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Healing Crystal Handbook: Sodalite

Healing Crystal Handbook: Sodalite

For ages, sodalite was confused with lapis lazuli stones. Even I have seen pale lapis stones decades ago and mistaken it as sodalite. What you need to look for is the pyrite gold flecks in a lapis which you will never find in sodalite. The white webbed gemstone was discovered in the late 19th century and it took another year for it to catch on.

What makes sodalite precious to crystal lovers and Mother Gaia? Find out everything about sodalite in the next ten minutes. If it is your destiny stone, thank your starts right NOW because you’re chosen for divinity!

What is the Sodalite Meaning?

A gemstone named after its chemical composition is common but one popularized after its component is rare. As sodalite contains sodium, it is named thus. It is a type of feldspathoids that is almost like alkaline feldspar.

The meaning of sodalite is simple- change. It describes growth to transcendence in a wink! Do you know dreaming of sodalite brings a friend close to your heart? It is a purifying stone with the power of divine light. When it is activated, the white glimmers over the blue of the sodalite and sends exclusive messages into the heart of the universe. I clutch a palm stone made of sodalite wherever I go; it’s heaven in your palm!

Origin of Sodalite

A soft stone with a hardness of 5.5 to 6 on the MOHS scale, sodalite is mainly found in Canada. It was actually discovered in Greenland in 1811. The stone became popular with its discovery in Ontario. It is one of the three biggest deposit of sodalite, in Bancroft. Sodalite is actually the reason why Canada is infamous for gems and Ontario famed as ‘Mineral Capital of Canada’. The origin of sodalite is important when you realize how unique and mesmerizing Canadian sodalites are.

You can find sodalite in Namibia, Brazil, Afghanistan, Romania, Russia, India, Canada, France, Myanmar, and U.S.A too.

Which is the Sodalite Chakra (s)

Being a blue shaded stone, sodalite awakens your throat chakra. Combined with the white veil of destiny, it brings the powers of third eye chakra as well. Together, sodalite can power up crown chakra too.

Do you know chakra powers of a sodalite crystal differs based on its color?  We will learn all about the color energy and powers of sodalite below!

Zodiac Signs Associated with Sodalite

Sodalite is the stone for valiant Sagittarius. It can fill a Sagittarian with intuition to take the right decisions in life. It opens the inner eye and makes the user aware of the emotional consequences of actions and thoughts.

If you’re a December baby, you know the passion you put in arguments and honesty, right? You don’t wanna fail your conscience. That’s why sodalite can help you find that orifice of confidence that can boost you lifelong!   

Ruling Planet or Celestial Bodies of Sodalite

Do you know sodalite is powered by dual elements- water and air? It beckons the powers of the moon.  Balancing the planetary powers can add to your strength. When you use sodalite programming or rituals on the full moon or new moon nights, the effects can be drastically powerful.

Moon stands for enlightenment, wisdom, and compassion. If you want to unlock all the hidden talents of your sodalite stone, you need to open the moon powers of sodalite. The satellite of earth is known to power up immunity by strengthening the white blood cells. Embracing the powers of sodalite under moonlight will amplify it!

What are Sodalite Color energies

The color energies of sodalite differ, but it is majorly composed of blue. Accompanied by white, Blue, Black, Orange, Yellow, Green and even Red, sodalite exists in a number of types. The aura cleansing energy of the stone changes and switches into different chakras based on the color energy within it. Brace yourself because I am going to explain all the 8 types of sodalite next.

8 Varieties of Sodalites in Depth

Do you know sodalite is popular as Canadian lapis or the cloud stone? It is a precious stone often called the poor man’s lapis for its affordable costs. Discovered in West Greenland first, Sodalite was vital to the Caral culture too. Showing a range of optical illusions that make it change color under short wavelength UV lights, sodalite is a feast for the eye and mind.

Let’s count the types of sodalites if you’re smitten already.  

1.    Speckled Blue Sodalite

The common variety of sodalite is a webbed or speckled white on a blue backdrop. It is a stabilizing stone with dual chakra powers. You can call sodalite full of white speckles pure blood of speckled blue!

2.    Hackmanite Sodalite

The most popular and rare type of sodalite, hackmanite is the pink or purple sodalite. That unique shade of color is not the only thing that makes it stand out. Hackmanite shows a unique property that makes it change color to red under UV light called tenebrescence. Have you heard about it? Ask us in the comments if you want to know more!

3.    Blue Grey Sodalite

Whenever sodalite is found with calcite, it retains a pale color that transmutes the white specks on sodalite into grey. Calcite is a multi-chakra stone that can amplify the sodalite. It makes you calm and composed.

4.    Black Sodalite

Originating from Namibia, a deeper indigo shade of sodalite sans specks of white is often called black sodalite for its color.  The richer the color, the rarer the stone. It is considered great as a worry stone.

5.    White Sodalite  

When the white specks on sodalite superimpose the blue, it harnesses the higher chakra energy of the third eye. It is often seen in Afghanistan sodalite.

6.    Green Sodalite

Seen in sodalite variety from Bolivia, a pale green shade of sodalite that mimics the appearance of nephrite jade or moss agate. The blue is replaced with a mossy or fluorite green color in this type of sodalite.

7.    Molybdosodalite

A white and green mix of sodalite with molybdenum oxide is called molysobdosodalite.  It is a strong heart chakra stone that also elevates your throat chakra.

8.    With Pyrite

When you see gold instead of white on sodalite, it is not often lapis. It is seen in a yellow matrix with orange inclusions on a faceted gem. The pyrite nodules often form outside the sodalite and are considered a great grounding stone!  

How to Clean a Sodalite?

Unlike most gems, sodalite can be toxic in water. When in doubt, click here to consult the list of 45 toxic gemstones that must not be made into elixirs. You can cleanse the sodalite physically and spiritually to recharge it once a week or after your wear.

To Clean Sodalite Physically

  • Take your sodalite gemstone in your palm.
  • Take a cotton rub and rub it over the stone.
  • Keep the stone under reflected sunlight for 10 minutes.
  • Cover it in a silk cloth.

To Clean Sodalite Spiritually

  • Take sodalite in your palm.
  • Visualize the white light cleansing your stone.
  • Keep sodalite in front of you.
  • Hover the clear quartz thrice over your sodalite.

Click here to explore 10 ways to clean crystals.   

Metaphysical Sodalite Properties

Let’s find out how sodalite makes it work because the benefits of using sodalite crystal are plainly endless. Physically, it displays luminescence that makes it glow with a red color under shortwave UV light and violet under short wavelength UV.

Sodalite displays another unique optical illusion called Tenebrescence where a gemstone changes light under short UV. Two other gemstones display this unique illusion such as tugtupite and spodumene.  This effect can go on forever but tarnishes upon heating. You see specs that change color upon the effect of sunlight? It’s tenebrescence too!

But, keeping the physical awesomeness of sodalite aside, let’s find out other benefits of wearing or using sodalite in your everyday life. I promise it’s an amazing stone!

Physical Uses of Sodalite

Is high blood pressure bothering you? Being an organ purification gemstone, sodalite helps to cleanse the body and normalize your hormone levels. It has a strong command of your physical health and middle chakra, hence the organs associated with it. Get sodalite and do as advised in this article!

Sodalite for stomach pain is an excellent age-old remedy that improves the solar plexus chakra. It can work against stomach pain due to PMS and menstruation too. Do you know sodalite has the ability to protect your mind and body from the radiation of Electrosmog?

It is considered the best remedy for those who want to increase the concentration and memory power to train the brain. Click here to explore how to use sodalite for exams and interviews like a winner. That’s why even feng shui for study room recommends a powerful stone such as sodalite.

Did you know losing weight with the help of sodalite keeps your mind in control? It is always tough to battle the mind chatter when you’re trying to go the extra mile and lose the extra flab. Sodalite can keep a straddle on your goals. Learn more about it in this article!

Sodalite for diabetes is a staple remedy that works since long. For age-related health issues, sodalite can work as a purification stone. Don’t hesitate to try it at home!

I have personally gifted sodalite for a range of arthritis-related pain. It works on improving degenerated cells to fill you with energy by revitalizing associated chakras. Read more on sodalite for joint pain by clicking here.

Do you know sodalite is an excellent gemstone for pets too? Dogs are considered to make the most out of having sodalite around. The energy of sodalite dispels negativity and boosts the stamina of dogs. I have shared everything I know about using sodalite for your lovely furbabies in this blog.

Spiritual Uses of Sodalite

Sodalite empowers your mind if you use it for long. That’s no news, but did you know sodalite can build communication with archangel Michael? It helps to grow Christ Consciousness too. Michael is the guardian of light and will provide guidance in attuning you to your spiritual destiny. It is a miracle stone with all the answers if you bond with it!  

Sodalite is an excellent gemstone for people born under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. If you’re a Serpentarius, green sodalite works like power to your soul. It will help you retrace and clear your karmic debts.  

Another powerful effect of sodalite is on the psyche by clearing chakra blocks. Do you know doing yoga with sodalite improves your chakras drastically? It works by flushing out the toxins and aligning multiple chakras at once. Learn more here.

Achieving luck with sodalite is effortless if you follow this article. It is a success stone without a doubt. As sodalite wakes the heavens with its metaphysical properties, you will find it will open up new opportunities your way, sporadically.

Sodalite is a mindfulness gemstone that releases your mind’s fears like your BFF. Once you bond with sodalite, you will feel it understands you the most. This is because sodalite surfaces your deepest feelings. For honesty and purity of speech, use sodalite as I’ve advised in this post.

Everyone needs a gemstone amulet bag. It protects and preserves your soul energies. Click here to know more about the importance of sodalite in an amulet bag. It can protect you on travel and prevent energy vampires from attacking you. It is a portable protection charm that you can travel the cosmos safely with!

Whenever you’re trying to meditate, use sodalite as I’ve suggested in this blog post because it will help you ease out well. Whether sodalite is your birthstone or not, it can connect with the psyche easily. That’s why Chakra training bracelets made of sodalite are exceptional because you connect effortlessly.

Emotional Uses of Sodalite

Sodalite is a cleansing stone as I said above. It can help you rewrite fate and history together. Do you know holding onto sodalite can cleanse your heart of any guilt that haunts you? It can alleviate Nightmares as sodalite has the power to get rid of fear and show you the light you deserve in life. For writers, sodalite clears blocks and flushes creativity in.  

If you’re having problems in your marriage life, sodalite can help. It can help both of you change perspective if you’re having a riff by keeping sodalite in the northwest direction of your bedroom. Explore more ways of ascertaining marital bliss by using sodalite intelligently. The blue stone can be soothing as well as excellent for sound sleep too.

Success with sodalite can be explored in detail if you click on this article! It explains how to use this blue-white stone to clear hurdles out of your way and succeed. It helps to change old habits, especially the self-destructive routines. Sodalite instills change within the self. It is all about self-awareness with this beautiful stone.

Do you know sodalite is the perfect crystal for parents too? It can help you cope with the responsibilities and hardships of parenthood. Sodalite creates stability in emotional and physical life.

Sodalite is a top priority crystal for periodic cleansing and recharging of the body among crystal lovers. I recommend everyone to make a crystal first aid kit as I share in detail in this article.

How to use Sodalite in 7 Different Ways

Sodalite teaches the art of knowing oneself. It takes across your own subconscious to the cosmos to teach you valuable lessons of consciousness. When you touch sodalite, there is an immense calmth and feeling of levitation that comes with it. Don’t worry, it happens with everyone who is destined to bond with a sodalite stone.

One of the most powerful multi-chakra stone, sodalite affects the mind, body, and spirit different. After years of experimenting with the stone, I am about to share some of the most advantages uses of sodalite that you can try today at home too!

·      Meditating with Sodalite Worry stone

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Sodalite is a crystal that bonds easily with your energy. That’s because it harnesses the powers of Heart chakra as well. Holding the sodalite will help you focus easily on the now. It is a stone for increasing your concentration skills and toning your brain.  

How to Meditate with Sodalite

  • Hold the sodalite heart stone in the palm of your hand.
  • Clutch it tightly.
  • Gaze at the patterns of the stone for five minutes.
  • Close your eyes and follow the trail of light.
  • Open your eyes when the light disappears.

·      Sodalite Gem Roller Crystal Massages

Gemstone Roller Balls For Essential Oils - 10 Beautiful Glass Roller Bottles With Precious Gemstones and Crystals Tops

Are you suffering from pain? Sodalite is an excellent painkiller especially if you’re suffering from rheumatism. With the essential oil required for therapy, roll the sodalite tipped gem roller on the affected area. That’s it!

Click here to know more about gemstones roller massages.

How to Use a Sodalite Gem Roller as a Massager?

  • Take the sodalite gem roller in your palm.
  • Take a clear quartz wand in the other hand and touch the gem roller tip.
  • Now massage while chanting your affirmation for sodalite to relieve the pain.
  • You’re done!

·      Guidance with Sodalite Tree of Life Abundance Pendant

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Do you know sodalite can uplift your spirit to communicate with angels? It is a powerful stone that sets the path right to your destiny.  Wearing this tree of life pendant every Tuesday will increase your chances of attracting success, wealth and prosperity. Remember to hold the pendant when you’re feeling negative thoughts.

How to activate your Sodalite Pendant Before Wearing?

  • Take the tree of life and keep it in front of you.
  • Now chant your affirmation manifestation.
  • Chant it until you feel the pendant is energized.
  • Wear it for 36 hours before cleaning it with a selenite/ clear quartz.

·      Sodalite Tumbled Stone for Harmony

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Are you looking for the best solution for endless fights at your home? Sodalite, when placed with the feng shui directions, can attract peace and calmness in your surroundings because it communes with the earth chakra.  This water and earth element gemstone can bend the physics to make your home harmonious.

How to use Sodalite Tumbled Stones to Create a Harmony Grid

  • Buy a crystal grid.
  • Lay sodalite stones in the shape of a dove or lotus.
  • Activate the grid with selenite wand.
  • Keep it in the North direction for 7 days.
  • Cleanse the stone after removing it.

·      Sodalite Facial Roller for Beauty

Gemstone Facial Roller Massager - The Natural Face Lift All Gemstones

Do you know sodalite has a secret power to nourish and rejuvenate your cells? Sodalite is a unique gemstone that can be used to detox the old clogged pores and make you look young. This facial roller is an ancient technique that works for all ages to hydrate, moisturize and smoothen your skin. Use it once a week!  

Click here to know all about the uses of a facial roller made of sodalite like in the picture above.

How to use Sodalite Massage for Beauty

  • Take the facial roller made of sodalite.
  • Massage in a circular fashion from chin to temples and cheeks to cheeks slowly.
  • Wash with warm water and pat dry.
  • Moisturize the skin after.

Before you go …

Do you know crystal affirmation with sodalite for passing interview has helped many people? Beside me and my family, many of our loyal readers have confessed how sodalite is excellent when worn during the interview. If you can’t wear it, carry it in your pocket during the interview and you will be amazed.

Another little-known use of sodalite is astral travel. It will help you release your fears and travel around the universe without any worries.

Share your birthstone below and I will tell you if sodalite is good for you. It’s the best stone for most signs because of its dual characteristics. Do you want to know more about sodalite? Share in the comments and we can talk more!

Stay powerful~

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