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Healing Crystal Handbook: Onyx

Healing Crystal Handbook: Onyx

Appraised as the Master of Future, Onyx is similar in its looks to agate sans the luster on hematite. Also part of Creation by Genesis in the Bible, Onyx is also similar in its appearance to black diamond!

Healing Crystal Handbook: Onyx

Tale of the onyx gemstone is that a fine afternoon Cupid cut fingernails of Goddess Venus while she slept. Cupid scattered the holy fingernails which were then transformed into gemstones by Fate to make the fingernails or onyx imperishable.

From being the support stone to one that empowers the wearer, Onyx is also renowned for having powers to dispel black magic as well. Black onyx is especially favored for effective past life recall as it is one of the most popular destiny stone too!

·        Alternate Names of Onyx

Nux, Limestone Onyx, Black Chalcedony and El Jaza;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Onyx

·        Hardness of Onyx on the MOHS Scale

6.0 to 7.0;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Onyx

·        Origin of Onyx

India, U.S, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, Russia, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Madagascar and Canada;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Onyx

·        Onyx Represents the God

 Healing Crystal Handbook: Onyx

  • Themis: Goddess of Justice, Greece;
  • Cybele: Goddess of Wild Animals, Rome;
  • Bean Sidhe: Goddess of Mourning, Ireland;
  • Manat: Goddess of Time, Arab;
  • Hecate: Goddess of Wisdom, Thracian;

·        Zodiac Signs Associated with Onyx


Healing Crystal Handbook: Onyx

·        Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Onyx


Healing Crystal Handbook: Onyx

·        Onyx Color energies

White, Blue, Black, Brown, Gray, Yellow, Green and Red;

·        Numerical Vibration of Onyx


Healing Crystal Handbook: Onyx

·        Onyx activates the Chakra (s)

Root, Crown, Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat Chakras;

Healing Crystal Handbook: Onyx

·        Metaphysical Meanings of Various Types of Onyx

A unique cryptocrystalline gemstone from the chalcedony family, Onyx is a balancing and strengthening stone too. Emanating the powers of Earth element, Onyx is derived from the Greek Word Nux translating to claw or fingernails.

From jewelry to interior décor, Onyx has been widely used, especially for Feng Shui and Chakra powers. Onyx can be found in opaque to translucent varieties with solid colors of bands seen as on Agate gemstones.

Onyx bears symmetrical or parallel laces on the gemstone while agate features mostly erratic lines. Identified as an antidote for grief, Onyx is also excellent for spirit communication. From self-control to transience and courage or balance, Onyx can be used for a wide variety of needs.

1.      Green Onyx

Healing Crystal Handbook: Onyx

An exclusive variety of Agate with a pale green hint on a white hue, Green Onyx is also renowned as the Green Onyx Marble. Green Onyx is revered for clearing karmic debts as well as progress in life. Green Onyx is seen in deep green and olivine green varieties across Asia.

2.      Chalcedonyx

Healing Crystal Handbook: Onyx

Excellent for solar plexus chakra when seen with a translucent nature in the color white, Chalcedonyx is also called the Banded Onyx among crystal lovers. Chalcedony with stripes of onyx on it, usually accompanied by brown, cream or gray bands is Chalcedonyx.

3.      Rhodochrosite Onyx

Healing Crystal Handbook: Onyx

When onyx is found with bands of Rhodochrosite that are parallel to each other, the gemstone is called Rhodochrosite Onyx. A comforting stone, Rhodochrosite Onyx also guards the wearer against negativity and evil.

4.      Onyx Opal

A dark hued opal with bands of onyx is known as Onyx Opal. Ideal for divination to magick work, Onyx Opal is typically seen in a deep blue or indigo shade with rainbow streaks of opalite on it.

5.      Sardonyx

Healing Crystal Handbook: Onyx

A red plus brown shade of Onyx with changing laces of sard and onyx form the Sardonyx gemstone. Revered as Sardius and worn by the High Priest, Sardonyx protects the wearer against sorcery and boosts positivity.

6.      Blue Onyx

Healing Crystal Handbook: Onyx

Carrying the power of goddess of Life Isis, Blue Onyx is seen in dark blue to pale blue and indigo shades with bands of aqua green to white and yellow or blue too. Blue Onyx wearers are blessed with clarity in the mind and health of the body. It also improves communication of the wearer with his or her guardian angel.

7.      Onyx Agate

Healing Crystal Handbook: Onyx

Any type of onyx with parallel bands of black and white colors constitutes Onyx Agate stone. A comforting stone with the power to repel negativity and transmute it as positivity, Onyx Agate is a rarity to find!

8.      Black Onyx

Healing Crystal Handbook: Onyx

The most popular variety of onyx is the black onyx seen softer than a diamond and harder than a jet. The grief relief stone is also excellent for recalling dreams and spirit travel. Wearing Black Onyx on the lower chakras also takes the wearer to the white light, away from loneliness.

9.      White Onyx

Healing Crystal Handbook: Onyx

A stabilizing stone, White Onyx is like a mother with armor. White Onyx is a companion crystal that introduces change to motivation and enthusiasm in the wearer. Seen in pure white shades, white onyx is a positivity magnet, rarely seen with bands.

·        Physical Effects of Onyx

Healing Crystal Handbook: Onyx"

Healing the base chakra is the biggest asset of using Onyx Gemstone for therapy. From liver diseases to epilepsy, brain disorders and even ageing, Onyx has a cure for all. Using Onyx Crystal Patches are an excellent way to stop skin damage as well as to boost cell renewal.

Onyx is also renowned for being effective against severe diseases such as cancer as well as addictions. A grounding stone that also comforts and supports the wearer, Onyx is best for rehabilitation and first aid too.

When Onyx infused water is used as a facewash, you are rewarded with enhanced blood circulation, eyesight and collagen in your skin. Keeping an Onyx under your pillow resets the circadian rhythm and offers more sleep to the wearer too.

·        Spiritual Effects of Onyx

Darker the onyx, more its potency is not always right and the best way to use a gemstone to its maximum power is by bonding with it. Onyx gemstone emanates protection and transforms all the negativity aimed your way.

Onyx was a must-have crystal to repel evil and curses just a few centuries ago. Using the jet black stone also helps in cultivating wisdom and karmic credits. Wearing Onyx during meditation or relaxation exercises will help you recall your spirit journeys as well.

Onyx wearers are blessed with clairvision to the knowledge of their destiny. Onyx teaches the wearer to be patient and how to be the master of his or her own future. By activating the crown chakra, you walk into a trance of the spiritual universe.

It will not be a surprise if you begin to predict, prophecies or read Tarot Cards easier than ordinary!

·        Emotional Effects of Onyx

Healing Crystal Handbook: Onyx

From kicking out grief to expert problem solving and meticulous decision-making, Onyx brings over drastic changes over every wearer. The first sign of an active onyx is when people become narcissist overnight.

Onyx is revered for helping the wearer transition through grief and accepting death as well as momentariness in life. Onyx attracts improvement, mindfulness and immense calming in patients with clinical depression and other similar mental ailments.

Onyx boosts one’s self-respect as well as the intensity of thoughts. Known to enhance the brain power, Onyx wearers recognize their hidden potentials and negativity faster than the usual too.

·        Five Facts About Onyx

Image result for onyx

1.      Onyx is often gifted to couples celebrating the 7th Wedding Anniversary too.  

2.      Black Onyx was once used as an important item to help in warding off Vampires!

3.      Onyx was once thought to be the captured form of a demon in a gemstone for its potent effects on black magic around the wearer.

4.      Dreaming of Onyx stone is a signal of wedding bells in your near future.

5.      One of the little-known crystal rituals with onyx is to wear it around your throat before sleeping for dream necromancy or communication with a dead spirit while sleeping.

Before You go …

From being amulets against witches to props for fortune tellers, Onyx has contributed widely to the human history and its folklore. Onyx should never be worn for more than a week on one person as it can cause nightmares for a week. Remember the tale about Onyx and the Demons? One must take breaks and clean the crystal after every use to prevent then negativity from inhabiting within the black gemstone as well.

The 11th Stone of High Priest in the Bible, does this Onyx throb your base chakra?

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Don’t forget to share your stories about Onyx with us below!

Stay powerful~

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