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Healing Crystal Handbook: Agate

Healing Crystal Handbook: Agate

Including the dashing yesteryear star Patrick Swayze, there are many who were stunned by the power of Agate gemstones. An elusive gemstone often seen in all the colors of a rainbow, Agate is also one of the best gemstones used in precision cutting to designing intricate jewelry. Agate is named after the Achetes River in Sicily where it gained popularity first.

Healing Crystal Handbook: Agate

From Greeks to Egyptians, Russians and Romans most of the major rulers believed in the magical power of agate. One can even find holy grails made from agate stone in eras even before Christ!

Epitomizing trust, fidelity and devotion, Agate also connects the wearer with the element of the earth via grounding.

Popular as the power stone amongst crystal lovers, agate is one of the tenth wonder of the world. The variety of color energies on agates are responsible for the multiple chakras it helps to awaken. Agate can energize your physical body and purify your soul. Healing work with agate takes long. It slowly flushes out the toxins from your body to stabilize you. Bringing balance is one of the boons of agate gemstone because it taps into the yin and yang you’ve been missing.

The resonance of agate is slow, but thorough. It can activate multiple chakras at once too. Agate is also revered as the stone of harmony and was often kept in temples to protect, nourish and stabilize the regions by kings. The amount of joy that an agate can bring is limitless. That’s why it is an excellent gift too. Gifting agate concretes friendships and marital relationships.

Nicknamed as the ‘creativity stone’, agate uplifts the mood. Different types of agate can improve different senses and abilities such as success, luck, wealth, peace, joy, and calmness.

·        Alternate Names of Agate

Being a stone with a long history with mankind, agate is renowned by different names across the world. Some call it Achat and others Achates. It is popular as the Lace Stone, Eye Stone, Snake Stone, and Fire Stone too!

·        Hardness of Agate on the Mohs Scale

As hard as the citrine, agate stones can last for centuries without depreciation or damage. Wear and tear does not show on this stone because of its opaque nature. It scores 07 on the Mohs hardness.

·        Origin of Agate

You can find different types of agate depending on the location of the mine. It is commonly found in Brazil, USA, Argentina, Mexico, Botswana, India, Poland, and Australia.

·        Agate Represents God

  • Gaia: Goddess of Earth, Greece;
  • Jana: Goddess of Hidden Things, Rome
  • Aurora: Goddess of Winds, Rome
  • Itzpapaloti: Goddess of Aztec Butterfly
  • Nyx: Goddess of Night, Greece;
  • Chirakan-Ixmucane: Goddess of Creation, Mayan;
  • Dione: Goddess of Earth, Phoenicia
  • Cerridwen: Goddess of Knowledge, Wales
  • Bona Dea: Goddess of Fertility and Women, Rome and Greece
  • Clota: Goddess of River Cldye;
  • Callisto: Goddess of Moon, Greece;

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Agate

People born in June or with the zodiac sign of Gemini find a lot of luck and easy bonding with agate. It can purify your physical, emotional and spiritual awareness. Agate also brings quick-thinking and compassion to Gemini.

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Agate

Agate gems are ruled by the planet Mercury. It is known for the protection and acceleration of communication. Ideal for businessmen, the benevolence of mercury will get your message across to the seats of Gods.

·        Agate Color energies

The best thing about agate is the range of colors it exists in. Rounding all the colors such as White, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Gray, Black, Orange and Brown.

·        Numerical Vibration of Agate

The vibrational frequency of agate stones is averaged at 07. You can get lucky if you choose the number 7 while wearing agate!

·        Agate activates the Chakra (s)

Every color activates a specific chakra and together, Agate covers all the chakras in the human and animal bodies.

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Agate

Healing Crystal Handbook: Agate

A silicate gemstone that emits a glossy and waxy color, Agate is microcrystalline quartz in diverse patterns and colors. Spanning from layers to stripes and laces, the porous gemstone emits soft and gentle vibrations that stabilize the wearer.

Known to attract wisdom and motivation, Agate is an ideal stone to ease stress, pain and confusions. Considered a stone of hope to wisdom, enlightenment and luck, Agate also balances the etheric chakras, connecting you with the higher realms.

For ages, Agate was a vital part of protective amulets in the earlier centuries as it was widely used for treatments of the mind and health.

1.      Dendritic Agate

Looking similar to a foliage or vegetative growth within the stone, Dendritic Agate gives its unique shape owing to the presence of Iron Oxide to Manganese. If the agate loses the vegetation inside due to decomposition, the resulting agate is known as limb cast agate.

2.      Botswana Agate

Mined from the African nation of Botswana, Agate Botswana looks identical to Blue Lace agate. The peculiarity of the stone is that one can find parallel lines of purple, white, blue and peach on the stone.

3.      Moss Agate

Lacking the trademark lacy patterns, moss agate is a chalcedony with intense inclusions in the color green with Horneblende. The green inclusions branch and differ in diverse patterns giving rise to moss agate, also popular as aquatic agate.  

4.      Fire Agate

An exceptional stone with brown to red and maroon shades, Fire Agate also displays the play of colors mimicking fire. Having unique inclusions within the stone, Fire Agate has a unique color due to the presence of Lemonite and Goethite.

5.      Laguna Agate

Also referred to as Laquina Agate, Laguna Agate is a multi-colored agate that looks similar to the Ojo Laguna in Mexico. One of the most popular banded agate, Laguna is widely available in the mountains of Chihuahua.

6.      Cathedral Agate

Spanning from white or orange bands, Cathedral Agate is a meditative stone that ensures concentration, focus and relaxation in the wearer. Connecting the wearer with the cosmos and history of earth and story of creation are the striking wisdom imbibed by wearing Cathedral Agate.

7.      Tube Agate

Within the crude form of Agate at crystallization, when hair like needle growths occurs in the crystal, it leads to mineral projections after. When agate form micro crystals, two things can occur- the silica can leaves tube-like holes eradicating the inclusions or remove the inclusions entirely.  Ideal for emotional freedom, tube agate displays pinhole shaped tubes within it.

8.      Shadow Agate

When you oscillate certain agates, the shadow effect is seen. One can notice moving shadow-like bands which are formed by the presence of translucent and opaque bands that block the light that enters, stopping reflection.

9.      Pink agate

Also known as Rose Agate, Pink Agate differs in colors spanning from baby pink to mellow rose. An ideal stone for growing a positive mental image, pink agate is also excellent to remove leftover pain and past baggage on the psyche. Pink agate activates the heart chakra.

10. Green Agate

Ranging from gardenite shades to olivine and rayon, Green Agate is a brain stone that improves one’s logical thinking. If green agate is gifted to individuals having feuds, it can resolve the woes easily.

11. Eye Agate

Representing miniature eyes within the stone, eye agate is also referred to Bull’s eye Agate for its grounding properties as well as healing of eye disorders. Mexican agate shows the presence of a single eye ranging in colors purple to white and blue. Concentric circular rings on Agate leads to the presence of an Eey or two.

12. Tree Agate

A stone that boosts abundance, Tree Agate is a safety stone that grounds the wearer and enhances the connection with the earth. Tree Agate helps in dispelling negativity and imbibing vitality in the wearer. Tree Agate exhibits colors such as dark green to white and peach.  

13. Enhydro Agate

Agate that originates with the presence of water molecules within the stone leads to a gorgeous alien-like agate with bubbles. By contacting and activating the water element, Enhydro Agate helps in stabilizing extreme emotions including anger.

14. Water-Line Agate

Popular as water level onyx, water line agate is formed from the effects of gravity automatically layering one band at a time. Water Line Agate displays colors of white to yellow and brown in a parallel fashion.

15. Crazy Lace Agate

Having endless bands in weird shapes, patterns and layers, Crazy Lace Agate is seen in varieties of colors including red, peach, white, yellow and blue. Often mined from Mexico, Crazy Lace Agate is also found in African countries. 

Referred to as the Laughter Stone, Crazy Lace Agate is a peculiar stone with unique artwork inside it.

16. Fortification Agate

A form of agate where every band inside links to each other, Fortification Agate looks almost like a castle from the Medieval ages. Spanning from red to black and yellow, Fortification Agate is the commonest and unique-most agate available.  

17. Seam Agate

Formed by making cracks within the parent rock, seam agate forms parallel bands during the seam-like filling of the crevices. The different temperatures of the lava also lead to the formation of seam agate, giving rise to colors such as blue, white, purple and yellow.

18. Condor Agate

From bright red centre with yellow, purple and blue bands around, best Condor Agate is mined from Argentina. Condor Agate is infamous for the saturated shades available on the stone.

19. Agua Neuva

Representing spirit like silhouettes of white on the purple and orange backdrop, Agua Neuva is a waxy opaque stone which also shows a play of colors.

20. Lake superior Agate

One of the hottest agates in trend, Lake superior Agate are formed in rift zones across the planet, almost 1.2 million years before now. Found around Lake Superior Basin, Lake Superior Agate can be seen with thick bands of vivid red with purple in the centre, often called Lake Superior Carnelian Amethyst.

21. Colorin Agate

With streaks of white to orange, yellow and soft purple, Colorin Agate helps in dissolving disorders of the female reproductive system. The bands in a colorin agate are unique and do not repeat over in other parts of the stone.

22. Crackled Fire Agate

A form of fire agate, crackled fire agate has a bubble like shading with blobs of red to yellow and orange around it. Excellent to repel evil eye to curses and jinxes, crackled fire agate is seen in translucent textures and recommended highly effective for de-addictions.

23. Fairburn Agate

Seen in vivid colors such as a pink centre with hallo of brown to grey and black, fairburn agate is a female reproductive stone that is rarer than diamonds. With circles and parallel curved patterns, Fair burn agate is also renowned to help dissolve emotional pains.

24. Luna Agate

A peculiar agate stone with shades of white to purple and coral, Luna Agate looks like fossilized opal or coral reefs from a distance. Luna Agate is a meditation stone that helps the wearer unleash their hidden destiny.

25. Dragon Fruit or Pitayo Cactus Agate

Yet another unique agate in the pink hue of dragon fruit, pitayo cactus agate is extremely rare and seen in vivid pink. Dragon fruit agate is often seen in opaque colors with a geode in the centre renowned for attracting self-love.

26. Black Agate

Ranging from colors of white to brown and black, black agate is a peculiar agate that grounds and stabilizes the wearer. Black Agate activates the force of chi connects the wearer with his or her spirit guide and fundamental elements.

27. Snakeskin Agate

Representing the scales on a snake, Snakeskin agate can be seen in colors of brown to maroon, red, orange, black and yellow. Snakeskin agate is known to empower the sacral chakra, where kundalini energy rests.

28. Turritella Agate

Seen with globules shapes of green, gray, white and black, Turritella Agate is a traveler’s stone known to protect the wearer against pain, danger and confusions en route. An excellent crystal for couples trying to achieve parenthood, turritella agate activates Heart, Sacral and Throat Chakra.

29. Holly Blue Agate

A milky and glowing blue colored agate with an invisible halo, Holly Blue Agate stone awakens the Third Eye Chakra in the wearer. By enlightening the wearer with cosmic consciousness, the unmarred blue also helps in clearing the mind!

30. Plume Agate

A renowned agate displaying colors such as red to brown and white, plume agate is a meditative stone that also clears out the disturbances in your psyche.

31. Geode Agate

Ranging from colors of brown to orange, black and grey, Geode Agate helps in cleaning one’s aura to house and environment from negativity. Geode Agate forms a depressed mineral cavity with glistening agate crystals all around it!

32. Blue Lace Agate

A soft and gentle stone with loving vibrations, blue lace agate heals the emotions and introduces positivity in the wearer. Blue lace agate is a support stone seen in colors of purple to sky blue, yellow, white and beige.

·        Physical Effects of Agate

Healing Crystal Handbook: Agate

A stone that balances multiple chakras, Agate also improves concentration and transmutes negativity aimed at you. Wearing agate or meditating with it on your Sacral Chakra also helps in diagnosing underlying diseases.

Agate wearers are blessed with health of the lymphatic system, cancer, blood circulation, heart, reproductive system, stomach and pancreas too. Drinking agate infused water and potions also enhance the strength of the wearer in addition to healing the five senses and sleep cycle.

When used as crystal patches agate empowers your muscles and heals minor illnesses including the common cold and chronic cough. When agate stones are worn by mothers in between their breasts, the same helps in lactation.

·        Spiritual Effects of Agate

Healing Crystal Handbook: Agate

By raising your collective consciousness, agate also ensures protection from curses and unfriendly spirits to the wearer. Agate is a spiritual stone that also cultivates inner peace and relaxation by linking with the spirit guide.

Agate influences one’s psyche by channeling the negativity aimed at the wearer into positivity. Wearing agate on your base chakra also improves the endurance of the wearer and clearing the chakra blocks. Agate also attracts wisdom, prosperity, abundance, safety and power to its wearer.

Yet another little known power of agate is negating will power failure and supporting determination and conviction during terrible times. Scriptures and historians vouch that agate reveals the story of creation to its wearer when the bond is invincible.

·        Emotional Effects of Agate

Healing Crystal Handbook: Agate

Harmonizing the yin and yang energy is the first-rate effect of wearing agate on your heart chakra. During times of extreme emotional trauma, clenching onto an Agate with help you analyze things with a calmer mind.

For those in distress, agate improves the sense of safety and security by filling overpowering healing vibrations throughout the body. Agate can resolve unhealthy addictions including codependency and dysfunctional relationships.

From failure in love to chronic pain, agate can also eradicate guilt, regret and resentments by introducing life-changing opportunities!

·        Five Facts About Agate

Healing Crystal Handbook: Agate

-        Agate is the official gemstone of one too many States of United States of America including Kentucky, Montana, Tennessee, Minnesota,  Fair burn, Nebraska, Louisiana, South Dakota and Arizona.

-        Popularly gifted on the 12th and 14th Wedding Anniversary to couples, Agate is also considered an ideal spiritual replacement for opal stones too.

-        Agate was vouched by Patrick Swayze during his days of cancer, as it helped in bearing the pain of the disease.

-        One of the first gemstones accepted by mankind, Agate was first used in jewelry by Sumerians and then Greeks in 400 B.C.

-        Agate possesses high resistance to chemicals and is hence used widely for precision cutting as well as making intricate jewelry designs.

Before You go …

Healing Crystal Handbook: Agate

Agate is a stone of multiple powers including prevention of diseases to storms in Persian and Sub-Saharan cultures while crystal aficionados vouch for it as being potent against terminal diseases such as cancer. By improving the confidence and virility of the wearer, Agate has been used in jewelry for centuries and one of the popular-most items include three thousand agate bowls made during the reign of King Pontus from Byzantine Empire.

Which agate caught your eye?

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