for higher chakra activations. Buy your healing crystals with authenticity and trust at our online crystal shop for big discounts too.

In love with azurite? Tell us what this azurite makes you feel!

Stay powerful~

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